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Cinamatic ist die beste Lösung, um wunderschöne Kurzfilme zu erstellen. Nimm mehrere, kurze Clips auf und wandle sie in unglaubliche Kurzfilme um. Dein Cinamatic Videos können sofort auf Instagram, Vine oder Facebook geteilt werden.

• Mache 3 bis 15 Sekunden-Filme
• Wähle aus einem unglaublichen Videofilter-Set
• Poste Videos sofort bei Facebook, Vimeo, oder YouTube
• Erhalte noch mehr Filter aus dem Shop
• Noch viel mehr

- Soundtrack hinzufügen
- Fortgeschrittene Bilderkontrolle
- Clips vereinen
- Segmente neu anordnen
- Aufnahmen importieren

Cinamatic unterstützt das iPhone 4 und höher, es läuft aber besser auf dem iPhone 5 oder besser (es wurde auch für 64 bit iPhone 5s optimiert)

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OS >= 8.0


Allgemein (12.10.14 - 05:54)
Another virtual money pit.
(27.07.15 - 05:10)
hipstamatic halt, die wollen nur unser Bestes, unsere € &. $ !!!
Allgemein (15.09.14 - 03:54)
I love this stupid app. Even though Hipstamatic products tick me off when they're unstable, no one creates crisp-looking analog film styles quite like Hipstamatic does, dang it.

Cinamatic is designed for short videos of 15 seconds, with sound or without, in a variety of styles.

Like all things Hipstamatic, the creators continue to design additional "paks" that you can purchase which not only look a certain way but also behave a specific way. (Some have a floating cigarette mark, geometric threads, stuttering frames, et. al.)

In theory, you could do a number of fifteen second videos and string them together in a separate editing program. I don't think that would work at all for an interview, but the app does lend itself to montages.

What I find myself liking best is making these short little narratives with in-camera edits that I can post on my blog without a lot of fuss.

I should mention that I ordinarily never make little short films. Cinamatic has been my first experiment with this sort of experience. This app makes it easy to make something useful and handsome, which is why I like it as much as I do.

Additional paks have been worth the price, too. There aren't too many of those pointless light-leaking films that can only be shot in full sunshine and still look like a hot mess, yet there are some significant replicas of early film types that do look a great deal like their analog counterparts.

It's v. similar to 8mm in some respects, but I think the film effects are more sophisticated in Cinamatic. (And I LOVE 8mm, by the way.)

Other things to know about Cinamatic: High quality output, can save in iPhone photos, and, again, easy to use.
Allgemein (21.07.14 - 15:38)
Зерна многовато :((; время на клип - убило ��; денег просит, а приложение сырое.
Krishna Agarwal
Allgemein (17.07.14 - 12:27)
It's an in-app purchase shop. Even basic things like adding music or trimming video requires pro feature which will set you back $1.99, not to mention tons of other in-app purchases. If you are in need of a fully featured video editor, don't believe in 15 second crap and hate in-app purchases then look for videon. I have not found something as good as videon.
Chris222 GR
Allgemein (28.06.14 - 01:30)
Ir has a soul, not as great as Hipstamatic but a good quality app
Allgemein (09.05.14 - 10:50)
Consider this app an innovation. It's not for making video, it's not for making photo. It's not for making GIFs. It's for create visual stories of 15 seconds. An Hipsta in motion. It's a totally new concept
Allgemein (08.05.14 - 23:35)
I was wondering when this was going to happen.
Allgemein (08.05.14 - 21:02)
Hipstamatic goes video...

1:1 ratio video
3-15 seconds duration
$1.99 for the app, there are two in-app paks
Starter CinePak $3.99
Vintage CinePak $1.99

I like Hipstamatic and like the basic idea and it will probably be a cash cow for them but with max of 15 second videos this is aimed at IG or Vines (which I avoid like the plague��) and for that reason not for me!
(08.05.14 - 23:37)
I get square photos, but square videos just doesn't make sense. Is it really only 1:1?
(09.05.14 - 00:25)
Yes only 1:1 ratio. Unique.
(09.05.14 - 00:45)
I left you a question on Lightspeed - Long Exposure Time Lapse Camera, in case the notification doesn't pop up for you.... Wondered if you'd ever tried the app?
Isabella Chiu
(11.05.14 - 00:20)
it's makes every sense , and Instagram and vine are all in 4:3 square ratio , I guess guys like you just don't get it ��
(27.05.14 - 13:30)
You're exactly right. I got it and the 15 second video length is annoying.

However the effects are pretty good and it is really easy to use.

I just keep shooting over and over and then edit in iMovie.
(27.05.14 - 17:46)
For me it would be really annoying if I had to splice short clips together all the time. But I have seen some videos that do look pretty good in square and their filters are different then a lot of others.

At the moment though I am having more fun with time lapse videos ��

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3,49 €

für iPhone + für iPad


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Version: 1.0

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