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  • Numerical: The Calculator Without Equal

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Numerical is the calculator without equal. Whether you’re doing simple math, advanced brackets or need a running history, Numerical has the answer!

Now with 9 great themes, Universal iPad support, and automatic brackets, Numerical is better than ever! Best of all: it’s FREE!

"This could be the best calculator ever." - TUAW
"Exactly what a simple iOS app should be” - BGR
“The way Numerical works makes more sense than Apple’s app for me” - MacStories
“One of my favorite apps I’ve seen this year.” - The Industry

The equals button was invented when computers were the size of furniture and it’s time to move on. As you type Numerical displays the answer instantly & your current calculation is always visible.

Whether it’s smart Grey, popstar Purple or serene Space, choose a theme and the right answer will always look great!

Numerical works on iPhone and iPad so you can crunch numbers wherever you go. It’s also been optimised for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6+.

As you work Numerical adds brackets automatically and the single bracket key knows which one you need next. Working out a tip, a discount, or whether the glass is half empty? The context aware % button has you covered.

Use easy swipe gestures to Undo, Redo and Save the current calculation.

As you work your calculations are automatically saved to the History view. You’re always one swipe away from a solved solution.

Tap the answer or calculation to copy them elsewhere. You can paste text from any app and Numerical will solve it.

Errors are shown in sensible human language and numbers are formatted to international standards.

If you have any questions or feedback please get in touch:

Developed by @andrewjclark. Designed by @alexvanderzon.

We hope you love Numerical. It’s a very tiny machine built for you.

OS >= 7.0


Allgemein (01.12.14 - 03:07)
Simple and elegant.
While theme packs are available for purchase, they're not necessary, as the look of the default calculator is lovely.
Allgemein (29.08.14 - 11:26)
真的很简洁漂亮而且最主要是超实用!!!看来要把basic calc卸载了呢…… 如果可以增加别的颜色主题选择就更好了(。-`ω´-)
Allgemein (28.08.14 - 21:41)
Simple calculator, but really very very beautiful. Take an immediate is free Now :) ������
T͜͡i͜͡f͜͡a͜͡ -͟͟ w͟͟w͟͟w͟͟.͟͟t͟͟i͟͟f͟͟a͟͟s͟͟p͟͟a͟͟g͟͟e͟͟.͟͟n͟͟e͟͟t͟͟
(29.08.14 - 06:28)
@Astrocat ✨✨✨:
I got it, thank you! ������
(29.08.14 - 07:10)
I'm glad you liked it and maybe really simple but nice, some astro-flowers for you, and have you a smile-happy day !!
T͜͡i͜͡f͜͡a͜͡ -͟͟ w͟͟w͟͟w͟͟.͟͟t͟͟i͟͟f͟͟a͟͟s͟͟p͟͟a͟͟g͟͟e͟͟.͟͟n͟͟e͟͟t͟͟
(29.08.14 - 14:27)
@Astrocat ✨✨✨:
Have a great day, too! ☺✨��
Julie :)
Allgemein (13.03.14 - 14:11)
I really like this app. Bright, deep rich colors that are easy on the eye; font is clear and not overdone; very simple to use. Very convenient to not have to press the = sign. Who would have thought? Lol

Swipe to the right and find your previous calculations.

Swipe to the left for the administrative functions (share button, settings, app developer contact information, and help).

I like this beautifully designed calculator so much that I am now using it as my main calculator app!

I've tried many many calculator versions in the app store over the last couple years and keep returning to my favorite calculator app, the HiCalc Pro. HiCalc Pro contains a variety of different scientific, finance, and conversions calculators all under one well-designed roof with a fully functional history tape for the basic calculator. So easy to use once you know where everything is. Will definitely keep it as my go-to app for conversions and complex calculations.

My recommendation:

- If you only need a simple calculator app, use this one. It will definitely save you time having to press the equal sign all the time and you will be able to retrieve your calculations history (and re-use them) in a flash.

- When you need to resolve complex scientific and finance calculations or unit conversions, use the HiCalc Pro app. With the exception of the omitted equal sign, HiCalc Pro (with equal sign) feels like the advanced, more complex version of Numerical that maintains an equally aesthetically pleasing and very functional, easy-to-use design.
(13.03.14 - 15:13)
@Julie :):
Wow that review, nice.
Sooner or later I'll try :))))
Julie :)
(14.03.14 - 03:13)
@�� astrostar1��:
Hey, astrostar1! I got so excited over this app. So many things can end up wrong in creating an app and this one in my opinion does everything right. Crossing my fingers for you to find it free soon! Hope you're having a nice day!
(14.03.14 - 08:04)
@Julie :):
Hey Julie, you know when an app you like eh eh eh! you are a river of words, like me �� ��, as the first try. Try "by dialing arranger lite" I bet you will like it very much, because a lot of astro-beautiful! It is today a good day for me, actually getting because they are always happy and a few manage to make me angry and if they do use my nails sgrrrr! Have you a good time so very nice. As soon �� �� ��
(14.03.14 - 13:07)
@Julie :):
Good review. Have you seen Helveticalc by Subkernel? It has a clean an elegant design like Numerical, but with with options, like color selection and multiple calculators and converters in one. And also no = sign required. You might like it.
Allgemein (13.03.14 - 07:57)
Very pretty, but the UI is too complicated for a simple calculator.
Allgemein (12.03.14 - 07:36)
Allgemein (09.03.14 - 21:00)
It's has beautiful clean design, but think the price is too high, when then are so many great calculators already.
For instance: MyScript Calculator is free and uses handwriting recognition. That's perfect for casual calculations.
If you want a more pro features and also good looking calculator, there is HiCalc 12 in 1 by PPCLink. A fantastic calcalator that is cheaper than this app.
I like that it calculates while typing, but that's not worth 3 bucks to me.
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für iPhone + für iPad


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Fixes issue with iOS 9 fonts.

Numerical 2 is coming soon ;)

Erscheinungsdatum: 01.01.0001
Entwickler: Andrew J Clark
Rubrik: Dienstprogramme
Version: 1.2.2
Größe: 9 MB
FSK: 4+
Gesamtbewertung: 4,5
Versionsbewertung: noch keine Bewertung

Mehr von: Andrew J Clark


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