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What the press is saying about Third Eye Crime:

**INDIE-LOVE "... one of the best handheld gaming experiences I’ve had."

**MACLIFE 5/5 Stars - "The bottom line. Third Eye Crime serves up a masterful blend of stealth puzzling and noir-inspired storytelling, with misdirection cleverly applied on both counts."

**IGN.COM "A spectacular looking new stealth puzzler with a noir style; It's the can't miss pick of the week."

**TOUCH ARCADE "You have to see Third Eye Crime"

**BLAST MAGAZINE "Third Eye Crime is unlike anything currently available for mobile devices in style and gameplay."

**INDIE GAME MAG "When writing a review, I always try to find something that the studio could have improved – after all, a studio can’t improve upon perfection. However, one of my main gripes with Third Eye Crime is that it made this extremely difficult."

**POCKET TACTICS "The game looks like a Dick Tracy Sunday strip in motion"

**GAMEZEBO "Ingenious concept"

Third Eye Crime is a stealth puzzle game featuring Rothko, a smooth-talking criminal who can telepathically predict where enemies will move to attempt to thwart his heists. Players must rely on skill and their “third eye” to deftly make an escape.

Third Eye Crime was created by AAA-turned-indie developers Moonshot Games, harnessing years of design expertise at Bungie on successful titles in the Halo series to create a fully independent, cinematic mobile experience.

Third Eye Crime Features:

•Gorgeous visuals are set to a soulful jazz soundtrack in noir stylings, coming together to create a stylistically immersive gameplay experience. Like nothing you have ever played before on iOS

•Third Eye Crime offers a unique twist to the stealth puzzle game genre. The goal is not just to avoid being caught by the enemy, but to misdirect enemies, leading them on a wild goose chase so the player can make a clean escape

•Play through Act 1 of three acts covering eight unique environments totaling over 120 levels and visually intuitive gameplay, beginners are effortlessly eased into the heist before launching into increasingly complex levels.

•Intelligent pathing design perfected through Moonshot Games’ AAA-experience underscores Third Eye Crime’s stealth aesthetic, intuitive for a player of any skill level to pick up.

•Optimized for iOS 7, Third Eye Crime utilizes the Game Center and features additional modes that challenge players to achieve record-breaking time scores, steal all loot before escaping, and successfully complete a heist while remaining completely undetected.

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OS >= 6.0


Allgemein (07.09.14 - 09:43)
Allgemein (21.08.14 - 12:35)
IAP to unlock Act 2 & 3 is apparently not free anymore.
(24.08.14 - 13:17)
You snooze, you lose.
Allgemein (20.08.14 - 18:44)
Очень качественно выполненный продукт! Но вот последние уровни 4-го эпизода уже не могу пройти. Сложновато как-то стало со временем.
Allgemein (20.08.14 - 03:31)
In app-purchase for the "full adventure" is currently free
(27.08.14 - 03:34)
no it's not
Allgemein (19.08.14 - 18:34)
Внезапно игра стала бесплатной. Вся! И три из всех встроенных покупок, а это второй, третий акт игры и фулл гейм, стали бесплатны!
Так что НЕМЕДЛЯ лезьте в магазин и ставьте не закачку!
Alex Moskalenko
(19.08.14 - 19:39)
Второй и третий акты внутри игры скачиваются, как я понял?
(19.08.14 - 21:12)
Спасибо, дружище))))
(19.08.14 - 21:12)
@Alex Moskalenko:
Все верно))
(21.08.14 - 20:07)
Как говорится-"Спасибо в карман не положишь".
Сам зафэйлил. Пока удалял проги освобождая место, фулл гейм стал платным. "Победитель" по жизни 80lvl
Allgemein (19.08.14 - 10:11)
The game plus In-app-puchases (only the other chapters) is free. Awesome!
Богдан Рыжий
Allgemein (19.08.14 - 09:59)
Игра понравилась
Занятная головоломка аля хитман в фигурках
Приятная графика
Allgemein (19.08.14 - 09:40)
Omg free and not only first chapter but all of it. Grab it !!!
(27.08.14 - 03:33)
that's a lie
Allgemein (19.08.14 - 07:27)
卧槽连内购都免了,damn good!!!����
Allgemein (19.08.14 - 06:42)
И это "что-то" меня не обмануло. )
Allgemein (12.06.14 - 07:06)
Что-то мне подсказывает, что игру будут раздавать бесплатно.
Allgemein (11.06.14 - 09:24)
как игра? интересный геймплей? на что похоже?
Allgemein (24.04.14 - 09:58)
I thought it was only for iPad. .-.
(15.05.14 - 03:30)
@Lalol Hernández Gómez:
Why is that a bad thing?
(02.07.14 - 02:37)
It's not. I didn't notice the 'Universal' label. Cool game, btw.
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Fixed sound effects bug.

Erscheinungsdatum: 01.01.0001
Entwickler: Gameblyr, LLC
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Rubrik: Spiele
Version: 1.21
Größe: 130 MB
FSK: 12+
Gesamtbewertung: 2,5
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