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Halten Sie das wahre Leben fest – überall!

• Fotor HDR – die beste Wahl für HDR! Die beste HDR-App auf dem Markt mit der benutzerfreundlichen, an angelehnten Benutzeroberfläche schafft wahre Meisterwerke mit nur wenigen Klicks.

• Dual-Capture-Modus: Mit dieser innovativen Technologie können Sie Bilder sofort aufnehmen und zu HDR weiterverarbeiten oder erst aufnehmen, die Belichtungsreihen automatisch speichern und dann erst verarbeiten, um schneller Fotos zu machen.

• Ein Tipp genügt, um einen von 10 exklusiven, voreingestellten neuen HDR-Stilen zu verwenden, die zu Ihrer Stimmung passen – von natürlich bis hin zu surreal oder künstlerisch.

• Passen Sie Helligkeit, Kontrast, Sättigung und Vignettierung der die voreingestellten HDR-Stile noch weiter an, um Ihre künstlerischen Vorstellungen noch genauer umzusetzen.

• Fortschrittliche Technologien für Ausrichtung und Ghosting-Reduzierung sorgen dafür, dass Sie ohne Stativ fotografieren können, ohne sich über bewegliche Objekte Gedanken zu machen.

• Nehmen Sie Ihre HDR-Ausrüstung einfach überall mit, ohne schwere Ausrüstung zu schleppen oder sich über komplizierte Lichtverhältnisse den Kopf zu zerbrechen.

• Fotor HDR ist die erste App im App-Store mit modernsten Aufnahme-Modi, speicherbaren Belichtungsreihen, vollständiger HDR-Verarbeitung mit 32 Bit und mehrfachen Bearbeitungsmöglichkeiten. Die einfachste und leistungsstärkste Methode, HDR-Bilder zu erstellen, zu bearbeiten und mit anderen zu teilen.

Alles begann mit HDR bei Fotor. Nun kehren wir zu unseren Wurzeln zurück - mit Fotor HDR!

Eine revolutionäre App mit HDR-Kamera und unterschiedlichen HDR-Stilen. Ein Tipp genügt, um das wahre Leben festzuhalten. Anschließend verleihen Sie Ihrer Aufnahme mit den exklusiven voreingestellten HDR-Stilen von Fotor den letzten Schliff. Schnell, schlau, einfach und leistungsstark!

Schluss mit schwerer Ausrüstung oder komplizierten Benutzeroberflächen. Einfach in die Tasche greifen, App starten und drauf los fotografieren. Fotor HDR wurde für Sie entwickelt, damit Sie vom Auslösen bis zum fertigen Bild immer die Kontrolle behalten.

Verewigen Sie besondere Momente als HDR-Bild so, wie Sie sie sehen... überall, egal wo Sie sind, und wann immer Sie die Inspiration packt. Fotor HDR ist die erste App im App-Store, mit der Sie all diese Funktionen und mehr bekommen – für die komplette Kontrolle über Ihre Bilder.

Mit Fotor HDR können Sie jetzt überall das wahre Leben festhalten!

OS >= 6.0


Professor Snape
Allgemein (03.05.15 - 19:07)
no and no
(28.07.15 - 06:05)
@Professor Snape:

Du triffst es wie fast immer auf den Punkt!

No and No,

mehr gibt es zu dieser App nicht zu sagen.

Höchstens noch, dass dies eine weitere unnötige HDR Möchtegern-App ist.
(11.09.15 - 07:26)
Kenne mich mit HDR Apps noch nicht gut aus, außer das es wie immer viel Mist gibt.
Kannst Du mir ein Cam App mit HDR Funktion empfehlen? Oder gibt es da noch nichts?
Hatte noch keine Zeit mich damit auseinander zu setzen.
Allgemein (12.12.14 - 22:30)
Tried it when free. The big problem is that it will not load any of my hi-res images, throwing a message that the image exceeds the limit, but it never tells you what the limit is! It would be nice if the app simply loaded the image and downsampled it to the max size like 99% of the apps do.

I have no idea what the limit is but it is less than 8 mp and more than 4mp. I am not going to waste my time tracking down a crucial piece of Information.

I did try two 4mp image to see the effects, they are OK and could be interesting with the right pair of exposed images, but since it won't accept my 11-12 mp images, I'll just delete it instead.
Allgemein (21.11.14 - 06:51)
Полный отстой!

Качество - ужасное.
Anti ghost - портит фото ещё больше.
При максимальных настройках качества - фото выглядит так, будто сняли на самый первый камерофон с разрешением 320-240 пикселей.
Зря потраченные деньги!
(12.12.14 - 20:46)

I bought and tried this app, but it is bad!
Rafael Vianna Croffi
Allgemein (20.11.14 - 14:48)
Poor picture quality. It's not worth $ 0.99
Allgemein (17.11.14 - 20:29)
With today's update you can now import HDR bracketed shots (only 2) or use a single image and generate the HDR image.
A couple new presets.
Allgemein (17.11.14 - 10:36)
Auch nach aktuellem Update keine Fokussierung auf iPhone 6+. Das ist nun bereits das zweite, angeblich für iPhone 6 und 6+ optimierte Update ohne jegliche Verbesserung. Testen Sie Entwickler ihre Updates eigentlich überhaupt vor dem Release? ��
(18.11.14 - 00:38)
Und warum winkt Apple das durch?! ��
(18.11.14 - 02:11)
Gute Frage. Aber da die ja sogar ihre eigenen Firmware Updates nicht mehr vor dem Release zu testen scheinen, wundert man sich allmählich über nichts mehr.
(18.11.14 - 18:10)
Da scheint Apple ein neues Motto zu haben 'geben wir den Apple-User doch Arbeit und lassen SIE testen'. ��
Allgemein (13.10.13 - 22:29)
I have this app and really mixed feelings about it.
iCamera HDR my fav apps when it was available.
One of my big complaints with this app was the save resolution was only 1149x857 on my iPad 3, if you go to the in-app photo manager you can export and the exported images were full size so that's what I did. I opened and processed those files in True HDR (simply because I liked how they come out. Today 13Oct2013 Fotor HDR got it's first update and I just tried it and while there is still issues the save resolution is now 2583x1929 which is fantastic!
In some photos I was getting parts that blocked in one colour so they looked painted on and cartoonish. The other issue that I had and still have is in the in-app processing I am getting parts that block out and turn grey. Still not sure why but it does this including in processing after this update. I cn't post images here that clearly shows what I am talking about but if you go to:
You can see samples. Feel free to join in the discussion there.
Some of the supplied filters were not that great but with the update some seem to have been toned down a bit and look initially at the preview stage better, once I look at the full size I may decide otherwise.
I have been in touch with Fotor and they are going to be responding there.

What do I like about Fotor HDR....
Well I liked that it will export images at full device res so I can process in another app if I want.
I really like being able to take the images and leave processing till later on when I have more time. At sunrise/sunset light can change very fast so this is much appreciated to have.
The auto light detection setting does a good job of picking exposure points and being able to set them yourself is good.
I like the current options to alter the pictures brightness, saturation, contrast and vignette

Join us on MobiTog! Sorry about length of this
(17.10.13 - 17:48)
Don't apologise for long reviews! This was very helpful!! �� thank you very much! ������
(22.10.13 - 23:02)
Yes the second update I got yesterday. In the description it said fixes for the blocking/glitches I was getting. I tried some old photos that were still in app but same thing. This morning I went out and took 15 more of this mornings sunrise and a couple of the purple flowers it seemed to have problems with before the update. Out of 13 pictures of the sunrise 5 had the blocking/glitches so while it may be fixed for some (they said a rare problem) it's still not fixed entirely. It has to be something with the in-app processing because if I export the under/over exposed images and open them in another app like True HDR or their old app iCamera HDR it has none of the blocking/glitches. The other thing that gets me is that the issue is not consistent. I can take another picture a few seconds later and it might or might not have the problem.

I have told them a couple times that I am quite willing to help beta test for them. As of yet I have not heard back. They did come and post over on MobiTog but as of yet there has only been a couple of replies and they are over a week old.

A while back I was having some issues with Today Weather and I got in touch with the dev SavvyApps and I did beta testing to help them. It only took I think a couple beta builds and it's been working fine since.

I don't know if anyone else with Fotor HDR is having this same issue. If any is using it please let me know if it is only an iPad issue or anything.
(11.11.13 - 01:32)
I went out for a photoshoot test drive today ... Was VERY happy with the results in terms of colors and dynamic range - sharpness was not always fantastic - and i also got some grey block articfacts sometimes (i thinkits when small objects like leaves were moving in the wind)

In any case - i got home and saw the output photos were only ~1MP .... Aaaargh !!!! And i am SOOO happy with the raw phootage (and the fotor postprocessing ...). I will dig in to see how i can export the originals in full res and find a way to combine them and achieve good results ...

Any tips on getting raw photos out / better resolution in fotor. - and combining apps that have similar good results as fotor ?

Thanx ;)
(13.11.13 - 05:34)
With my iPad 3 my save photos are 2592x1936. The iPad 3 is a 5mp camera, the same as the iPhone 4 I believe. I know when it first was released I was getting small pictures but with the first update it was fixed. Make sure you have updated and check, if it still is small send them a note, they are pretty good about answering.

I too am still get the glitches and they are done only by the in-app processing. If I export the images and open in another app and do the processing I don't get the glitches. So it is not ghosting where something moves. It is some part of the in-app processing. That they have not fixed it yet worries me somewhat.

I normally have Fotor HDR set to save the images and I will play with them when I have time to sit and relax. The shutter button has two positions one just shows a single camera and does the processing. If you drag the shutter button it will change to a stack of photos and will leave the processing until you do it. To export you have to go to the in-app gallery. The ones with HDR AEB if you tap on that picture it will show you thumbnails of the bracketed shots and one option there is to export.

Right now because of the apps glitches I export most of the time and then I open those in iCamera HDR which is their old app :-) or True HDR. I like what I get out of True HDR over most of the others so that's what I normally use.
(13.11.13 - 05:39)
In-app settings are when you are in camera mode. On bottom right is a gear, make sure Ghost Reduction is set to Advanced and make sure Processing Quality is set to High. That should help some I hope.
(13.11.13 - 08:33)

Thanks for the elaborate reply ....

1) fotor have a 1MP output on iphone4 (arbitrary)
2) there is a new update that fixes the grey patches bug
3) I also use the bracketed photos (but also make some of Fotors - as referance because i like their processing ... Even though it is very slow - i also use full quality deghosting)
4) True HDR is probably one of the few I havent tried out yet ... Will give it a spin ... Also - i will try to upload a few example pics tonight ...;)
(13.11.13 - 08:34)
Oh and people DO rave about icamera HDR ... I will try to find a copy (do u have the ipa by anychance ? ;)
(13.11.13 - 09:15)
Can we use someone else's .ipa files without any DRM-removing work to be done?
Too bad i joined the apple camp so late..
(13.11.13 - 09:18)
I actually have no idea ... No idea if u can install them on a non JB device (my iphone is legit) - im also a late-bloomer ;)
(13.11.13 - 18:24)
You would have to have your device jail broken....
Don't ask because mine is not jail broke :-)
(14.11.13 - 18:47)
Love your informative review!!! With photo apps, the longer the review, the better, I feel! There is always so much that goes into photo taking, that leaving such small review tends to be too uninformative, so keep those long reviews coming!!!! Thanks again for the amazingly helpful review, and as well for updating your review after the app update! That's very considerate of you!
(14.11.13 - 21:30)
Should thank @yogi and @somoni, they have been asking questions and I have been trying to answer them :)

But I agree the space allowed for posts here could be larger, I've run out a couple times :-)
(14.11.13 - 21:33)
Yes I have the app and ipa is on my HD
For you to use it though I would think you would need to jail break you device. Like you mine is not jail broke.
(14.11.13 - 22:46)
Well. I will not speak much more of this ... But great news ( and not so great ... I wanted to buy the 645 camera but it is nownon compatible 6.01 iOs ... And i couldnt get the "last working version" on appstore ... :(

So - regarding this and iCamera HDR and non-jb devices ... One word. (News to me ...). Kuaiyong ....

(Oh ... And i bought pureshot instead - which will also be updated to 6.1 in a few days .... Seems to run MUCH faster on my iPhone 4 - or should i say the 645 is very sluggish on it ... ;)
(19.11.13 - 22:03)
Here are some pics (experiMental ;)
(21.11.13 - 01:56)
These are all really good images, you like a stronger HDR just me :-) I know some will like the stronger effects and some would prefer more natural look, I get more comments on the stronger effect.
(25.11.14 - 03:47)
What does "Kuaiyong" mean? Am I the only one who doesn't know what that means? Lol!
(25.11.14 - 08:54)
Google it ;)
Allgemein (11.10.13 - 00:26)
This app is hideous! Results and effects are like alien! I use VividHDR and that app is so much better and results are lifelike and amazing almost everytime! This app is like "clarity" effect in Camera+ It goes over the top and pics are graysih and grainy and I'm so dissapointed. Who are the people giving five stars? There's no difference from Pro HDR or whats it called. Keep your money people!
(17.10.13 - 17:50)
Thanks as well for the review. Can you tell me if you've changed your mind after the update or was this the updated one already? Maybe you think the same as izmini?
(24.10.13 - 14:34)
Sadly there is still some gray blotching and pictures come out strange and like color patches are allover and colors are unusable! Dunno ehat is wrong condition is especially bad indors. Filters are kinda ok and I'm very sad this app didn't make my top list as it look promissing
(24.10.13 - 15:27)
Thanks for the answer. At least I know now to expect. :/
Allgemein (10.10.13 - 00:46)
Anybody? I have VividHDR and LOVE it but this app soyld give us more control over exposure ect... Anybody has it?
(22.10.13 - 23:22)
I have both apps (actually I have almost every real HDR app) and between the two I still use vividHDR a lot more. The dev for vividHDR is fairly active on MobiTog and there is a big update coming around the end of the month. More preset modes, some editing tools like saturation, brightness, contrast etc and the next update is supposed to have what they are calling lazy HDR at the moment which essentially is being able to take the images but put off the processing until later on, a better in-app gallery. Right now if I have more the 50 images in app it is a pain swiping to get to the one you want. I have taken to saving them as soon as I can and leave very few in-app. The other change coming is a toggle so you can have it not save the "normal" image as it does now. I very rarely use the normal so for me it save me going to photoroll and deleting them.

Fotor is still giving me some issues, see the review and replies on here. Until these issues are fixed it's not going to be my main app.

With the last update it seemed like some of the filters had been toned down a bit and looked better.
(24.10.13 - 10:25)
Non je vais l'essayer
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1. Access to the updated Fotor HDR Tutorial in settings.
2. Some bugs fixed.

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