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Universal Zoom provides you with a superpower of seeing the invisible! Discover the world around us from the tiniest subatomic particles to the most prominent space structures known to science. Learn about the units of measurement (metric & imperial) intuitively. Let the Universal Zoom be your guide to the fascinating world of science!

Universal Zoom offers you to enjoy an incredible journey through the Universe while discovering the most exciting objects to scale from the tiniest subatomic particles to the largest-known structures of the universe. Each of more than 200 objects was carefully prepared using real high-resolution photos and original artwork. Easily-accessible concise information about every object with fascinating facts will keep you curious along your journey.

Learn about sizes, distances, and units of measurement both metric and imperial in an intuitive way. Have fun comparing any two objects; this is the best way to comprehend the size of the objects that are beyond our vision. It’s breathtaking for all ages and experience levels!

• Subatomic particles
• Atomic nuclei, atoms, and molecules
• Detailed chromosome and DNA structure
• Human cells, bacteria, and viruses
• Insects, animals, and birds
• The largest trees on Earth,
• Famous and tallest buildings
• Mountains
• Earth's satellites orbits
• Planets and moons of the Solar System
• The most famous comets and asteroids
• The Solar system structure and its location in the Milky Way
• Stars: from the smallest neutron star to the biggest currently known
• Milky Way neighboring galaxies, superclusters, and the observable Universe
• Visually presented metric and imperial/US units of length.

• Rich content: more than 200 objects presented to scale.
• Metric and imperial units of length are presented intuitively. Including simple and scientific notations.
• Stunning graphics: all objects were carefully prepared using real high-resolution photos and original artwork.
• A unique dynamic layout that provides you with a sense of the size of every object.
• Easily-accessible concise information about every object with fascinating facts.
• An audio narration of objects' names and short information about them for young explorers who just learned how to read.
• Compare mode: discover how many times one object fits into another.
• Intuitive navigation. Just scroll or choose your destination on the Navigation Map.
• Wikipedia access: read more about any object that fascinates you without leaving the app.
• The scale range: from the Planck Length (1.61x10-35m) to 93 billion light-years (8.8x10+26m).
• NO ads
• NO in-app-purchases
• Available on both iOS and AppleTV with a single purchase on the AppStore.

“With this educational app, the whole family can go on a scientific expedition.”

"This app is a must-have for teachers and parents of all ages. Get them interested in science, help them understand relative size and simply have fun exploring how everything compares."

"This fascinating tool, which can help kids visualize the scale and vastness of the universe, has plenty of potential for classroom use."

We continuously improve our app, and we would like to hear your feedback.
Twitter: @gamifyitapps

OS >= 9.0


Allgemein (09.07.17 - 04:48)
Such an amazing hidden gem to take for free, those are the type of apps that are worth buying
Allgemein (03.07.16 - 12:57)
Seriously one of the coolest and most impressive educational apps money can buy!
Allgemein (01.07.16 - 22:31)
Дождался, когда станет бесплатной.
Достойная вещь. Могу каждый день смотреть
Elvir Rehimbeyli
Allgemein (01.07.16 - 21:18)
It's very fantastic. I love it
Allgemein (30.04.16 - 09:26)
very nice
Allgemein (08.02.16 - 22:06)
Класна програма про співвідношення всього з усім. Досить наочно можна порівняти розміри планет, будівель, тварин. Для загального розвитку всім раджу.Доступні різні види систем виміру.
Allgemein (26.09.15 - 00:51)
В описании написано, что для детей, но прога интересна и взрослым! Пока бесплатно берите, не пожалеете!
Allgemein (25.09.15 - 03:07)
Will not work! Keeps kicking me out. Is there away to fix it? I did the IOS 9 update. Could it be from that?
мага ежжи
(25.09.15 - 15:41)
Are you really from the States?
Allgemein (24.09.15 - 19:17)
Unbedingt mal ausprobieren. Erinnert an den Film "10 hoch..."
Allgemein (24.09.15 - 19:03)
Very cool
Allgemein (21.08.15 - 20:15)
It's very interesting. It helps to get impression of how big (or small) human being is.
I got it for free. I wouldn't know how much this app is worth. 1,99 euro seems me a good price.
Allgemein (16.03.15 - 13:14)
Very interesting, not only for kids but adults too. Mind blowing info really. It's well presented too.
Allgemein (13.03.15 - 08:00)
De lo mas pequeño a lo las grande, no dejes de echar un vistazo a esta app
Allgemein (12.03.15 - 21:33)
Allgemein (20.02.15 - 16:56)
Cool app!
Allgemein (30.12.14 - 18:45)
Круто сделано, удобно и красиво. Просто интересно полистать.
Allgemein (31.08.14 - 11:42)
Посмотрел и думаю: чего суетимся? Работа, дом, проблемы какие-то, живем, умираем, а кто это замечает, кроме некоторого количества таких же людей? На что влияют наши ежедневные потуги, в конечном итоге сводящиеся к поиску пищи, чтобы прожить еще немного? Если исходить из того, что средняя продолжительность жизни человека равна 75 годам, то живем мы чуть более 27000 дней. Чувствую себя обманутым...
(29.12.14 - 21:06)
Стесняюсь спросить, какое отношение это имеет к программе, ради которой мы сюда зашли?
(29.12.14 - 22:11)
Размышления о том, насколько мелок человек со своими целями и желаниями в масштабах вселенной. ��
Professor Snape
(06.01.15 - 08:42)
What the HELL are you talking about?
Please. Less gin and more tonic.
Professor Snape
(06.01.15 - 08:43)
This thread needs an enema.
(06.01.15 - 16:36)
@Professor Snape:
Что ж эта звезднополосатая гнида везде... простите, само как-то вырвалось. Вы, пендосы, мотивируете меня, к примеру, почаще совершать прогулки, меньше нервничать, ездить на природу, есть побольше овощей, заниматься спортом, улыбаться, мыслить в позитивном ключе, чтобы дожить-таки до того дня, когда союз России и Китая покарает англосаксов, и СШП в частности, анально, то есть сделает то, что большинство стран боится, но втайне желает произвести с самой подлой, бесполезной и презренной породой. А лично вам скажу на языке ваших будущих повелителей - на русском: ваше мнение вам следует высказывать своему мужу, одного с вами пола, то есть тому, кому оно по умолчанию должно быть интересно.
Professor Snape
(06.01.15 - 20:20)
I think you should spend your time and attention cleaning your teeth.
Steven Jacks
(13.03.15 - 15:24)
@Professor Snape:
Sometimes I wish I could 'double like' a comment. Lol.
(25.09.15 - 08:04)
@Professor Snape:
Этой клизмой надо выстрелить тебе в голову.Глядишь,умные мысли начнут зарождаться в твоей черепной коробке
The Lich
(25.09.15 - 11:13)
Почему? Что именно вас не устраивает в его комментариях?
(25.09.15 - 12:14)
@Professor Snape:
That's impossible.Life is short.More gin please.
Allgemein (30.08.14 - 22:19)
very interesting����
Allgemein (30.08.14 - 20:21)
Great app with very cool layout! ��
Allgemein (30.03.14 - 18:19)
Интересное приложение. Рекомендую.
Allgemein (30.03.14 - 14:20)
I was speechless really nice :))))
Allgemein (30.03.14 - 13:26)
Понравилось!!! :)
Professor Snape
Allgemein (30.03.14 - 11:06)
Get it and stop bitching about quality apps.
Allgemein (29.03.14 - 23:30)
Очень круто, познавательно. Для не знающих английский- плохо ��
Allgemein (29.03.14 - 20:30)
Way cool. Recommended for all map-lovers, size comparison fans and curious people in general. Thumbs up!
Allgemein (29.03.14 - 19:15)
Well done
Allgemein (28.03.14 - 02:50)
Oh, this reminds me of Powers of Ten. Look it up on YouTube or this link:

It's an old video, but it zooms from inside atoms to galaxies and is still relevant. There is a newer version with the same name with Morgan Freeman as narrator, which is also great. You learn a great deal about the relativity of size and distances. It's really cool.

And there is also a Simpsons spoof intro based on that video that is also very funny.
(29.03.14 - 06:46)
Ok !!!!��������
You are on my space coordinates :)))
(29.03.14 - 22:33)
@�� astrostar1��:
Thanks :)
Have you seen the smallest snowman in the universe? So cute haha :) ☃
(29.03.14 - 22:49)
No, but I have not found �� �� ��
(30.03.14 - 00:02)
@�� astrostar1��:
It's between DNA and cells, next to human hair.
And it's actually world's smallest snowman, not the universes. :d
(30.03.14 - 12:22)
Yeah here it is
(30.03.14 - 14:46)
Ah good. Made a mistake. So the name of the remake with Morgan Freemans voiceover is called Cosmic Voyage. I thought it was also called Powers of Ten, since YouTube shows both when you search for it. :)
Allgemein (28.03.14 - 02:13)
@Astrocat & Tuco: ��⭐️
This one is for you, too!
Kater, einpacken! Gefällt dir bestimmt!
(28.03.14 - 04:32)
Danke Danke !!!
(29.03.14 - 06:42)
(30.03.14 - 14:18)
Super Gouvy
It' s a wonder thanks
�� �� �� �� ��
Professor Snape
(30.03.14 - 21:16)
I LOVE stuff like this. Anything else like this you like??
(30.03.14 - 22:06)
@"Prof. Snape" Nixon: @GroovyGouvy:
Review? I don't see any. Am I missing something. You got a blog or something?
(30.03.14 - 22:23)
No, Logi, Snape likes kidding. �� think he is not used to a GG review recommending an app with sparse words. ��
This app is awesome!!
(30.03.14 - 22:24)
@"Prof. Snape" Nixon:
Are you referring to the review or the app??? ��
(30.03.14 - 22:29)
(30.03.14 - 23:01)
Yeah, I know he is sarcastic most of the time, but his second line seems genuine, so that got me confused.
Professor Snape
(30.03.14 - 23:27)
I like the app as previously stated...
I'm confused why everyone else is confused! Is the AZ translation button faulty?
If anyone knows of others that are similar - I would like to like to find more.
I'm am getting ready to delete and archive apps since space is now below one gig and will soon have more room to try new [apps]. LOVED this one!
(30.03.14 - 23:41)
@"Prof. Snape" Nixon:
No it's not the translation. You wrote "thanks for the review". I was wondering which review you were referring to, because I didn't see one by GroovyGouvy.
(31.03.14 - 03:40)
@"Prof. Snape" Nixon:
���� This time I was kidding. And no never seen anything like this before, I'd mentioned if so, and I LOVE it too. We are less than dust in the universe and behave as if we are the universe itself. That is what it showed me. ��
(31.03.14 - 08:01)
Hey Gouvy I too have had your same feeling, I really like your answer
�� �� ✨ ✨
Have you a nice day :)))))
Allgemein (28.03.14 - 01:17)
Absolutely loved it. If you've seen the pictures of the stars compared to our own sun is the same concept. You also get to see subatomic sizes compared and so on. I loved it and it's worth trying out. Don't like the background music that much but everything leaves you in total awe.. Thanks for a great app
(28.03.14 - 02:11)
Cool! Just the screenshots convinced me right away. Wow!!
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