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DocScanner Pro is the only scanner application you’ll ever need. Use DocScanner Pro to scan, save, share and upload documents, receipts, business cards, photographs, notes, posters, whiteboards, books, recipes, art... Anything you can imagine!

PDF, PNG and JPEG formats supported.


+++ Amazing crystal clear scan quality - Enjoy a flatbed equal scan quality on your iOS device.
+++ Auto-shoot - Just point the camera to any kind of document and let DocScanner PRO take care of the rest.
+++ Tap to focus - Great result every time.
+++ Share and upload instantly - Email, Messaging, Facebook, Twitter and cloud services such as Evernote, Dropbox and Drive are all supported. WebDAV also supported.
+++ iCloud support - Sync data between your iOS devices.
+++ Post processing of images - You can always go back to the original image and edit it again.
+++ Adjust file size and resolution - Separate size setting available for saved and sent documents.
+++ Multi-page document support - Scan multiple pages, even a book if you like, to a multi-page document. Possible to combine and split documents afterwards too.
+++ Well organized - Easily find your documents from the In-App document library by using four different sorting methods and effective search function.
+++ Categorize & tag documents - Choose from pre-set categories or create your own.
+++ Metadata support - Add document title, geodata, date and time, category and tags as metadata to documents.
+++ Import support - Import from Camera Roll. Also possible to import PDF’s to DocScanner PRO from other apps such as Mail. Select HP flatbed scanners supported too.
+++ Optical Character Recognition (OCR) - Search your scanned documents by using keywords.
+++ Annotation support - Add notes, text, underlining, highlight or drawing to your documents.
+++ Geotagging - Search and find documents based on the location they were saved at.
+++ Pre-configurable email template - Very handy especially with receipts.
+++ Password protection - Protect your confidential documents.
+++ Backup and Restore - Never lose your documents.
+++ Two different app themes to choose from.
+++ AirPrint support - Print your DocScanner Pro documents instantly with any AirPrint compatible printer via Wi-Fi.

The following OCR languages are supported:
Bulgarian, Catalan, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Latvian, Lithuanian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Serbian (Latin), Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish, Tagalog, Turkish, Ukrainian, Vietnamese.


Some tips to get the best quality scans:
- Keep the document flat and well lit.
- Some contrast (white document on dark surface for example) helps a lot.
- Tap where you want to set the focus.
- Use auto-shoot whenever possible.
- Try adaptive whiteness option for black & white text documents.
- Be careful if you use the flash! You’ll get better results by using some other means of lighting instead.


Please contact DocScanner PRO customer service at to try to resolve any problems before submitting feedback. Most problems can be solved easily, but we cannot help you with your problem from the comments.


Visit Haave Inc. website

Contact DocScanner PRO team at

OS >= 7.0


Allgemein (26.04.14 - 21:28)
Slow, buggy and crashing app! I stick to CamScanner+ and WorldScan; they are fast and efficient.
Allgemein (26.04.14 - 20:12)
Интерфейс не полностью доделан под iOS 7.
Сергей С
Allgemein (26.04.14 - 06:50)
У меня версия без PRO и не содержит рекламы. В чем разница кроме обновленного интерфейса?
Allgemein (31.01.14 - 21:40)
Разработано профессионально и удобно для использования. Хорошая программа для сканировная и распознавания текста.
Высокий профессионализм чувствуется в результатах использования программы. Поэтому только самые лучшие отзывы.
Alex Surkov
(26.04.14 - 05:02)
Тогда почему столько минусов и лишь 1,5 звезды?
Allgemein (07.12.13 - 21:55)
The best scan app is genius scan+ it's fucking awesome :)
Ilker Yuksel
Allgemein (21.07.13 - 10:07)
scanner app'leri arasinda en iyisi hangisi?? bunu listelerde yeni goruyorum.
Nasreddin Zhumakhmet
(21.09.13 - 18:56)
@Ilker Yuksel:
tiny scan pro
Allgemein (18.07.13 - 16:20)
I've been using Worldscan for the iPhone. And i have to say it's way better than all this scanning apps, creates PDFs, send emails, but it doesn't have cloud integration.

The pros are that is extremely fast and accurate.
Pash Afaridan
Allgemein (18.07.13 - 13:16)
Quite impressed, just tested it a bit. I does multi-page scans, (doesnt allow you to delete one page, but you can delete the doc and start again, annoying) auto or manual scan, cleverly finds the page borders before you take a pic. Uploads to Dropbox (allows folder creation in dropbox from in the app, which few others do) or a few others (eg. Googles drive). Playing with the settings can make a very clear outcome. Saves to PDF or jpg.

I was looking for a replacement for Camscanner cos they don't respond to support emails (I've sent 2 so far) and they only have monthly charges for pro version, where as I use it once in a while and I don't want a ongoing cost or a watermark that their free version has.
(18.07.13 - 17:26)
@Pash Afaridan:
Do you mean "it doesn't accept multiple scans", right?
Yes, that's pretty annoyng.
Pretty nice results however.
(18.07.13 - 19:48)
I still use and love Genius Scan, if you're still looking for an app like this. You can sort and delete pages within a document at any time. $2.99 for cloud support, but e-mail and wifi are supported from the get go.

Haven't tried this app yet (downloading now) so can't compare the two.

Pash Afaridan
(19.07.13 - 01:22)
No, I was able to do a multi page scan, however I was not able to delete the second page before I saved the document, that was annoying, I only wanted the first page.
(19.07.13 - 10:02)
@Pash Afaridan:
Tiny scan is better I think
(25.07.13 - 10:13)
I liked it, but it didn't give any cloud integration, wifi transmitting or anything like that, which kinda defeats the purpose of a scanner, for my needs anyway. Thanks for the tip, though!
(21.09.13 - 07:48)
@Pash Afaridan:
Já mám Camscanner Pro HD. Žádné měsíční poplatky neplatím!!!
To je jen nějaká možnost mít úložiště u nich nebo co, nějaký prémiový účet. Ten není povinný a já ho nemám! Já používám Dropbox a s aplikací Camscanner jsem nadmíru spokojen. Je nejlepší co jsem dosud zkoušel.
Allgemein (18.07.13 - 11:15)
Хорошая прога. Русский распознает хорошо.
Allgemein (17.07.13 - 23:51)
Ikke særlig godt. Kan kun tage ét billede ad gangen og ingen mulighed for at redigere, til gengæld er der metatags og ocr, men det andet trækker ned. Slettet igen! ��
Allgemein (17.07.13 - 22:26)
Jetzt gratis. Nicht getestet.
Allgemein (17.07.13 - 21:53)
Спасибо. Надо попробовать, тем более на халяву
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