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  • Scribe - Copy anything from your Mac to your iPhone

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*** IMPORTANT:  Make sure your devices are compatible with Bluetooth LE before purchasing. You can find the list of compatible devices below. ***

Scribe lets you copy anything from your Mac to your mobile device, without Wi-Fi.

Select text, links, numbers or small images, and simply press “COMMAND + SHIFT + X” to instantly transfer your selection from your Mac to your iOS Device.

See your sent history, copy, enter URL links, call or add contact numbers, and share items in a great interface.

NEW UPDATE: Scribe now routes your snippet directly into other apps! You can now send an address directly into the Maps app, send copied text directly into Whatsapp as a new message or Twitter as a new tweet! Pressing “CMD + SHIFT + X” now gives you a menu where you can select the iOS app you want to send your copied item to. Just swipe the notification you receive, and let Scribe do the rest.

Scribe uses Bluetooth Low Energy™; a new technology that constantly keeps your devices paired and provides a secure connection without eating up your battery life. You can literally use it all day and not feel the sting on your iPhone’s battery.

Since it doesn't rely on Wi-Fi, Scribe doesn't require a network connection to work. All you need are the devices you are already using.

Scribe works on all Macs and iOS devices that support Bluetooth LE. Here’s a list of all compatible Mac and iOS models:

Macbook Air - 2011 or newer
Macbook Pro - 2012 or newer
iMac - Late 2012 or newer
Mac Mini - 2011 or newer
Mac Pro - Late 2013 or newer

iPhone - 4S or newer
iPad - 3rd generration or newer
iPad Mini - All generations
iPod Touch - 5th generation or newer

Hint: You can check your Mac’s model by clicking on the Apple Icon > About this Mac > More Info

Feel free to hit us up with any questions or feedback at

OS >= 7.0


Allgemein (30.05.14 - 22:24)
Needs osx 10.9 or later
Henry Law
(24.12.14 - 01:17)
Ummm?? And? Since everyone else are on 10.10 already
Allgemein (23.01.14 - 20:54)
What about PC's and laptop running Windows OS ????
(06.02.14 - 22:08)
Kinda what I was wondering? I don't know how easy it is to make an app that's compatible with all platforms, but so many are nowadays, that I assumed it wasn't hard? Maybe my assumptions are wrong? Would be a nice app to be able to use though on my Toshiba laptop or my PC.
(10.04.14 - 16:10)
Get a Mac. ;)

Seriously though - give "Flick." a try. iDevice, Android, Mac and Windows clients. works really well.

Just a user, in no way related to the developer
Henry Law
(24.12.14 - 01:13)
What's so shocking about iOS app associate exclusively along with Mac OS X ? Get over it already and stop whining. People like you are pathetic....@puilamcupcake: @azizsabtu @JASMINEVILLEGAS yea look at those interior design photos/ concept/ art gallery. Who wants a big bulky nerdy powerhouse PC?! Lol
Henry Law
(24.12.14 - 01:16)
Yes you were wrong because no one uses windows anymore except middle age dudes who refuses to change / fandroids who hated apple but they got no choice and have to use windows lol

Hell, I even got my grandpa to switch over for Mac and he LOVED that trackpad control and sleekness design of OS X
Igor Golo
(13.01.15 - 05:16)
@fake smile :):
You are an idiot... Mac is a nice thing but, it's highly overpriced and not everyone can afford to buy it... Also, there are tons of things you can only do on windows computers as mac simply don't even have such software or platforms to support it. So, don't expose yourself as clueless dumbass especially if you're clueless. I bet that your grandpa only uses his Mac for emails, Internet and may be YouTube, and you probably do the same... Use an iPad instead.
Allgemein (20.01.14 - 20:02)
Lässt sich nicht laden, der AppStore "meint nur mit MAC kompatibel" ��
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• App Routes: Pressing CMD + SHIFT + X now opens the brand new Scribe transfer panel, where you can choose to send your copied item directly into another app. Lots of possible routes are already available: calling a number in Skype, composing a tweet in Tweetbot, opening an address in Maps and many more!

• Bug fixes: Several crash causing issues, as well as a few memory bugs were fixed

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