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I’m Diana and I'll make your photos unique and beautiful, if you only want it... just in 3 seconds!

SHAKE your phone (or tap the dice icon) and I'll draw two pics from your camera roll and give you my proposition. Happy photo accidents are so fun, trust me :)

You can also shoot or choose previously taken photos on your own and add one of my filters. Ta-dah! You’ve just made your own, interesting composition! Impressive, isn’t it?

Would you like to improve your compositions and make them insanely great?
For perfect results, please take a look at my best tips:
You can find out what kind of photos and filters you should use to get spectacular compositions.

Oh! That’s important: you can share your unique photos on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Thanks to my #tags they will be more visible!

Don’t hesitate - install me, try my skills and let's have some fun together :)

IN FULL VERSION: no watermark, no ads, 45 great filters!

OS >= 8.0


Allgemein (01.05.16 - 23:11)
روووووعة، لا يفوتكم البرنامج��
Allgemein (01.05.16 - 13:14)
Ist echt eine Super App, ������
Allgemein (01.05.16 - 12:59)
Now FREE. ��
Allgemein (28.01.16 - 01:50)
I love this app.
Squarify is a pain (even Instagram has discovered non-square images!) But, especially since update, it's a fun app and some of the filters are gorgeous. There's always something interesting to be had with a little patience and the occasional tap on the random icon!
Allgemein (15.05.15 - 16:04)
This is my best creative tool for last 2 years.
app hoarder NOT cr
(01.05.16 - 17:31)
Agreed have been using for a few years now. Still one of my go to apps to do creative blends. Just wish they would give more than square pic.
Allgemein (14.11.14 - 06:37)
I REALLY like this app. Some of the effects are great. Too bad it only makes square pictures. I don't like cropping a perfectly good composition into a square. If it wasn't for that I would use it a lot more. Making pictures into squares is about as good as having square wheels on a bicycle.
Allgemein (27.10.14 - 21:41)
Too late. No longer free :(

(17.05.15 - 02:24)
It's free again now - don't miss out!!
Allgemein (26.10.14 - 21:43)
Looks cool, easy to tinker with, but damned if I can make a single thing that I actually l͟͟i͟͟k͟͟e͟͟. Maybe my source images just aren't appropriate...I don't exactly keep many silhouettes lying around or even high contrast shots. Fun to randomize for free. Can't complain, despite my own shortcomings.
(27.10.14 - 00:47)
wha keyboar ?
(27.10.14 - 02:57)
what is? You should never expect anything.
(27.10.14 - 02:59)
thnx anyway
Allgemein (16.06.14 - 08:13)
@Ирина ����:
Ирина, возьмите это хорошее приложение, если Вы не сделали и действительно очень красивый, Вы ll видят, как Вы можете создать свои собственные красивые фотографии!! :-))))))))
(16.06.14 - 10:37)
@Astrocat ����:
Спасибо,у меня давно есть это приложение :))��������
(16.06.14 - 10:47)
@Ирина ����:
Я сделал свое олицетворение с этим Приложением, я хотел попробовать его!! Скоро я пошлю Вам подарок, Вы найдете, что Вам понравится он!!!
(16.06.14 - 11:01)
@Astrocat ����:
��жду подарок ����
(16.06.14 - 11:24)
@Ирина ����:

Allgemein (16.06.14 - 07:49)
Very nice I like to play with the transparency of the photo, and as for me to take two pictures and find their point of union. It's nice if one has any time to take two pictures and try their point of union. Then also see the effects of the filters randomly, sometimes the effects are discovered strange but nice :)))))) Beautiful!
Allgemein (15.06.14 - 18:08)
Wieder gratis!! Tolle App, leider im Quadrat und nur okay-Auflösung, aber klasse!
(15.06.14 - 19:31)
And even better, they added a blend slider, still hope they increase resolution.
(16.06.14 - 07:51)
You're right !!!!
Aber klasse !!!!
Ciao Gouvy
Ken Dschun
(26.10.14 - 14:44)
Genau so. Quadrate lassen sich eben einfacher überlagern als Hoch- und Querformat. Trotzdem nervig.
Allgemein (05.03.14 - 02:43)
Neat app!
Very simple to use, either select two photos yourself or shake the heck out of your device ��
With my iPad I did have to shake it more then I would like but may work better on a small device.
Saves at 1536:1536 so not too bad.
21 different filters. Press and hold on your image and it changes to tiles with only the name of the filter (I would like to see icon previews of your two mixed images). The other way is to swipe left or right.
You can if wanted save to IG, FB etc.
For free it is great. Reminds me a lot of the app Dubble only works on your images and not online.
(06.03.14 - 21:03)
Thanks for the useful review, as always!!!
(06.03.14 - 21:07)
should add that there is a pair of dice at the top of the screen which randomly selects the two images. much easier the shaking the heck out of the ipad ��

I sent a note to the developer and got a reply back this morning. They will work on higher resolution. I also mentioned the preview icons and landscape and they are going to do all from sounds of it. Maybe separate iPad version with landscape. Will see but they are listening.
(16.06.14 - 08:05)
Thanks Izmini for things that I can not see :)))) �� �� ✨ �� �� �� ��
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