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  • New Wallpaper Pro : for iOS7 & Parallax ( Blur & Pattern Custom themes : by )

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Optimized for iOS 8. Enjoy the new wallpaper.
* * * Limited time SALE! 50% * * *

Do you still use typical and dull backgrounds?
"NewWallpaper" is the finest wallpaper app you have found yet.
Enjoy your own fancy wallpapers by using "New Wallpaper", which includes cool images of high quality created by a professional designer and more powerful editing functions.
The moment you experience "NewWallpaper", you’ll be able to see your newly born screen.

Enjoy your imagination with "NewWallpaper".
Download NOW!


- Introduction -

* Chic and cool images (Retina)
- is app that helps you customize the look of your device by giving you an exclusive selection of specially designed backgrounds.
- We provide a variety of library images: Pattern, Color, Blur, Calendar, Backgrounds
- Main theme (Reduce Motion > On (1:1Scale) ) : Lock screen, Home screen.
- Bonus item : Parallax Scale Preview

* Customize
- We can create endless image combinations and depending on your diversified taste, you can also utilize your favorite photos to create special wallpaper backgrounds.
- use your own photo. Customize font, color, frame shape and more.
- adjust saturation, brightness and contrast of each image.

* Preview & Resize
1:1Scale (Lock Screen, Homs Screen), Parallax Scale (Lock Screen, Homs Screen), Instagram, Messenger background
instant preview feature that allows you to quickly preview your new background or app shelf.

for Reduce Motion On (1:1Scale) / Off (Parallax Scale)
Are you facing problems trying to resize wallpapers in iOS 7?
Resize, scale & make your wallpapers to fit screen. It also allows to design your own wallpapers for iOS 7.
(No need to "Turn on Reduce Motion)

Tip: Settings > General > Accessibility > Reduce Motion > On / Off
(Note: If zoomed, you will need to rescale your wallpaper to fit to the screen.)

* Share
Share your designs via email, text or Facebook. Save your designs on your camera roll.

* Retina resolution images for iPhone 4/4S/5/5C/5S, iPod touch 4th/5th gen


Thank you for the comments submitted via email, we're working hard on making the app better.

Q: We can't save it to our photos folder
A: Settings > Privacy > Photos > App ON

OS >= 4.3


Allgemein (12.06.14 - 20:31)
Нахуя все обои в приложение хуярить? Превью + возможность скачать и все!!!
Allgemein (12.06.14 - 10:25)
Allgemein (12.06.14 - 09:44)
по картинкам вроде норм обои, но прочитав комментарии не стал качать
Allgemein (12.06.14 - 06:42)
Ну и говнище. Маму разработчика имел.
Allgemein (11.06.14 - 20:57)
Alex Surkov
Allgemein (16.01.14 - 17:58)
Хрень полнейшая да еще и огромный вес
Lee Dima ✅
Allgemein (14.01.14 - 17:19)
Omg. This is freak size
Allgemein (13.01.14 - 13:19)
I don't care about the bigness from an app; my devices have all 64 GB.
It saves a lot of worries by loading apps and makes more fun anyway...
-The backgrounds are nice!
(12.06.14 - 09:42)
My device is 64GB as well, but I still don't have enough space for this, nor is there anything I would want to remove to make space for it.
George Hecht
Allgemein (13.01.14 - 09:00)
Шо за ацкий бред и хуйня?!
Тыкал целую минуту, так и не увидел никаких обояв!!
Allgemein (13.01.14 - 04:32)
I'd like to try it but 177 MB is more than I'm willing to spare for a wallpaper app.
(11.06.14 - 20:56)
(12.06.14 - 09:40)
Holy cow! I agree!!! I'd marked this for a price notification, and now that it's on sale I don't even remotely have enough room to download it! And, as you stated, there's nothing I'd even want to remove to make space for it! Oh well...
(12.06.14 - 17:17)
Ironically, I decided to go ahead and give this app a try yesterday despite my earlier comment. Before, my app-bloated iPhone was always full even though it's 64 GB (thanks AppZapp!). I got tired of having problems due to low capacity (no room for other media, "almost full" warnings, etc.) so I offloaded a bunch of apps--literally hundreds of apps that I had never launched even once--to iTunes. (I kept a list of those apps in Numbers so I can audition them a few at a time in the future.)

So after freeing up several GB, downloading this app was an easier pill to swallow.

Long story short, you aren't missing anything. Other wallpaper apps can serve the same function, the interface is a little confusing, and it doesn't seem to do the one thing I was really hoping for which is super-duper multi-layer parallax effects like Apple's built-in wallpapers (and not just the parallax-lite effect of enlarging an image and then panning it around in the background based on the tilt of the device).
Allgemein (13.01.14 - 03:55)
Allgemein (12.01.14 - 10:25)
Allgemein (12.01.14 - 09:56)
good wallpaper��
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