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You may have various pictures made by several photo editing apps.

How about giving a small but big change one more time by PolyPic?

You may not like the result. However, if you want it, it will be a photo you want quite.

If you use PolyPic, it will express definitely different feeling from existing photo editing apps.

You can share your creation to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, E-mail.

If your friends ask by what app they were made, say they were made by PolyPic.

Make amazing and beautiful photos by various polygons.


+ 18 Polygon Effects

+ 19 Filters

+ Sharing
- Instagram
- Facebook
- Twitter
- E-mail

+ PolyPic


OS >= 7.1


Allgemein (18.07.17 - 02:47)
Silly effects for noobs
Viktor Zirex
Allgemein (07.06.15 - 19:40)
Хрень полная
Allgemein (06.06.15 - 23:31)
Who knew?
I'll still only use it as a mosaic craft tool, but now that I've had time to play with it, it's actually turned out to be pretty neat. 19 interesting shapes in 2 sizes each. And 19 filters to use with each (including 2 B&W). Strange UI though. Keep tapping till you see all of the above.
Shame it has such horrible screenshots and description. Keeps most people from giving it a chance.

Allgemein (06.06.15 - 22:41)
Ok everyone. Yes, it's pretty stupid for photography. But actually very helpful for embroidery and mosaic crafts. This one actually has a little more variety than most of the pixelating apps.
Like too many apps out there, the devs have absolutely no creative ideas or purpose to the apps they create. Sometimes we just have to figure it out for ourselves.
Allgemein (06.06.15 - 11:00)
Делает фоты в пиксель крупный, по мне бред, а кому может и понравится
Allgemein (01.05.14 - 11:31)
"Rape"-my-pictures app!
Allgemein (09.03.14 - 18:29)
Why go backwards in pixels?
Allgemein (08.03.14 - 15:39)
Хуйня какая то
Alex Surkov
(08.03.14 - 15:56)
квадратиш практиш гут xD превращает любое фото в гавно
Professor Snape
Allgemein (05.01.14 - 21:48)
I'm SURE there is a reason for this. I'm just SURE there is.
(05.01.14 - 22:42)
@Dick "Prof. Snape" Nixon:
Because it makes your pics look really cool and different! Have some imagination! Lol! Actually, I use these apps because I have NO imagination! Lol! I gotta get the help wherever I can!! Cheer up, Mr. Grumpypants! ���� I've actually seen apps that have such non-existent usability that I'm not even sure WHY someone took the time to make them in the first place, let alone anyone download them?! It's baffling?? Not even to mention why Apple let them on the AppStore in the first place?!?? Yet they take away our dear, sweet AppZapp? Go figure! Only Apple knows, and I'm starting to think not even they do....?

Nice to see you're still here! I'd have missed your sassy comments on all my picture apps!!!!
(05.01.14 - 22:47)
@Dick "Prof. Snape" Nixon:
Wow, I just read this app's description, this dev sure doesn't want to sell their app, do they? That's got to be the worst sales pitch I've ever read! Sure, there are shorter, but this one just plain almost talks you out of buying it in the first place! I think they need some serious wordsmiths in China?!!! If you're looking to relocate and find an essential job market, there's your ticket!!!! Lol!
(06.01.14 - 10:03)
If u are so sure please explain it to me because the only way i would ever think of using something like that is if i was naked! or you ha ha ha.
(10.07.14 - 21:50)
@Prof. Snape ☢☣:
Reasons are many. Not so, REASON!
(27.10.14 - 14:32)
@Prof. Snape ☢☣:
At least someone is sure.
(06.06.15 - 22:58)
@Professor Snape:
And right you are.
It's actually helpful when doing embroidery and mosaic crafts.
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