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A user friendly, feature packed time-lapse camera.

Lightspeed gives you complete control over the shutter speed and capture interval, enabling you to make the most creative time-lapses imaginable.

● Features a continuously adjustable capture interval from 60fps high speed video (iPhone 6 only) down to as slow as 5 minutes per frame.
● All of the timing and camera controls can be adjusted while the app is recording.
● 1080p HD movies are saved right to your camera roll.
● Manual focus and exposure controls.
● Watch each frame develop in real time.
● Superior low light shooting performance.
● As the cinematographer, take control of the amount of motion blur in your time lapse by adjusting the shutter angle to create light trails and silky smooth motion.
● Use super long exposures to virtually erase fast moving objects while still capturing the motion of shadows and other slower moving objects.
● Continuously adjust shooting parameters while recording to create fun effects and happy accidents.
● Film from a moving vehicle and capture a hyper-lapse of your travels.
● Film personal projects and watch them unfold at warp speed.
● Use Lightspeed on a second device for hands free control of the app via bluetooth!
● Use the built-in time-lapse calculator to determine how long it will take to film an event, and the duration of the final movie.
● Set Auto Start and Stop timers to capture events automatically.
● Lightspeed is capable of continuously filming for days at a time when connected to an external power source.

Lightspeed works by accumulating light in a manner similar to a motion picture film camera, where the shutter angle is adjusted to control how long each frame is exposed for in proportion to the capture interval. A 180° shutter is the typical setting used for motion pictures, and will give a natural cinematic look to your time-lapse movies no matter how fast or slow you choose to capture frames. Dial the shutter down to 1° degree to minimize motion blur for a traditional staccato feel, or ramp it all the way up to 360° degrees to create light trails and motion blur and give your videos a smooth, fluid look to them.

OS >= 7.0


Allgemein (09.05.14 - 00:42)
Izmini, have you tried this app out for dark backgrounds or doing long exposures? I've had it marked in AZ for years, but never have gotten very definitive review info on it, enough to be able to tell if it is worth its price? (Other than Fellini saying it's not as good as Lapse It Pro, that is...)
(09.05.14 - 01:05)
Well AppZapp says I own it ��
Will try downloading but I don't recall the app or at least not yet.
I don't do any time lapse but have thought it would be good for sunset or sunrise. Only problem is sometimes I get out there and start taking pictures and forget to try a time lapse.

Lots of cloud on and off here so might be good night to try.

Turns out that I do have it, opened and it was in a folder named evaluate, just have not got to it yet. May set up tripod and try in a bit and see what it does.

No, no notification here, but on the app cinamatic... Not sure why.
I have been in and out helping my son with his car. He had to go get an exhaust gasket so should be back shortly.

I will give it a try sometime tonight. Sorry for missing this.
(09.05.14 - 05:44)
Well turned out zero clouds and nothing for sunset, not even a glow ��
I tried in the house and played a bit with it.
With it set with shutter open as long as possible it did actually better then expected but just remember this app is not a night app. If you want something that does really good at night look at NightCap Pro, AvgNight Cam or Average Camera or many of the other dedicated night apps. While apps like ProCam are good there is far to much noise. Average Camera and AvgNight Cam take lots of images and picks the brightest spot and everything is averaged from that. They do well in really dark with very little noise.

For a time lapse this is a decent app. At the bottom are two wheels that let you adjust how often an image is taken, the second is the shutter speed.
I got this app when it was on sale for free and for free it's good. Timelapse pro is similar to this and free, Lapse It is $1.99 and has filters and again does everything this does and has more social in it but it seems to be more widely used.

What it comes down to is grap a couple of free or lite versions and try them and see if they fit your needs.

If you want to see some of the stuff from Lapse It look on youtube for time lapses of the Bay of Fundy. The guy that does those uses Lapse It with multiple iPhones. Bay of Fundy on the east coast of Canada has some of the highest tidal flows in the world almost 45 feet difference between low and high tide. His name is Brian Townsend.
(09.05.14 - 10:10)
Not to sound rude but you can't change the actual shutter speed on an apple device the thing with this "long exposures" apps it's that takes a series of photos and stack them to create the "long exposure" effect. You probably know that and the best thing to take night long exposure photos it's with a DSLR
(09.05.14 - 17:47)
Yes, I know that ��
Even with the limitations of the shutter in iOS devices you can get some great shots. AvgNight Camera will let you take up to 1028 images at the 1 second and has a manual which is a manual stop. I have taken some at dusk and night does a really good job. Average Camera has only a setting for 128 images but has a slider for gain. Also does good. Nightcap does the same multiple shots but instead of number of stops you just set how long and it's bulb acts the same as AvgNight Cam's manual stop.
Next week I should be beta testing MagicShutter so will see how it stacks up with the others.

A dslr would be great for night shots ��
(09.05.14 - 22:36)
This afternoon I tried both this app and Lapse It
This app is simple and works, not a lot of settings.
One thing you can do in this app that is good is that at any point you can alter the time period between images.
Today we are back to a lot of fast moving clouds.

Lapse It has more options and six filters, Monochrome, Toon, Normal, Vivid, Tilt Shift and Old. It keeps the raw data in-app and you have several option when rendering, you can add music, clip the video etc. You can go back and render w a different filter if you want.

For $1.99 I think it's a much better deal then this app.
(21.11.14 - 12:13)
Thank you SO much, as always, for going WAAAY above and beyond, to help me with this app!!!

I already have the other apps you mentioned - of course I do, I follow all your recommendations!!! Lol! I just wanted to see if this one had anything better than those others have - always on the lookout for that elusive Sasquatch! Haha!!
(21.11.14 - 19:20)
This app also only allows shutter intervals of a half second, LapseIt Pro will let you set shutter intervals in the millisecond range.
The other really annoying thing with this app is if you go to settings some text overlays other text so it is sometimes hard to figure out things. It would be an easy fix if they had it open a bigger pop up for it.
As before, no filters which I like in LapseIt.

If you can get this app for free then try it but if you are going to spend money I think it's maybe a $0.99 at most app not the current $2.99, Lapse it is cheaper and better and I think worth the money.
Allgemein (16.03.14 - 04:53)
Wouldn't permit download to my iPad 2. <pout>
Allgemein (18.10.13 - 08:46)
Таких программ уже много. Но никакая из них не фотографирует с оригинальным разрешением. :(
(16.03.14 - 06:03)
Так это опять очередной развод? Снимается видео, и кадры видеоряда накладываются? :((
(16.03.14 - 06:06)
Есть программа с реальной выдержкой, до 1 сек. ProCam 2. То есть, снимая в темной комнате, я реально получаю светлую фотографию с низким уровнем шумов. Эта выдержка доступна в ночном режиме.
(09.05.14 - 00:38)
Izmini, another AZ user, also said ProCam 2 is good for this! He's a great photog to follow or friend, in AZ, to keep up with photo apps!
Allgemein (11.10.13 - 19:41)
О чем думают производители программ создавая такие отвратительные и безвкусные иконки?..
(12.10.13 - 03:07)
What is tasteless about it? It looks fine to me?
(12.10.13 - 03:55)
@angidazee: Maybe dull = disgusting?
(12.10.13 - 10:50)
Возможно приложение и хорошее, но иконки стали безликими с выходом iOS 7.
(12.10.13 - 21:12)
Oh, I understand now! Lol! What frustrates me is when the icon is of absolutely no indication as to what the app does. Why do they do that? Are they simply choosing random icons out of thin air due to laziness? I most certainly know there HAS to be better better icon designs for so many of my apps - over half of them have no discernible markings or anything allowing me to determine what the app's functions may be. Maybe we should go into App Icon Marketing!�� Lol! Someone should, because there's definitely a market for it out there! �� Thank you for clarifying for me!
Professor Snape
(12.10.13 - 22:34)
OMG I TOTALLY AGREE. MY pet peeve too.
It makes trying to retrieve it again at the app store 10X harder too.
(12.10.13 - 22:35)
Вы умная девушка. Очень приятно с вами общаться. Вы прекрасно обучаетесь. Удачи Вам во всём! ��
Professor Snape
(12.10.13 - 22:35)
@JRuslan2221:"Tastelessness" is terribly underrated these days.
(12.10.13 - 23:27)
Lol! Thank you! Good luck to you as well! ��
(12.10.13 - 23:33)
@Dick "Prof. Snape" Nixon:
Absolutely a PITA! It's even worse when the app name isn't complete or understandable either! You'd think devs would make this a priority when designing the app and all, since, if we can't find or discern what the app is by name or icon, what's the point of the app at all? It'll only sit on our iDevices and never get used, which means never get reviewed, and then doesn't get very far in the AppStore. Like I said: App Icon Marketing! Maybe the new profession of the millennia! Lol!!!
(27.12.13 - 18:49)
@angidazee: Hear, hear!!
(17.03.14 - 23:59)
What is so ironic, since your comment, is that now, in AppZapp, this app's icon does not show up for me! Lol! It just has a blank space where the icon used to be! I think that is funny!!!
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~ Lots of new features and optimizations for the iPhone6 and iOS8! ~

● Manual focus and exposure controls.
● Expanded filming speeds up to 60fps (iPhone6 and iPhone6 Plus only).
● Camera stabilization mode.
● Pinch to zoom control.
● Improved low light capabilities when filming at 5 second intervals or longer for superior light trails and filming at night.
● Pause Recording button.
● Stop Motion mode -- manually choose when to capture each frame.
● Lightspeed Time-lapse Stream -- view all of your filmed time-lapses from within the app.
● New Composition mode -- with grid overlay to assist with shot setup.

Fixed option view display issues on iPads.

If you enjoy filming time-lapses with Lightspeed please consider leaving a positive review or rating in the App Store, we would really appreciate it!

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