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  • LoryStripes - Add 3D Ribbons and Stripes to Your Photos

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*** From the creators of Fragment, Tangent and Matter, previous App Store Editors' Choice and App of the Week ***

Transform ordinary photos into sharply styled, elegant artwork with curving 3D graphic stripes and ribbons that you can scale, rotate and position in your photos.

Simply choose an image from your Camera Roll, select a stripe, adjust it, and weave it throughout the different elements in your photo. LoryStripes is a unique and fun way to take any photo, draw out the best parts, and make it into something people instantly talk about.

LoryStripes features:

• 70 beautifully crafted stripes
• 210 stripe presets, or “Styles”, to quickly select the right stripe for any photo
• 70 stunning colors and 10 different shadings and blends for every stripe
• Complete customization via 3D rotation, scaling and repositioning
• Highly precise masking tools for interweaving stripes and ribbons
• Restripe feature supports layering multiple stripes
• Sharing on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter

Also included in LoryStripes is Pixite Source, a free resource for professional quality images, textures, and overlays that you can use in your edits.

LoryStripes is the brainchild of Italian architect Laurent Rosset and brought to you by the photo app wizards at Pixite.

OS >= 8.0


Allgemein (28.09.16 - 04:57)
Finally free!!
Allgemein (28.09.16 - 02:49)
i like this app and depending on how you crop/use your photo of choice
it will rock...
Allgemein (03.07.14 - 17:05)
Стильные приложения делает Pixite, но, скажите мне, пользователи, кто регулярно обрабатывает ими фото?
(03.07.16 - 00:34)
Я, например��
Sevak Rostomyan
Allgemein (13.01.14 - 00:27)
Armenian flag is just beautiful !
;) :P
Allgemein (02.12.13 - 20:18)
I was actually a little disappointed ...

I thought you could create stripes - not that you were limited to several stripe templates .... And the stripe shading is not always as "good" as in the promo screenshots ...

Still fun ;)
Kru Tum Chatchai
Allgemein (02.12.13 - 16:33)
I bought this app after I saw its ads on tangent. If you want something different, Just purchase it. Now, it costs only 0.99.
Allgemein (02.12.13 - 03:37)
Saucool! Und offenbar wie rein so raus. Man merkt, dass die Macher von Tangent dahinter stecken. Auch, wenn der Laden anders heißt.
Hat sich für mich gelohnt. ����
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iOS 9 support
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Erscheinungsdatum: 01.01.0001
Entwickler: Pixite LLC
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Rubrik: Fotografie
Version: 1.3.4
Größe: 68 MB
FSK: 4+
Gesamtbewertung: 4,5
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Mehr von: Pixite LLC


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