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Tower defense on the rise!

"A shot in the arm for the tower defense genre" — Modojo, 4.5/5

"Simply fantastic" — Capsule Computers, 9.5/10

Take charge of the immense Steampunk Tower and help the eccentric Lord Bingham protect his precious Etherium Mine.

This app offers in-app purchases.  You may restrict in-app purchasing using your device settings.

As the Imperial Army’s foot soldiers and mechanical monstrosities march into battle, fortify your epic spire with machine guns, cannons, lightning coil, saw launchers and more.

Work your way up the ranks through a heroic campaign spanning over 20 battlefields and seven challenge-based skirmishes. With each major promotion, unlock a new tier to your tower and take that extra firepower into battle.

Lord Bingham is pulling out all the stops to protect his precious Etherium! With the help of his research head, Jane, research new technologies to upgrade your turrets and improve your chances of surviving the Imperial Army’s relentless attack.

They don’t call it Steampunk Tower for nothing. Immerse yourself in this stylized world filled with steampunk designs and a soundtrack made up of jazzy big band compositions.

Game Features:
• Tower defense taken to new levels!
• Stylish graphics and soundtrack inspired by Steampunk
• Upgrade every weapon and lay waste to enemies big and small
• Visually stunning Etherium powers!
• UNIVERSAL: Runs great on iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad

OS >= 7.0


Allgemein (26.12.14 - 12:25)
Great game, first 15 missions... )))
Allgemein (06.07.14 - 13:10)
"Watch an ad to get free …"? Deleted.
Allgemein (04.07.14 - 08:55)
Yeah ea your profit just dropped! hahaha fu
Allgemein (03.07.14 - 21:51)

Boycott SHIT companies like EA!!!
Allgemein (03.07.14 - 19:35)
Allgemein (03.07.14 - 17:08)
Взял зимой за бакс. Бесплатно-весьма советую к скачиванию.
Allgemein (03.07.14 - 14:40)
Так и быть, скачал бесплатно.
(06.07.14 - 05:37)

100% проверенная информация
Геть Каклов и воткупил - это одно и то же лицо
(06.07.14 - 15:27)
промычал гомнобот сасаль, потряхивая вафлом со своих ослиных ушей бгг
Allgemein (20.01.14 - 14:58)
Не ожидал от игры за один доллар такого высокого качества.
Отличный tower defense!
Alexey St
Allgemein (15.10.13 - 16:27)
Игра класс! всем советую), разработчики на совесть каждую деталь замутили), там даже учитывается местное время на башне)
Allgemein (14.10.13 - 00:19)
For the game-concept, thanks Flare for getting that covered.
Apart from that, personally I can't get rid of the feeling of another "could have been"-classic which was just pushed to market too early:

The game leaves a lot to be desired:
1. No real story-line or plot.
You get thrown into missions with a short briefing only, no animated sequences in-between whatsoever.

2. Limited tech-tree.
Very basic tech-tree and such, limited options to individualise the game to one's individual playing-style.

3. Repetitive gameplay.
Through points 1&2, the game lacks that certain "just one more level"-factor. The very limited number of "tower-slots" (2 towers per storey) added into the equation, you get a game that actually fights hard against becoming repetitive (the devs give you a new tower-type each 2nd or 3rd new level) - but imho it looses that battle; I'm now about half way through, and I honestly doubt I'll make it to the end too soon...

For € 0,89/ $ 0,99 it's an OK buy.
As far as I can tell up to now, the IAP are nothing to worry about.
The gameplay is solid.
However, from 2 pros like Chillingo & EA, one might have come to expect a bit more than just 'solid' - and this game, unfortunately, has nothing special to write home about.
Allgemein (11.10.13 - 08:27)
Игруха просто Обалденая, да и цена приемлемая.
Allgemein (11.10.13 - 05:01)
����Wow guys this game is great I'm having a lot of fun with it, maybe because I like strategy games though but the concept of one tower that you upgrade and add different parts to is really cool.

The whole steampunk vibe is amazing too, everything from the visuals to the music. It also has great writing and animations to boot, don't let this one pass you by.
(11.10.13 - 09:13)
Will have to try this one, for the price it seems like a easy risk to take. Just a few questions: does it play like a tower defense game? Meaning, do your turrets shoot automatically? Or are you doing the shooting? Does tower placement matter?
(12.10.13 - 02:08)
I haven't played enough to give it a thorough review but from the few levels I've played:

The turrets do fire themselves automatically at enemies in range like regular TDs, so far the regular bullet turret you get at the start can shoot at both air and ground units but other turrets may be different I just haven't unlocked them yet.

Their placement can be shifted around the main structure by dragging which is important because you might get certain enemy types approaching from one side that are weak to a certain turret.

Turrets can be upgraded between missions with points earned from mission performance; using a talent tree to branch choices (more fire speed or more damage etc).

It has a world map similar to kingdom rush which is cool and i also like the encyclopaedia for turrets and enemies like plants vs zombies / kingdom rush, and whenever you encounter a new enemy in-game it's own unique profile card pops up telling you about it (whether it be a flying unit carrying a bomb but it very vulnerable or a slow moving groundhog that is heavily armoured; in which case you would move your turrets around to deal with it so I'd say its a bit more active than simply plopping a tower down and forgetting about it, you're always adjusting your structure to deal with the current situation including moving towers to the basement to apply upgrades you unlocked in the talent tree previously.

Seriously for a dollar you can't go wrong I think you would at least get your moneys worth from giving it a whirl, Chillingo rarely let you down ��
Brady Jansen
(03.07.14 - 14:11)
Appreciate your reviews, Flare. I will download this today for free. Thank you.
(03.07.14 - 15:19)
@Brady Jansen:
Pleasures all mine
Царь Всея Руси
Allgemein (10.10.13 - 09:43)
Хочу эту игру, но на счету 32 рубля осталось =3
(15.10.13 - 16:18)
@Kostya Zi:
Подскажи кошелок, закину 0,99руб, не за что
Царь Всея Руси
(15.10.13 - 17:35)
Спасибо земляк, у меня карта привязана уже так что проблем нет , еще раз благодарю.А говорят в России все на все пофиг, нет ведь!)
Allgemein (10.10.13 - 02:19)
Looks like a really cool tower-defense type game with a twist
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