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  • Red Onion - Tor-powered web browser for anonymous browsing and darknet

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Du möchtest diese Funktion nutzen? Jetzt anmelden oder registrieren
Du möchtest diese Funktion nutzen? Jetzt anmelden oder registrieren
Du möchtest diese Funktion nutzen? Jetzt anmelden oder registrieren
Du möchtest diese Funktion nutzen? Jetzt anmelden oder registrieren

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Red Onion is a unique browser that lets you access the Internet privately and anonymously. With Red Onion you can bypass corporate, school, public wifi internet filters and access the entire Internet without restrictions with complete security. Not only that with the built downloader you can freely download without ever revealing your true identity or IP address.

Red Onion is a full-fledged Tor-powered browser that offers you a REAL solution, with multiple tabs, customizable start screen, built in ad-blocker, history, bookmarks, and much much more.

- Internet access tunneled over the Tor network
- Websites do not see your real IP address
- Access the entire Internet from behind corporate/ISP/national internet filters and censors
- Auto clean up of cookies on exit
- Reset history/tabs/etc on restart (App Settings > Full Reset or Always Full Reset options for flexibility)
- Access websites on the "dark net" of anonymous .onion web sites, only accessible through Tor
- Multiple tabs, Bookmarks & History
- Supports Do Not Track
- Start screen with the most frequent visited history entry's
- Real-time search in your browsing history, bookmarks and tabs
- Search engine integration in the Address bar
- Share URL's via Twitter, Mail, Google+
- Search in the webpage
- Download files by just tapping the link or "long press" the link to Force Download it
- Simultaneous downloads (App Settings > Concurrent Downloads - default is set to 3 for performance can be changed to max of 5)
- User-Agent spoofing
- Ad-block (for most ad-networks)
- Passcode lock and Touch ID support (NEW!)
- File Manager - Preview Apple supported format right from within the app or "Open in..." others app on your device.
- Multi format video/audio player allows you to play almost any video and audio format without leaving the app (wmv, mpeg, mpeg1, mpeg2, mpeg4, 3gp, sf, avi, divx, dv, gxf, m2p, m2ts, m2v, m4v, mkv, moov, mov, mp4, mpg, mpv, mt2s, mts, mxf, ogm, ogv, ps, qt, ts, vob, webm, wm, mp3, m4a, wma).
- Address bar search engine options (Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo, StartPage can be changed App Settings > Search Engine)
- Extract audio from mp4 files (convert to mp3)
- Robust File Manager
- m3u8 streams over Tor. Bypass geo-blocked live TV streams like Aljazeera by requesting country specific IP addresses (instructions in app)
- Download m3u8 streams
- (NEW!) Chromecast support with subtitles test.mp4 test.vtt (subtitle and video file must have the same name just different extensions)
- Playlist Manager
- Dynamically updating adblocker
- (NEW!) Block HTTP referrer
- (NEW!) Cloud backup optional (off my default)
- (NEW!) Unzip/Untar
- (NEW!) Text Editor

Important Notes:
- Web browsing/downloading through the anonymization network will be SIGNIFICANTLY SLOWER than through a non-tunneled browser like Safari. This is necessary and a small price to pay to keep your identity protected.
- This product uses the Tor distributed networks is produced independently from the Tor(r) anonymity software and carries no guarantee from The Tor Project about quality, suitability or anything else.

OS >= 7.0


Allgemein (15.11.17 - 17:27)
Единственный из множества испробованных вчера ( включая браузеры опера, лис и пр.), который реально работает, на ходу распаковывает зиппованные папки, создаёт внутреннюю библиотеку и имеет собственный архив. ����
Геть Усiх
(19.11.17 - 17:10)
вернись обратно в свои одноглазнеки, ламо блэт гг
Allgemein (04.05.16 - 09:08)
Rubbish ... Deleted.
Allgemein (19.03.16 - 14:44)
@Mark Jefferson:
You must set the bridge address to a NSA node. They have the fastest connections. ��
Mark Jefferson
Allgemein (18.03.16 - 19:30)
Very slow browsing. Deleted.
(24.08.16 - 18:20)
das sind aber alle Tor-Browser und liegt nicht an den Apps sondern an der Tor Infrastruktur an sich.
Für mich ist der Browser hier der zur Zeit beste Tor-Browser mit Downloadfunktion(haben die wenigsten)
dazu ein fairer Preis und gute App-Pflege.
Allgemein (18.03.16 - 17:51)
Now for free btw YouTube download still work :) must download now!
Allgemein (18.03.16 - 17:47)
Пользование тором-мором автоматически привлекает внимание спецслужб
Allgemein (09.03.16 - 07:01)
Apparently this is now again downloading from YouTube (and other sites). I just tested it, as another AppZapper had mentioned that they were able to do this. So I deleted the app already on my iDevice and reinstalled it, and bam it had this functionality again. I know that this is not the main reason people use this app, but I thought I would mention it ��
Professor Snape
Allgemein (07.02.16 - 00:22)
The NSA has broken TOR.
TOR is old technology and old news.
(07.02.16 - 06:46)
@Professor Snape:
Good to know. Thanks for the info
Professor Snape
(07.02.16 - 06:52)
Do a news search. I suspected this long ago, however.
Professor Snape
(07.02.16 - 06:55)
As a second thought, the only was I would use a TOR network app (or browser) would be through an already running VPN.
Windom Earle
(07.02.16 - 16:21)
@Professor Snape:
I tried to do it already with a Swedish VPN account used with OpenVPN, then I started TOR but it doesn't work (connection problem).
TOR has broken a long time ago but I know they're working on a new project called Vuvuzela...anyone knows If them finally released it?!?
(07.02.16 - 18:07)
@Professor Snape:
Yeah, I had heard rumors in the past about the vulnerability of Tor on various forums/blogs but I thought they were just being somewhat paranoid, but I guess not! But like you said it makes sense that using it with a VPN should probably give it the added layers of security that's needed, the slowness issues notwithstanding. And Professor Snape, you're pretty sure about this?

Thanks again for the info :)

Here's a link to a story (with the first paragraph quoted):

"In early July, hacker Jacob Appelbaum and two other security experts published a blockbusterstory in conjunction with the German press. They had obtained leaked top secret NSA documents and source code showing that the surveillance agency had targeted and potentially penetrated the Tor Network, a widely used privacy tool considered to be the holy grail of online anonymity."
Pando: Almost Everyone Involved in Developing Tor was (or is) Funded by the US Government
(07.02.16 - 18:10)
@Windom Earle:
Good question about "Vuvuzela"
Professor Snape
(07.02.16 - 18:10)
Great Info
(07.02.16 - 18:18)
@Professor Snape:
No problem :) And the funny thing is that the story was from 2014! (and there are probably hundreds of other articles pretty much like this). To be honest I haven't really been using Tor in the last few years anyway - so I personally never really followed any stories regarding it - because I remember years ago how it was so slow, and this was really irritating and frustrating.
(07.02.16 - 18:21)
@Professor Snape:
That said, there seems to be many articles that allegedly "debunk" the notion that the spooks have penetrated it (not that I believe this)
(07.02.16 - 18:41)
To be honest I personally never trusted Snowden (and I can't really prove anything). He (and Assange) to me seemed like a "limited hangout" type type of operation. That said, maybe he's being "sincere" but the fact that he never talks about "False Flags" to me gives off many "red flags." There are other dissidents from the various Intel Agencies (including the NSA) that very much do talk about various False Flags and/or Psy Ops (of course some of these could be psyops in and of themselves targeting the Patriot/Truther community so who really knows? LOL)

Here are a few links discussing Mr. Snowden. I can't vouch for their veracity, but IMO, what is said should at least be heard, at least to hear the other side to "Mr. Snowden is the best thing since sliced bread narrative"
(07.02.16 - 18:48)
FYI, If anyone would like to hear from someone that has talked about various false flags/psy ops (i.e. so-called "conspiracy theories") by the PTB, I would suggest that people do a search for this guy:

"scott rickard nsa"
(15.02.16 - 22:00)
@Windom Earle: link to Vuvuzela source code: and relevant article here: Looks good- works with only 2 or can be scaled as needed unlike Tor :)
(15.02.16 - 22:04)
Windom Earle
(15.02.16 - 22:05)
ThanXXX a lot!
(16.02.16 - 00:51)
Thanks a lot for all of this info ��
(18.03.16 - 11:01)
Gov uses for TOR:
Allgemein (05.02.16 - 18:54)
Toller Tor-Browser und den Euro definitiv wert
und aktuell sogar gratis!!!

Zur Zeit mein bevorzugter Tor-Browser und ich hab etliche getestet und letztendlich sind sich fast alle sehr ähnlich, aber im Gesamtpaclet bevorzuge ich den Tor Browser hier

Und kostenlos sollte man den Ladevorgang zügig starten, bevor Angebot vorbei.
Allgemein (05.02.16 - 13:56)
Наконец-то бесплатно! Первый заход успешен! Давно ждал, очень необходимая вещь, благодарность разработчикам! ����
Allgemein (05.02.16 - 06:36)
Finally Free.

Dark net here we come.
Allgemein (04.02.16 - 21:19)
Что то AppZapp не оповестил о раздаче. Узнал случайно. Давно к нему присматривался из за возможности скачивания файлов. Пару конкурентов есть, но они без загрузчика. На Флибусте проверил — все норм. ��
(05.02.16 - 03:06)
Странно, у меня тоже оповещение не сработало. Чисто случайно утром зашел посмотреть новости в AppZapp и обнарушил бесплатный Tor. Наверно стараются не аффишировать его бесплатность
Judy Doe
(05.02.16 - 04:13)
Мне уведомление пришло на почту.
(05.02.16 - 13:11)
Ну флибусту и Opera открывает...
(05.02.16 - 13:17)
Ага, но Tor не помешает. Тем более это приложение похоже самое функциональное и наиболее приближенное к десктопной версии в AppStore. Да и некоторые книги на Флибусте, "удаленные" по требованию правообладателя, можно скачать через Tor по адресу http://flibustahezeous3.onion/
Allgemein (04.10.15 - 20:18)
If you want to hide, this is the browser to use, it's a little slow but there is a reason for it and to get to the dark net there is no substitute.
Arac Caine
(05.02.16 - 23:09)
No, The TOR nodes aren't safe anymore.
Allgemein (04.10.15 - 19:06)
AppZappers (this is the full app tip I had prepared regarding this app),

I know this is not free, but my advice is to get this ASAP. Please check out my collection of Apps that DL YouTube. As I previously said regarding the Amerigo app (in an app tip and post), almost overnight dozens of these apps have been pulled, and Apple is purging these types of apps from the store.

Like Amerigo, this one downloads basically from all video sites and can even convert videos to audios. All browser apps made by Omar Mody, at least that I own, have these capabilities, although I'm not sure about Azul for iPad or Rocket Fire Video for Amazon, as I don't have these.

Anyway, again my advice is if you want these kinds of features, to get these apps ASAP (although, not all of them convert videos to audios like this one and other Omar Mody apps).
(04.10.15 - 19:12)
(04.10.15 - 19:51)
No problem ��
(04.10.15 - 20:10)
Thanks. Hope it will work with iOS 9+. But I think 1€ is worth the risk. ����
(04.10.15 - 21:52)
Actually yes, this does work (i.e. it successfully will connect to the web through Tor) with iOS 9 (I have 9.0.2). Is this what you mean? Although of course the speed will obviously vary because of different factors, and sometimes it can be a little slow at times ��

(04.02.16 - 21:25)
thanks so much for the clarity of comments here I was not sure until I just read your remarks, again thank you app collector! do appreciate your time in letting us know. ginny
(05.02.16 - 14:16)
No problem. I'm glad I could help ��

Unfortunately it doesn't download YT videos anymore. But there are other apps for that.
(05.02.16 - 15:10)
Thanks for the answer. I just saw it. �� sorry, I'm late. Would I have waited
I'd got it for free. ��
Nevertheless it was a good investment I think. ����
(09.03.16 - 09:17)
*for anyone interested, I have found recently that the app TurboDL lets me download yt videos ��
(09.03.16 - 14:47)
Yes, but the question is, did you just do a fresh installation in the last week or so after it was updated?

Because on the iPhone it still downloads YT videos (and other vids from other sites), even though I did update it and it has been on the iPhone for months (I never removed it or reinstalled it recently).

However, not so on the iPad. I just installed it recently and it doesn't DL YouTube videos (or any videos).

There's another way to find out if the app isn't downloading YouTube videos, or "why" it isn't capable of doing this, other than of course going to the YouTube site.

Go into Settings

Go into Player

Go into Link Detection

Now this shows the page where you'll see all of the file types that will enable you to DL YouTube videos (and other media).

If the file type is there such as mp4, mov, m4v, or other media like mp3, m4a, aac, etc., you're good to go.

However on the iPad, none of these "media" kinds of file types are there. Instead, there is zip, jpeg, gif, pdf, docx, txt, and many other non-video/audio file types.

Are you willing to try deleting the app and then reinstalling it? (If you don't mind the "possibly" of not having the ability to DL videos and audios; although these apps are at times unpredictable, so who knows?)

But that's question; are you willing to delete and then reinstall it? (But again, you may lose the ability to DL YouTube and other media)

Allgemein (01.10.15 - 22:58)
Perfect for 4chan
Allgemein (22.06.15 - 02:34)
Эй - Чебуреки-создатели , а шо не судьба там русский яз. Установить ?!??? Итак фСЁ запутанно ������
Только за это - фууууу ������
Allgemein (15.12.14 - 20:54)
Единственное предназначение данного приложения (помимо обхода запрещенного списка сайтов Роскомнадзора) - скачивание книг с Флибусты.

(15.12.14 - 23:05)
А я им исключительно для скачивания книг и пользуюсь :-))
Allgemein (10.09.14 - 23:49)
В атмосфере повального наезда на онлайн- б. п. библиотеки, при помощи этой конфетки скачал нужные книги .
Инструкция: в адресную строку вбить
ссылка с полной инструкцией с пикабу: http:// node/206844. ( спасибо посту Eligor13 !).
(12.12.14 - 00:14)
зачем мучать жепу, есле с флибусты все отлично скачиваетсо через обычный сафари
(12.12.14 - 06:23)
Скажите пожалуйста, а ign в этом месяце ничего не раздает?
(12.12.14 - 15:51)
Сначала проверь,потом - напиши. Такая формулировка при попытке скачать не попадалась:" Доступ к книге ограничен по требованию правоторговца?". Прежде чем написать этот комментарий, я попытался скачать с Флибусты из сафари ( по вашей рекомендации) книгу Пелевина " S.N.U.F.F." - как и ожидалось - нулевой результат. :-)) мой совет в комментарии к этому приложению не просто для " потрудить жопу" написан.
Проверь - отпишись.
(15.12.14 - 19:50)
Я каждый день флибустой пользуюсь.
Все что мне надо, скачиваю без проблем из сафари.
Возможно я не сталкивался с подобной ошибкой, потому что меня не очень интересуют современные писатели рукаме.
Шолохов, Макаренко, Симонов, Толстой, Достоевский - скачивал в этом месяце и все закачал без проблем.
Из современных качал Беркема, Боброва, Бушкова, Бушина, Исаева, Дюкова - тоже все ровно.

Пелевина проверил - не закачивает через сафари.
Если хочешь читать Пелевина - тогда мучай��

Кстате качал я Пелевина в прошлом году с флибусты, тот же снуф. Все нормально было.
(15.12.14 - 23:18)
Надеюсь, ты не обиделся? Я не о литературных вкусах, а о применении данного приложения писал; очень был озадачен, когда то и дело натыкался на этот запрет :-(( Надеюсь, кому- нибудь будет полезно использование этого способа для скачивания книги ❄️�� :-))
Allgemein (27.05.14 - 17:27)
Предварительно годен.
Страницы открывает, конечно медленней чем сафари, но быстрее чем onion, примерно за 5-7 секунд открывается костяк страницы, и еще некоторое время требуется на открытие больших изображений.
Видео еще не смотрел.
Мне видео тут без надобности, приобрел для травли бандеровцев, на их сайтах с русским ипом даже зарегитсо нельзя, сразу банят. Свобода слова на окраине, по всем трем каналам, как в совке бггг

Креаклов разочарую: страницу жулика и лживого пидараса навальнера открывать напрочь отказался, даже китайский бразер понимает - это конкретное западло бгг
Спустили какашку в толчог и прально.
Не нада в нем рытсо и пытатсо ее достать.
Allgemein (17.05.14 - 11:19)
вот бы узнать с какой скоростью работает этот бразер.
официальным тором(зеленая луковка) на иос пользоватсо практически невозможно, очень медленная скорость.
(17.05.14 - 22:01)
приложение очень шустрое и сразу готово к работе, мне понравилось
(17.05.14 - 22:42)
сразу к работе готово и мое приложение - onion browser.
но скорость интернета в нем очень низкая, половину страниц просто не открывается по причине превышения лимита ожидания.

я давно начал пользовать тор, еще с win xp.
в данной проге интересует именно скорость инторнетов, скорость открытия страниц и только она :)
со всем остальным я справлюсь.

(27.05.14 - 17:05)
Видимо не дождусь ответа.
Ладно, 33 рубля небольшие деньги, куплю и сам проверю.
Allgemein (07.05.14 - 09:45)
Der zur Zeit beste Tor-Browser.
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2,29 €

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Was ist Neu in dieser Version

With this update we are adding some requested features and changing some default settings to make the app more secure and feature rich.
- Ability to block HTTP referrer
- Block iCloud backup by default for downloaded files (you can reenable it in App Settings)
- Unzip/GUnzip/Untar
- Text Editor to open variety of text file and edit them
- iOS 9 styled new app icon
- Updated Spoofing User Agent strings to newest version
- Added to list of search engines available
Thank you for your continued support and feedback to improve the app. Your 5-star ratings and reviews are highly appreciated and keep us motivated, so a sincere thank you for that.

Erscheinungsdatum: 01.01.0001
Entwickler: Omar Mody
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Rubrik: Dienstprogramme
Version: 2.2
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