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Junglator is an interactive Jungle and Drum'N'Bass app. It works by following the expression of your fingertips to create flowing beats and rhythms. Auto-sync gives complete control and keeps everything in time allowing you to create fun and intricate mashups.

You can combine multiple effects, from pitch control, filter sweeps, SFX and more to twist up the sound. Cue buildups, drops and breakdowns to create your own performance and control the music in a unique and exciting way.

Rinse out your jams to the next level and create seamless mixes: the tracks are automatically kept in time, allowing you to concentrate on creating the perfect performance. Junglator will give you a DJ experience like no other.

OS >= 6.0


Allgemein (21.02.16 - 21:01)
Es genial ������
Allgemein (24.06.14 - 07:58)
I miss 90's. So funny and usefull sounds. I like it.
Allgemein (15.12.13 - 18:26)
Ну, прямо скажем, без этого приложения я бы смог обойтись. Доллар-тест. Практическое применение-весьма сомнительно, если только показать друзьям, как ты водишь музыкальным пальцем...
sand worm
Allgemein (11.12.13 - 20:15)
Uncool, complete bullshit. Waste of money if you are looking for a app with longlasting fun.
Allgemein (02.11.13 - 04:17)
Great app, best masher I've found so far, but it really needs Audiobus or Inter-App audio. MIDI event triggering could also make this really useful in a DAW like BeatMaker2
Allgemein (21.10.13 - 11:08)
Fun app. You're tied to the handful of chopped up loops it comes with, no audio in or out. But the concept is great, and worth a buck just for the fun. Hopefully they'll take this concept further and do a more fully fledged thing, where you can use your own sounds, and implementing AB, IAA, ACP and so on.
(14.11.13 - 20:20)
7 days till Audiobus support.
(14.11.13 - 21:52)
Cool, will allow for some further manipulation and completely changing the drum sounds I guess. Which is kinda needed since it basically only does the famous Amen break loop, and some other classic breakbeat or two
(17.11.13 - 01:48)
Well-I don't know the details on the AB setup. For all I know it could be input only.
(17.11.13 - 11:35)
Yea it's input. I meant that you could use some effects like Turnado, Wow, JamUp etc to get some new sounds out of it.

It is possible to replace the samples use with iFunbox, but way to much work for me. Im gonna wait for their bigger app, which this was based on, and see what that one does.
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* Fixed bugs
* New theme for added Xmas spirit
* Extra track added: Jungle Bells by Bad Santa.

Erscheinungsdatum: 01.01.0001
Entwickler: Studio Amplify
Entwickler Support:
Rubrik: Musik
Version: 1.2
Größe: 38 MB
FSK: 4+
Gesamtbewertung: 3
Versionsbewertung: noch keine Bewertung

Mehr von: Studio Amplify


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