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  • Jet Car Stunts 2

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Sequel to the award winning Jet Car Stunts.

WARNING: This game will challenge you.

- Crazy stunt driving on outlandish courses.
- Insane jumps.
- Ludicrous speeds.
- Manic car handling.
- Outrageous jet physics.

- 120 levels, 3 difficulties each. (The First 10 are free)
- 7 cars with varied handling.
- 4 Game modes.
- Level creation and sharing (Purchase required for saving and sharing)
- Global leaderboards with replays.
- Friend challenges.
- Controller support

Note: Using non-app store apps with JCS2 may break JCS2, causing it to crash every time on start up.

In-App Purchases: JCS2 has flexible options, either buy all in one purchase, or pay just for what you want.

OS >= 6.0


Allgemein (19.04.16 - 22:01)
С таким ассортиментом встроенных покупок игру сложно назвать бесплатной
Allgemein (03.01.14 - 06:19)
Wow. It has been a long time indeed since I seen this game again. I tried the first, and I kept flying off the track, but I still wanted to buy it, but I forgot about it. Now, I see it's back and probably better than ever, so since it's free, I'll give it another shot.
Allgemein (03.01.14 - 02:29)
This game is really impressive. I mean, I just have played a couple of racing games (Real Racing 3, Angry Birds Go!... I think that's all. Man, I should play more games of this genre!) because I don't like it, but I really like this one.
Beautiful visuals, responsive tilt controls, the fact that it's less 50 MB after instaled and that it's free, do this one a must try.

However, I haven't seen deeply the IAPs, I'll post about it after play more.
Allgemein (02.01.14 - 15:23)
Даже за бесплатно качать не стану)полная лажа!
Allgemein (02.01.14 - 02:02)
The 1st Jet Car Stunts was amazing, some of the best tilt controls in the business, and the tracks were really inventive too, so glad they made a sequel.

About it being freemium, these are the IAPs:

1. $4.99 Mega Pack. Contains the Platforming Pack, the Bonus Pack, and the level editor. Plus the use of playing the user created levels.

2. $1.99 Bonus Pack. Combining the Time Trial Pack, Freestyle Pack and Racing Pack.

3. $1.99 Level Editor. Unlocks the ability to save levels you created, upload them, as well as play other users' created levels.

4. $0.99 Time Trial Pack. Contains 22 new Time Trial levels.

5. $0.99 Racing Pack. Contains 9 new Racing levels.

6. $0.99 Freestyle Pack. Contains 9 new Freestyle levels.

7. $1.99 Platforming Pack. Combines the Ignition Pack, Advanced Pack and Extreme Pack. For a total of 70 new platforming levels.

8. $0.99 Ignition Pack. Easiest of 3 Platforming packs. Contains 20 new platforming levels.

9. $0.99 Advanced Pack. The second of 3 Platforming packs. Contains 25 new platforming levels.

10. $0.99 Extreme Pack. The hardest of 3 Platforming packs. Contains 25 new platforming levels.

So basically its free to try out and $5/£3/€3.60 for everything.
(02.01.14 - 11:38)
We can see the in-app options visiting the game AppStore description. Or this is meant to be a review?? ������
(02.01.14 - 12:28)
I'm happy to read it here - all I can see in the Australian App Store is 4 words "Mega Pack" and "Bonus Pack" and their respective pricing.

Flare's comment was informative. Thanks @Flare.
(02.01.14 - 13:41)
The description only shows IAPs that have been purchased, not necessarily all that are available.

You are most welcome.
(02.01.14 - 17:56)
Maybe he had nothing else to say so he listed a bunch of crap to make his comment huge for everyone to see
A Rogger Smith Navarrete Cahua
(02.01.14 - 18:58)
welcome to the bissness
(02.01.14 - 21:42)
Dude, WTF?
Since when the info about IAPs isn't useful?
If you search in the part of IAPs of this game, here in AppZapp, there's just one of it. So, thanks for the heads up, @��Flare
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für iPhone + für iPad


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Erscheinungsdatum: 01.01.0001
Entwickler: True Axis
Rubrik: Spiele
Version: 1.0.24
Größe: 49 MB
FSK: 4+
Gesamtbewertung: 3,5
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