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  • Guitar Kit+ for Chord Search, Save and Training

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I’m a pure indie developer.

The proper users for this App.
- Person who need some chances to strum a guitar.
- Person who play guitar and needs to search chords.
- Person who need intuitive metronome for not only guitar but also any instrument.

Explanation of app’s function
- Random practice of basic 28 chords for beginner.
- Metronome for trainee.
- Code searcher for player.
- Function that can collect and show your own code.

Feature of the app.

This is user-oriented app made with more than a hundred 0f feedbacks. As a independent developer, I made this app for quality and ease, not for a company or money. The most valuable feature of it is more than 4000 chords would help you to search your curiosity about the chords in detail. Also, I use beautiful UI to not feel boring when you use this app. That, I insist, is the most beautiful app because I made this app for myself at first.

Searching Code
In this app, code searching following two ways.
First one is usual text searching that you can see in everywhere. The second one is intuitive text searching. The function of the second one is that just for the touching the guitar board, the exact fret and the chord will be searched. The function what you need is in this app clearly. More than 4000 chords, powerful search function. I’ve been trying to satisfy these two functions and I will advance continuously.

For the beginner,
OF course here are 28 chords for the beginner. Simply, for the beginner, giving them a motive is more proper work than showing handy functions. Are you sizzling for playing guitar? Do your heart are full of learning a new instrument? Start the app and Grab your guitar! Just one strumming is already a half done. If you need to memorize some codes while you practicing, just remember you are having this app.

This will be huge help for you.

OS >= 5.1.1


Allgemein (26.11.15 - 14:04)
To the developer, can you try to somehow add intelligent features such as those found in 'Chords!' App by Thomas Grapperon? I think your app can beat it and I hope you have other all around features too in learning basics and advance chords for guitar.

Allgemein (14.04.15 - 06:57)
1. Metronome is too simple - can't accent first beat, can't change sound.
2. Chords are hard to find because the UI is overly-complicated but at the same time terribly uninspired. I have several great chord apps and the process should be simple. It says you can find 1000's of chords, well, just try it. Go on, I dare you! (Don't pay for it, though.)
3. "Training" shows 7 chords. If you want any of the other 21 chords you have to drag and drop them to the list then scroll through them to display the one you want. You can't even scroll backwards so if you miss it you have go through the whole list again and then tap on it to display the fingering.

The long and short of it - spend your money elsewhere. There are some great apps out there for guitar... this is NOT one of them!
(15.08.15 - 19:10)
Tell me the best chord app You think. I want to try it.
Allgemein (13.05.14 - 22:15)
I did not believe in the goodness of this App s guitar, the sound because I do not play the keyboard and piano, though the essential harmony and at first, then later to learn the solo. Well this App and in my opinion very good because the pace of time with a metronome and then playing with the fingers of the notes suggests the agreements. This is the great idea and you know why? Simple, because if you put your fingers on the guitar and look what chord you're doing and learn even more careful. At least I hope �� �� �� If I get no meowing or play the piano ;)
Андрей Я
Allgemein (13.05.14 - 19:14)
Make the same for ukulele !!!!!
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Erscheinungsdatum: 01.01.0001
Entwickler: Doyoung Gwak
Rubrik: Musik
Version: 2.22
Größe: 38 MB
FSK: 4+
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Mehr von: Doyoung Gwak


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