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  • Suspect in Sight! Anniversary Edition

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"Suspect in Sight! Anniversary Edition is a spanking new release from Jujubee and earns its stripes within the first few minutes of gameplay. For gamers who demand fast-paced, cops and robbers-esque action, this app is an absolutely must have!" 4.5/5 - iPhoneAppReview

★★★★★ Optimized for Retina!

★★★★★ Don’t be indifferent, join the Force! "Suspect in Sight! Anniversary Edition" is the most awesome cops 'n robbers action game on this side of the galaxy!

30 missions, 3 cities to discover, XP points to collect, 4 choppers to master, sarcastic humor, cool story and many unlockables!

Live the life of Rob, the ultimate badass police officer, who gets things done! Fly his police chopper and use its spotlight to catch criminals on the loose! Bring law and order back to three great American cities – Miami, New York and Los Angeles! Unveil comic frames drawn by one of the world’s best comic artists and help Rob succeed in his quest to deliver justice!

Highly detailed 3D graphics, great music and sounds, cool bonuses, unique and addicting gameplay, 3 cities to discover, trophies to collect, a bit of sarcastic humor and much more in this fast-paced adrenaline arcade masterpiece!

"Suspect in Sight! Anniversary Edition" is the refreshed, polished and ultimate version of last year's highly-acclaimed game by Jujubee!

Features and highlights:

- 3 amazing cities to discover (Miami, New York, Los Angeles)!
- 30 addicting and fun missions!
- Cool music and real police sounds!
- 4 police choppers to master!
- Additional game modes to unlock!
- Tasty and useful bonuses!
- Unique police trophies to collect!
- Precise and fun controls!
- Full accelerometer support!
- Hours of intense arcade action!
- Gorgeous visual effects!
- Additional effects on iPhone 4S and the new iPad!
- Full Retina support (2048x1536 resolution on the new iPad)!
- Superb comic story to unveil!
- A bit of sarcastic humor!
- Looks great on the TV via Apple TV or TV Out!
- iCloud support – one save file for all devices!
- Leaderboards and achievements via Game Center!
- Facebook and Twitter support!
- Universal App!
- And much more!

OS >= 5.0


Allgemein (24.08.13 - 04:10)
A nice game but the controls can be more better . And the controls are sooooo sensitive
Allgemein (23.08.13 - 05:10)
I just paid a buck for this last week. It's a great game though so I guess I'm not to mad... :- /
(23.08.13 - 10:24)
An interesting fact might be, that there was an edition of the game titled <<Suspect in Sight!>> only (without <anniversary>). It was removed from the store and replaced by the <anniversary> edition. This means, that people who bought the prior edition of the game wont get updates any more. If they want the latest version of the game, they will have to pay, AGAIN. I dont like this. Customers are being betrayed. Once more evidence for that companies on the Appstore deserve NO TRUST!
(23.08.13 - 19:44)
When does any company deserve the public's trust? Especially one on the App Store.
(23.08.13 - 21:38)
@Jordan (part 1):
A very general view on trust: <Trust> is a matter of ones behaviour towards another one AND vice versa. Thereby it is a matter of some kind of relationship. So, starting from zero NOT ANYONE in the whole world deserves anybody elses trust. Each one must proof he is trustworthy. And THAT is done by acting towards others in a trustworthy manner. If things go well, trust grows with time.
(23.08.13 - 22:04)
@Jordan (part 2):
<Trust> then reflects the expectation towards the trusted one, that he will NOT act at will towards one self BUT in a consistant way, as promised.
What does this mean in detail, especially concerning companies and customers? While company-customer relations can be highly individual and there are no general rules always valid, I think there is a common basis most people would likely agree on (customers view):
(23.08.13 - 22:08)
@Jordan (part 3):
1. The company offers its products/services in a transparent way, clearly explaining important features, conditions and terms of operation.
2. The prices for products/services are made clear, completely and correctly. No hidden catches.
3. The products/services are delivered as described and will work as promised.
4. Products/services that do not come up to their promises or are not fully functional are refunded to the customer.
(23.08.13 - 22:11)
@Jordan (part 4/4):
5. The company has an understanding on <<customer oriented business>>. Happy customers do come again AND they will atract other potential customers. Annoyed customers do not AND they will deter other potential customers.
6. Mutual respect is the very basis of it all. Customers questions, ideas, complaints, ... are welcome and are being heard and responded to.


You will have your mind on it. Where do you agree, where not? What is YOUR definition of things?
(09.02.14 - 10:22)
Individuals can earn trust through personal interactions. Organizations, such as companies, are made up of many individuals, making a personal relationship is impossible, making trust truly impossible.

A company (or any group) does not possess the mandatory criteria required to develop a personal trust.
(09.02.14 - 10:26)
Though I completely agree with the capitalist principles you laid out, there is a level of respect a company can earn to acquire new business and retain it, don't confuse respectable business practices with trust.
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3,49 €

für iPhone + für iPad


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Version: 1.0

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Erscheinungsdatum: 01.01.0001
Entwickler: Jujubee
Entwickler Support:
Rubrik: Spiele
Version: 1.0
Größe: 176 MB
FSK: 12+
Gesamtbewertung: 4
Versionsbewertung: noch keine Bewertung

Mehr von: Jujubee


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