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Search photos/videos exactly you want to see, edit or share!
If you want to do anything with your photos/videos, run HashPhotos first!

HashPhotos is beautifully designed and easy to use.
If you love to take a photo/video or you are a photographer, HashPhotos is a must have app.

No more scrolling up and down to search photos.
Tag, Map, Timeline and many great features will help you search, manage, edit and share your photos/videos.

Don't just make your good memories sitting in your iPhone/iPad.
Make your memories alive and having fun with them!

* If you have bought or downloaded before version 3.7.0, you don't need to buy In-App features. Tap "Restore" button if you see Shop Page.

****** FEATURES ******

[Search / Manage]

- Tag
- Timeline
- Map
- Powerful Search (User Tags, Predefined Tags, Date/Time, Size)
- Support Spotlight Search
- User Smart Album
- Folder/Album Manager

[Customize UI]

- Themes
- Thumbnail Size and Style
- Thumbnail Badges
- Additional Info on Thumbnail
- Grouping


- beyondFoto
Easy to use and powerful Photo and Video Editor
- Quick Edit


- Support Animated GIF/PNG
- Zoom option
- Information
- Metadata(Exif) Viewer
- Histogram
- Memo
- Slideshow
- Tilt Scroll Panorama

[Security / Privacy]

- Private Album (Photo/Video Vault)
- Passcode and Touch ID
- Remove Metadata

[Clean Up]

- Find Similar Photos
- Compare and Pick Tool


- Import from Mac/PC via Wi-Fi
- Send to Mac/PC via Wi-Fi

[Batch Tools]

- Adjust Date/Time
- Favorite/Unfavorite
- Set/Change Location
- Resize
- Hide

[Combine Tools]

- Create Animated GIF
- Combine Vertically
- Combine Horizontally

[Convert Tools]

- Video to GIF
- Live Photo to GIF
- Extract Image from Video
- Live Photo to Still Image

- Filters
- Live Photo
- Save to album

[Other Tools]

- Duplicate


HashPhotos Preview Video:

HashPhotos Guide:

OS >= 9.1


Allgemein (23.10.17 - 17:47)
Yeah, this IS a really terrific and awesome app...

HOWEVER, that said, when inside the app and you try to add a pic to an album (if you have SEVERAL albums like I do in your iOS photos app for instance) and you scroll really fast or even moderately fast, this app will CRASH. Every. Single. Time. PERIOD! You'll see that the albums will turn blank (as if no pic is inside of them, i.e. the thumbnail will "disappear"), and you have to close down/reboot the app and open it back up again. You can NEVER scroll too fast, otherwise it WILL crash/not work. Really, really, really aggravating and irritating! (it's been like this since the 1st version)
Allgemein (01.10.17 - 17:43)
Best photo management app in the App Store. This needs to be said again and again ��
(02.10.17 - 06:31)
I agree to a large extent (still not as good IMO as the old Albums app made by Hedonic Software who also made an almost identical browsing app called St@sh) and it truly does have many great and excellent features. However, is there a way to transfer these photos with your created tags onto a PC or Mac? (They wont be transferred using the regular syncing of photos for instance when connecting your iDevice). Although maybe you have to use the file sharing option when connected to iTunes to transfer them directly from the app? (as long as it's not iTunes 12.7 which might not work as it took away "app" syncing altogether)
Allgemein (05.07.17 - 02:30)
HashPhotos is the most beautiful and thoughtfully designed gallery app you've ever seen on a mobile device. Amazing app, no doubts.
Highly recommended!

This is how the native Camera roll app should've been designed..

Currently all in app purchases can be unlocked for free! IAPs will further boost your overall productivity while working with your photos.

Approved by Apptime :)

Allgemein (14.06.17 - 06:38)
Once you get used, you will never be able to come back to apples Photos app...
Great program.

Una vez te acostumbras a él nunca volverás a Photos��������

Lo compré en cuanto vi su utilidad.

Esto es lo que Apple debería ofrecer y no las porquerías de apps a medio construir que incluye en iOS
Allgemein (27.04.17 - 23:00)
Outstanding! Excellent! �� I got the app long ago with all IAP's, and it has so many clever and well thought features.
Raed Omar Kulaibi
Allgemein (08.12.16 - 05:13)
Good ...❤️
Allgemein (07.12.16 - 08:01)
The best app of its kind available. 10/10. From what I can see this app is practically flawless. It's a kind of skin over top of the native iOS that lets you tag, organize and manage your photos in a multitude of ways.

Cloud services are limited to Dropbox which isn't ideal but considering how good the app is generally, I can live with that. It syncs with iCloud to save settings and changes etc. If you work with pictures on your device a lot this app is for you.
(07.12.16 - 18:06)
Не могу согласиться с тем, что это приложение идеально работает в паре с Фотолентой-iOS. На iOS-10... многое из того, что предлагается здесь- отдельная плата за КАЖДУЮ! функцию- предоставляется бесплатно и работает прекрасно;
если вы нуждаетесь в resize, установите Magic Resize от Yoshinobu Sonoda - бесплатно и даёт возможность удалить из Фотоленты( CameraRoll) оригинал изображения. Для хранения изображений вне Camera Roll я использую давно установленное у меня MyPics... от Naia Inc( стоит каждой копейки ��; недавно там сменилось руководство и мне прислали письмо с уверениями, что мои внутренние покупки сохранены ��), внутри есть широкие возможности редактирования + создание тематических альбомов; экзиф- полный; указание размера - есть.
Мне не понравилась система прописки через социальную сеть в HashPhotos, но я это сделал, чтобы оценить возможности этого приложения. Мне не понравилось ��
Мне не понравились странные пустые ячейки в Фотоленте внутри этого приложения с нумерацией, система тегов неудобна. Для пробы функционала по три бесплатных примера?
(08.12.16 - 02:45)
Oh! I appreciate you telling us what apps you use, I always find it interesting, mainly because there are so many ���� apps out there
(08.12.16 - 16:10)
Thank you for your feedback about my comments. If you want my opinion, you can always ask a question.
(08.12.16 - 16:19)
A little off topic, but I got a friend request from Nemo, picture looking to left. The words are in Cyrillic, so I don't know if it is rude or nice ��. That your wife?
(08.12.16 - 16:59)
my wife's iPad is not in use. She can't send you a message. Do not accept invitations of friendship from "Nemo" - it is Ukrainian Troll. Please send me a screenshot by e-mail.
(09.12.16 - 01:37)
the guy is an idiot...
(09.12.16 - 01:44)
stay away ��
(09.12.16 - 15:51)
No, I am not going to perpetuate this weirdness by sending you a screenshot lol. Ginny is correct, let's ALL just stay away from trolls. I'm blocking Nemo now.
(10.12.16 - 15:23)
block all that do this as they will not stop and I have not had one disgusting message since I locked the offensive bastards... igrok block them and you will stop getting their messages...
Allgemein (07.12.16 - 05:28)
Freeby Alert!
A second opportunity for everyone who does not already have the app!����
Allgemein (04.11.16 - 18:59)
Imo die mit Abstand beste App ihrer Art. Für derzeit 0,99 eine klare Kaufempfehlung! ����
Tae Ho Lee
Allgemein (14.07.16 - 09:24)
사진관리 어플중에 최고.... 이거 깔고 다른 사진관리 어플은 다 지움.
Allgemein (01.07.16 - 13:21)
Keesung Cho
Allgemein (10.06.16 - 18:08)
too expensive!!!
Allgemein (05.04.16 - 22:11)
Aktuell kostenlos - zuschlagen lohnt sich!
Πίτερ Πέτρου
Allgemein (05.04.16 - 07:37)
Download now !
Allgemein (14.02.16 - 12:10)
Definitely best photo album viewer/organiser/ metadata exif around. Find similar images quickly view photo size and location map etc. bonus is it also has an editor which you can use to downsize/Compress your photos too. ����
(06.04.16 - 02:52)
I largely agree with you, but another great app unfortunately not in the app store anymore is Albums made by Hedonic Software (it won't even show up if you search your purchases) that had many of these same functions and even more, believe it or not. Of course it's obviously a good idea to download the best apps to your PC/Mac "just in case."

That said, this one does truly have some great features and of course it's now free ��
(13.04.16 - 16:43)
We should collect and send a petition to that developer for bringing that app back to the store. �� I did search for that App after reading your comment and found some informations about it on the internet. It's a pity that one is gone.
(14.04.16 - 03:05)
Yes, while I saved the ipa file for the app (and never deleted it from my iDevice), it's really a shame for other people that it's still not around! While the app icon looked very mundane and boring, it was anything but this, LOL It really had so many features that to be honest, I've never found a photo app since (and I had it since maybe 2010, and it was last updated for iOS 8 in late 2014) come close as far as the usefulness in terms of the many functions and features! I'm sure by now that if it was still around, there would be even more features and support for Live Photos. Speaking of which, I'm working on an app collection that will list the apps that actually do support the viewing of "Live Photos" (aside from the million or so ad infested POS wallpaper apps that would be expected to have this anyway, LOL). I mean it's bad enough that most photo and file management apps in 2016 still DON'T freakin support Gif images. But yeah, I don't know if the app dev would come back to iOS. In the past he did answer an email so maybe he'll respond if I (or some of us) contacted him (at least he would likely tell us why his apps are no longer in the App store).

Anyway, sorry to ramble on there, LOL. I really wish I could give you a copy of the app ☺️

But this app HashPhotos is pretty awesome though, and I really don't mean to take anything away from it! ����������

(14.04.16 - 09:52)
I've enjoyed your comment, thanks, nothing to be sorry about. And thank you one more time - for this one, if i knew it would be possible, i think for once i would be so bold and even ask you for a copy. ����
I did the little research a few days ago, but i didn't had time to comment. I think i remember he has still something in the store, but not sure if with another developer name. As i see it HashPhotos is the App with the widest range of functionalities which can be useful in that category by now - but only because the App you've mentioned is gone from it. �� So no, you didn't took anything away - i'm always happy finding an alternative or even a better one.
Allgemein (19.01.16 - 14:08)
여행 중 다른 사람들이 찍어서 보내 준 사진에 내가 직접 장소도 넣고 좋네요
Allgemein (27.11.15 - 10:19)
HashPhotos (#Photos) is a well designed app that works in harmony with the iOS Photos app, adding many useful tools that help manage large numbers of photos easily and - importantly - without duplicating the storage space they occupy in the Camera Roll and associated albums.

The main display presents thumbnails optionally in small, medium or large size. As you scroll through them, icons appear momentarily and unobtrusively at top and bottom of the screen which if tapped take the viewer to the first or last screens of thumbnails in the currently-displayed album - very handy if albums contain large numbers of photos.

Swiping right from the left of the screen displays a selectable list of all albums in the iOS Photos app. An icon at the bottom of this panel enables creation of new albums directly in the Photos app which will appear immediately in their alphabetical spot in the panel - there’s no need to leave #Photos and go to the Photos app to do this. Likewise, it is possible to edit the names of any of the user-created Photos app albums directly in the #Photos panel.

Swiping left from the right of the screen displays a selectable list of years and months to make navigation through the album being displayed very easy.

There is a “Find Similar Photos” facility, which scans the entire album selected and presents a scrolling list of photos that may be duplicates. This is a very useful tool, particularly when used together with options to display image dimensions or file sizes beneath thumbnails. Matches can be compared full-screen if desired and unwanted duplicates deleted from the Photos app without leaving #Photos.

#Photos provides a comprehensive Tagging facility. Optionally, existing tags on Photos app photos can be imported and a seemingly unlimited number of new Tags created within #Photos, but Tags created or allocated within #Photos remain in the app and are not saved with images in the Photos app. There is a good binary search facility that operates within individual albums or the Camera Roll as a whole if that album is being displayed.

There are other valuable features that I have not described, making this app well worth purchasing. A 5-screenshot Guide is displayed on first using the app and is also able to be summoned during use but in the present absence of a more detailed guide a new user will need to spend a little time discovering the app’s many features. A detailed guide is said to be under preparation for release with a future update.

(27.11.15 - 12:57)
Great and helpful review, thank you! ����
Allgemein (26.11.15 - 23:51)
This app's "Show similar photos" option is a very useful facility.
Allgemein (16.06.15 - 00:22)
Heute Gratis !!!
Allgemein (15.04.15 - 04:54)
기능도다양하고 사용도 편리하다.
Agent Smith
Allgemein (14.04.15 - 17:55)
Can show animated gifs,
Can delete photos,
Shows plenty of info about images..

Only minus for me, and it is not the app's fault, but it would be wonderful if it could directly delete the image without sending it to apple's bright idea recover bin..
Allgemein (13.04.15 - 23:53)
Вылетает на Ipad2
T͜͡i͜͡f͜͡a͜͡ -͟͟ w͟͟w͟͟w͟͟.͟͟t͟͟i͟͟f͟͟a͟͟s͟͟p͟͟a͟͟g͟͟e͟͟.͟͟n͟͟e͟͟t͟͟
Allgemein (13.04.15 - 22:17)
Now free! ✨��
Allgemein (05.04.15 - 23:25)
Die erste App die ich gefunden habe die Fotos, direkt aus den Alben, löschen kann. ������

Von links nach rechts wischen um die Alben hervorzuholen, der Rest ist selbsterklärend.

Ich wusste es muss möglich sein - und sinnvollerweise in so einem Viewer integriert.

Der Entwickleralarm und die Internetrecherche haben sich gelohnt. Hätte ich die Beschreibung genauer gelesen, hätte ich mir zwar zweiteres und das durchforschen all meiner Sortierer und Viewer ersparen können, aber ich freue mich trotzdem. Für mich ist ein großes Manko behoben.
(06.04.15 - 04:40)
Danke für den Hinweis, das hatte ich noch nicht entdeckt. ��
(13.04.16 - 16:59)
Noch ein Tipp ... wähl mal mehrere Bilder aus und klick auf den "Action-Button" (unten Links). Da sind noch einige Optionen die nützlich sein könnten. Wie gut die mit der App geänderten Daten oder Orte von anderen Apps gelesen werden, kann ich allerdings nicht sagen - ich hab's nicht getestet.
(13.04.16 - 17:26)
Bin gerade überaus positiv überrascht - Da hat sich echt viel getan, seit ich die App zum letzten mal getestet habe. Das mit der Mehrfachauswahl habe ich eben auch entdeckt... Die App ist klasse, gut dass ich sie- Dank Deiner Mithilfe - wiederentdeckt habe. ��
(13.04.16 - 17:41)
Ja, die wird wirklich immer besser. Die ist bei mir seit einiger Zeit DAS Essential für die Organisation (zusammen mit Swipix - dort wollte ich dir, UncleSam und WhitePony noch wiedersprechen, bin aber nicht dazugekommen �� - aber ist ja auch immer Geschmacksache). Auf jeden Fall musste ich mich bei HashPhotos beherrschen, nicht jedesmal einen "ich liebe diese App"-Kommentar zu schreiben wenn ich sie gebraucht habe. �� Ich hoffe mal die macht noch 'ne weile so weiter!
(13.04.16 - 22:26)
So geht's mir mit der proshot Cam.. Muss mich da auch schwer beherrschen... ��
(14.04.16 - 00:18)
LOL! Dann nehme ich, mir mal etwas mehr Zeit für die. �� Danke! ��
(14.04.16 - 00:20)
Allgemein (02.04.15 - 06:15)
Neben PhotInfo die beste ihrer Art. ��
Allgemein (07.02.15 - 06:14)
Not free :/

Allgemein (07.02.15 - 00:10)
It's the best app to manage your photos. The sliding interface is exactly what it should be, simple and powerful, perfect, nothing to spare with iOS Photos mess. With a swipe to the right you can see a list of your albums and smart albums it recognize (like time lapse and screenshots).

You can actually delete photos (thanks ios8) and tag. You can also see exif data and geolocation.

Honestly we can ask more, if not a different mode of displaying pictures, but this is subjective.
Allgemein (05.02.15 - 23:19)
Unfortunately, just the same square thumbnails. Can't tell the portrait from the landscape images.
(06.02.15 - 23:12)
What do you advise instead?
I was thinking Photos+ by Silver Pine Software, although it's pricey.
Allgemein (05.02.15 - 19:24)
Same as Phoenix pro?
Allgemein (05.02.15 - 14:56)
Can you sort photos manually or by drag & drop?
It says Aviary editor. Not keen about that.
Allgemein (29.01.14 - 13:40)
How do you remove tags which are no longer required from the master tags list?
Allgemein (03.01.14 - 12:32)
�� прикольная программа
(29.01.14 - 13:41)
How do you remove tags which are no longer required from the master tags list?
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- Added Camera function ( ... > + > Camera)
. Save to album automatically
. Filters
. Live Photo
. Save RAW
* Camera function is supported on iOS 11.0 and later
- Bug fixes

Erscheinungsdatum: 01.01.0001
Entwickler: beyondf
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