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Alayer is the perfect image editing app with a streamlined workflow and powerful tools.Give new life to your photos with unlimited Layers.

“Immensely simple to use ... Alayer is an excellent photo editing app.” – 148Apps

“Alayer Makes Adding Layered Effects To Photos Dead Simple” – AppAdvice

"The app holds lots of surprises as well including the ability to selectively blur and erase texture overlays." – PhotoFocus

Add textures,lens flares,effects,lights leaks,gradients and color adjustments as unique Layers.All the layers are fully customizable.You can add your own textures.
You can change the sharpness , hue, saturation and more to any textures to create infinite variety of images.
Use any of the adjustment tools to enhance your images to perfection.

Create beautiful and unique images to share with your friends.

Use the erase tool for more control over your textures.Erase any part of the textures to better fit your images.

Use the Blur Tool to blur out part of the texture. You can fade any part of the texture while retaining its color.

Alayer includes a variety of real and beautiful textures made by artists.A lot of lens flares,beautiful coloring effects,lots of lights leaks and gradients. All the textures are fully adjustable.We would like to thank Sirius-sdz for the amazing Texture Pack 1 & Texture Pack 2.Visit him on

All the Textures can be altered in Sharpness, Unsharp, Hue, Saturation, Exposure, Contrast, Brightness or RGB.

With Alayer you can choose your Own Textures or other Images to Blend with your photo.Now you can clone/duplicate the photo you are working with, as a new Layer.

You can save your workspace as an action on the "Favorites" category.

Add infinity of layers.You have total control over your layers.You can rotate, change the opacity , hide ,move or delete any of the layers.

With a streamlined editing workflow you can change and modify any textures of any layers you have added before.

With the editing tool we have created, you can create un infinity of amazing textures to make your photos uniques.


Tag your photos with #Alayer

If you have any questions or suggestions,please contact us.

OS >= 6.0


Allgemein (11.06.15 - 06:56)
Periodi gratis troppo brevi traggono in inganno gli users :-(
Allgemein (23.01.15 - 21:36)
This app is in my top-10 download list after factory-reset procedure on my iPhone and iPads.
Allgemein (03.01.15 - 00:51)
alternatif for stackable apps maybe
Allgemein (02.01.15 - 21:16)
Even if this was not free, this is one of the best photo apps on the market, there are many expensive apps with less features than this, Thanks
(10.06.15 - 20:37)
Интересное приложение.Соглашусь.Для меня большой плюс iOS 6
Allgemein (02.01.15 - 07:07)
Free ��✨����
(02.01.15 - 11:52)
@Astrocat ✨✨✨:
(02.01.15 - 13:13)
It is a great App, I really like the part "lights leak" because of a sense of depth and multidimensionality of the photo. Nice really !!!!
Allgemein (10.05.14 - 22:23)
Вылетает, что непозволительно для подобного приложения.
Allgemein (08.05.14 - 14:35)
Jetzt kostenlos!
(08.05.14 - 19:35)
Genau! ����
(08.05.14 - 20:10)
Und ich hab mich schon beim Entwickler über verzogene Overlays beschwert. �� immerhin hab ich die noch für € gekauft. Da darf ich das. ��
(08.05.14 - 20:20)
Ich habe noch an die Regel "Gouvy kauft �� gratis für uns" gedacht beim laden❗️Ja, auf jedenfall �� - und danke für das Mail an den Entwickler! ��
(08.05.14 - 21:44)
Und schon Antwort:
"Thanks for contacting us.
Yes this is a bug(we implemented the texture to have the same aspect ratio as the image),so we are going to fix in the next updates.
We are working on some new features and moving the texture at any position is among this.Also you will be able to save your own textures inside the app ,so they can be used at any time."

Klingt dich super!
(08.05.14 - 21:51)
�� Wow, das ging ja schnell! Und (denke mal) sogar mehr dabei als angefragt. ���� Da sind wir mal gespannt auf's Update. ����
Ken Dschun
Allgemein (29.01.14 - 14:31)
Großartiges, extrem vielseitig einsetzbares Ebenen-Programm: Effekte, Texturen, Lichteffekte, Gradienten, eigene Bilder usw. können übereinandergelegt werden. Die Reihenfolge und die Blending-Modes können auch noch nachträglich verändert werden, Ebenen unsichtbar sein und wieder gelöscht werden. Mehr braucht kein Mensch ... ;-) Support ist außerdem schnell und supernett.
(08.05.14 - 18:42)
@Ken Dschun:
Dann muss ich wohl doch mal an den Support. �� mir geht tierisch auf den Senkel, dass dieses wunderbare Programm die importierten eigenen Bilder einfach quetscht, um sie ins Eröffnungsbildformat zu bekommen. Warum kann es das nicht einfach proportional lassen und man selbst passt die Größe/den Ausschnitt an? Oder kann wählen. ��
So lange man das gleiche Format benutzt, ist die App echt der Wahnsinn. �� Output = Input (Anfangsbild)
Ken Dschun
(08.05.14 - 18:44)
Schreib und vergiss die iPad-Version nicht! ;-)
(08.05.14 - 18:48)
@Ken Dschun:
Okay. Ist das da auch so? Die hab ich nicht gekauft. Nur diese hier als sie günstig war. Konnte ja nicht ahnen, dass die doch mal gratis wird. ��
(08.05.14 - 19:13)
@Ken Dschun:
Ist raus. Mal gespannt, wann Antwort kommt. ��
(08.05.14 - 21:43)
@Ken Dschun:
Antwort ist schon da! Die sind echt schnell!

"Thanks for contacting us.
Yes this is a bug(we implemented the texture to have the same aspect ratio as the image),so we are going to fix in the next updates.
We are working on some new features and moving the texture at any position is among this.Also you will be able to save your own textures inside the app ,so they can be used at any time."
Ken Dschun
(08.05.14 - 21:46)
Sag ich doch. Die sind prima.
Allgemein (24.10.13 - 03:56)
This morning Alayer which had been pulled from the store was back. Some of the light leaks and textures have been changed and some will notice the icon was changed, this was brought about because one dev thought the previous icon was too close in looks to theirs. There was I believe one light leak that was so similar to one that Mextures had that it raised some concerns.

I was happy that after I posted on MobiTog that the developer has been on and that was when he decided to take the app off iTunes until he and his team could rectify any issues. In my eyes a dev that can admit his mistakes and rectify them in a timely fashion is great. There are too many that would have either ignored it. So big credit to this developer.

My previous comments are still valid, ie unlimited layers that can be modified at any point, reordered which does change the look, a good selection of textures, light effects etc. the other big thing is that now you can also import your own textures or use it to merge two photos together. It is the only app that I know of that will let you erase portions of a texture or effect. Very easy to use. He asked on MobiTog what else the app needed so I posted my list there. All in all I would easily recommend this app.
(15.11.13 - 00:02)
Can you tell me how the app deals with high resolution images, will it save at the original resolution of the base image? And how well does it manage to deal with images that are different resolutions?
(15.11.13 - 01:15)
I have been using it on my iPad 3 with 5mp pics and it keeps same resolution as the original. I was curious about larger so enlarged on of mine to 4000x3000 and it saved at 3530x2649 which is pretty close to 8mp. I would think larger images would be downscaled which is what this app will do to get textures to fit. I will check maybe with 1:1 and see what it does, back in a few....

Just tried taking a Hipstamatic pic, using big photo enlarged it to 5000x5000 and tried that in Alayer. Saved image from Alayer is 3530x3530
(15.11.13 - 01:45)
Sorry ran over the time limit to edit previous. I went and tried a 1:1 and a 4:3 aspect with a v shaped light leak. It doesn't quite fill to the corners. On a 4:3 to one corner of the v extends slightly past the pictures corner. Not a big deal as they are not a consistent colour but fade to the edge so it still looks good with either. I was curious to see if it forced the 1:1 texture in it's library to 4:3, but it appears not.

Because the app will let you add your own textures I might take a 1:1 ratio black picture with a big x and see what it does. But for now I think it puts your 4:3 image over a 1:1 texture. If the textures are well done it will still look alright and this app does that. Too bad this place doesn't let you post images....
(08.05.14 - 18:46)
Bach then have you coincidentally asked the dev why imported photos on layers are getting distorted? Everything's allright as long as all pictures have the same ratio, but if a layer is landscape it squeezes it in to death.
Maybe he mentioned a hidden button where you can choose the proportion? And the move the layer to fit the perfect spot and not just the middle??
(08.05.14 - 21:06)
I don't recall it distorting the image will have a look. Will also check iPhone version. If so I will talk to developer.
(08.05.14 - 21:24)
Cool. My mail should be at his box, good when another complains as well.
If you want to doubtlessly see it put a landscape over a portrait. ��
(08.05.14 - 21:42)
Just got the answer from the developers:
"Thanks for contacting us.
Yes this is a bug(we implemented the texture to have the same aspect ratio as the image),so we are going to fix in the next updates.
We are working on some new features and moving the texture at any position is among this.Also you will be able to save your own textures inside the app ,so they can be used at any time."

Sound pretty cool to me. ����
(08.05.14 - 22:01)

He is one of the good developers. He responds and most times pretty prompt.

Good that they are aware of your issue and will fix it. I expect next update will be pretty soon.

I was just going to try but my one son came over so out looking for auto parts and tools.

Will still look at later ��
Allgemein (15.10.13 - 19:41)
I have no idea what happened to my previous comments on this app, poof, they're gone...

I thought this was a very good app, lots of textures, light leaks etc to choose from, unlimited layers which can be reordered and modified afterwards, many effects can be rotated and intensity adjusted along with most other common adjustments. Effects can be erased from a portion on the image.

Unfortunately there is not all good news. On MobiTog Merek the creator of Mextures posted that some of the textures, light leak base image have been used without the owners permission. Merek found at least a couple of his images and others that he knows the rightfully owner of so there may be changes to this app. Just a shame!
(23.10.13 - 19:25)
Can you advise at what resolution hi-res images loaded from the camera roll are saved at?
(24.10.13 - 03:42)
On my iPad it was full size or 5mp. Just for the heck of it, and I was curious, I took an image and using BigPhoto enlarged it to 4000x3000 and took that into Alayer and added a couple of textures, saved and it saved at 3530x2649 which I think is max size for a 8 mp iPhone 4, 5
(15.11.13 - 02:00)
Thanks for all the research. I use Mextures because of the on-board textures, leakes, etc, and then use a couple of other "blending" apps, e.g., iBlendy+, Superimpose, and Blender, when I want to blend my own textures, all of which save at full resolution, at least up to the 12.1mp size of my images. I'm happy with the apps I use now, so probably won't invest in yet another one in this genre. I thought if this app did both, had textures and allowed use of my own, then I might find use for it. I'll keep it in mind, maybe it will go free!
(15.11.13 - 04:31)
Alayer does let you use your own textures as well as the ones it comes with. 3530x3530 is 12.4mp.

I agree Mextures is a very good app.
(19.11.13 - 08:52)
ALayer has some great unique textures onboard .... I love it in combination with mextures ... ;)
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