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PerfectMind is an easy-to-use mind mapping tool. Everyone will need one for creative thinking. We will keep improving it as possible as we can! If you have any good suggestions, you can comment here!!

A mind map is a diagram used to represent words, ideas, tasks, or other items linked to and arranged radially around a central key word or idea. It is used to generate, visualize, structure, and classify ideas, and as an aid in study, organization, problem solving, decision making, and writing.


Simple and Quick editing map.
Export as PNG.
Support Folding nodes.
Support themes.
Support Icons(Markers)

Any suggestions or problems please contact us with

OS >= 6.0


Allgemein (21.11.14 - 19:49)
Сырая поделка в сравнении ithoughts, grafio и omnigraffle.
Allgemein (04.06.14 - 11:21)
I am concerned with the misspelling of Cloud in the last screenshot. That indicates the presence of more sloppiness.
Allgemein (22.05.14 - 10:37)
Oh oh free :)))
Дима Куркин
Allgemein (29.04.14 - 14:26)
Ошибка в строчке шарить в айклауд!
моя NEMO
Allgemein (27.04.14 - 21:58)
Очень сыро: нет инструкции; невозможно прикрепить изображение; иногда текст выступает за пределы лейбла; непонятным образом возникает пунктирная стрелка, которой невозможно управлять... Кислотные цвета iOS-7 - не нравятся!
Само приложение сделано под iOS-6.0

(27.04.14 - 22:09)
Nemo, I think you are too hard on this app, I respect your thoughts, looks, however, that this app only has to fix the ideas, develop them and then you can use any other app to write more complete. I give you an example, if I have to write a book I can use this app to fix the ideas, but then if I attach images or organize it in such chapters I have to use one of the many Storyist or App on gender.
Ciao Nemo :))))
моя NEMO
(27.04.14 - 22:13)
@�� Astrocat ��:
Для моих целей: -не " написать книгу",- не годится, увы.
Кстати, звёздочка в левом нижнем углу открывает коллекцию забавных стиккеров. :))
(27.04.14 - 22:26)
Nemo, I'm happy that I've got your message, you know, unfortunately, with your characters of your language is never so obvious, I realized that you need to insert images, if you have not tried the test "stenosaur" with this you can take notes including images or photographs :)))))
ciao Nemo �� �� ��
Allgemein (02.04.14 - 11:59)
Ih ih ih I'm not perfect Mind
But i'll become
(27.04.14 - 20:14)
@�� Astrocat ��:
Don't cry. You're the perfect cat! =^._.^=
(27.04.14 - 20:31)
Oh oh Thanks Identitycat ������,
I always smile in my imperfection, but tell me why we are still friends? Mieoooow :))))
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