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Mind Organizer - mind mapping, concept mapping software.

Create and handle simple and complex mind maps in the elegant way.

Do you want to jot down a few ideas during a brainstorm? Are you going to plan a vacation? Have you got a massive idea which needs a really detailed plan? You can work on a project of any size if you are using Mind Organizer. This app has everything you could possibly need for an effective mind map.

It’s easy to make your mind maps vivid:
▹color code different branches and individual ideas
▹add any images, labels and text to your ideas
▹assign various icons to the ideas
▹choose the app color scheme which works best for you

You can get things done with Mind Organizer:
▹set start and due dates to individual tasks and branches
▹indicate current progress of an idea or the whole branch

Mind Organizer has a smooth learning curve:
▹ the interface is simple and intuitive
▹ video tutorials will assist you with getting a grasp of Mind Organizer controls
▹a few samples will help mind map beginners design the first mind maps

Export mind maps if you need to share them:
▹save a picture with the mind map to Camera Roll
▹send your mind map to email

Short video review from AppStoreReviewer:!

Mind Organizer is a must-have app for any mind mapping fan!

OS >= 8.0


Allgemein (04.01.17 - 23:25)
Работает нестабильно, на ретине смотрится ужасно, дизайн вырвиглаз.
Allgemein (16.10.16 - 06:47)
Клон Dream-X. Оба работают криво. Надписи в меню перекрываются. При попытке указать время выполнения происходит краш обоих приложений. Очень сыро.
Allgemein (14.05.15 - 07:30)
Good App to fix ideas and organize !!!
Free ��✨��
Allgemein (07.01.15 - 04:12)
This is the same as Dream-X, and costs the same! What the twisted fuck! Son of a fucking bitch!
Sergiy Bublyk
Allgemein (30.09.14 - 18:58)
Отличная прога для майндмаппинга!
Liu Zukes
Allgemein (09.06.14 - 06:56)
Isn't this the clone of Dream-X from the same developer? I thought the icon looks familiar, and I have it on my ipad, but app store said I didn't own it. I took a look to be sure, and yeah…

Even the description are basically the same. This is kind of disgusting.
Allgemein (08.06.14 - 23:10)
Писал разрабу чтоб он удалил обязательную лампочку в центральном топике, которая мешает ассоциативному мышлению, т. к. я может что то другое хочу поставить в центральный пост, но похоже он не исправил. Лень проверять. Пользуюсь SimpleMind+ и MindMaple — самые функциональные и лучшие в аппсторе имхо.
Julie :)
Allgemein (24.04.14 - 06:31)
MIND ORGANIZER (MO): It's said that a picture is worth a thousand words. Well, this app certainly works well for that. If you want to have a way to think about how thorough your ideas and concepts are plus make sure you don't forget a thing, this is a good app to use. Put your idea together in picture format with this easy to learn and use app. Create your map then adjust fields, wording, placement of each field, and shape and size of the map. Hint of advice is just be sure to understand the tutorial and be somewhat patient with yourself when trying it out. There is a learning curve but it is not very steep. Neatest thing about this app are its animations. Little sub-menus pop up where you are designing your map.

MIND MAPPER (MM): A similiar app is Mind Mapper. The free style (like tree branches) is available as an option in settings but default map style is linear (more horizontal or more vertical). The app contains pre-made examples that allow you to rename and use as your own. With this app, there are no neat-o animations like the ones for MO, and the spacing for each field you add - and this may be a deal beaker for you - are determined solely by the app (I didn't figure out how to re-order the fields or whether this is possible). If field order matters to you, you would have to enter the fields as you want them to appear.

Other SIMILARITIES & DIFFERENCES: Both apps (there are others I have yet to try out) allow you to upload photos from your camera roll but MM also allows you to load photos from Dropbox. While both apps allow you to save your creation in-app or send a photo of it to your camera roll or email recipient, MM allows you to send the file either as a file or as the map itself. (Btw, MM PDF didn't seem to work for me but supposed to be possible.) MM also has more field customization features like word and field shape and color changes plus you can add one of many little icons to flag parts of your project.

Which app I'll use will probably depend on the type of detail is necessary. I think it's nice to have different looking ones to choose from.

Happy mind mapping!

P.S. This MO app seems same as the Dream-X app by the same developer.
(09.06.14 - 01:22)
@Julie :):
I also wondered if this one and Dream-X were the same? I haven't quite figured out why devs make the exact same apps, for the exact same price, putting both on the same sale prices, at different times? They must have some bizarre reason for doing so, but I've yet to figure it out!!? Lol!
Allgemein (23.04.14 - 07:32)
If you have great ideas or too small and do not want to miss, write so arrange as you want, and free :))))
Pink Lady
Allgemein (23.04.14 - 00:09)
I can't speak for anyone else, but, the very first thought which instinctively enters my mind when viewing this app is whether or not it was the developer's intention to incorporate a glaring misspelling of "Organizer" in it's official title. The sceptic in me surmises probably not... . ;)
(23.04.14 - 00:19)
@Pink Lady:
:-) Although it usually is an indication or warning to avoid an app, not every app by this dev is bad or buggy. Dream-X is pretty good.
I'm sure this app is also fine for organigzing "buisness" plans. :)
(23.04.14 - 08:04)
@Pink Lady:
Ciao Pink Lady
I think it is a more fixed ideas, if I were to take an organizer, would take perhaps another, but it is very nice, try it �� ��. Usually an organizer and most salable ;)
(23.04.14 - 08:05)
Ciao Logi :))))
Julie :)
(23.04.14 - 23:48)
@Pink Lady:

Lol Yep, perhaps just a typographical error but I am wondering what the difference is between this app and this developer's other Dream-X app. Both look the same and seem to do the same thing.

Maybe the developer did not know what to call this/both apps. Used correctly, this app presents an effective brainstorming mind mapping tool for every part of one's life, at home, work, and at play (like travel/arrangements).

@LogiZapp: Thank you for sharing your wisdoms via that other app :)
(06.02.15 - 07:35)
@Pink Lady:
Agreed! I cringe every time this title shows up on Appzapp!
Allgemein (22.04.14 - 23:44)
Так и не понял в чем разница от dream-x
Allgemein (22.04.14 - 19:01)
Приемного благодарен за программу и за скидку, да еще и на день рождения Ленина)))
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-Fix crashes on iOS 9
-Fix the issue when training video does not work
-Fix the issue with export map to photo library and email
-Fix some small bugs
+Add icons pack

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Entwickler: Pavel Tarabrin
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Version: 1.2.3
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