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Get your own painting in 3 minutes.
Don’t need any painting skills,just importing a photo,you can very easily draw a painting in few minutes.

Take a photo from camera or album(long press will import hi-resolution photo).

Slide the slider to the Background area, paint the background.

Slide the slider to the Shape area,paint some rough outline or shape,such as mountains,houses,tree,body,etc.

Slide the slider to the Detail area,the brush smaller,paint detail parts such as face,hair,props,etc.

Slide the slider to the Delicate area,paint very delicate parts such as eyes,mouth,fingers,etc.

Done, save your work.

●Draw detail only need.
●Long press “camera” or “photo” button import photo to get full resolution .
●Try different brush.
●Save your work before new photo.

OS >= 6.0


Allgemein (26.03.16 - 17:22)
I forgot about this app, but saw it mentioned and checked it out again. It really is excellent. Unlike many "Autopaint" apps, this one gives you excellent control, either with finger or stylus. I'm thinking this could be an interesting tool as a "photo pre-sketcher" before actually putting brush to oils.
Windom Earle
Allgemein (13.08.15 - 08:15)
The most beautiful thing of this app is the icon image.
(13.08.15 - 11:53)
Sorry,but not only icon!
Windom Earle
(13.08.15 - 12:40)
It was ironic of course, and just because the paintings made with this app are completely different, for style and techniques, from the icon's picture. I think is an interesting app top ✌��️✌��
(14.08.15 - 08:41)
I am using this app with another apps.And very happy with results.
Mattie Oliver
Allgemein (07.08.15 - 02:42)
After playing with the app using images with COLORS that I liked a lot, I noticed how much I liked the first pass of the background brush (BG) -- large and loose color strokes at a transparency and brightness I could control -- and liked it less and less as more details were rendered.

Now, the way I use this app is to use photos based only on their COLOR and to stop the process after the first pass of the BG brush and then save the beautifully colored canvases to use as the basis for further creative processes within other art/photo apps by layering/blending them at various transparencies with other images.

(26.03.16 - 17:23)
@Mattie Oliver:
I know I'm 6 months late, but excellent review and hints! ��
Allgemein (11.10.14 - 13:24)
And this is Slow when i painter.....
Allgemein (11.10.14 - 13:20)
NOT COOL!!make better!!this need CLEAR option to see face or any photo if i Whant make FACE MORE REAL LOOKIN!!!!!!!

Pleas make:)!!

And Then This is VERY cool painter:)!
Allgemein (22.03.14 - 06:57)
I did some tests on my Avatar to start and I have to say I was very impressed by the ease of implementation, many times one thinks that to get the effects of this kind must work for hours, maybe you can also, however, even for those who are not expert can find satisfaction and maybe learn even more complex programs, this App I really liked it, maybe it is the boundary between photography and our creativity
�� �� ��
Allgemein (22.03.14 - 05:03)
-Full resolution support.By default,the CleverPainter does not output the highest resolution,if you want get full resolution,you have to long press the ‘camera' or ‘photo' button to import photo before painting.

And this is good, will load and let me paint on my 6000x6000 image but saves to 4096x4096, still very good. I do hate that you have to hold on the load button to get it though. Next time will I remember to do that? I have no idea. I would rather just have it save full size and nothing else...

-In this version,you can change the texture of canvas,there are 15 kinds of texture can be choose;

These unfortunately seem to be three in-app purchases for $0.99 to get them. There is now however a choice of white or tan. No previews so you buying blind...

-In this version,you can zoom in the canvas,help your paint more detail.

While it claims this, it don't work! I can't get it to zoom in on anything but maybe I simply have not figured it out... There is a new slider on the right side that slides between paint and canvas so maybe it does not actually zoom in but remove the canvas texture and these might work better with one of the new textures for the canvas. It's not mentioned in help...
(22.03.14 - 06:10)
I'll try, I did not realize that it was so, as always great advice. Thanks Izmini :)))))
(22.03.14 - 07:38)
@�� astrostar1��:
Still like this app. Don't know yet if I will do the in-apps, maybe one and if I really like then all bets are off ��
(22.03.14 - 08:51)
Do you know one like that? I'd like to make a comparison with some tests using the same photo, ad soon Izmini you have a good time �� �� ��
(22.03.14 - 11:05)
Oh, i am surprised: an update to change. �� and iapps. ���� and not working zoom ������
Will have a closer look later.
Maybe good we found the oil painter yesterday. �� 89€c for a complete app is still my favour before inapps.
(22.03.14 - 16:09)
Yes, I agree, I dislike them adding in-apps especially when you can't see what they add to the app.
Allgemein (08.03.14 - 11:16)
Приложение достойно того, чтобы скачать его и использовать при создании оригинальных и красивых фотографий. Моя оценка - 5.
Allgemein (23.02.14 - 20:38)
Interesting you can make photos like paintings very creative, perhaps beyond the simple picture :))))))
Allgemein (23.02.14 - 20:23)
Wieder gratis! Ich beneide euch ein bisschen, aber trotzdem reut mich nicht ein Cent. ��
(23.02.14 - 20:41)
I liked it, although perhaps with photos centered little, or better free your mind and creates �� ��
(23.02.14 - 23:51)
Oh ja, die MUSST du haben und ein bisschen rumspielen. Schöner kann man es kaum malen (vor allem nicht so schnell). ��
Ken Dschun
(24.02.14 - 10:04)
Ich fand es nicht so toll, hatte mir mehr versprochen. Der Effekt nutzt sich doch schnell ab IMO
(24.02.14 - 10:19)
@Ken Dschun:
�� du solltest die Testbilder zwischendurch mal wechseln.
Nein, im Ernst: klar, EIN Bild sieht auf den ersten Blick immer gleich aus, aber ich finde es fantastisch, wie da noch Details rausgeholt werden können. Und das hat auch mit den Abstufungen der vier Regler, Pinsel ändern usw. Da liegt sooo viel Potenzial drin, das ich bislang nur oberflächlich angekratzt habe. Ich muss da echt mal noch tiefer gehen. Bin sicher, dass man da echt viel rausholen kann, das in full Res und es sieht wirklich nach Kunst aus.
Ich bin da echt begeistert. Vor allem auch, weil da a) selbst noch Hand anzulegen ist und b) wie bei so manchen "malapps" schöne Overlays das Bild bestimmen, und wenn du 5 Bilder mit dem gleichen Overlay machst sehen die auch alle gleich aus. Hier wird auch dasselbe Bild immer etwas anders.
Aber wenn das nicht so deins ist, ist es auch okay. Du hast es ja hoffentlich gratis schießen können oder?
Rafael Vianna Croffi
Allgemein (08.02.14 - 16:30)
I see many people complaining about the output resolution. Pay attention to the description: "long press will import hi-resolution photo".
(23.02.14 - 20:22)
@Rafael Vianna Croffi:
Thanks! Though I love to use this app, I think I didn't yet figure it out. You are my hero! Thanks!!!
(23.02.14 - 20:37)
@Rafael Vianna Croffi:
And now I know why: I long pressed while I was in the album already what gave me an offer to "copy" but not open the picture. �� now I long pressed the album button, which was not really long the delay is near to nothing. And it works fantastic!! I knew I've tried sometime without success. Now I know why. Thanks again. I should have known it, but … ��
Allgemein (08.12.13 - 03:48)
It may take you about 20 minutes to figure out how CleverPaint works best, but I would consider it time well spent.

The resulting painted photos from this lush app are rather sophisticated and delicate. This one is a keeper.

A word of warning: this app does produce a low res images. I am hoping the developer will rectify these tiny painted photos, so that I can use CleverPaint for professional projects. Otherwise, it's just a lovely toy. And that's okay too.
Rafael Vianna Croffi
(08.02.14 - 16:27)
"Long press" the import button to import photo in high resolution!
Allgemein (07.12.13 - 20:21)
Output res 1024*768
Rafael Vianna Croffi
(08.02.14 - 16:27)
"Long press" the import button to import photo in high resolution!
Allgemein (07.12.13 - 16:34)
A mí me parece muy interesante el concepto y el control sobre la imagen final es bastante preciso. No es una App de filtros como tantas, el resultado es más realista.
Completamente recomendable. ����������������������
(08.12.13 - 06:44)
Rossana Dantas
Allgemein (05.12.13 - 14:10)
I really enjoyed the app because is different. I loved the DIY idea. You take part in the process choosing how much color and sharpness you'd like to add the pictures. I didn't notice many differences in the photo by using the different brushes, but probably because I don't understand a lot of art. For me it's a 5 stars app.
Ken Dschun
Allgemein (05.12.13 - 10:29)
Speichert manchmal ohne Effekte, das also unbedingt im Photoalbum überprüfen. Sonst ist die App klasse!
Allgemein (05.12.13 - 04:46)
Allgemein (04.12.13 - 21:52)
The workflow makes no sense to me. Load a picture that you can't see except for an instant when you push a button. Swipe with various size brushes to "reveal" the hidden image. I agree with Dick Nixon, give me an app that does it instantly and then let me modify it, don't make me guess where the image features are that I need to try and reveal.

Add to the fact that it saves at a very low 0.7 mp makes it worthless for my purposes. There are much better painterly apps (both manual and auto) in this genre.
Allgemein (04.12.13 - 15:03)
I like the App. It allows a certain level of control but keeping it artsy.
Professor Snape
Allgemein (04.12.13 - 04:13)
I would prefer just to have a JIXIPIX app do it instantly, and will do a much better job than I can do with this app anyway.
Using a finger for effects is not efficient and my girlfriend's pictures turn out awful - as she is notorious for being incapable of responding to a man's finger anyway.
(04.12.13 - 20:04)
@Dick "Prof. Snape" Nixon:
I was reading it like "Wow, a serious review" — then the last bit made me explode, just when the Snapish anticipation fully evaporated. Well done.

You definitely are a dick, Prof Snape! :-)
Professor Snape
(04.12.13 - 21:04)
As Homer Simpson would say, "It's funny because it's true ".
(04.12.13 - 21:54)
@Dick "Prof. Snape" Nixon:
Allgemein (04.12.13 - 00:06)
Una app bastante maja si no fuese por los fallos al guardar en hi-res y pésima resolución de salida de la foto en modo normal. En un iPhone 5s ni 1MPX

Un juguete si lo comparamos con PhotoViva, Repix u otras de pintura como Procreate, Brushes o Sketchbook.
Apple Martini
(04.12.13 - 04:00)
Read the instructions, you can save high res, you just need to hold down the photo when importing..
(04.12.13 - 08:42)
@Apple Martini:
Un hi - res The most of times save the image without effect.
(04.12.13 - 21:33)
It's stupid but have to hold down on the image when are are importing not saving. I was in touch with him when the app was brand new and pushing to get hi-res. Will send him another note, should forget about lo-res and just make it always hi-res....
(04.12.13 - 21:38)
Allgemein (03.12.13 - 23:35)
Hey if we are on the subject, do any of you guys know where or the name of the pressure sensitive Bluetooth pen that they make for the iPad now?
I heard there are two good once and would really like to get one.
(04.12.13 - 20:06)
Nice. Haven't heard of them but will keep checking this space for answers.
(04.12.13 - 21:40)
Jot Touch 4, around $95
Wacom Intuos finally out, around $120
Hex3 JaJa
Pogo Connect

Note I don't have any of these but have looked at them
(04.12.13 - 21:49)
Thank u for the reply I'll check it out.
Allgemein (03.12.13 - 23:00)
Amazing. This is app of the year.
(03.12.13 - 23:04)
I don't think, that this is the app of the year, but, you are right, it's really amazing! I'll give this app 8,5/10.
Mikola Ptashnikoff
Allgemein (03.12.13 - 22:57)
Allgemein (03.12.13 - 22:52)
Ну, что ж, вот и я дождался "free". Друзья, настоятельно рекомендую схватить эту птичку.)) Приложение, на мой взгляд, стоит и двух баксов, а уж тем более, бесплатно! Можно детально поиграться с чёткостью/размытием. Оставлю на iPad.
(05.12.13 - 09:18)
Спасибо за наводку))
(11.12.13 - 17:05)
Не за что. Рад был помочь. ))
Allgemein (03.12.13 - 21:24)
Boaah!!! Jetzt sogar gratis!!! Zuschlagalarm!!! Unbedingt einpacken!! ������
Bin total neidisch. Aber das hat sich auch für Geld gelohnt. Und für gratis dann einfach unschlagbar!!!
Ken Dschun
(03.12.13 - 21:27)
Ätsch ;-)
(03.12.13 - 21:30)
Tja...ab und an kann ich geduldig sein ��.
(03.12.13 - 21:34)
Preisalarm habe ich erst vor ein paar Tagen gesetzt aufgrund Izmini's Kommentar __ HAMMA scho' Weihnachten? Freu .... ����������
Allgemein (03.12.13 - 21:23)
������ gratis ������
Allgemein (28.11.13 - 17:37)
А вот и "universal" подоспел.)) Я почти созрел для того, чтобы взять это приложение за два бакса. Но мне всё-таки кажется, что приложение сильно перекликается с Foolproof, счастливым обладателем которого я являюсь.
Allgemein (24.11.13 - 03:08)
Интересное приложения,но из-за вылетов приложения не смог нормально воспользоваться им.
Allgemein (23.11.13 - 23:12)
Very cool app.
This has 9 different brush modes and the intensity can be adjusted. Really simple to use. Open an image, select the type of brush, set the slider to background and a few strokes later you background is done adjust the slider downwards for more and more detail.
While AppZapp had a review and said they couldn't do an image in 3minutes I think it is relatively easy to do on that amount of time.

You can change brush types at any time to give your photo a different look.

To access the brushes you have to go to more..., I would prefer if they were a little more accessible .

The other drawback is that currently it saves at 925x695. I did send the developer an email and he said that next update will bring higher resolution. In the meantime you can use an app like Big Photo if need be.
(23.11.13 - 23:58)
Thank you very much. I was tempted to buy that app the moment it appeared at the store but didn't dare because I wasn't sure about the resolution.
I am still tempted but I rather wait for the update. Please let us know the new resolution soon as available, will you? Thanks in advance. And thanks very much for testing.
(24.11.13 - 00:50)
Super und ein dickes Danke auch von mir ��
(24.11.13 - 01:58)
Even with the less then ideal resolution (it's better then some other apps) I an glad I have it. Does a good job and only a few minutes. For me a keeper. With higher res I would be even happier ��

And hearing back from the dev in less then a day is pretty impressive. Most times I never hear anything or it takes a long time...
(24.11.13 - 04:33)
And I still have it on my list. Looking forward to the update and buy it right away then. Thanks for the helpful tipp!
(24.11.13 - 16:54)
Forgot to mention, next update will also be a universal app, so no more doubling for iPad users ��
(24.11.13 - 19:10)
Yeah! Sold!!! ����
(26.11.13 - 02:41)
Update tonight.
App is now universal and resolution is same as the original image. I did two really quick, first image was from LemeLeme Pro at 2900x2900, painting was same size when saved. Second was an image from vividHDR but had been modified so was 1600x1200, saved painted version was the same.

Love dev's like this, I only sent email to him a week or so ago!
(26.11.13 - 09:38)
And sold. Will get it right away and not wait for bargains. Sounds it is really worth the price. ����
(26.11.13 - 11:49)
Stunning! And absolutely fantastic. Well worth the price and so smooth in handling. I love it!!! ��������
(04.12.13 - 20:08)
An amazing review and solid follow ups. Thx!
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