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Revolutionary Spritz reading method. Read twice as fast with thousands free eBooks included in the Litz store or use Pocket, Instapaper, and the built-in Web Browser. Prepare for total addiction! Set goals and import compatible PDFs, Word documents, ebooks and Text files from iCloud, Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, Mail, Safari or iTunes Mac application in a gorgeous minimalist interface with intuitive gestures.
Read up to 1000 words per minute.

## Reading technique
Litz combines two renowned reading methods:
- Spritz Rapid Serial Visual Presentation allows for the reading of unlimited text in a limited position. By focusing on the specific red letter your eyes make less effort to read, thus increasing both reading speed and comprehension.
- Guided reading algorithm presents the current word being litzed on the background in the original book context.

## Thousands of the best free eBooks, included
Litz public domain classic books right from the Litz store. Read great authors chef d'oeuvres from Shakespeare to Baudelaire. Create an account and download more than 5.000 free eBooks in english, french, german, italian and spanish.

## Articles
The articles section seamlessly merges your Pocket and Instapaper links and even any readable webpage on the internet. You can filter a specific provider, mark favourite articles, archive and delete read items.
Litz keeps your articles in the cloud so you can read them on any device with your Litz account.

## Goals
Set weekly or monthly goals to improve your reading skills. Litz gives you your overall progress and your average reading speed. Compare your score with other Litzers and share your achievements on Facebook and Twitter.

## Testimonials
*"As a bit of feedback, I love the app, and it's really helping me with my studies at the moment..."* Christopher.
*"Dear developers, great app! Really has lots of potential. Great extra features in latest update. Carry on!"* David.
*”Hi, I work with pupils with visual impairment, many of whom I think would really benefit from using this app. [...] As I'm sure you can appreciate, when reading this position needs to be continually readjusted as they read each word. Your app may help to overcome this.”* Rebecca.

## Features
- Spritz reading method up to 1000 words per minute
- Litz Store: more than 10.000 free eBooks from Feedbooks in english, french, spanish, italian and german
- Articles section with Pocket, Instapaper and Web browsing. Use your Litz account to synchronize all your articles on all your devices. Retrieve articles from the built-in browser and add favorites.
- Pick your favorite books and set daily, weekly, or monthly goals. Litz reminds you your progress and helps you commit with reading more
- Intelligent algorithm with automatic pauses on full stop characters
- Intuitive gestures to pause, read, go faster or slower, rewind and forward and more
- Bookmarks: highlight and annotate
- Search
- Auto skip feature automatically skips the content you don't want to read, for instance PDF headers and footers
- Chapters reflect pages in your PDF files or actual chapters in eBooks
- Choose the word or the chapter to start reading from. Go forward or rewind within a chapter
- Last position is bookmarked
- Portrait and landscape modes
- Black, white and Sepia themes
- Select suited fonts and Open Dyslexic font
- Docx, PDF, ePub and text import (when compatible)
- Import within the application with your Dropbox, Google Drive or iCloud account
- Import from any source application: Mail, Dropbox, Safari, Pages and much more
- Import from iTunes file sharing
- Easily edit, duplicate or delete your documents from the documents view
- FAQ section to help you start quickly
- Active support
- Import non DRM protected files from your iBooks account using iBooks on your computer. The process is described inside the application.

OS >= 9.0


Сергей Б
Allgemein (16.12.14 - 05:21)
Хрень с платными функциями
Allgemein (15.12.14 - 23:00)
Фу, испортили. Чтоб регулировать скорость чтения надо платить. ��
Allgemein (15.12.14 - 22:41)
So what makes this unique from other reading apps, for who those got it?
Allgemein (15.12.14 - 21:40)
Now its free ����������
Allgemein (23.11.14 - 23:44)
It's really good to read more

Allgemein (07.11.14 - 19:37)
Allgemein (07.11.14 - 19:08)
Sign up or Login ����
Und gelöscht..
Allgemein (18.10.14 - 20:41)
Das beste schnell lese App für iOS. Die Bugs sind behoben, alles läuft einwandfrei. Es kann nicht nur einzelne Wörter anzeigen, wie andere Apps, sondern fokussiert auch durch einen roten Buchstaben. Darüber hinaus werden Punkte und Kommata etwas verzögert, was dem natürlichen Lesefluß entspricht. Das kann sonst keine App.
Fazit: Meine Lesegeschwiendigkeit hat sich innerhalb von 2 Büchern fast verdoppelt :-)
Eliah Nikans
Allgemein (24.08.14 - 21:49)
Crashes on any more or less large book. Crapware.
Allgemein (24.08.14 - 09:30)
Yeahhh, gratis!
Wieder hat sich's Warten gelohnt:-)
(16.03.15 - 05:50)
jetzt eine Freemium App.
erst bezahlen und dann Freemium und nochmal zahlen, geht gar nicht!!!
Alexander Corvin
Allgemein (24.08.14 - 07:11)
Just crapware and the dev didn't even bother to mention that they are using Spritz-like tech without permission

I asked for a refund
Allgemein (21.07.14 - 17:30)
Great app, I use it every day. Both for Pocket and ebooks. ��
Allgemein (11.07.14 - 18:14)
Zur Zeit gratis. Nicht getestet.
Allgemein (11.07.14 - 15:51)
Очень даже хорошее приложение. �� Художественную литературу для получения удовольствия конечно извращение так читать, но во многих случаях может пригодится.
(24.08.14 - 12:52)
Вы его испытали? Без регистрации невозможно войти; только портретный режим, а его не люблю; в отзывах русских в Апп- Сторе :не держит русский текст и быстро вылетает :-(((
(24.08.14 - 20:12)
не вылетает, русский поддерживает, ланшдафтный режим есть. у меня только синхронизация с инстапэпером почему-то не работает.
(24.08.14 - 21:21)
После того как я зарегился, появился ландшафтный режим :-))
и " Ромео и Джульетта" на инглише. Закачивать книгу на русском пока не стал.
Что такое " инстапепер"?
(25.08.14 - 07:10)
instapaper, сервис для отложенного чтения статей, текстов. аналогичен сервисам pocket и readability.
(25.08.14 - 15:38)
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für iPhone + für iPad


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