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Tube for YouTube is the critically acclaimed new app for YouTube. Watch YouTube like never before thanks to Tube's unique browse while watching in fullscreen feature.

***** AppAdvice - Today's Best App: “If you’re looking for an experience that is better than the official YouTube app, then look no further.”
***** CNET: “Gives you a more complete (and entertaining) YouTube experience by letting you "channel surf" while the current video plays… Take that, Google!”

Tube is the perfect way to discover and enjoy great new videos on the go or relaxing at home.

Some of the awesome features:
- Browse search results, featured videos and playlists while watching in full screen
- Flat single-screen navigation enables easy/fast access to your favorite features with a single tap
- Gorgeous iOS 7 style interface
- View YouTube curated channels or sign-in with your YouTube account to access all of your Subscriptions, Playlists etc.
- Easily subscribe to new channels or add videos to your Favorites and Watch Later list.
- Filter searches your way with the intuitive iOS 7 style menu
- Video ratings and number of views are displayed on each video while browsing
- Easily share videos using the standard iOS 7 sharing interface

Tube provides the most immersive YouTube experience on your iPhone. Download it now to see for yourself.

OS >= 8.0


Allgemein (14.02.17 - 21:37)
I have tried many tube apps. This one has become among my top 3 tube apps.
Get it while free.

Clean black interface and background. (Saves more battery)
Nice simple Youtube alike buttons and overall nice overview.
Fast fading-in menu from left and right sides and the video in the middle.
No Ads

Filter by date, upload date, views, ratings, HD

Sort searched videos by upload date, views ...

"Auto play" - no need to click on Play button. The video just starts automatically. This function can be set to On or Off in Settings.
( Sometimes Auto play is handy and sometimes not. An improvement could be a button for that purpose on the menu.)

Playlist & Comments
You can directly create or delete playlist for your channel.
You can add videos to your playlist.
You can add or delete your comments.
You can Not set your playlist on public or private.
You can Not upload videos to your channel.

Background mode
if you want to lock your device or browse Safari or use other apps and keep listening to the chosen video. You can set it to On or Off in Settings. Nice.

Airplay support directly within the app.

Child lock
Hold 3 fingers in 3 seconds.

In the Full Screen mode (when side menus are already hidden), swipe the current video (right to left) to play the next video and swipe the other way for the previous video

Save Video
The video can be saved for later watching. - and removed too.
The saved video cannot be exported at all. It remains within the app.

Landscape Mode only
it does not support Potrait Mode for this nice app unfortunately. But here is the developer's comment on that:
" When was the last time you tried to flip your TV on its side? Yup, that’s why Tube works exclusively in landscape mode. As it should :)"

Enjoy ;)
(15.02.17 - 06:56)
What are the other two tube apps of your top three? Thanks.
(15.02.17 - 08:49)
Unfortunately, the other top fav. tube apps are no longer available on App Store, so I could refer them to you.
Allgemein (14.02.17 - 16:33)
Can't log in with my google account. Has anyone the same problem?
(14.02.17 - 17:37)
Нет. Я зашел в свой гугл аккаунт, все работает отлично!
(14.02.17 - 19:04)
ich muss immer wieder mein Passwort eingeben. Danach fragt er mich, mit welchem Konto. Ich wähle eins aus. Und wieder werde ich nach dem Passwort gefragt. Geht immer so weiter. PW ist natürlich richtig ;)

Weiss da momentan nicht weiter :-/
(14.02.17 - 19:08)
No problem, worked first time.
Allgemein (14.02.17 - 14:09)
(14.02.17 - 18:40)
Did he remove the the download feature ��??
Allgemein (04.07.16 - 03:41)
Immer noch ein sehr guter YouTubeClient,
der nicht aussieht wie 1000andere YT-Apps die so feil geboten werden.
Und für'n Euro absolut gerechtfertigt fair und ohne massenhaft Werbung wie bei 99% aller You Tube dritt-Apps.

Empfehlenswert und günstig.
Allgemein (12.06.16 - 17:48)
download all videos, top 10
Aleksey Blokhin
Allgemein (11.06.16 - 00:00)
Allgemein (12.05.16 - 11:44)
How to download video? Any idea?
Agent Smith
(12.05.16 - 14:09)
There should be a download button under the video screen towards the left side..

Eğer link yoksa hata oluşmuştur, uygulamayı kapatıp şansını tekrar dene. Olmuyorsa da google a...
Allgemein (11.05.16 - 21:14)
Great app must have my favorit YT d/l still work download fast today for free :)
Allgemein (07.12.14 - 21:10)
Gmail password harvester....
(07.12.14 - 21:49)
(11.05.16 - 00:33)
Agent Smith
Allgemein (07.12.14 - 09:21)
+ can save youtube movies,
+ has a background playing feature if you enable it from settings
+ has favs, playlist etc.
+ allows you set some important settings such as quality
+ child lock, safe search

- only works horizontal screen, you need to get used to it, maybe then this will turn into a plus feature,
- desperately tries to make you login to google in order to make playlists,favs and more (.. Uhh no thanks; we have original youtube app for that login thing)
- country settings not present unless if you login of course..

Over all it is ok if you grab it while free (;

(07.12.14 - 11:42)
@Agent Smith:
������ plus there is no in-app purchase!! Perfect! ��
(07.12.14 - 11:52)
@Agent Smith:
The only major downside I noticed for now is the fixed horizontal view.
Agent Smith
(07.12.14 - 16:33)
Yes it is not the usual way that most of the ios apps use, but it might be ok since it is compatible with video size ratios.
Agent Smith
(07.12.14 - 16:44)
Yup, actually that is the biggest plus I have forgotten to mention (;
(07.12.14 - 17:31)
@Agent Smith:
What does that mean?
I mean being compatible with video size ratios
Agent Smith
(07.12.14 - 17:41)
I mean 16:9 aspect ratio of youtube videos which are more compatible with a horizontal usage.
thus horizontal ui of this app makes sense
(07.12.14 - 17:42)
@Agent Smith:
Most 3rd party YouTube apps support that feature. Anyways, I got what you mean :) thanks

Agent Smith
(07.12.14 - 18:00)
Actually most of them are fixed vertical apps, even the original youtube app..
They use horizontal screen only while playing the fullscreen video .

Since English is not my native language and also not my best point I might use some confusing language, sorry about that (;
and plus if I use my native language, auto translate won't help because they are all terrible at "tr to eng" translating. (:
(07.12.14 - 18:04)
@Agent Smith:
You are totally welcome to post comments in your native language, I do have tureng app installed for that purpose :)
Agent Smith
(07.12.14 - 18:14)
Hey thanks.
First I will try to use English in order to improve myself, but if it does not work out then I am relying on the Tureng app (;
(08.12.14 - 01:18)
@Agent Smith:
Can't seem to find the settings :( also, how do you change the quality of a video?
Agent Smith
(08.12.14 - 01:29)
On the left part scroll down the icons and you will find the settings icon at the bottom and quality setting is in there.. (;

(08.12.14 - 01:38)
@Agent Smith:
Thanks man!! (:
(08.12.14 - 08:43)
@Agent Smith:
Indeed this app can Download the videos to your iDevice.
Allgemein (07.12.14 - 08:53)
Yo dawg, I heard you liked YouTube so I put tube inside your tube, so you can watch YouTube.
Allgemein (27.05.14 - 07:10)
Чем это приложение лучше стандартного youtube?
(03.08.14 - 08:07)
Тем, что стандартное есть только у нищеёбов с 3Gs и iOS5, не?
(03.08.14 - 09:28)
Что-то вы херню сморозили, сэр
(03.08.14 - 13:01)
Мой тебе совет, школотёнок: можешь НЕ писать - не пиши!
НИКОГДА не позволяй себе оскорблять незнакомых людей выражениями " нище..." и т. д.
Здесь никого не интересует размер кошелька твоего папы ( или " покровителя"). :-))
(15.12.14 - 14:47)
Про оскорбление уже сказали!
Для ios5-8 есть официальный клиент youtube, в первом комментарии скорее всего это и имелось введу
(11.05.16 - 20:53)
@Konstantin: Быстро слить видео с туба. Очень удобно недосмотрел ролик, слил, по дороге на работу удобно досмотреть.
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