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NB-Electrical Lab is a physical virtual Lab which designed for all users.It integrates a variety of experimental equipment and experimental programs that helps people enjoy hands-on learning for anytime.

Product Features:
1)Simple manipulation:free to design your physical electricity experiments everyday.
2) Easy Share: Can share the pleasure of hands-on learning with classmates, friends or children.
3)High simulation experiments:Without entering the laboratory, you can get a real experiment control and learning experience.
4)Professional build:Suitable for teachers to teach,students experiment, students interactive and home entertainment.
5) Saved at any time:Save your own experiments and create your own professional electrical laboratory at any time.

Please come NoBook- electrical Lab together to create your own professional simulation experiments!

OS >= 4.3


Allgemein (20.01.15 - 07:57)
Я не знаю есть ли еще подобные приложения, но это я считаю лучшим!
большую часть экспериментов по разделу электричество выполняю именно в этой программе, и теперь не боюсь, что могу что-то сломать или получит удар током, так как это виртуальная лаборатория.
Однако в приложение еще не хватает некоторых полезных функций, корректировки зума, некоторой вводной части или хотя бы справочника что и для чего, чтобы простой человек мог тоже разобраться в интересном мире электроники
(20.01.15 - 20:15)
It is really very nice, only that it can be used only with PAD, because if you try IPhone is really very difficult to use it! Ciao ��✨��
Arac Caine
Allgemein (29.07.14 - 08:32)
Auf dem iPhone ohne Zoomfunktion immer noch unbenutzbar ��
Денис Не
Allgemein (26.06.14 - 13:48)
Приложение очень классное!
Когда хочешь ребенку объяснить как работает электричество!
Ещё хочу чтоб добавили транзистор!
(26.06.14 - 21:30)
@Денис Не:
True!! It's very good for kids or early students to learn the basics of electricity
Allgemein (24.06.14 - 16:42)
Sounds interesting, but I tried it on and it seems that IPhone4s not work. Too bad!! �� ��
Arac Caine
(24.06.14 - 20:57)
@Astrocat ����:
Same here on iOS 7 / iphone 4 ;(
Arac Caine
(24.06.14 - 21:09)
@Astrocat ����:
iPod touch 4 doesn't work, too ;(
(24.06.14 - 22:13)
@Arac Caine:
Arac Hello, I have done the test and it works on iPad, the operating system that I have and 7. 1.1 Hmmmm, I think it 's only for PAD, also because if I speak a little, because you should create circuits, you 'd need space and that's just the PAD has this feature! Ciaooo ;))))
Arac Caine
(25.06.14 - 04:32)
@Astrocat ����:
I think you're right because there is an error message "Your Device is Not supported." (It's a very tiny text in the middle of the screen), too!
But why is this a universal App then? �� the developer should have made this iPad only ��
(25.06.14 - 07:31)
@Arac Caine:
Yes, I think so too, even if the error �� I have not seen it, but if you say it is small then maybe not I just saw! Arac good day and see you soon!! Mieeeeeow �� �� �� ��
(25.06.14 - 16:41)
@Arac Caine:
Works on iPhone 5c, iOS 7.1.1
It is very diffcult to grab a Wire or to make a Connection.
The Developer should build in a Zoomfunction.
Arac Caine
(04.07.14 - 10:50)
@Astrocat ����:
The Last Update fixed the Problem! Now it works on iPhone 4, too :)

But like kaulebeen already Said, it's hard to grab the Little components like wires or LEDs because it has no built-in Zoom function.
(04.07.14 - 10:58)
@Arac Caine:
Thanks Arac , but now at least to me is 2.69 €, look a bit !!
But I think for the tupé of app you have to use with a bigger screen, maybe a mini IPad or PAD .
For IPhone makes it even though you have to use a magnifying glass.
Ciaoooo Arac ;)
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