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** No longer supported — made available for legacy devices only **

Get the most from your music

“CanOpener conjures speakers from your headphones” – Pitchfork
“CanOpener's approach is anything but snake oil — it's science” – Gizmodo
“CanOpener is an excellent app for listening with headphones on iOS” – TUAW

CanOpener makes listening to music better on iOS. Fine-tune the listening experience for your own ears, headphones, and personal tastes.

Need help? Find us on twitter @canopener or at

▶ Crossfeed – We’d all love to listen to music on great speakers. But — most of the time — modern life calls for headphones. CanOpener’s unique “Crossfeed” helps you recreate, on headphones, the rich sonic experience of listening on high-end speakers.

▶ Equalizer – Dial in some more clarity, scoop the mids, boost or cut the bass. CanOpener offers flexible tone shaping with gorgeous, touchable equalizer options.

▶ Dosimeter and loudness metering – CanOpener can measure precisely how loud you are listening, helping you monitor your listening habits and protect your hearing.

• Play your existing iTunes library with CanOpener, no importing
• Support for lossless audio formats like FLAC and ALAC
• Play hi-res audio up to 192kHz/24
• Proven crossfeed algorithm and extensive monitoring controls
• Mastering-grade baxandall equalizer with spectrogram
• dB SPL prediction & dosimeter
• More precise volume control
• Gapless playback
• 64-bit digital audio path
• Good Hertz sample rate converter & dither

Add-ons (available for In-App purchase):
• Pencil EQ™ – A new equalizer option that allows you to create any EQ shape by simply drawing.
• Speaker+™ – Better sound for your iPhone's built-in speaker
• HiFi Pack – Unlocks even higher quality sample rate conversion and dither controls for pro users

* We recommend using CanOpener with iPhone 4S, iPad 2 or newer devices.
* CanOpener can play iTunes Match files, but the files must be downloaded to your device.

OS >= 6.0


Allgemein (04.05.17 - 23:25)

The real question is why is it all free?
When you first open the App you get a message saying it might slow down your device, meaning that this App is running on only 32 bits and Apple sent eMails to all developers to upgrade their Apps to 64bits or they will take them down, so once again is he going to upgrade or not or that's the reason for the Free App and IAPs because he is not going to upgrade?

And how the hell do I find those IAPs?
Found 2 still can't find the 3rd.

(05.05.17 - 03:09)
** No longer supported — made available for legacy devices only **
(05.05.17 - 18:01)
Like I've been saying 32bits devices.
If you check you won't believe how many Apps are free right now because they are old and where made for iOS 6, I'm also guessing that they are free because their developers moved on and are not planning on upgrading so they give them free before Apple will take them off the App Store.
(05.05.17 - 18:40)
I have a lot of paid 32 bit apps and they are much better then modern apps. I think that this is a big mistake to get rid of old apps
(05.05.17 - 19:47)
You are absolutely right, it's not like a 64bit device can't tun a 32 bit App, it's just that Apple is no longer the Apple that we used to love.
It is true that a 64bit App runs faster but most Apps don't need the speed only 3D games and such.
(05.05.17 - 19:56)
Search at the Apple App Store the App " GoDial " scroll down and look at What's new ( what they did on their latest upgrade ), it will make you understand what was in the email that Apple sent us, in short upgrade your Apps to 64bits or say goodbye.
(05.05.17 - 20:14)
I've found 2 IAPs and got them for free I just can't find the 3rd one "Speaker+" have you found it?
(05.05.17 - 20:44)
I also found the two iaps, but when choosing headphones it says "Speaker+ is not available for this output". I have tried different headphones, also wireless, but still the same.. so I don't know which output it works with.
(05.05.17 - 20:48)
Maybe it's their own brand of speaker that you have to buy from them.
I'm just thinking out loud but I guess it stupid what I just wrote.
(05.05.17 - 20:52)
You're welcome. Maybe someone out there has the answer - lets be patient ��
(05.05.17 - 20:55)
Once again, thanks.
(05.05.17 - 21:00)
Very strange, it looks like it should just work out of the box according to this video:
(05.05.17 - 22:05)
I think I figured that we are both fools!
After watching this and other videos I believe that it tells us that Speaker+ is not available because we have not found where to buy this IAP first, once we will find where and buy ( for free ) then there won't be not available any more.
What do you think?
(05.05.17 - 22:27)
Ha, ha! Yes, that sounds very plausible! But I think I've looked everywhere..
(05.05.17 - 22:32)
I thought so to but it's the only thing that makes sense and this App got many places that it can hide from us.
(05.05.17 - 22:34)
I'm surprised that even people that paid for this App years ago are not giving us the answer.
(05.05.17 - 22:50)
(05.05.17 - 22:54)
Maybe it's only available for the iPhone 4 to 5S,
I'll figure it out tomorrow even if I have to talk to the developer, right now I'm way to tired, haven't slept last night and it's midnight now so you can say that I haven't slept for two days.
If I figure it out you'll be the first to know!
(05.05.17 - 22:58)
Thanks, I have just written them a mail. Will let you know what they reply. Sleep well.
(05.05.17 - 22:59)
(06.05.17 - 06:34)
You were right. I've tried it on 4s and it's available by default. I've purchased it, but it's still not available on 6s.
I think this function was made as output sound enhancer for old devices.
(06.05.17 - 06:55)
Didn't you go to the sight I gave you?
It show everything about the App and in the section of Speaker+ it talks about how the App is really made for headphones but that they have discovered that many people use it without headphones and that the speaker of the iPhone 4 to 5S are weak so they added the Speaker+ function.
The truth is that I'm surprised that Apple allowed it because I always had to jailbreak for getting up to %200 Volume, it's been discovered years ago that Apple limits many things to get better battery use length on their devices so they can always show off with their 10 hours sentence at the keynote convention.
And I have a bad feeling that there won't be no more upgrade, I pray that I'm wrong and that they will but even if they do the Speaker+ function probably won't be there because now there are 2 speakers on the iPhone and they are way louder then the older 1 speaker device.
Some times I hate it when I'm right!
(07.05.17 - 05:03)
The third is the phone's speaker in-app, simply play your music using your iPhone speaker and you will find that option.
(07.05.17 - 05:39)
Can't find on iPhone 7, help!
Allgemein (04.05.17 - 20:19)
Ranks high among my fave music player apps!
Allgemein (04.05.17 - 13:51)
Написано,что внутренние покупки (3 штуки) бесплатно.
Как их купить? Не смогла найти ссылку внутри приложения на "покупку" внутренних покупок.
(05.05.17 - 03:16)
нашел только 2
1-у в настройках, нужно переключить качество на HQ
2-я в нижнем перечне (см название покупок)
3-ю так и не нашел
Allgemein (04.05.17 - 08:33)
Empfehlenswerter Player, derzeit gratis. ��
(04.05.17 - 15:31)
Super Tipp��, Danke. Aber weißt du wie man den HiFi Pack bekommt. Die Anderen habe ich gefunden.

Ah, hab's gefunden. Unter Sample Rate Converter. War mir sicher da schon mehrmals probiert zu haben,. Na egal, hat geklappt.
Allgemein (08.07.16 - 16:53)
all IAP free now��
(09.07.16 - 00:17)
No worries ����
Paul McMahon
Allgemein (16.12.14 - 08:07)
Good sound I just can not fall in love with it
Allgemein (30.06.14 - 09:01)
Остальные плееры для меня мертвы. Отличный звук и приятный дизайн интерфейса. Гибкие настройки. Даже родные earbuds он приукрашивает. Особенно разница слышна если поиграться с pencil EQ (триал 3 минуты). Стоит своих денег на 100%.
Ps: не ждите чудес от посредственных наушников и mp3 с низким битрейтом.
Allgemein (02.05.14 - 10:11)
Allgemein (26.02.14 - 21:06)
More than better have in appstore.
(04.03.14 - 04:50)
I agree with you.
I tried out the app with my own earphones,including favorite UM-Ocharaku Flat-4 KAEDE.

The results weren't by no means satisfactory.
Allgemein (25.02.14 - 23:49)
Gibts für meine mickrigen bose Kopfhörer auch ein Preset? Beziehungsweise bewirkt das was? Sowas wie radsone ist das??
Hab sie2i zum spooooort...
Arac Caine
(26.02.14 - 19:56)
Standartprests sind vorhanden für:
Bose AE2
Bose QC15
Aber du kannst auch selber klasse deinén persönlichen Kopfhörer anpassen sowie deinen eigenen Kopfhörer eingeben (dafür brauchst du nur paar eckdaten wie impedanz des kopfhörers etc, die stehen in der gebrauchsanleitung).
Ich höre nur noch mit der App ��
(26.02.14 - 20:28)
@Arac Caine:
2 neue inapps hinzugekommen ...
Das lass ich mal....
Arac Caine
(09.03.14 - 20:57)
Die inApps erweitern nur die App etwas, sind aber nicht nötig.
Allgemein (14.11.13 - 13:40)
Must to say No.1
Allgemein (02.10.13 - 16:19)
Kann man was mit anfangen, wenn man gute Lautsprecher hat ��
Mick - Richtscheid! ich gucke in Eure Richtung ��
(02.10.13 - 19:24)
danke für deinen hinweis ... das klingt verlockend ��
sehr gute studiomonitore und auch die richtigen kopfhöpfer sind bei mir vorhanden �� ... eigendlich ist alles was man zum oberleckersten musikgenuss benötigt.
--> ich habs auch gleich mit auf meiner liste mit eingetragen ... für jene apps die ich mir diesen freitag kaufen werde.

es grüßt und bedankt sich

(03.10.13 - 00:02)
Gern �� habe ich doch geahnt ��
(03.10.13 - 00:05)
Nachtrag: Aber nicht für 4,49€, das ist dann doch etwas übertrieben. Die aktuellen 89 Cent gehen aber durch ��
(03.10.13 - 02:56)
stimmt ... falls der preis am freitag wieder gestiegen sein sollte,werde ich es halt bei der nächsten aktion einsackem.
ich habs auf jedenfall in meine liste aufgenommen.
vielleicht gibt es ja auch in kürze ein gratis angebot ... ✨
(01.12.13 - 17:52)
ich bin immer noch sehr angetan von dieser app...die paar cent waren und sind gut angelegt.

mein fazit zur app:

es lohnt nur bei sehr hochwertigen kopfhörern/marken

mein spruch des tages:

�� auch ein tinitus liebt laute mucke mit richtig fettem bass.

Serj Zalsski
Allgemein (02.10.13 - 03:47)
This player give better sound then apple stock player! Tested with Beats Pro.
Этот плеер выдает более лучшее звучание чем встроенный плеер! Трестировал с Beats Pro.
הנגן הזה נותן סאונד יותר טוב מהנגן המובנה! בדקתי ב Beats Pro.
Özgür Olcay
Allgemein (01.10.13 - 08:28)
Bu uygulamayı indirimdeyken kaçırmayın parasını fazlasıyla hakediyor
Brian White
Allgemein (12.09.13 - 00:52)
I like to install it but I don't have the money.
Paul McMahon
(16.12.14 - 08:09)
@Brian White:
It is only fair
Allgemein (05.09.13 - 01:14)
"How does it sound? Excellent. I listened on a B&W P5 headset, a Sennheiser HD600, and the stock Apple Earpods. The app had presets for the Sennheisers and the Apple product. Listening to rock, symphonic and jazz I found the presentation improved without setting the aural image to unrealistic extremes. The music never sounded over-processed, which happens with some audio apps."
(28.11.13 - 19:58)
Great review, thanks.
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• iOS 8.0 support
• Fixed a bug where some buttons stopped functioning on iPad
• Fixed album colors
• Fixed a bug where the EQ stopped functioning properly
• Improved FLAC sorting

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