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WriteRight is the best writing app with countless synonyms, antonyms and phraseology for iPad, iPad Mini and iPhone, built upon Markdown. It makes smart replacements preserving conjugation, gender and number.

«WriteRight is unmistakably a writing app. » — Gabriel Ponzanelli from

«I like to do my second round of proof-reading in WriteRight to change expressions that I use too much and spice up my writing replacing words with synonyms/antonyms I should use more» — Federico Vittici from

«Simply, spectacular. There’s really nothing not to like about WriteRight. This is a full featured text editor which comes with ability to help you enhance your writing style. —

« Everyone who enjoys writing needs to have a text editor like WriteRight, I offer my personal recommendation to check it out!» — Brett Terpstra


WriteRight offers you synonyms or antonyms together with phraseology.

WriteRight recognizes conjugated words, either feminine or plural, or in different tenses and persons in the case of verbs.

WriteRight replaces words with their conjugated synonym counterparts, matching gender and number, person and tense.

WriteRight is capable of identifying and replacing not only single words, but multiple-word expressions, phrasal verbs, adjectivals, adverbials and prepositional phrases, even in their conjugated forms.


- Synonyms, Antonyms & Phraseology frequently updated and always at your fingertips.

- Comfortable Pinch to Zoom increases/decreases Menlo editor font up to 4 sizes.

- Advanced Previews: Continuous, US Letter, DIN A4 and Manuscript US Letter and Manuscript DIN A4, including Helvetica Neue Light, Georgia and Times New Roman typefaces within classic Manuscript parameters for writers and publishers. (iPad version)

- Full Markdown support.


- Optional keyboard with frequently-used symbols & powerful multifunctional Markdown keys. (iPad version)


- Previews with page numbering and time stamp (iPad version)
- iCloud folders in colors chosen by the user
- Select and transfer as many files as you want into one selected folder, easily and quickly
- Increase/decrease editor font by 4 sizes
- Find and replace
- Go to start/end of document with gesture (iPad version)
- Quick navigation through long texts (iPad version)
- Advance by character and by word with ease
- Undo/redo
- Character/word count


- Seamless sync between iPad and iPhone
- Seamless iCloud/Dropbox integration
- Saves instantly and automatically in iCloud/Dropbox


- Send .txt, .md, and .rtf by email
- Copy .txt, .md and .rtf
- Print in US Letter, DIN A4, and in Manuscript in both those formats (iPad version)
- Generate and send PDF
- Share document using link


1. WriteRight linguistic tools for English and Spanish .

2. WriteRight has no formatting settings. WriteRight saves and opens only .txt and .md files.

Anyone can improve their English and Spanish with this writing app!

The Thesaurus functionality will work by changing the device keyboard to English or Spanish, in one touch, even if your device is set up in a different language!


Developed by award-winning Word Magic Software Ltda., leader in English/Spanish dictionaries and linguistic tools.

- Visit for more information about WriteRight and Special Deals

- Send questions and feedback to

- Let us know what you think and help us improve our app.

We look forward to hearing from you!

WriteRight team.

Enjoy writing.

OS >= 8.0


Allgemein (26.04.17 - 12:17)
Worth the price, both this and another called Phraseology. Both need to be updated soon though or will end up being throwaways which would be too bad. As for updating your IOS without backing up to the cloud first, hopefully it just took that one mistake to learn that lesson.
(26.04.17 - 18:32)
I have this too, but since I got Scrivener (on sale for $16) that is all I use now.

(That first comment was pretty old, they probably fixed it long ago)
(27.04.17 - 03:17)
I also purchased Scrivener when it was on sale, for both IOS and Mac and it is a very full featured, quite awesome, writing utility. I find it useful for things like research papers along with Cardflow+ and (Index Card which works with Scrivener, like their cork board feature). Ultimately, every institution unfortunately wants files in an older Word format/ Doc file.
For everyday writing, short summaries, discussions, reviews etc. I use Drafts to write it up in different drafts or the entirety in one draft, fine tune it via IA Writer, Editorial (which does so much it I had to purchase a book) , Notebooks (which can do anything and a free PDF tutorial) and Ulysses which I am just now incorporating into my Workflow and really liking it. It, like the above mentioned, really exemplifies the power of Text and how it can be slapped into any program and formatted into anyone's preference and makes it fun to explore all of the possibilities. I'm even using limited Markdown now. I'm so proud :)
(28.04.17 - 04:11)
Awesome reply! ����Thanks, I'm going to check on some of those apps. I guess I'm lazy, I tend to use one program at a time. I had bought the computer Scrivener and used successfully for my books. So was excited to see it on iOS.
Oh, I use Dragon Naturally Speak a lot on computer (but never really got a good one for iOS...any suggestions?)
(28.04.17 - 14:18)
You're not lazy, I just like technology and learning new things about productivity, utilities art and music. As an Author of books, Scrivener is the perfect tool from what I've heard from others. You don't need all the apps I just mentioned expect maybe the card apps for storyboards but Scrivener has it's own version of that. All the good sticky notes apps which are usually cheap,, can also be used the same way. For the Mac, like Antnotes and IOS, ABC notes. I wish I had a better answer for your question, than "I have no idea". I can't even get Siri to understand, half the time so I've pretty given up on dictating anything, ever. But will look into it and keep an ear out :)
(28.04.17 - 20:09)
Lol, ya, can't stand that Siri! Just not human enough...or maybe too human..won't listen, jumbles words, and tries to control my life. ������
(29.04.17 - 03:28)
You should get the Irish one, I love it. She's just as incompetent but it's more amusing because she has an attitude like totally could care less. Sometimes, she doesn't even answer until you yell "hey Siri" like 20 times. BTW on the Mac I accidentally downloaded enhanced dictation which is huge. I also searched under accessibility 0n my phone and I couldn't find anything but if you look at the keyboard you will see there is a microphone button and you just press it which I'm using right now and it is working perfectly. Wow, I can't believe it actually works! It is also keeping up with what I am saying also, which is pretty amazing :) And free :):)
Allgemein (07.10.16 - 02:39)
Waiting for a prize drop
Allgemein (19.12.15 - 03:50)
I loved it. Until I updated my iOS and turned my device off and then on. I don't know how or why, but even though I saved to the cloud, the document was not in the cloud. When I tried to open the document, I got an error and a file path from the cloud that didn't exist. I strongly believe the document is gone for good. I had over 30 hours of writing stored, writing several hours a day. It's all gone. I'm not sure what went wrong but this gets thumbs down from me unless the document makes an appearance.
Lelik Az
Allgemein (05.12.15 - 20:41)
В русском сторе не бесплатна.
(05.12.15 - 21:23)
@Lelik Az:
В белорусском тоже. Ну у вас-то хотя бы Крым есть...
Allgemein (05.12.15 - 10:57)
Отличное приложение с минималистическим стилем и удобным интерфейсом.
Allgemein (05.12.15 - 05:27)
Текстовый редактор 90 мб. Эх.
Allgemein (04.12.15 - 10:14)
Отличное приложение. Не пропустите. ������
Allgemein (01.09.14 - 12:11)
Free at last!
Allgemein (06.08.14 - 20:53)
Excellent for composing wicked prose, or fashioning the "write" thing to say. Can function as an everyday text editor and has a nice phraseology function. It's well thought out and no in-app-purchases. ��
Allgemein (06.08.14 - 09:45)
Very good. Truly enjoyable.
Allgemein (06.08.14 - 08:58)
Oh oh nice and useful for me ����
T͜͡i͜͡f͜͡a͜͡ -͟͟ w͟͟w͟͟w͟͟.͟͟t͟͟i͟͟f͟͟a͟͟s͟͟p͟͟a͟͟g͟͟e͟͟.͟͟n͟͟e͟͟t͟͟
(06.08.14 - 20:27)
@Astrocat ����:
Thanks for the tip and have fun! ������������
(06.08.14 - 21:49)
Grazie Tifa ����������������
Robert Hanline
Allgemein (23.07.14 - 19:37)
I love this app! It's a steal at .99
Krishna Agarwal
Allgemein (23.07.14 - 03:45)
A great app!
(23.07.14 - 07:19)
@Krishna Agarwal:
You're right !!!
I also took myself and it really is very good for writing!!
Ciao :)
Allgemein (18.06.14 - 12:45)
Robert Hanline
Allgemein (12.04.14 - 03:57)
People just grabbed this one! It is well worth it! I just grabbed it a couple hours ago and after transporting some docs I deleted my other writing apps. This is a wonderful tool!
Allgemein (15.02.14 - 16:26)
Хорошая задумка. Жаль, что только на английском языке. Времени его нет изучать.
Allgemein (20.11.13 - 19:53)
I haven't tried this app yet, but the idea of having a thesaurus in a note-taking app is an excellent one! I do a lot of writing and editing throughout a day, and having a fully-fledged thesaurus embedded in a notepad is really handy and would save a lot of time running back and forth between a 3rd party app.
Plus, the design just screams beautiful..
Waiting for a price drop
(16.05.14 - 19:17)
Now discounted.
(01.09.14 - 17:41)
now free.
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