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  • Filterloop Pro - Analog Film Filters and Effects

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Featured by Apple in Photo & Video category
Filterloop Pro is a premium all-inclusive photo editor that you will fall in love with!

Adjust saturation, contrast, hue, exposure, vibrance, skin tone, brightness, and more. You’ll get an ultimate toolkit to make your images flawless before moving on to filters.

There is a huge selection of beautiful light leaks, astonishing emulsion effects, grain and scratches. All these will give your images a nice vintage camera look as if they've spent ages in photo albums.

When Instagram filters are not enough, Filterloop filter packs come to the rescue with amazing filters that give your photos that stunning finishing touch. Our filters are so subtle and focus on enhancing the image rather than altering it.

You are free to apply filters with varying opacity levels, and layer effects and filters in any combination and volume. This means millions of different effect combinations for your images. Create your own unique photo editing formula that will be hard to copy!

You’ll find it super-easy to share pictures to Instagram or Facebook. Look up #filterloopapp and visit @filterloopapp on Instagram for inspiration and filter combo ideas! Make sure to tag your picture #filterloopapp to share your talent with Filterloop community!

If you want to report a bug or to ask us a question use the option More > Send Feedback

Get Filterloop Pro now and make impressive pro-level photo edits!

OS >= 8.0


Allgemein (05.12.16 - 02:11)
Die Menge an IAP ist für mich ein Grund, dieses App nicht erneut zu installieren. Ausserdem gibt es eine Menge an besseren Apps, welche ohne diese überflüssigen IAP auskommen.
Allgemein (10.01.16 - 03:04)
Allgemein (09.01.16 - 12:48)
Watch out for the IAPs!
Farooq Ansari
Allgemein (30.07.15 - 19:08)
Lmao it's a free app on App Store i just checked but you mention $1.99
(02.08.15 - 05:43)
@Farooq Ansari:
Now it's 1.99 again. It was free for a day
Allgemein (16.12.14 - 05:02)
Хурма неудобная!
Не тратьте деньги.
По мне так "pastel" (первая) в разы лучше и интерфейс гораздо удобнее.
Allgemein (27.08.14 - 23:37)
The previous update lowered the resolution all the way to 2.8mp 2048 on the long side, and this update today does nothing to improve upon it. That is how the developer improves the app's performance? What a waste. Now it is headed to the trash.
Dimik Kaspar
Allgemein (22.07.14 - 20:28)
33 рубля
Allgemein (10.01.14 - 03:40)
A worthy download. See my two rounds of comments in the Free version of the app.
(10.01.14 - 12:22)
Too bad its 6.1 only :/
(10.01.14 - 12:23)
Does it have a contact email listed in the app ? ;)
(10.01.14 - 12:41)
No, and the redirect to the Support and Dev Website in the App Store listing is not much help either. It looks like a start-up company work in progress with no contact info.

You can D/L the free version and try it out. It seems identical but for the IAP of the extra filters.
(10.01.14 - 12:42)
Yeah. I tried that before asking ;). Thanks :)
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2,99 €

für iPhone + für iPad


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- Enhanced performance and bug fixes

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Version: 3.3.2
Größe: 101 MB
FSK: 4+
Gesamtbewertung: 4,5
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