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  • Poshlight - Surreal special effects image blender, instantly posh your photos!

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Poshlight is an advanced photo blending and photo special effects app for quick and easy photo enhancement. It can create amazing effects in just a few taps and the results are comparable to expensive and professional tools such as Photoshop.

The app contains a large amount of carefully curated professional effects. High quality photo effects are just a few taps away.

Download now and get even more free content and enhancements in the future. We will continue updating with more effects and guides to help you create fresh new effects each month!

= 150 special Effects and growing =
150 unique special effects in different theme packs help you enhance your photos instantly. Want a perfect rainbow, moon shot or meteor in your photo? It has never been easier.

= Infinite creativity: blend with your own photos! =
Poshlight gives you the power to blend your own photos together so you have an infinite number of ways to create personal special effects.

= 500+ shapes =
Poshlight allows you to decorate your photos with over 500 simple and beautiful shapes.

= Add arty text of your own =
No longer need other apps to add the text to your creations, because we have text tools build in!

= 30 professional image processing tools =
With layer-based professional photo processing, you can easily adjust almost every aspect of your photo separately.
12 professional image adjustment tools to enhance your photos to perfection with ease.
18 adjustable image blend modes with live preview. You don't need to be a photo expert to master the blend modes!
20 beautiful hand crafted tone curve filters to instantly beautify photos.
7 interactive masking tools to merge and superimpose photos with ease and 100% control. Rectangle, ellipse, linear, bi-linear or radial gradient masking tools... you name it!

And many many more...

Our design philosophy is to hide complexity into a simple and friendly interface. You will find out how a simple app can include tons of professional features.

OS >= 6.0


Allgemein (20.03.14 - 17:00)
Schöne App, die bei mir momentan einen Bug hat.
Wenn ich, ohne etwas zu speichern, zurückgehe, kann ich für das nächste Bild keine Effekte auswählen. App neu starten, dann geht es wieder.
Wird ein Foto gespeichert, und erst dann ein neues Foto zum bearbeiten gewählt, funktioniert alles normal. Vielleicht ist das nur bei mir so, habe aber dem Entwickler mal Bescheid gegeben. Mal sehen, (ob) was kommt.
(30.04.14 - 22:11)
Habe zwar umgehend die Antwort erhalten, man schaue sich den Fehler an. Seither ist jedoch nichts weiter geschehen. Bei mir fliegt die App nun runter. Beobachte mal mit Update-Alarm ob/wann sich etwas tut.
(30.04.14 - 23:27)
Wie schade. Probiere ich demnächst. Gehe so selten ohne speichern zurück. Deshalb fiel es mir evtl. nicht auf.
(01.05.14 - 07:59)
Ja schade, aber @Robert Mao (anscheinend Mitgründer und hier bei den eigenen Apps aktiv) kann ja mitlesen und etwas unternehmen. ��
Allgemein (17.03.14 - 17:19)
Effects look decent on any images that I tried.

A decent selection of effects for free.

Everything worked fine on a 3264x3264 image, with larger images while it opened them it would not apply any effect only thing I could add is text but did that and saved at a down scaled 3264x3264, still decent resolution but would like effects to work but effects may be the limiting factor.

I would like see if all overlays are png's but I don't think so. Png's would give a cleaner background. Will see after I sync to the desktop and have a look with iExplorer.

Would also like different blend modes, sometimes you might want something other then overlay which would let you maybe get a different look.

Still with good resolution I will keep it around and play with it more.
Allgemein (17.03.14 - 17:06)
I loved this app because of the special effects, I do not comment on the settlement, there will be experts who have written, but the effects are really very beautiful, I did play with the red plane Astrocat really nice, from a few photos witty and then you can have for free :)))
Allgemein (17.03.14 - 08:13)
Wieder gratis!
(17.03.14 - 08:36)
Oh oh me, thank you! I had just escaped :)))
(17.03.14 - 08:43)
@�� astrostar1��:
Dafür gibt es ja die Community ����. Falls du PathOn noch nicht hast, die ist im Moment auch gratis und toll ��.

Have a nice day!
(17.03.14 - 09:05)
Hey me, you're right, but many times, especially on the photography I astro-lose it takes me very little, I'm getting close also to your language to understand what you say, very quietly, I just hope one day not to forget my �� �� �� , I will take your advice the other �� �� ��. Now I try:
Guten tag glücklich :)))
And so have you a good time :))))
(17.03.14 - 11:20)
@�� astrostar1��:
Ich schreibe deutsch, weil ich denke die AppZapp übersetzt besser, als wenn ICH englisch schreiben würde. ������. Ich hoffe du verstehst das meiste. ��
(17.03.14 - 11:39)
Well sure if it was in English it would be really better and much sweeter to me than the German then I'll wait for the next comment in English �� �� �� �� So if you make a mistake you just smile :))) ciao me!
Allgemein (08.03.14 - 15:46)
Robert Mao is the co-founder of PixoMobile / LOCQL. Therefore I wouldn't rely on his reviews and likes of his apps.
(17.03.14 - 08:13)
Wow that's pretty low: a dev coming here and promoting his own app as if he were just some random user. Sad. Good apps advertize themselves with their own virtues, don't you think?
(17.03.14 - 13:14)
I agree, but maybe lots of devs do that. He used it own name, maybe that was both honest and stupid :)
It doesn't matter if the apps has a lot of reviews and likes/dislikes. But when an app only has a few of them, that does disrupt things, yes.
Allgemein (24.12.13 - 11:36)
I have been unable to figure out how to use this app from its slide show examples and there seems to be no other help facility. Unusable. Deleted!
Allgemein (23.10.13 - 03:44)
Allgemein (12.10.13 - 16:59)
Ken Dschun
Allgemein (11.10.13 - 19:31)
Klasse! Leider kann man nur einen Effekt überblenden. Und beim der Überlagerung mehrerer Bilder zu einem Anfangsbild hat man wenig Einflussmöglichkeiten (Überblendungs-Modus, Größe und Orientierung sind nicht einstellbar, kein Undo!) Sonst aber super!
Professor Snape
Allgemein (11.10.13 - 17:57)
I did not like this for the simple reason the overlays had a much lower resolution than the iphone or ipad - making the pictures look hokey and the picture obviously manipulated. Shame. I liked the concept.
Robert Mao
(11.10.13 - 19:38)
you can pick your own photo as effect layer so you can control the resolution
(11.10.13 - 20:00)
@Robert Mao:
Thanks! I was gonna give up on it!!!!
Allgemein (11.10.13 - 12:31)
More iap...
(11.10.13 - 14:04)
Yep, it is true. The initial page with the guides to apply effects says most of them are paid. But when you select one of this effect the app will download it for free. So as I can see no iap here. Unfortunately the app in itself is not good because it works as a process of overlapping images and not as a layer process (as LensFlare or LensLight app does). So most of time it will only work when the image and the effect background has the same color (the airplane effect for example) because it is not a airplane layer but an image. :-/
Robert Mao
(11.10.13 - 19:36)
It's indeed layer, it can be moved, zoomed, and it has 20 some blend modes and comprehensive masks support.
Allgemein (11.10.13 - 11:47)
Leute, zugreifen! Hatte es gekauft und nicht bereut. Also ist es kostenlos ein suuuuuper Geschenk. Unbedingt einpacken.
(11.10.13 - 13:51)
Dank dir!!!
(11.10.13 - 15:33)
danke groovy:-)
(11.10.13 - 17:54)
Viele Möglichkeiten der Bearbeitung, dank' dir ������
(11.10.13 - 20:57)
daaanke ��
(11.10.13 - 21:25)
habe gerade mitbekommen, da sind inapps drin, aber alle frei. hoffe das stimmt …
Ken Dschun
(11.10.13 - 21:31)
Es sieht nicht danach aus. keine IAP
(11.10.13 - 21:36)
@Ken Dschun:
It seems that, at one time, there may have been IAP, but as others devs seems to be doing these days, they're making their IAP's all free now. I don't know why they're doing this, but I'm certainly not going to complain! Lol!
(11.10.13 - 21:49)
@Ken Dschun:
Also mich hat die App nur mal nach nem like auf Flächeninhalt gefragt, um die magischen Effekte freizugeben. Bin auf Facebook über die App, aber kein like gesetzt. Ging dann alles auch so. Sollte es noch mal fragen, kriegt es allerdings sein like. :)
(11.10.13 - 21:49)
Robert Mao
Allgemein (29.08.13 - 09:38)
Best photo effects blender ever
(01.05.14 - 08:12)
@Robert Mao:
Hi, i sent detailed informations because of a issue in this App. I get quite fast a response from the "Poshlight-Team": "we will look into it asap" - but nothing happened until today, so i decided to delete the App. As, you are active here, at your own apps, maybe you grab the chance and fix the issue.
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- Support open resources, effects from Dropbox

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