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Fontgram. Typography Photo Editor

fontgram helps you Combine your photos creatively with text to make great-looking photos, share them with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, email and Save to camera roll.


100+ Premium Fonts
- Classic Fonts 20+
- Cursive Fonts 20+
- Outline Fonts 20+
- Comic Fonts 20+
- Romantic Fonts 20+

50+ Beautiful Filters
- Event Filters 10+
- Retro Filters 10+
- Lovely Filters 10+
- B & W Filters 10+
- Art Filters 10+

Adjustments (New v1.1)
- Bright
- Saturation
- Contrast
- Temperature
- Vignette
- Blurring

OS >= 7.0


Julie :)
Allgemein (13.06.17 - 21:58)
Very cumbersome to use and not as intuitive as it could be. The controls are not difficult to use but the features are not set up well and user is left not knowing what to do next to get the desired effect.
Allgemein (03.07.15 - 14:25)
Maximum output in the iPadAir is 3200x2136 6.8mp. The are apps in the genre that save at full resolution do this one is of no value to me.
Allgemein (25.09.14 - 03:50)
Um...why is this developer selling fonts that are available to use through a Creative Commons license, but are not supposed to be resold? I don't care if it's part of a "bundle" or not—this is against the international copyright of at least four font designers.

The last time I came across an app by one of these font-stealing app-making f**kers, I contacted one of the main font designers whose work was being stolen. You know what? He WAS super-grateful to be contacted and he DID go after the developer in question via Apple.

My point is, creators of all types are NOT going to keep making beautiful things for us to enjoy and/or use for free if we continue to be a**holes by advocating stolen s**t.

Why do I know there are stolen fonts being used illegally by this app? I recognized three CC fonts right away!

Do you want to live in a world where the only font avaiable for free use is Comic Sans because we were too lazy to act right and boycott s**t like this app?

Because I don't want to live in a world where I can only use Comic Sans, the unfunniest font of all.

And I don't steal.

Do you?

Do what's right: Boycott this developer.

If you want to go further, ask me how to contact one of these font designers to let them know that some asshat is profiting off of their work.

Otherwise: Just boycott. The artist needs to get paid for what they do, just like you and me. You know it and I know it. And this developer needs to learn that they can't turn a profit off of stolen goods.

I am getting off my soapbox now. ☺️
(28.09.14 - 16:22)
Thanks for your post. I'm curious how these devs get outright theft past the Apple pre-acceptance into Apple Store standards review. . . . Apple micromanages its own intellectual property
(11.07.16 - 23:32)
Another great font app is Montage Magic, as it lets you download any font from the Internet that you want, and gives you places to go to download them as well!
Neil Lee
Allgemein (10.08.14 - 04:53)
Time to replace A+ signature.
(11.07.16 - 23:32)
@Neil Lee:
Another great font app is Montage Magic, as it lets you download any font from the Internet that you want, and gives you places to go to download them as well!
Nurbahar Usta
Allgemein (09.08.14 - 10:14)
İt has various fonts and also great filters. The only disatvantagr is you cant fix the brightnes, contrast etc. of the photo. Only filters and fonts. ����
Allgemein (09.08.14 - 03:56)
And darn, it started off so well...
Some nice filters and they are adjustable for intensity.
Lots of fonts and as @GroovyGouvy: mentioned the in-app is free right now. Font controls are pretty easy to figure out and look good.

The only kicker for me is resolution, output is max 1524x1524 on my iPad 3, so back to using Phonto that saves at the same size as the original and easily worked with my 6000x6000 image. Too bad, but I will watch for an update and I will try to contact the developer.
(24.09.14 - 06:03)
Thank you for the great info, as always!
(11.07.16 - 22:50)
TechnoNut left a comment on 7-3-15, and said the output res on his iPad Air was 6.8mp. Has the res increased since you left your comment?
(11.07.16 - 23:28)
Will check but since I am using an Air 2 now it will likely save the same as he got. Maybe I'll turn it back on the iPad 3 and see if it has changed.
(11.07.16 - 23:36)
Ok, don't hurry on my account, was more curious than anything? Thank you!
(11.07.16 - 23:41)
Yes but now you got me curious and I am doing little right now. Wanted to cut the grass but it's decided to rain, well not rain, dump on us. Estevan which is about a hour south got about 5" in an hour... Not sure how much we have got but when I can hear it pounding on the roof when I am in the basement...
(11.07.16 - 23:48)
Holy cow!!! That's some serious rain! We had rain & overcast yesterday, but just "normal" rain, and today's just got some blue skies with fluffy overhead clouds. Stay dry!!!
(12.07.16 - 00:30)
Well good and bad....
Resolution on the iPad 3 went up but went down on the Air 2
It save at the same size on both.
Three to pick from,
(12.07.16 - 01:17)
Yeah, that is good and bad, thank you for the info! Good luck with all that crazy rain!!!
Allgemein (09.08.14 - 02:27)
Jetzt gratis inklusive inApps!
(09.08.14 - 06:27)
Oh oh Dank Gouvy I also feel this is
(09.08.14 - 07:08)
I liked it, very clean and they are really nice is that the font above the filters. Cara Gouvy , today Magic-cookie
And���� ;)
T͜͡i͜͡f͜͡a͜͡ -͟͟ w͟͟w͟͟w͟͟.͟͟t͟͟i͟͟f͟͟a͟͟s͟͟p͟͟a͟͟g͟͟e͟͟.͟͟n͟͟e͟͟t͟͟
(09.08.14 - 12:53)
Vielen Dank für den Hinweis!!! ������✨��
(24.09.14 - 23:20)
Gar nichts Alles inklusive
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