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Diese App konnte noch nicht geladen werden, da keine Verbindung zu Apple verfuegbar ist. Wir bitten um etwas Gedult, dann sollte diese App auch angeschaut werden koennen.

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Allgemein (11.08.14 - 07:40)
Ohhhh Freee nice ;)
Allgemein (19.02.14 - 12:32)
excellent app for downloading gif files :)
Craig Rogers
Allgemein (17.02.14 - 19:21)
Its free now ! Just give it time dont be inpatient!
Allgemein (02.01.14 - 11:31)
Some tips to help you use this app:

OPERATION: The act of copying an image on a Safari page triggers Pickle into capturing all images on the page.

When in Safari and wanting to save images for evaluation without cluttering your camera roll, run Pickle. Back in Safari, long tap on an image and select "Copy" - a notification "Pickle Clipping Success" appears briefly at the top of the screen and it now starts copying every image on the page. If you open Pickle at this point you will see a "Cancel" thumbnail, which will be replaced with something like "42 PHOTOS" and the source URL when copying finishes. Back in Safari, you can visit other pages and do likewise and Pickle will behave similarly. When you've finished, back in Pickle click any of the thumbnails to display thumbnails for all photos copied from the page. The first thumbnail is actually two buttons, the first a waste basket to delete all photos from this page and the second a ">" to save and close them. Swiping right across any thumbnail displays send and delete buttons. Swiping right on a thumbnail moves the image to the "Wish List" folder, from whence you may later view it or move it elsewhere.

BUTTONS: "Wish List", "Funny GIFs" etc open folders named as such. When tapping on any, a second tap is necessary if the small side-bar to their left is not aligned with the button. Scroll up/down to see hidden.

FOLDERS: On opening display thumbnail images in lower half of screen, first image in upper half. Tap thumbnails or flick pics in upper half up/down to view other images. As installed, "Screen Shots" folder has 4 iPhone images and seems to be the only Help provided. Swiping left anywhere in lower half closes folder. Click the pen icon at right of folder name to rename it.

IMAGES: Single tap toggles thumbnails hidden/shown. When thumbnails hidden, double tap toggles image size between fit within screen and zoom, with pinch gestures enabled in both conditions.

In full screen mode, swiping half-right displays a panel with two icons - send and waste basket. Tap send icon to display a panel of options including Message, Copy, Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter, Mail, Export to Camera Roll or (via "...") opening in other installed apps, assigning to a contact or airprinting. Swiping half-left endeavours to open the web page from which the image was copied in a new tab in Safari.

THUMBNAILS: Long tap to summons options. Tap one or more thumbs or "Select All" button. "Move To" displays a list of folders. Select one or create another by tapping "Add a New List", else tap "V" button to return to previous screen. Tap "Delete" to remove unwanted images. Thumbnails can be rearranged by dragging and dropping.


моя NEMO
(24.04.14 - 15:40)
Спасибо за подробное объяснение! Всё получилось ��
Интересное приложение. ( а то лежало без дела, т. к. непонятно было, как использовать).
(25.04.14 - 13:05)
Thank you!
(11.08.14 - 08:22)
Thanks! That is a really helpful manual. ����
Mattie Oliver
(28.08.14 - 12:59)
The app description of features enticed me to try it. When I couldn't get it to work as described, I watched their unhelpful video and after a few unsuccessful exploratory attempts to figure it out I gave up on it. Thanks for the great tut! It is now a keeper. ThirtyFive Inc. should pay you and include your helpful tut within the app.
(08.03.15 - 17:59)
thanks for the great detailed review! I always try to post similar reviews, so I always appreciate it and say thanks, when I notice someone else doing the same. this is really an excellent and detailed how-to and review.
(08.03.15 - 22:54)
Thanks for the info. Sometimes it really helps but developer should have had that info in the app. Maybe they should hire you �� so it has a proper manual/help section.
Allgemein (30.12.13 - 16:51)
Following up on my earlier critical comments, the app is better than I thought - it's just that the lack of a help manuscript makes it very frustrating until you've figured out how it works. I'll try to post some tips here soon.
Allgemein (30.12.13 - 16:16)
My understanding from wherever I first read about this app was that if you ran it and then in Safari copied a URL, Pickle would automatically download all images on that page. Whether I misunderstood I can't tell, because there's no documentation whatever - no help screen, no FAQ, no tips, and the videos on Vimeo were made on an iPhone and are unhelpful. In iOS7, it crashes frequently.

At present the app is not worth downloading even for free.

I'll monitor it, and if it is upgraded and improved I'll look at this review again. Meanwhile, thumbs down.
Allgemein (17.11.13 - 20:49)
How to use this app?
Как пользоваться-то приложением?

p.s. стиль iOS7 - это УГ!
(20.12.13 - 19:07)
Try it. It's fun!

(Review under iPhone version.)
Allgemein (14.10.13 - 20:56)
The iPad version is not free today as advertised on the iPhone version app. 10-14 2013
(16.11.13 - 06:19)
its free now!!!
(20.12.13 - 19:06)
And again today.
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