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  • Weather glance - accurate & beautiful forecast with widget

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** Highly intuitive and super accurate weather forecast powered by (Dark Sky data) **

Weather glance is an intuitive and detailed weather app.
It shows you temperature by colour so you can find out all the weather conditions and trends at a quick glance.

[ IMPORTANT ] In-app purchase is required to get weather info.

Also, those weather panels are "Tappable".
So, you can drill down detailed info at a specific time for the next 7 days.

Information included;

- Current weather conditions
- Temperature
- Wind speed and wind direction
- Chance of rain in graph form
- Humidity
- Next 24 hours weather forecast
- Next 14 days weather forecast
- Multiple cities globally
- Compatible with °C and °F
- Compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod
- Time set switch (am/pm, 00:00)
- Sortable locations
- Location service switch (ON or OFF)
- Notification widget

Add on In-App purchase
- Data from (Dark Sky)
- Hourly forecast
- Faster data load

OS >= 7.0


Allgemein (16.06.15 - 11:30)
C'est bizarre. Il me semble avoir déjà payé cette application et maintenant avec la mise à jour il faut payer encore une fois. Suis je le seul ??
(29.06.16 - 13:04)
Me too ��
Allgemein (04.04.15 - 08:03)
5 degrees off every other weather app's current temperature. And that is in Farenheit. The difference would be VASTLY greater if someone was reading Celsius but thought they were reading Farenheit - dozens of degrees different.
(04.04.15 - 11:03)
Maybe the difference is the same....
(04.04.15 - 17:05)
Huh? Maybe the same is actually different. Maybe up is down. Maybe straight is round. Then the difference would be what you never can see. And maybe a Cheshire Cat is a hound with a frown.
(04.04.15 - 17:06)
Just a bit of fun. Every source I checked said it was 50 degrees, while this app said 45. If it was displaying Celsius, it would have said 10 degrees. 10 C = 50 F. The app simply uses an inaccurate source for its data.
(04.04.15 - 22:37)
I had a great time reading this comment / reply. Cheers!
Allgemein (23.01.15 - 18:52)
This App. isn't bad at all, especially with the different colors for the temps and the fact that it is SIMPLE, without all the other b.s. some of the other weather apps have, this one gives you the necessary basics you need for the day. It's DEFINITELY worth the price of FREE! I was reading some of the reviews and people are Stupid with the comments they made! Lol! One guy was complaining about the temp being TOTALY wrong but he failed to notice that it was in Celsius (when you first open the App. that's what setting it is in already) and started ranting about how wrong and dumb the app was but in reality it is him that is the dumb one! Lol! It's not a bad app for FREE fellow APPZAPPERS!!
P.S. This developer actually reads the reviews in the App Store too! F. Y. I.
Allgemein (22.01.15 - 21:35)
iPad 4. с 2го раза добавила город. который всё равно пропал
Allgemein (22.01.15 - 18:39)
Nice! Has potential!!!
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für iPhone + für iPad


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- In-App purchase linked to use super accurate data from

Erscheinungsdatum: 01.01.0001
Entwickler: B TO J PTY LTD
Rubrik: Wetter
Version: 8.5
Größe: 18 MB
FSK: 4+
Gesamtbewertung: 1,5
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