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Besides having 36 amazingly versatile, high-quality filters and a buttery-smooth interface, Fotograf does a bunch of useful things your other photo apps don’t, including:

- Allows you to make your own presets by tweaking built-in filters or saving a set of adjustments as your own custom filter.
- If there are, say, 3 filters that you use all the time, save them each as their own custom presets (without any additional adjustments) and they’ll show up at the very front of your list of filters for easy access at all times.
- Has the perfect no-fuss manual camera mode, with a single exposure slider, to let you get perfectly-exposed shots without having to mess with a bunch of other settings.
- The app automatically opens to either the in-app camera or your photo library, depending on which you last used, to get you quickly to the part where you’re choosing or taking photos.
- Features a brilliantly simple way to take well-exposed flash photos: when you enable the flash, it turns it on and leaves it on until you take the photo, so you can see the effect the flash will have (and adjust exposure if you want) before taking the shot.
- Works in portrait or landscape mode - so if you want to take photos in the app and edit them, you can do so without having to keep changing your phone orientation back and forth.
- You can take photos and have them auto-saved in any filter - just long-press on a filter to enter the in-app camera in auto-filter mode for that filter, and every photo you take will then be automatically filtered and saved to your library.
- There’s no silly and annoying extra step of having to import photos into a separate in-app library - just load and save things directly to and from your camera’s existing photo library.
- The filters are grouped into collapsible sets, so you can hide whole sets of filters you don’t want to worry about.
- Everything in Fotograf is tuned for photo fidelity - from the way the in-app camera takes photos to the bit depth of the adjustments (96-bit), Fotograf’s entire pipeline is engineered for incredibly high fidelity.
- Use our desktop app, CameraBag Photo, to fully craft your own filters using a huge array of adjustment tools, and import them for use in Fotograf.

OS >= 8.0


Allgemein (11.11.17 - 18:21)
POS from a bait and switch developers.
They don’t update apps, they create “new” versions and expect long time users to pay again and again. Naturally, they remove useful features and tools as well and leave nothing but fluff.
Oh, and don’t even think about complaining or having an issue either. Developers are rude AF.
Vladislav Motin
Allgemein (29.11.15 - 01:01)
Не впечатлило. Производит стойкое ощущение недоделки. Есть температура, нет оттенка. Есть ч/б, нет настройки конверсии цветов (даже элементарного цветового фильтра). Есть виньетка, нет её настроек. И т.д.

По-быстрому обработать фотку вполне сгодится, но, как я понимаю, конёк программки - это готовые пресеты (которые продаются за дополнительные деньги). В общем, немного улучшенный вариант метода "большой голубой кнопки".

В своём базовом варианте вещь достаточно унылая, тот же Snapseed может намного больше. Минус ставить не хочу, но и плюс - тем более.
Allgemein (28.11.15 - 11:35)
Вот бы они покупки внутри сделали бесплатными.
(28.11.15 - 11:46)
Бесплатные покупки? Это что-то вроде вегетарианского каннибализма?
(06.06.16 - 08:41)
Лучше поздно, чем никогда. Имел ввиду, что некоторые разработчики, когда делают бесплатную раздачу своих приложений, то еще и меняют стоимость внутренних покупок на 0. Наверное, вы изначально поняли, что я это и имел ввиду.
Но оборот про каннибализм очень понравился.
Allgemein (21.07.15 - 12:15)
Jetzt gratis! ��
(21.07.15 - 22:49)
InApp *für alles* ist mittlerweile auch ein ganz klein bisschen günstiger geworden.
Allgemein (21.05.15 - 06:30)
Fotograf works fine on iOS 8.x iPhone and iPad; but does not work on iOS 7 iPad. It will not load pictures or manipulate them.
Allgemein (30.04.15 - 14:09)
This latest upgrade is a huge improvement, especially for iPad owners. The interface is clean, fast, with a full-featured set of tools. I love the way the menu shows tiny thumbnails of the various intensities of each adjustment slider, and everyone updates when you make any adjustment. Very sophisticated interface, yet simple and intuitive. Some very serious thought has gone into improving this app. The app seems to be exceptionally stable, even when dealing with 24mp images.

The app saves at full res, 24.2mp tested on the iPad Air. While working, the app updates instantly in real time with every adjustment. The down side is that all the heavy lifting in processing is done at the time of saving, which can be 2-3minutes for a really high res file. There is also a bug in the interface as the app displays portrait oriented images in landscape. A quick workaround. Tap the the crop icon, and slide the rotation slider all the way over to the left and the image rights itself. Then hit Done and move on.

I like the effects, and even purchased the full set at $5.99. IMHO this app is that good.
Allgemein (23.11.14 - 22:12)
Saves at full res (12.2mp tested on iPadAir). Limited set of filter effects installed, many more via IAPs. Buy bundle of everything for $5.99. I don't particularly care for the interface and the way the tools are implemented. I doubt I will buy any of the extra effects. There are no samples so you really don't know what you are getting.
(23.01.15 - 21:03)
Can you tell me about the best photo effects app with rich and quality filters, with full size image saving feature?
I want to have one app to replace 'em all :)
(23.01.15 - 22:54)
I have a group of "go to" Editors that I really depend upon, I would say my top two favorites are Snapseed and Photoshop Express. In addition to saving at full resolution (24.2mp tested on an iPad Air) they are both exceptionally stable. Photoshop Express was recently updated by Adobe and they are currently offering free access to the Premium features. You can get a free Adobe ID if you don't have one already and that will unlock the premium content. I also use a lot of specialized apps that offer more filters than those two, like for B&W conversions, Vintage Effects, Grunge effects. Unfortunately, for my needs there is no single app that will do everything. Hope this helps.
(24.01.15 - 01:47)
+1 for Snapseed. Finding something that does what that app can, PLUS saving edit steps for automation batch editing would be all I'd need for 90% of my pics
Pink Lady
(28.11.15 - 22:12)
Snapseed is without doubt a first class photo-editor, and offers great grunge and vintage-style editing features. However, in my opinion, PhotoWizard (by Pankaj Goswami) and iColorama S are of equal merit, and pretty much indispensable when it comes to photo-editing apps.
Allgemein (08.10.14 - 22:12)
Bad copy of vsco . I dont like that. I dont need it ;)
(09.10.14 - 00:18)
Good, then you found the letter f - fotograf, to carry in addition, to your list at VSCO Cam. ;)
(09.10.14 - 00:36)
Thnx for comment bro. There are many same app in appstore. Vsco have a many other functions. This app have only filter and crop sections. Dont need that.
(09.10.14 - 03:24)
I found the secret menu and other functions :) I take back what I said ;)
(09.10.14 - 23:09)
Lol, ok bro ✌️;) this dev have made some nice apps.
Allgemein (08.10.14 - 16:39)
That's a nice one. �� Like the tidy UI, and for those who have Camera Bag for Mac, a view at the app-description may be interesting.

Saves at full resolution, if adjusted so at preferences. Even a Taru-picture (4096 x 3072) doesn't loses any pixiels.

Personally i like the adjustable Filters, there are 23 in total at the moment. iAP's for more of them.
(08.10.14 - 17:03)
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- Fixed memory bug on file save introduced in 1.4.0 (caused crash after multiple saves)
- Be sure to also check out the newest version of CameraBag Photo for Mac, which you can use to design custom filters to use in Fotograf!

Erscheinungsdatum: 01.01.0001
Rubrik: Fotografie
Version: 1.4.1
Größe: 32 MB
FSK: 4+
Gesamtbewertung: 4,5
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