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  • Doug dug.

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Doug is a Dwarf. Doug loves digging. Well, actually he doesn't: what he likes is to find buried treasure. Anyway, one day Doug decided to gather as much treasure from as deep under the earth as he could go. So Doug dug. And he dug. And he fought monsters and avoided massive avalanches of falling rock. And then he dug some more. And he picked up lots of bling.

Now it's your turn. Help Doug dig deep down under the earth in the quest for shimmering jewels and precious gold. Go farther and deeper than any of your friends. Find more gold than anyone in the world. Oh but watch out for colossal cave-ins. No they're really colossal—you won't believe it. And creepy monsters. And bottomless pits. Ah, don't worry it's just a game.

Do you like Spelunky? Dig Dug? Well c'mon you like Minecraft don't you? Well then you'll like this. Plus it's cheaper. And better. Plus your friends are playing it and you don't want to be left out, do you? Or maybe no one is playing it, in which case you'll be the one who introduces all your friends to "Doug dug." Then everyone will say, "Hey look there goes *your name here* who introduced us to 'Doug dug' and who is therefore cooler than the rest of us because he/she discovered it first." One of those two great options is bound to happen.

So what are you waiting for?

Doug dug. Will you?

Visit to see how it plays.

OS >= 8.0


Allgemein (19.11.17 - 11:13)
Таймкиллер сделанный в духе 8 битной графики , графика ковайная игра требует сметливости = много +++ .P.S. играйте с удовольст☕вием и приятной Вам игры.
Allgemein (19.11.17 - 03:42)
Great fun pretty addictive app.
Allgemein (17.11.17 - 22:11)
Туфта какая-то. Лучше нян кэт взять, после него хоть глаза эбутся. Часок поиграешь, смотришь на руку а она ползет. Это же просто трата времени
Allgemein (21.12.16 - 18:07)
Ещё бы хороший клон Load Runner и танков найти)
Allgemein (05.02.16 - 11:17)
Единственная игра, которая не покидает мой 16-и гиговый айфон. Рублюсь в неё, сидя на унитазе, прижатым к поручню в метро, когда грустно и одиноко или перед сном - и всегда с удовольствием!
Allgemein (04.02.16 - 22:51)
A very enjoyable game.
Worth every cent.
Allgemein (07.01.15 - 19:23)

If you were ever a fan of the original DigDug back in the day then you'll love this game. It's so addicting.
Love it.
Allgemein (11.12.14 - 00:07)
Пиздеж. 66 рублей
Era Rasta
Allgemein (10.12.14 - 21:15)
Поиграл только что, честно затянуло.... Классика, копать и выжить или заработать как можно больше.... Что бы не выбрал, весело и интересно... В общем хватайте пока горячо...
Allgemein (10.12.14 - 19:25)
I like it, pretty addictive. Graphics are OK, they are pixelated, but not as ugly as other games.

Need some options and other stuff, but overall, good game.
Allgemein (11.05.14 - 06:58)
Basically you just have to watch your surrounding and mostly just dig straight down. Which is easier Said then done. Massive Cave ins occur and a lot of Monsters want to have you for lunch. You will die A LOT!!!! But its kinda Fun to Beat your highscore and the Pixel Perfect graphics Look gorgeous! Get it for free or Maximum 1€ and you wont have done anything wrong :)
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für iPhone + für iPad


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Version: 1.0

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Fixed a crash that caused the game not to run on iOS 9 and older.

Erscheinungsdatum: 01.01.0001
Entwickler Support:
Rubrik: Spiele
Version: 1.6.8
Größe: 16 MB
FSK: 4+
Gesamtbewertung: noch keine Bewertung
Versionsbewertung: noch keine Bewertung

Mehr von: The Electric Toy Company


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