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Finalist in the CVA videogames awards 2015. Nominations: Best Audio, Best Original Music, Best Indie Game and Best iOS Game!

"The most exciting horror game of 2015." - AppSpy
"The developers have managed to craft a genuinely unsettling game with a moody atmosphere and masterfully engineered scares." - AppSpy
"Forgotten Memories is an atmospheric tale of horror" - 148Apps
"It's a well put-together tribute to survival horror games of yesteryear." - PocketGamerUK
"The game is easily recommendable for those looking for that Silent Hill feel." - Destructoid

AppStore customer rating: 9.5 out of 10!

Discover a true gaming and narrative experience on your iOS device.

In Forgotten Memories: Alternate Realities, you will play Rose Hawkins, a strong independent woman looking for Eden, a missing child. Rose wakes up wounded in a strange place she doesn't recognize. While looking for the young girl, she will find herself locked in a never ending tragedy; frozen in time. Rose will need to confront her deepest fears to unveil the mystery behind her terrifying investigation.

Forgotten Memories is a third person Psychological Survival Horror game combining exploration, reflection, puzzles, action and survival where the gameplay is focused on fear mechanics.
A true spiritual successor of the greatest horrific games from the 90's. Forgotten Memories is a classic survival horror game.

Forgotten Memories combines deep psychological story, beautifully rendered environments, and smooth gameplay action into a fantastic horror experience you will never forget.
Enjoy incredible voice acting with, among others, Guy Cihi and David Schaufele (James Sunderland and Eddie Dombrowski from Silent Hill 2).
Master the game with accurate touch systems.

• Classic survival horror mechanics
• A deep narrative and climatic psychological horror experience
• High-end and smooth 3D graphics (Metal, HDRL; Dynamic Lighting / Shadows; Multiple post-processes)
• Challenging gameplay (Limited save points; few med kits; restricted ammo; unpredictable environments; adaptive enemies)
• Highly replayable; Unlockables; Game Center achievements, challenges and leaderboard; In game ranking stats system.
• Accurate touch controls
• No in-app purchases. We don't sell any weapons, ammunitions, or anything that will impact the game experience. You will be on your own ;)

Supported Hardware :
iPhone 4s and higher, iPod touch 5th gen, iPad 2, iPadMini or Higher.
For a better experience we recommend iPhone5s, iPadAir or iPadMini2 and up (any A7/A8 based devices).

Future updates:
We are aggressively updating and improving the game every week. Major version will contain multi-language support, new improvements/additions to the combat/AI system, new areas to explore and environments to interact with among other things.

MFI controller support is partial. Menu navigation with MFI will come in the first major update.
Minimum supported devices: iPodTouch6, iPhone5, iPad3, iPadMini2 and newer. We not longer support devices with 512MBs of ram!

OS >= 7.1


Allgemein (13.12.16 - 02:14)
Algum desconto de natal ?
Allgemein (08.02.16 - 22:30)
В плані графіки та звуку гра ідеальна, справді стрьомні моменти є , але відчувається якась коридорність.
Allgemein (02.11.15 - 23:23)
Great game, as I can see. Should we expect a Christmas sale (and russian language by that date)?
(21.11.15 - 17:14)
Тоже подожду падения цены.
Allgemein (02.11.15 - 23:05)
Ночь, наушники и полные штаны! Супер! Атмосфера-жесть!
Allgemein (31.10.15 - 23:50)
Très bon jeux! Manque juste les sous titre!
(01.11.15 - 11:25)
@Cédric :
Glad You Like The Game.Please Read My Post.
(01.11.15 - 11:29)
Salut t'es le créateur du jeu?
(01.11.15 - 11:36)
@Cédric :
Yes,i'm One of The Developers,We're a Small Indie Company here at Psychose Interactive.We're all Gamers First,i've Start Play Games 37
Years ago,We've Passion in What we Done.
(01.11.15 - 11:40)
Ba félicitations pour ce petit chef-d'oeuvre! Par contre des sous titre français en plus ça serai cool! Pour la prochaine mise à jour!
(01.11.15 - 11:40)
Bonne continuation!
(01.11.15 - 11:52)
@Cédric :
A Quick Question:
What Difficulty You play? Easy,Normal or Hard?
You found The Game easy,or Difficult?
A Launch Day there was only One Difficulty,that was More than The Hard One,We Developer a Game that It's a Tribute To The Old School Survival Horror Games,especially SILENT HILL,infact Some Characters Are involved Like Voice Acting.We're Want The Game to Be really Difficult,Then after much Criticism we're forced to Change and Update it with The Easy,Normal Setting.
(01.11.15 - 12:36)
En mode normal pour le moment! J'ai pas jouer beaucoup! J'ai jouer 3h environ! Je vais me plonger dedans cette après-midi! Je te tiens au courant! Ps: t'es pas bigboss de cydia?
(01.11.15 - 12:45)
@Cédric :
When you Finish the Normal One,Start a New Game,You Will find Some Cool Weapons and Costumes For Rose(you had to find Them) No,i'm Not BigBoss on Repository on Cydia,It's Only A Username,I'm a Huge Fan Of Metal Gear Solid Franchise.
(01.11.15 - 18:17)
Ok ça marche! Juste un petit souci là batterie fond comme neige au soleil sur iPhone 6s! Mais j'adore le jeu pour le moment! C'est un mélange de silence Hill et résidente evil! Un peu dur mais moi j'aime comme ça! Nickel! Vous pensez faire une suite?
(01.11.15 - 18:45)
@Cédric :
If You have Hot Battery it's Cause The Game Push You're iPhone 6s To it's Limits.In Option,You Have all Effects on? Try to disable Some of them.It's Difficult in Normal Mode? Come On! Forgotten Memories it's Already The First Episode"The Pilot Episode"of A Series Of Episodes In The Forgotten Memories Universe.The
Second Episode Will See Characters From SILENT HILL 2,Like James Sunderland(Guy Cihi) Eddie Dombrowski(David Schaufele)and others,Maybe Maria (M.T.Horgan) The First Two Are already in Some Voice Acting In The Game.
Allgemein (29.10.15 - 11:55)
Halloween Sale,Enjoy
So we've decided to extend the gameplay time by adding more explorable areas, interactions and puzzles/riddles! It should count for around around 1 and half hours. For the existing/current areas, we are improving tons of things.
We also would like to say that the overall mechanics have been improved, including combat and AI enemies. They are not easier or harder, they are just way better and more naturally intuitive!
Game is now translated into major gaming languages, including: French, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Japanese. Next-up languages: German, Italian, Portuguese, Korean and Polish! We also have plans to add even more languages too.

Lastly, VITA/PS3/PS4/PC port still in the works and we are improving textures, models, shaders, materials to use next gen Physically Based Shading. Next gen graphics updates won't be supported by old devices, only A8 and new ones (yeah the next Apple device thingies) due to hardware restrictions/limitations. Older devices will get of course all the remaining updates.
(29.10.15 - 12:19)
Any plans on making this compatible with Apple TV?
(29.10.15 - 12:28)
Maybe,it's Possible,But Not Now,We're Focused On Launch On PSVita,PS3,PS4 Now.But,Why Not?
(29.10.15 - 16:21)
When you will add Russian localization?
(29.10.15 - 16:29)
Glad to see a developer here on Appzapp! So, how long is the full gameplay time?
(29.10.15 - 16:44)
We're Not Forget about you Russian Guys,Immediately After The Launch Of PSVita Version with All The New Stuff(Plus Others Modes that I Haven't Write) The Update Will Hit App Store.
(29.10.15 - 16:46)
Thanks for an answer! We will wait for it!
(29.10.15 - 16:54)
@Lalol Hernández:
I Won't Scary You,As Developer,I Can Finish The Game On Hard Mode In Less Than 15 Minutes(the Current Version) Cause I Know Everything Of The Game,I'm NR 1 Worldwide Apple Gamecenter Leaderboards,So,you Ask To The Wrong Man,FM Was mean To Be For Harcore Gamers,There Was only One Difficulty Setting at Launch,But Then We Were Force To Update the Game Cause Costumers says it's Too Difficult,and add 2 New Difficuly Setting,one more Easy,And one More Hard,So,Depends From You're Skill,But If You Want Enjoy The Story,Find every Secrets,Every Extras Unlockables(you Need to play the Game 3 Times in order to Unlock every Weapons,Costumes,You have Developer Console so you can Tweak You're Gameplay and Grapchics,so,lot of Time,and with the New Update the Game it's More Longer.
(29.10.15 - 17:05)
How can I post Picture in Comment with The in Game Translation?
(29.10.15 - 18:26)
You can't. But you can sent link for the picture from another site)
Allgemein (29.10.15 - 06:44)
Пять минут в игре и уже страшно.
Allgemein (24.06.15 - 20:10)
Update 1.0.5 it's out:
- MFI controller run/walk button fixed
- Memory improvements
- Other minor improvements
Sorry for the delay guys.
Allgemein (24.06.15 - 19:26)
Guys,I've lot of requests of users ask me to add iCloud support.since Apple has close ITunes file sharing and Programs like Ifunbox for keep savefile safe on iOS 8.3,after the launch of Forgotten Memories for PSVita,a major Update with completely new modes and iCloud support will follow,thanks to all for the support.
(24.06.15 - 19:41)
Hello) when you add Russian language ?
You loose a lot of customers!
(24.06.15 - 20:11)
We are a small team,but we want add localization,but as a future update.
We want add as many possible language,but we need time for this,but it's in our plans.
(24.06.15 - 20:14)
All Russian community wait for it!
(17.10.15 - 07:29)
Thanks so much, buddy!
Allgemein (09.06.15 - 10:25)
MFI CONTROLLER B Buttom Run/Walk Switch not work,i've accidentaly submitted The 1.0.3 Update instead of 1.0.4,Right now i've upload to Apple new Update,it's in review,sorry For The delay.
Shahmurad Magomedov
Allgemein (19.05.15 - 17:55)
Fantastic game. For me its the best survival horror game available on the App Store. Just buy it.
Allgemein (26.04.15 - 14:22)
لعبة جميلة ومرعبة جدا، ينقصها حفظ لعبة افكر ان استرجاع نقود

(09.06.15 - 04:50)
best game
Allgemein (24.04.15 - 11:01)
По скринам на Сайлент хилл смахивает
Огненная Лисичка
(23.06.15 - 22:22)
Тоже подумала так.. Эх, жаль, что по нынешнему курсу она 170 р стоит, а не 100, как раньше...
Allgemein (23.04.15 - 22:39)
Awesome atmosphere, sound, graphic, gameplay, etc.
Definitely one of the best games I've ever played!
10/10 5*

We'll wort the full price even after twenty minute gameplay!

Don't think, buy!

P.S: play in the dark and with (good) headphones !

Allgemein (23.04.15 - 18:59)
This it's without any Doubt The Best Survival Horror Game on App Store,with a great Story,Immersion,depth,Scariness,and Never Before Seen Graphics on Mobile Devices..and you have the Option to Push the Graphics,with More Effects,and Run at 60Fps on My IPhone 6 Plus,Beating the Game once,you Unlock also a "Developer Console" here you can enter every Commands,Benchmark the Game "FPS" run the game in different modes,access to others advanced Graphics,change Costumes for Rose,access "Cheats" Warning:it disable Gamecenter Achievements and Leaderboards..and lot other Stuff
(26.04.15 - 20:51)
Hi, how long did you take to complete the story?
(26.04.15 - 20:57)
You Can't Ask to Me,Since i work on it from Years,i Know Everything of The Game,The First Time I Play It 2 Years Ago it Took Me 4 Hours,but Exploring Everything,and With Less Medikit And Floppy To Save(-50%) now,i Can Easily Finish The Game In 30 Minutes,without Exploring Everything..
You Choose The Wrong Man To Ask This,i Play More Than Hundreds Time..Ask Me Everything else..
(26.04.15 - 21:08)
You Ask Me Cause You Find The Game Too Difficult?
(27.04.15 - 01:24)
Ooooh nice you are one of the devs :), I asked since others scary games are too short, but with 4 hours And the price I will get it, any news or release date for the console version ? ( there were plans for a wiiu version if I'm not wrong)

Also ty for the reply
(27.04.15 - 07:09)
Next Platform Are: Android,PSVita,WiiU and,If Everything Goes Fine PS4,PS3,There No Release Date For Now,But Everything Will Be Post On Website:
And On Facebook:
There An Update For The Game,Should Be Ready Today Or Tomorrow,Check Sometime On App Store
(28.04.15 - 03:00)
Damn, I would love to see this game on ps4
(02.05.15 - 10:46)
It will happen One Day You will see on PSN For PS4,It's only i don't know When happen..
Allgemein (23.04.15 - 17:55)
Looks awesome! Anyone tested it yet?
(23.04.15 - 18:17)
I tested it too much,been 2 years I beta testing this beauty,remember,it's an Old School Survival Horror Game,Silent Hill style(in fact there voice acting of Silent Hill 2 guys) it's not for casual Gamers,but for Hardcore Gamers,like the Old Survival Horror Games..but finally a serious game,where the word "Survival" mean a lot,but I suggest this game also to casual Gamers,so,to every Casual Gamers I say:don't give up,it's an amazing experience,like no others,!with never before seen Graphics,especially on latest devices..a Must Buy!
(23.04.15 - 18:22)
What is about the checkpoints?
I've read that u can't save it?
I don't like to play a (mobile) game for over a hour
(23.04.15 - 18:31)
@Black Sail:
The devs said on touch arcade that they may add a mode with more checkpoints. I will considering buying! Until now I've heard nothing bad about it
(23.04.15 - 18:40)
@Black Sail:
(23.04.15 - 18:46)
It's doesn't have Checkpoints,like in First Resident Evil,or Silent Hill you need to find a Floppy Disk,then a PC for save the progress,and I advice that are scarce,it's not the Classic Game that you can play at Bus Stop for 5 minutes..I love the way it is,it worth every penny..

(23.04.15 - 19:07)
Well for sure I won't play it on the bus stop. But if I got something else to do after let's say 20 minutes I want to stop it.

I've bought it, let's see...
(23.04.15 - 22:03)
If You Need to know something about The Game,Feel free to ask me..i know and play hundreds of Time The Game..also,there Are GAMECENTER Achievements call"challenge achievements"Like beat The Game without taking damage,without saving,or without charge The Flashlight,and,a speed Run:beat The Game under 30 minutes,currently The record It's mine,14 minutes and 24 seconds..
(25.04.15 - 10:08)
Great do you add your video from game on YouTube?
(25.04.15 - 10:54)
Well,I'm Under a NDA Contract,and i'm not Allowed To Do That Now,But We Decide To Do A Collection Of In-Game Video,And Screenshots,But i Think That We Add Them To The Site(I Think)

But For Now The're Other Thing To Do,An Update It's On The Line,Should
Be Ready Next Week,So,Look At App Store,Once We're Finally Not Busy,I Will Post The Link Here on App Zapp For The Video/Screenshots,Remember That If You Type Forgotten Memories Gameplay On Youtube,Some Of Us Has Already Post Lots Of In-Game Video,Running On IPhone 6 Plus and IPad Air 2,Take A Look..

(02.05.15 - 11:02)
We have update The Game as You can see,This Game was design to be' very Challenging,more than The launch Version,and was mean to be played on long session,at night,lights out,with headphone,but seem People don't Want Console Quality Premium experience on iOS,they want play 5 minutes short session at The bus stop,or anything else,and they're frustated abut too much Difficult,with a save system with The floppy,then You Need to Find,we update The Game with a New Easy Difficult,Unlimited Flashlight,unlimited save,and easier enemy,i would Like to
Call it "Cheat Mode" cause it what i Think is..but For everyone that Like The Game has mean to be(Apple and iTunes featured Forgotten Memories in more than 160 Country,and also we
Had an average of 4.5 rewievs in all The world) we have an update that Add to The easy-normal,an HARDCORE Mode,and FULL MFI Controllers Support(now You Need to navigate The Menu with The Touch) then You can do Everything with The,we haven't forget The Harcore players,it just that we Need to Shut Up some folks,a Major update
With 2 new mode "Survival" and "Stalker" It's in working For May..
(02.05.15 - 11:06)
I would appreciate a difficulty with just unlimited floppy disc. The rest could stay as it is. I don't want any easier enemies or stuff like that. I just want to save the game when I want.
Would be really cool if u guys can ad something like that in the future?
What are the other 2 game modes u talked about?
(02.05.15 - 11:15)
The normal mode,have now 6 more Floppy,For The rest It's identical,no easy enemy..
You want unlimited saves,we Think that The standard Version become more easy with unlimited saves,first You have 6 floppy,now in Total Are 12,It's not enough?
The "Survival mode" It's Like Mercenaries mode in RESIDENT EVIL Games..You had horde of every type of enemy,and weapons an Ammo scattered around The The"Stalker Mode" there a new Enemy,It's The Enemy Icon of The Game,that with horns..maybe You haven't see it,Look on FB Page..You Need to play The Game with no Other enemy except this Tough Stalker that search to kill You..
(02.05.15 - 14:24)
You had beat The Game once? I mean,if You beat The Game once,Start a new Game You Find all The new weapons,and Costumes For Rose,and You Unlock developer Console(there also a gamecenter achievement that Ask You to Find where It's located developer console)just go into Option Menu,You
Now see developer console,abilitate The developer console so You earn also The,You see on top Up of The left screen,another icon near The option icon,that It's developer console,where You can type what You want,type help command all letters Are lowercase..Type help command give You a list of commands You can enter,
Here You can save anytime,just enter gamesave,Note:there also Benchmark
For you're device,type tfps For see how many fps can handle you're device..Note:there also Cheat,but using Cheat GAMECENTER achievements and Leaderboards Are disabled..You can try,then enter same
command For disable,just For fun..
(02.05.15 - 14:50)
Sounds cool!
No, I stopped playing it because I had to stop.
Thanks for ur comment :)
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Next update:
- Fixed a rare crash with some devices which prevent the game opening after playing once (save data gets corrupted on first play). Workaround, the game must be deleted and re-installed in order to play again
- Latest devices compatibilities & optimizations
- Endless Stalker (complete new game mode)
This update:
- Minimum supported devices (1GB+ ram): iPodTouch6, iPhone5, iPad3, iPadMiniRetina or newer. We not longer support devices with 512MBs of ram
- To users upgrading from previous versions, please delete the game and re-download it again, otherwise it will crash on start
- iPhone6S Optimizations
- Save Data System improved (You must delete and re-install the application again otherwise it will crash)
- Miscellaneous improvements

Erscheinungsdatum: 01.01.0001
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