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Meet Aimée, your personal, artificially intelligent built-in assistant composer, she's ready to help you compose great music, adding her vast knowledge about music theory to your creativity.

You give her your melodies and decide how she should handle them. Aimée then finishes your composition, doing all the hard work that normally takes hours, but now is done in seconds. If you want she can also compose sonatas, scherzos and fugues in classical or jazz style based on your melodies or her own. Aimée can even compose a complete symphony based on her own melodies.

YouCompose features:

Built-in instruments:
- 80 instruments are included with high quality sounds. You'll find all regular orchestral instruments, keyboards, organs, guitars, basses, chorus, percussion and more.
- With over 40 preset ensembles you can quickly setup YouCompose for ensembles like a saxophone quartet, string quartet or orchestra, woodwinds or brass sections and much more.

Creating and editing:
- You create melodies using the built-in virtual keyboard or a MIDI keyboard, by entering single notes in a grid editor, by importing a melody from a MIDI file or by asking Aimée to make one for you. 
Aimée will then harmonize these melodies in a classical or jazz style taking into account the instruments you selected.
- A composition can be edited in many ways. YouCompose allows you to copy, paste, move and delete movements, segments and individual notes.
- You can ask Aimée to compose a complete 3 or 4 movement classical or jazz symphony for your ensemble all by herself, or let her add a new movement to an existing one. She can do that based on her own melodies or on melodies you provide.
- You can control the way she harmonizes your melodies, by setting Harmonization Points and other options, or you can also leave that completely to her.
- If you wish you can even combine classical and jazz styles within one piece.
- Special tools allow you to enter lyrics, apply melodic transformations or create dynamic effects.

Sharing and saving:
- YouCompose is Audiobus, AudioCopy and Inter-App Audio compatible and supports background audio. This means that you can record its audio using Audiobus, GarageBand or any other Audiobus compatible or IAA host App. In Audiobus you will find remote triggers for reverb and output level adjustment. With AudioCopy you can copy audio from movements, parts, segments or fragments to any other AudioCopy compatible app.
- YouCompose is CoreMIDI compatible. This means that you can also utilize a MIDI keyboard, a MIDI sound module or synth apps running on your device together with YouCompose.
- You can export audio files directly to other apps on your device. Supported audio file formats are: MIDI, aac, m4a, aiff, caf and wav. A m4a file contains iTunes data like ‘artist’, ‘song name’ and ‘lyrics’. You can export audio from movements, parts, segments or fragments.
- You can view your composition’s full score and the individual parts (transposed when applicable), print them directly from YouCompose to an AirPrint compatible printer or export them to any PDF viewer like iBooks.
- YouCompose allows you to send and receive compositions from other devices running YouCompose via Dropbox, email or an AirDrop connection.
- You can share your composition with others by sending an email containing a YouCompose file, m4a audio files, MIDI files and/or a PDF document with the full score and the individual (transposed) parts.
- Several sample compositions containing well known melodies are also included in the package.

OS >= 10.0


Allgemein (31.03.16 - 14:18)
Fantastic tool for making musik ��☠ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ killer app
Allgemein (02.09.15 - 12:20)
Fantastic. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
I would liked that most sequencers were like this, or had some harmonization tools like YouCompose does have.
It's kind of messy at the very beginning, but you'll get the point quick and fast thanks to the steps guide included when you open the app for the first time.

Great job done by the developer ����������

Allgemein (02.09.15 - 08:06)
Great tools for making music, it's really simple and guided.
Great way to send email score and midi.
Do not underestimate the simplicity because it opens the door to the ideas of composition !!!

Surely you have ��✨��
Πίτερ Πέτρου
Allgemein (01.09.15 - 20:22)
Wow !
Not tested yet but well worth downloading as it is presently free.
Mark Jefferson
Allgemein (01.09.15 - 02:46)
The app is good although it does not have any option to get a played piece on an external instrument and convert it to notes.
Allgemein (22.01.14 - 16:49)
It seems essential, you can print the composition?
(01.09.15 - 00:26)
@Astrocat ✨✨✨:
I think so, it says you can create PDF's and export to MIDI.. Looks like a nice app for you.
(01.09.15 - 07:12)
I had put the alarm !!!! It must be very nice !!!
Thanks Super-Logi, tonight I try !!!! Yeaaah !!! ��✨��
If we can also export MIDI is super ;-)
Allgemein (12.01.14 - 23:01)
Пришлось загрузить iOS 7 из-за этой программы.
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