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Wayward Souls is an action-adventure game built for quick playthroughs and massive amounts of replay value. It was inspired by Spelunky, Secret of Mana, and our previous game, Mage Gauntlet.

Procedurally generated random levels mean that every time you play the game, it's a different experience. Control one of six characters, all with their own unique playstyles, abilities, and equipment. Explore and fight for survival, in combat where your tactics, positioning, and timing matter.

More Features:
- Fancy control scheme with no virtual buttons or sticks to fumble over.
- Unlock new areas, for increasingly punishing difficulty.
- 13 area types, all with different monsters, potential traps, and rare encounters.
- Each character can find equipment combinations that change their gameplay.
- Victory is based on your increasing skill as a player, not solely on grinding.
- Hats.
- No IAP ever, even for the hats. All content updates will be free for our fans.
- Unprecedented scope and variety for an action-adventure game on iOS, maybe anywhere.

Another update is being planned! Expect a new character to play as in 3rd quarter of 2016.

@rocketcatgames or

OS >= 5.1.1


Allgemein (17.03.15 - 12:44)
Allgemein (21.09.14 - 11:30)
Weird that this is now $1.99 on Android but there's no sale for iOS
Allgemein (20.09.14 - 08:10)
This game kinda blows, it's a repetitive game, sure the lvls change but the story line is the same. It's pretty cool there are a lot of characters but the game is boring. After you die you start from the beginning and u save for upgrades. If you wanna get anywhere in this game be ready to spend hours and hours. I got bored an hour in. So not worth it in my opinion
(17.03.15 - 12:40)
@vanhelsingboom :
Can't agree more
Allgemein (09.08.14 - 17:21)
If you are waiting for a sale on this one, it probably won't happen. Let me tell you why:
-This developer haven't dropped prices ever.
-The increase-a-dollar-per-update-model was a success.
-I saw a comment of one of the developers (Kepa) on a TouchArcade forum saying that the advertising of price drops on the AppStore is nule. And yeah, that's true; he used of example Steam, like a great sale announcements platform where the price drops are on the main page. So he refused to do it on the AppStore.
Raining Blood
(09.08.14 - 17:45)
@Lalol Hernández:
Because they are dumb faggots and also their game is shitty crap
(09.08.14 - 18:04)
@Raining Blood:
Why do you think that?
Raining Blood
(09.08.14 - 22:02)
@Lalol Hernández:
How should I put?
I don't like that coz it very expensive for game with retro-nintendo graphics and primitive gameplay.
There are no multiplayer, no liberty of action, no memorizing subjects. Guys who created this shit think dat they did something simple and delicious like Capricciosa, but in fact they created fast food, look around, there are many the same apps and many contain more relevant features for players.
(11.08.14 - 10:42)
@Raining Blood:
Yeah, it have kind of retro graphics but if you can watch a gameplay video, you'll notice that the artstyle is very detailed.
Dude, developing this game took more than 2 years, even if it is inspired on the developer hit's Mage Gaunlet, Wayward Souls is increased tremendously. And I agree, maybe the gameplay is not new, I mean there are many dungeons to overcome and at the end a boss, but in my opinion this game really adds something on the table. I haven't seen better controls on a iOS game. The core of the game is inspired to play on your own and that's how this game increase the replay value, because you have to struggle with yourself to improve your strategy, timing and precision.

What I have to say about your price complain is that if you think that you created something innovative and really cool, the users say that (read the comments on the TouchArcade forum), the game is a success even after raise the price by a dollar with the big contet updates, and the AppStore don't have a great way to promote the currently games on sale, why would you drop the price?

I'm loving the whole experience, even I sometimes listen the soundtrack along the day. But maybe it's not your kind of game, and that's ok, definitely this game is not for everyone.

To close the comment I would like to add that I purchased the game the day it was launched and deleted it because I was so into it and I was on the middle of the semester of the university. So when my vacations started (2 months ago) I downloaded again and I haven't finished even playing most of the days.
Raining Blood
Allgemein (09.08.14 - 13:49)
Полное говнище переоцененное разработчиками. Такое даже за бесплатно никто качать не будет, кроме слабоумных
Allgemein (01.07.14 - 07:44)
Best game ever. Trust me.
Allgemein (14.06.14 - 14:12)
Ну и гавно,извините создатели,за мое мнение.ни графики ни управления-ничего.33рубля и то,стоит подумать брать ли ее
Allgemein (28.05.14 - 17:21)
Rocket Cat knows how to make intensely addicting and challenging games. Wayward souls is very difficult. Not due to bad controls or annoying gameplay, it's the kind of difficult that you want to keep coming back to. Each character has their own strengths and weaknesses and it's the same with the monsters you fight. So many games have enemies to defeat but Wayward's enemies really become your enemies. You will find yourself saying aloud, "not this *^%#}{> again!"

Storyline is a little amorphous and not intensely interesting, but who cares, it's all about the difficulty and strategy.

I've been playing this one too much...
Allgemein (18.05.14 - 20:07)
There are alot of similar games to this one, both on mobile and for desktops. The video looks good, and I'm sure it's worth the $5, but there's just so many like these that my past tells me I won't play it for more than a week.

The biggest upside to roguelikes is high replayability, and the biggest downside is the associated lack of character development and story development.

Has anyone played this for over a week? Is it worth keeping around, or just another bubblegum roguelike?
(19.05.14 - 03:33)
The thread on touch arcade has over 2,100 comments so I'd say it's worth it
Allgemein (09.05.14 - 07:38)
looks a lot like pokemon. Shitty games.
(18.05.14 - 05:03)
Not even Zelda?
(18.05.14 - 05:08)
yeah zelda is better
Allgemein (08.05.14 - 20:34)
That the price raises doesn't mean that there won't be a sale. Ill wait.
(10.05.14 - 10:07)
I wouldn't expect a sale. The game is a hit on the AppStore and took 2 years make it.
(18.05.14 - 09:03)
Look at the developers other big game and it's pricing history. Based on that, I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for a sale. Mage Gauntlet has been out since 2011 and has never gone on sale.
Allgemein (08.05.14 - 01:12)
Is it really that good?
(10.05.14 - 10:16)
Yes. It's very difficult, offers random generated levels, beautiful soundtrack, good looking pixel art, responsive controls, and a REALLY HIGH replay value. Hahah sorry, I just like it way too much.
Juan Felipe Alvarez Saldarriaga
Allgemein (03.05.14 - 22:28)
Awesome game!, worth every penny, ;-)
Allgemein (25.04.14 - 02:41)
Very good hack and slash roguelike! It's at the top with hero siege at the Moment! We need more games like this! Quality!
bebbycopa [Indie Gems Blog]
Allgemein (24.04.14 - 11:42)
This might be OOT... but

Our wish as iOS gamers.... Never cheat our trust to you, dev. When we bought your game at the full price, don't make any sale for it after 2 or 3 days release.... Sure, you'll expect a huge sale for your game, but if you did a quick sale by dropping the price for 2-3 bucks only, it'll become a big punch on our faces and I doubt if we can trust your game anymore. We want to support you, but please don't cheat on us
(24.04.14 - 15:59)
@bebbycopa [Indie Gems Blog]:
I bet the price is never going to go down, because the "$5 offer" is because with every update with more content the price will rise, glad I bought it already.
BTW: Totally worth the money
bebbycopa [Indie Gems Blog]
(24.04.14 - 16:26)
Yes.. I agree with you. I just wish there're more quality games like this on the App Store
(24.04.14 - 22:01)
@bebbycopa [Indie Gems Blog]:
Rocketcat games hardly ever go on sale. Look at Mage Gauntlet, it's only gone on sale once in 3 years. And that was only for a dollar discount.
Allgemein (24.04.14 - 11:29)
Though rocketcat has done good stuff, threats about upping from a $5 intro?! Screw you too, no thanks!
(24.04.14 - 15:57)
With future updates and more content, if you buy it right now you'll get the updates for free, and trust me the game absolutely worth the 5 dollars.
Allgemein (24.04.14 - 03:40)
$5 is an introductory sale price? LOOOOOL
(24.04.14 - 06:44)
Yep, when every update arrives, the price will increase, grab it quick :)
(24.04.14 - 07:17)
Jajaja the description is so LOL, but still being a pretty good game.
(24.04.14 - 15:55)
@Lalol Hernández Gómez:
Its really worth the 5 bucks, trust me, is like
Dark Souls + Mage Gauntlet (pervious Rocket Cat Game's title, similar to the classic Zelda's) with permanent death
(24.04.14 - 22:04)
For the App Store's wacky economy, any sale that isn't $0 deserves a hardy LOL. But seriously, $5 for a game like this is a deal.
(24.04.14 - 22:27)
Oh absolutely, I've heard only great things about this, especially its level of difficulty being above average which I love because as a fan of Dark Souls I love games that don't hold your hand because they can be extremely boring if theres no challenge which this seems to have. Also I'm a fan of paying a premium for games up front like this rather than these dreaded free iap-ridden games.
(25.04.14 - 03:49)
Yeah, I've tracked this for a while. I still being so fascinated since I downloaded.
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- Fix for rare crashes when using teleporter tiles
- Fix for a similar crash when facing the current final boss

Paladin Update should be next! Likely in the first quarter of 2017, we have to wrap up the PC version first so we can port the PC content to the update.

It will be our last content update for Wayward Souls. New character class with new abilities, new special dungeon for that character, and his own story. Then other new features and content, such as rare minibosses, new songs, new animations for every character and monster, and more!

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