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  • Reflection - Create Water Reflection Photo Arts

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◉ To celebrate the announcement of 4th Anniversary: ALL LOTOGRAM APPS ARE ON SALE!
◉ Nothing can bring your photography to life more than a sharp, stunning water reflection. Reflection, a photo app which can easily add a realistic water reflection and ripples to any photos. Turn your ordinary pictures into amazing water reflection arts.

The wonderful thing about using Reflection when taking photos is that they can completely alter the image from something fairly straightforward to something richer or abstract or otherwise more artistic.

Loading photos from Camera Roll, and choose the reflection color, blur rage and opacity, you will get beautiful water reflection photography!

Crop the photo with a perfect size you like. And tons of filter effects are available for you to select.

Need more fun with your ordinary and boring photos? This app is your choice.

Feel free to contact us by:, check the #ReflectionPic at Instagram for more creations.

OS >= 8.0


Allgemein (29.06.17 - 19:35)
bevor man das erste bild bearbeiten kann, wird man genötigt die app zu bewerten. wie soll man die app bewerten wenn man sie nicht getestet hat? liebe programmierer, wenn sie schon 3,49 euro für diese app aufrufen, lassen sie doch bitte den endverbrauche entscheiden ob und vor allem wann er ihre app bewertet!
nach dem testen der app ist mir aber bewusst geworden warum man erst bewerten soll! diese app kann nämlich leider nur genauso viel wie eine beliebige gratis app, die es zu hauf im stor gibt!
ergo spart euch das geld liebe endverbraucher!!
Allgemein (08.11.16 - 08:04)
Why would it show up in the free category when it is still $2.99?
Allgemein (09.05.15 - 04:57)
This app is a big disappointment. Load a regular 3264 pixel photo and only get 960 out. Substandard.
Allgemein (04.02.15 - 07:35)
Very nice this Is a gift for all ����✨��
Allgemein (30.07.14 - 16:56)
Es gibt wirklich bessere Apps für Wasser Reflektionen mit viel mehr einstellungsmöglichkeiten.
Ein Beispiel: Flood
Allgemein (30.07.14 - 07:17)
Free pleasant surprise the mirror of the photographs!
Eric Perez
Allgemein (30.07.14 - 05:22)
Pass. Not free. Got to purchase most effects.
(07.11.14 - 13:16)

Agree. With that many (& that cost) IAPs they've got no business charging for whatever-bits-of-the-app you get without the 'extras'.

If I were British I'd say they were 'taking the piss'.
Allgemein (23.06.14 - 01:15)
Does anyone know the output resolution of this app?
Allgemein (29.04.14 - 03:46)
I recommend Flood Filter For Water Reflections instead.
Allgemein (10.04.14 - 11:43)
I really like this app because if you can choose the right photo to apply the effect becomes a very special photo �� �� ��
So Magic ;)
Allgemein (09.03.14 - 18:27)
Starting not to get apps with In-app purchases. However, got this one since the base is free (for now) and it kind of looks like fun. We will see. Might just delete it later....
Allgemein (08.03.14 - 09:03)
Freee Yeah !!!!!!
Allgemein (01.02.14 - 20:18)
I like the idea of ​​playing with the reflections, just choose the right picture and go :)))))
Allgemein (16.10.13 - 20:33)
Great app ... (Not familiar with the genre though ...)

IAP seem to have disappeared - i had full functionality including all fx ...
(05.06.14 - 17:53)
They're baa-aaaaack....! Dang IAP's anyway! Don't think I was able to get them downloaded while they were free. Think I already had the app installed on my device, before your comment, so I missed the free business! Drat!
Allgemein (25.09.13 - 06:32)
This app is ok, but way to many in app purchases. Its not worth all those purchases. It does have good resolution for the most part. There are a lot of apps like this one.
Allgemein (04.09.13 - 10:19)
If I get all the bonus filters installing the free apps that you have to download to unlock the filters;

What happens if I delete the app from my iPhone and later on I install it back again? Did I keep the bonus filters like IAP or I have to reinstall all the apps to get the filters again?
(01.02.14 - 23:24)
If you delete the app, then reinstall it, all your original IAPs are available to you to be reinstalled. Many apps have a "Restore" function to do just that, but if it doesn't, you just reinstall the IAP as if you were re-buying it, and instead of a "confirm to buy $.." dialog message from the AppStore you should get a message that says "You have previously purchased you want to download it again for free?" Apple keeps track of all your purchase, apps, IAPs, music, books, videos, magazines, etc., everything, and you can delete and reinstall everything, even to a different device, as long as up you are using the same Apple ID to access the purchases.
(01.02.14 - 23:26)
One more thing, some photo apps have built in library and when the app is delete, so is that library, and it can not be restored.
(01.02.14 - 23:29)
Ok, man, thanks for the info, very useful. Still don't like IAPs.
(05.06.14 - 17:48)
By "library", he means photos you may have taken. Some photo apps store the photos for you, rather than uploading them to your photo roll. As well, some do both, so you just have to make sure that any photos your app may store, are also on your photo roll, before deleting the app.
Allgemein (31.08.13 - 04:44)
Ich finde deinen Kommentar nützlich, jedoch irritiert mich der Ausdruck Hure in Verbindung mit IAP's. Falsche Übersetzung?
Professor Snape
(31.08.13 - 05:03)
Sorry. Prostitute is much more accurate, not to mention more poetic.
(31.08.13 - 05:05)
Nein, hast du richtig übersetzt. Und er hat es auch so gemeint. Demnach müssen ne Menge inApps drin sein, oder der Entw. gehört zu denen, die gerne app verkaufen und damit sie richtig funzt, noch die inApps verkauft. Seh ich mir mal an, wenn ich wach bin.
(31.08.13 - 05:06)
@Dick Nixon:
Haaaaaaah!! Wise words. ����
Professor Snape
(31.08.13 - 05:07)
I love you!
(31.08.13 - 05:22)
@Dick Nixon:
�� beware what you say. Remember Watergate … ��
Professor Snape
(31.08.13 - 05:48)
Professor Snape
Allgemein (31.08.13 - 03:51)
Editable waterline is a neat idea - but it's an IAP whore.
Julie :)
(02.02.14 - 04:12)
@"Prof. Snape" Nixon:
If you stay in the app long enough, they're giving away easter eggs which allow you to get free IAPs in exchange for a review in the app store...
(08.11.16 - 03:11)
@Professor Snape:
We have to rise a revolution against iAPs! Developers must be fair enough with us.I don't like to buy just empty cover of any app.Greedy devs,greedy Apple,every body are greedy only we,customers are dumbs,huh?
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Erscheinungsdatum: 01.01.0001
Entwickler: Lotogram
Rubrik: Fotografie
Version: 2.8.8
Größe: 14 MB
FSK: 4+
Gesamtbewertung: 4,5
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