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Terminology is a browser for the English language – part dictionary/thesaurus and part research tool. Terminology makes it easy to explore words and phrases, diving down to more and less specific terms - accessing the web and other apps for more detail and sharing.

More than a dictionary, Terminology can be extended with custom actions to search the Internet and other reference apps – making it a great place to start all your searches.

Use the share extension to select text anywhere, in any app, and look it up in Terminology.

### Dictionary, Thesaurus & Search

- Offline U.S. English dictionary and word reference with simple clear definitions.
- Definitions, synonyms, antonyms and deeper word relations such as: more and less specific words, part, part of, members, member of, pertains to and more.
- Favorite terms.
- Word browsing history.
- Add your own notes to any term.
- Audio pronunications.
- Wildcard (?,*) searching.
- Spelling suggestions.
- Fast, reliable, iCloud (CloudKit) sync and backup of history, favorites, notes and actions.
- Term of the day.

### Extensible Actions

Actions provide quick links to lookup and search your terms on websites and in other apps. Ready to use actions for popular reference sites like Wikipedia,, Google, IMDb, Snopes and more, or create your own with simple URL templates.

### All the Latest Technologies

- Share extension lets you access Terminology from a text selection in any app.
- Today widget for quick access.
- 3D Touch support.
- iPad Multitasking/Split View support.
- Spotlight and Handoff support.

### More Features

- Extensive support for URL scheme integration via x-callback-url. Visit our website for details.
- Great support for Accessibility features like VoiceOver and Dynamic Text.

### About the Dictionary

- Terminology's offline dictionary is based on the latest 3.1 version of the Princeton University WordNet project and contains U.S. English words.


We love to hear your feedback, please contact us.

Twitter/ @terminologyapp

OS >= 10.0


Allgemein (13.01.17 - 19:43)
I like that you can search other resources: but don't like that it sends you out of the app's nice clean interface when you do it.
Nguyen Khoa Van
Allgemein (12.01.17 - 09:02)
Love it!
WILHEM MÜLER_404 DE 🇩🇪 Ich lebe in Frankfurt (Deutschland)
Allgemein (11.01.17 - 21:44)
Der "Entwickler" nicht sagen, dass die App "One-Stop-Shopping" hat! :((
Allgemein (11.01.17 - 18:32)
Freemium. They added in apps... $1.99
Allgemein (11.01.17 - 18:32)
Pro $2.
Walter Bishop | Teamappdiction
Allgemein (07.12.13 - 21:02)
As with all Agile Tortoise apps, simple to use, but able to be configured into a massive powerhouse for information.
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Was ist Neu in dieser Version

## Terminology is all-new for 2017! Great new features include:

- All new interface makes it easier and quicker to research terms.
- Share extension, Today widget and more.
- Add user notes to any term.
- New fast, reliable CloudKit-based sync.
- Action Library makes it easier to add and manage other web and app resources.
- Audio pronunciations.

### Fixes in this release:

- **New:** Add support for {{ }} URL encoding in action templates.
- **Fix:** A couple of issue with initial setup of default actions in a new installation.
- **Change:** Disable auto-caps and auto-correct editing URL template in actions.
- **Fix:** Some outgoing URL encoding was failing to properly escape [[term_url]] tag.
- **Fix:** Tint color change sometimes did not take effect when auto-switching to dark mode.
- **Fix:** Tap on unknown term summary cell could trigger first action in bottom list accidentally.
- **Fix:** Fix for case where migration of old data could result in duplicate actions.
- **Fix:** Restore actions to default (in Settings) did not properly save the changes.
- **Fix:** URLs should ignore extraneous path elements. Fixes Instapaper lookup.
- **Change:** Improve handling of extraneous text passed to the share extension by host apps.
- **Fix:** Add error alert if unable to load a valid U.S. English speech voice for pronunciation. If you are having trouble with pronunciations, please check iOS Settings > General > Accessibility > Speech and confirm a U.S. English speech voice is configured.


- Terminology is now a free download. $1.99 Pro unlock removes ads and enables custom action editing and dark mode. This is a complete new update and unlock requires new purchase. We appreciate your support and understanding that ongoing development requires periodic upgrades.

#### Visit our blog for more detailed release notes:

Help & Support:
News and Tips: @terminologyapp on Facebook and Twitter

Review and ratings are always appreciated!

Erscheinungsdatum: 01.01.0001
Entwickler: Agile Tortoise
Rubrik: Referenz
Version: 4.0.2
Größe: 96 MB
FSK: 4+
Gesamtbewertung: noch keine Bewertung
Versionsbewertung: noch keine Bewertung

Mehr von: Agile Tortoise


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