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Du möchtest diese Funktion nutzen? Jetzt anmelden oder registrieren
Du möchtest diese Funktion nutzen? Jetzt anmelden oder registrieren

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NEU 2-wöchiger kostenloser Test! OmniFocus Standard und Pro sind jetzt In-App-Käufe und OmniFocus 1- und Legacy Support Edition-Kunden erhalten Rabatte. Laden Sie die App für Details.

OmniFocus für iOS bietet Aufgabenverwaltungsfunktionen eines Desktopprogramms. Die App ist mit flexiblen Darstellungen, Standorterkennung und Aufgabeneingabe an fast jedem Ort ein Verwaltungssystem für alles in Ihrem Leben. Nachverfolgen Sie Aufgaben nach Projekt, Ort, Person oder Datum – mit OmniFocus haben Sie Wichtiges zur Hand. Ob Einkaufslisten oder Agendapunkte – was immer Sie erledigen müssen, ist auf Ihrem iPhone oder iPad.

Die für iOS konzipierte Oberfläche wurde um Ihre Daten angeordnet, damit Sie Ideen einfacher und schneller in die App und aus ihr heraus bekommen – mit Getting Things Done™ (GTD™) oder anderen Systemen. Sie kann eigenständig genutzt und per Cloud mit Geräten mit OmniFocus (auch für Mac erhältlich) synchronisiert werden. Es wird sogar synchronisiert, wenn Sie OmniFocus nicht aktiv nutzen, damit Daten bereit sind, wenn Sie es sind.


• Zuverlässige Push-Synchronisierung mit unserem kostenlosen Dienst oder Ihrem Server. OmniFocus´ Synchronisierungsformat ist verschlüsselt, d. h., bei unerlaubtem Zugriff auf Ihren Server sind Daten geschützt
• Flexible Hierarchie: Behalten Sie Aufgaben in einer Liste oder nutzen Sie so viele Ordner-, Projekt- oder Aktionsebenen, wie Sie benötigen
• Weisen Sie Kontexte basierend auf Orten, Personen zu – was Sie zur Aufgabenorganisation nutzen möchten
• Planen Sie Erledigungen, indem Sie in der Nähe liegende ortsabhängige Kontexte auflisten oder auf der Karte anzeigen
• Heute-Erweiterung zeigt heute fällige OmniFocus-Objekte in der Mitteilungszentrale an
• „Erinnerungen erfassen“ und OmniFocus Mail Drop zum Erfassen von OmniFocus-Aktionen via Siri oder Diensten wie IFTTT und Zapier via E-Mail
• Mit interaktiven Mitteilungen für in der Nähe liegende und fällige Objekte können Sie Objekte als abgeschlossen oder als zu wiederholend markieren, ohne die App zu öffnen
• Suche zeigt Ergebnisse aus der aktuellen Ansicht oder der gesamten Datenbank an
• Fügen Sie Foto- und Audioanhänge vom Gerät hinzu und zeigen Sie mit anderen Geräten synchronisierte Dateianhänge an
• In der Vorausschau-Zeile auf der Startseite oder in der Seitenleiste wird angezeigt, wie viele Dinge fällig sind; öffnen Sie die Perspektive „Vorausschau“, um fällige Objekte neben Ereignissen aus Ihrem iOS Kalender zu sehen
• Perspektive „Überprüfung“ gewährleistet, dass nichts übersehen wird
• Zeigen Sie Ihre wichtigsten Objekte mit OmniFocus auf einer Apple Watch an
• Wählen Sie eine helle oder dunkle Farbpalette oder lassen Sie bei Änderung der Hintergrundbeleuchtung automatisch anpassen
• NEU App-Sperre lässt die Oberfläche hinter Touch ID oder Kennwort verborgen
• NEU Unterstützung für TaskPaper Text und omnifocus:///add- und /paste-URLs ermöglicht die Automatisierung von Arbeitsabläufen mit Apps wie WorkFlow

Wir haben Pro-Funktionen zum Anpassen von OmniFocus hinzugefügt, um die App zu verbessern:


• Passen Sie die Seitenleiste und Startseite so an wie den Home-Bildschirm Ihres iOS-Geräts
• Eigene Perspektiven: Sichern Sie eigene Ansichten für Aufgaben oder Situationen, um darauf zurückkommen zu können. Beispiel: „Ich möchte sehen, welche Aufgaben ich in fünf Minuten erledigen kann.“
• Zeigen Sie mit der Heute-Erweiterung eine beliebige Perspektive in der Mitteilungszentrale an

Laden Sie OmniFocus jetzt und starten Sie den Test. Das integrierte „Erste Schritte“-Video hilft beim Einstieg, aber unserer Website bietet weitere Informationen.


Senden Sie uns gerne Ihr Feedback oder Ihre Fragen. The Omni Group bietet kostenlosen Support: Sie erreichen uns per E-Mail unter, per Telefon unter +1 800 3156664 oder +1 206 5234152 oder auf Twitter unter @omnifocus.

OS >= 11.0


Allgemein (28.07.17 - 07:02)
Поддержу, гнать их
Allgemein (28.07.17 - 02:58)
NOT FREE!!! Should be removed from the Apple Store on grounds of misleading end users ������
(28.07.17 - 09:48)
You can't mislead users that are not able to read - they do it exclusively themselves.
(29.07.17 - 16:12)
exact! it states on the what‘s new summary. It is free for a two week trial. I would think would be happy so can try before you buy, which is what they offer for their Mac app. I love it but it isn’t cheap so better to try and find out if is worth your money. Dont wait for some big discount because it isnt happening. People that do not read app summaries are and then post to forum, lying and showing their stupidity are cheap ass, ignorant twats. Are plenty of cheaper todo apps; Omni doesnt owe anyone anything but they are giving you a chance to try before you buy.
PS For those that can’t read app summaries you wouldn’t be able to figure out the app instructions anyway
(30.07.17 - 01:11)
PS ....����������
Allgemein (27.07.17 - 22:12)
When it says "free" it should be free!!
NO discussion needed.
When will Apple ban apps like this?
(28.07.17 - 00:30)
Starting fall 2017 and the subsequent release of iOS 11, all of my app purchases made on AppStore since 2012 will be equal to nil.

I will keep my current iOS devices, but have already started migration procedure to Android. I will no longer financially support Apple Inc in any form or means. iPhone 7 Plus will remain as my last device purchased from Apple.

Apple 2010-2017. RIP.


(28.07.17 - 01:12)
Is this your goodbye?

Good for you and worlds biggest online advertising company, but you know Android supports in-app subscriptions too, right? Same devs, same app, same difference.

Anyway, it was nice to have you here on the iOS side of AppZapp.
(29.07.17 - 16:13)
Learn to read!
(30.07.17 - 01:15)
I totally agree, and I'm SO damned mad that I wasted all that money. And it is a LOT$$$$, especially before I found this awesome forum. I guess there are android forums like this, but I haven't heard of any.
(30.07.17 - 16:37)
Appzapp for Android?
Yep, the app exists on Google Play :)
But apparently it has never seen any update since the launch...

Other Appzapp alternatives for Android:

- Appium
- Appsales
- Appgigant
- 4PDA (although it has limited content in English and mainly used among Russian speaking community, 4PDA remains as the large app-centric and IT-related website on the Net after XDA-forums)
Allgemein (27.07.17 - 20:03)
It is a fake free edition. They are trying to set us on a month paying app. Shame on them!!!
(27.07.17 - 21:16)
1. It is not a set up. Nobody will need to pay if you don't like the app.

2. It states that it is a trial for 2 weeks several times. 2 weeks more than you had before.

3. This app was never free and won't be in future.

4. There were never and are no monthly payments - this is one time InApp only. You chose standard or premium (if you know the system, premium is definetly worth it).

5. OmniGroup have a very professional support and never acted in scammy ways. This can be considered a gift for new users to try it out.
(29.07.17 - 16:14)
It isn’t a subscription, moron, read!
(30.07.17 - 01:38)
Who gave you the right to call me a moron? Did I say anything Fot you? Do you think I am not able to give you a lesson? Delete your comment.
(30.07.17 - 01:57)
Lets all keep things nice. This is supposed to be a site for sharing app info. Ok the OP made a mistake and was slightly rude about the app (perhaps that comment should be amended or deleted) and linchetto08 should have pointed out the error of the OP rather than call him/her a moron.��
(30.07.17 - 02:51)
Look bully, you don‘t tell me what to do. #1, i‘m not deleting anything but I‘ll sugar coat the response. It is your ignorance, by not reading the app summary (very prominently displayed) and your ridiculous accusations about a company that is providing a benefit to those that wish to try before they buy, that gives me the right to say what I said. The only lesson you are giving is “app buying for cheap dummies”. Are you happy now?
Here is the app summary by the way :)

Version 2.20.1 Thu OmniFocus 2.20.1 is a minor
Update focused on bug fixes.

OmniFocus 2.20 introduces a new pricing model: the app is now a free download, with a free two-week trial and in-app purchases for Pro and Standard. This change does not affect existing customers.

The end!
(30.07.17 - 20:35)
First of all you show us the education of you. Then trying to scare me. My answer should be your worst nightmare.
I wrote they are trying... you know the difference? The are trying but didn't achieve it yet. Also who the hell are you to take their position? Are you in a month payroll of them? If not you are just a moron and doing it for free. But if you are on a payroll then I admit I fucked with the money!!!! Sorry but you will still be a piece of shit and nothing more. The supervisor of this site should ban both of us. Me for fucking your ego and you for been so easy fucked shit.
(30.07.17 - 21:43)
Yes, when I read your responses my first reaction is: this, is the definition of brilliance, lol.
Omni would probably be a great company to work for but alas, I am not employed there. I would call you a cunt but cunts are intelligent and you, obviously are not, so, I will stick with what is appropriate. You, are nothing but a ridiculously stupid, giant pussy. But thank you, because I am finding your posts more and more amusing as time goes on. So, I thank you for the laughter you bring to me and to my friends, so please, continue :):):)
BTW OmniFocus is awesome, too bad you are too cheap and will never know :)
(31.07.17 - 00:52)
Άντε και γαμήσου ρε μαλάκα.
(31.07.17 - 02:44)
So do you wish me to go away and are then stating “fuck your ass” or do you want me to go fuck my ass? You are very confusing and quite delightful :) Ok, I play!
Nehmen Ihren Kopf Sie aus Ihrer Vagina :):)


Version 2.20.1 Thu OmniFocus 2.20.1 is a minor
Update focused on bug fixes.

OmniFocus 2.20 introduces a new pricing model: the app is now a free download, with a free two-week trial and in-app purchases for Pro and Standard. This change does not affect existing customers.
Allgemein (27.07.17 - 05:41)
2-week trial, not totally free version.
Allgemein (27.07.17 - 01:00)
Pro $60��
(27.07.17 - 11:07)
One of the rare cases where it is worth it once you know the system how to work with it.

There are a lot of entrepreneurs that are running full businesses on it.

Also their support is good enough to be called "professional".
Allgemein (26.07.17 - 22:44)
Freebie alert!!!
(26.07.17 - 22:56)
It isn't free. You have 2 weeks to try it out.

No change for old users.

This software is worth the full price for premium anyway! (Just read the new version of Getting Things Done first - then you can use this software as intended. extremely powerfull.)
(27.07.17 - 00:32)
Guess I don't understand why it's just 2 weeks for new users to try it out, when normal price is $39.99 & now it's listed as free? How does that work? Does it get removed from our devices after 2 weeks or something? Don't mean to sound like an idiot, but I just don't get how that can be done? Lol!

As for reading the new version of Getting Things Done, that's an app, right? Isn't it an app by a totally different dev? Are they related somehow? (Guess I'm in dunce mode today! Lol!)

Thank you, in advance, for explaining!!!
(27.07.17 - 02:23)
It is like the PC apps, is the test phase over, you can not use the app any longer (or not more in full).��
(27.07.17 - 08:07)
Yeah, I think free trial is a good move. iOS AppStore is lacking in trial than android.
(27.07.17 - 11:02)
As answered above - it is a trial. After 2 weeks you lose the ability to edit your data in the free version. You have the option of an InApp payment for the standard or premium.

GTD is a very famous and powerful book. It describes a system how to manage your projects and life in general. After reading it, you may want to continue with some advanced blogs featured on the site of OmniGroup.

I think the trial was not that crucial - you had more than enough information on their website. However this app needs a couple of weeks to let you feel its full spectrum so it may bring some new users.

It was still a bit of a gamble when I bought it on my devices back then (even knowing its potential) - so I guess it will be appreciated by those that were interested in it for a long time.
(29.07.17 - 16:15)
Does anyone know how to read anything but the word free???
Allgemein (26.07.17 - 22:06)
Со всем ее функционалом, цена ей 300, мах 500 рублей! Не вижу никакого смысла в покупке данного приложения. Вот честно, ничего сверхъестественного, с ума сошли наверное. И кстати, Apple watch s2 иногда с ней виснут!
(26.07.17 - 22:45)
It's currently free!!!
Allgemein (21.03.17 - 12:09)
Yeah, it's expensive and got the pro version, IPhone, iPad, and Mac. Mac you can try for 14 days if you go to their website. They also have educational discounts and other discounts if you qualify, for the Mac.
If you need something that will link into your calendar, super easy, fast and feature rich, plus can afford it, I'd do it. Basically if you need a reminder for every moment of your day and have a lot of ongoing projects with many sub tasks that you can arrange in whatever way you need, this is the one and I've tried most, plus just changed out one I've been using for years that I still like but it's nothing like this, plus, that one requires a subscription to do some of the same things but still takes longer with slightly less features.
If money is a concern, a really great alternative is Priorities. It's cheap, customisable, universal, uses their own cloud also, that does actually work and one can log on from their laptop, desktop, or whatever and use it that way as well.
Allgemein (25.12.16 - 12:53)
really fantastic app。just clear out your memory of the todo list and put it here to finish.
(28.07.17 - 19:13)
Allgemein (13.12.16 - 06:09)
可怕的价格 买了mac的 这里还有等着我的

Allgemein (09.06.16 - 18:05)
這些人是太可惡了, 那是兩個鐘頭的上班時間價錢
Allgemein (09.06.16 - 13:22)
Allgemein (09.06.16 - 08:57)
Allgemein (15.04.16 - 13:28)
hi I clearly understand but on Steve's watch as well there were some huge duds...

I have personally met Steve and Woz as my Pub was right up the avenue from Apple in Cupertino, CA and let my say they were both great guys who excelled at shuffleboard.

my first Mac was the little box with a whopping 512k of memory, ah the days of disk swapping'

to date my favorite phone is my iPhone 6 Plus and I will never Ben happy with a postage size phone again but had apple not produced this phone I would still have my smaller version.

Apple rules for me as I can have as much control as I like to work between devices with no serious issues and my friends who you PC's are always calling me with problems. there is not a single company that can make anyone completely happy regardless if they make one product or 100. ginny
(07.06.16 - 00:45)
Hey Ginny ! I always read your reviews and comments, but can't figure out who @odedo1: is? ��

(07.06.16 - 13:09)
ya know 55, I have no idea as I only replied to their comment it is possible the individual has dumped their comments or changed their name I have zero idea strange...
(07.06.16 - 19:19)
Well, that totally sucks after that great reply by you!!
(07.06.16 - 19:44)
his or her post was a rant on the evil Apple and Steve and Woz which I felt was a bit over the top so I replied as nicely as possible pointing out that no company was great all the time and added my personal experience with Apple and its founders.

perhaps they felt a bit embarrassed... ginny
(07.06.16 - 22:37)
I know! That was why I was so intrigued by your post! I loved your story, especially about the shuffleboard!
(07.06.16 - 23:43)
thank you for your kind comments. as an Apple lover since 1979 and as someone who the joy of meeting the founders and having them as guests in my Pub I am always a bit annoyed when they get slammed for no real reason...

to make blanket statements as that poster did rather pissed me off!

gosh we all had fun drinking beer and playing shuffleboard those many years ago and I would not trade those times for anything.

in case you are wondering I am 71 years old and still refuse to act my age as I think age is simply a state of mind.

so nice to share these memories with you and to have you as a friend here on App Zapp,


(08.06.16 - 00:12)
Ha ha! Yes, my maturity level stopped mid 20's, makes for a much better "later" part of life lol
Agent Smith
(08.06.16 - 08:52)
@The smiles little Prince:
�� we will rock forever! ��
(08.06.16 - 13:58)
@The smiles little Prince:
cool I love live bands and I love rock!

looking forward to another grand evening!

Πίτερ Πέτρου
(08.06.16 - 14:14)
Long live ...!
Πίτερ Πέτρου
(08.06.16 - 14:24)
@virtuoso ����:
I honestly can't remember now, it was some trick I did on my iPad a long time...!
Will let you know if I remember how !!!
In the mean time   
(08.06.16 - 14:37)
@virtuoso ����:
I love classic music and its what in drive with during the day!
(08.06.16 - 14:39)
@Πίτερ Πέτρου:
yes, yes and yes!
Agent Smith
(08.06.16 - 20:29)
@virtuoso ����:
 you can use symbols apps for pictograms and even have a keyboard for them ✌︎
(08.06.16 - 21:49)
I agree. Superb Customer Service. Ease of transfer from device to device is extraordinary. What an honor to have met Steve. I am an an Apple Customer for Life I always say. ��
Agent Smith
(08.06.16 - 22:32)
@virtuoso ����:
I'm using the symbols app from rinat khanov, but there are other useful apps such as simbol from amit jain, symbolay or glyf from other developers..
(09.06.16 - 00:48)
@virtuoso ����:
those are all over the net just drag one to your desktop and adjust to size there may even be one on apple iPhone keyboard��
(09.06.16 - 02:49)
yes me too been all Apple since 1979 and I never looked back...

only forward,

enjoy your week Southern Belle. ginny
(09.06.16 - 02:52)
You enjoy as well!
Allgemein (15.04.16 - 08:51)
Может мне кто-то объяснить чем эта программа отличается от Things,потому что хочу купить,но не знаю стоит ли.
(08.06.16 - 14:07)
not a lot of difference simply a different and overpriced set of controls...

these guys have been overpriced for years...
Максим Павлов
(05.08.16 - 22:11)
Зайди на сайт . Там есть сравнительная таблица.
(08.01.18 - 11:41)
@Максим Павлов:
Дякую, за підказку. З Різдвом Христовим, Друже.

Allgemein (19.03.16 - 11:01)
Приложение самое лучшее. Обладая поистине магической силой , нравится с каждым разом все больше и больше. Но omni все же еще и жополизы. С apple по другому нельзя, к сожалению. Только 9 прошивка и убогий плоский дизайн. Мне больше нравится 1 версия программы именно дизайном, она идеальная. Не хочу быть социальной шлюхой и идти на поводу у якобы прогресса в угоду выкачивания денег. Когда каждый год надо что то апгредить)))
Мне не нравится плоский дизайн. Он уже был в mac os v.1 и win v. 1. Баста)
Я не жадный, но последние годы не вижу ничего класного, скучаю по Стиву! Это был гений от дизайна!!!!

(15.04.16 - 12:23)
Finally someone understands me!
I also miss Steve he was a visionary, it wasn't about money for him.
The moment he died they started doing things that he promised that will never happened like fablets ( mini iPads and big iPhones ), it's like Apple is going backwards while Android is moving forward fast.
The most I miss is iOS 6 after that iOS 7 became flat like a copy of Android.
And I'm not blind there are Android devices that are beautiful and powerful, so yes Apple invented the smart phones with the touch screens and for a couple of years it was iPhone good anything else bad but they caught up real fast and to say the truth there is no more good and bad, all cell phones are good.
It's only about choice and money now.
And don't get me wrong everything I own is made by Apple plus one Windows PC in fact I'm writing this on my iPhone 6S and yes every year I bought a new iPhone starting with the first 2G same with the iPads every year a new one so Apple sure made a lot of money out of me but I'm starting to doubt myself and if things will continue this way the only thing that will keep me with Apple is the App Store and who knows how long till I'll just give up.
So for now I'm staying and hoping for a miracle a new Apple or better yet the old Apple to come back!
Allgemein (28.10.15 - 19:14)
€ 39,99 voor een app? Het lijkt meer op inteligentie test van kopers.
Judy Doe
Allgemein (24.10.15 - 18:47)
Возможно, я пока ещё не до конца во всем разобралась (или мне не хочется признавать свою ошибку), но Pocket Informant пока что представляется мне гораздо более крутым и гибким приложением. За гораздо меньшие деньги :-/
Judy Doe
(04.01.16 - 20:33)
Чем дольше пользуюсь, тем сильнее нравится ). Вдумчивый обзор написать не смогу, поскольку даже руководство пользователя до конца пока не осилила, но то, что интуитивно удалось освоить, пока что работает на меня.

В основном, подкупает наличие мощной десктопной версии, с которой я, в основном, и работаю. С синхронизацией в первое время была проблема, но разработчики решили ее, переведя мой аккаунт на другой сервер. Общением с техподдержкой довольна.

Очень удобна функция проверки проектов, регулярность которой настраивается.

Интерфейс - жуткий для обоих устройств. Особенно, для мака. Но об этом вспоминаешь не сразу )

Руководство у них не очень удачно написано, имхо. Читать его сложновато и нудновато ((.
Judy Doe
(04.01.16 - 20:34)
В Pocket Informant оставила дела домашние, все проекты переехали в Омнифокус.
Judy Doe
(04.01.16 - 20:39)
Нет, не стану их сравнивать. Оба приложения - хороши
(25.12.16 - 18:45)
@Judy Doe:
А как же MLO? ;)
Judy Doe
(26.12.16 - 07:20)
Я на MLO никогда не сидела ;). С наступающим! ��������
(26.12.16 - 09:11)
@Judy Doe:
What is an MLO?

Holiday greetings to you as well!!!!!
Judy Doe
(26.12.16 - 09:39)
My Life Organized ).
Thanks Angi! Happy holidays! ��������
Judy Doe
(26.12.16 - 09:41)

MyLifeOrganized 3 by Andriy Tkachuk
Allgemein (18.08.15 - 17:44)
Ich habe so viele Todo Apps gekauft und war nie wirklich zufrieden. Erst als ich OmniFocus gekauft hatte, waren meine Ansprüche an eine wirklich gute und durchdachte Aufgaben App befriedigt.
Der Funktionsumfang erschließt sich erst nach einiger Nutzungszeit, hilfreich ist es also unbedingt das Benutzerhandbuch zu lesen.
Auch die Pro-Version habe ich mir im Anschluss zulegt, da sie für mich persönlich durch die individualisierbare Oberfläche einen großen Mehrnutzen darstellt.
Offen gestanden zahle ich hier lieber einmalig den hohen Preis und bekomme dafür eine perfekte App, als mir viel Unsinn zuzulegen, mit dem ich dann alternativ rumbasteln muss, um den für mich individuell besten Nutzen daraus zu ziehen. Mache ich bei meinem iPhone ja schließlich auch so. ��
Die einzige App, die OmniFocus in vielerlei Hinsicht das Wasser reichen kann, ist 2do, welches aber bei weitem nicht so übersichtlich ist, wie ich finde.
Arnab Das
(09.10.15 - 18:47)
completely agree. peole should just buy omnifocus right away, instead of wasting hundreds of dollars getting inferior apps.
Allgemein (30.07.15 - 10:21)
Мобильное приложение по цене настольного.. Может перепутали чего?:)
Allgemein (05.06.15 - 08:57)
So 60€ in total for a fucking iPhone todo app? Are u kidding me?
Allgemein (11.05.15 - 02:00)
Allgemein (26.04.15 - 18:05)
Allgemein (03.04.15 - 02:28)
Not necessary app and too expensive
Allgemein (12.10.14 - 10:24)
Ho pagato circa un anno fa la versione precedente 17 euro, cifra enormemente sopra la media di mercato. É ingiusto dover pagare oggi un prezzo ancor più alto a distanza di così poco tempo. L'app é davvero valida ma la politica di vendita spinge a trovare soluzioni alternative. Sarebbe stato giusto offrire uno sconto per chi ha regolarmente comprato la versione precedente.
Allgemein (08.10.14 - 07:04)
Pro? ,(
Ios 8 only? ,(
Allgemein (18.09.14 - 18:38)
(20.09.14 - 10:36)
(25.09.14 - 00:30)
Allgemein (18.09.14 - 02:38)
So, what's the meaning of PRO?
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Diese App mit einem QR-Reader einfach auf Deinem iPhone in iTunes öffnen.

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Apr 12
Version: 2.22.3
Mrz 14
Version: 2.22.2
Mrz 09
Version: 2.22.1
Mrz 06
Version: 2.22
Feb 03
Version: 2.21.4
Feb 02
Version: 2.21.4
Nov 05
Version: 2.21.3
Okt 05
Version: 2.21.2
Sep 24
Version: 2.21.1
Sep 20
Version: 2.21
Aug 28
Version: 2.20.2
Jul 28
Version: 2.20.1
Jul 26
Version: 2.20
Jul 26
43,99€      0,00€
Mai 01
Version: 2.19.1
Apr 11
Version: 2.19
Mrz 02
Version: 2.18.2
Feb 08
Version: 2.18.1
Jan 26
Version: 2.18
Dez 16
Version: 2.17.4
Okt 11
Version: 2.17.3
Okt 05
Version: 2.17.2
Sep 28
Version: 2.17.1
Sep 20
Version: 2.17
Sep 14
Version: 2.16.1
Sep 06
Version: 2.16
Aug 18
Version: 2.15.2
Aug 03
Version: 2.15.1
Aug 02
Version: 2.15
Mai 04
Version: 2.14.1
Apr 26
Version: 2.14
Apr 14
Version: 2.13.2
Apr 07
Version: 2.13.1
Mrz 29
Version: 2.13
Mrz 15
Version: 2.12
Jan 05
Version: 2.11
Dez 07
Version: 2.10
Nov 02
Version: 2.9
Okt 12
Version: 2.8.1
Sep 24
Version: 2.8
Sep 21
Version: 2.7
Aug 28
Version: 2.6.2
Aug 17
Version: 2.6.1
Jul 15
Version: 2.6
Mai 26
Version: 2.5.3
Mai 12
Version: 2.5.2
Mai 11
Version: 2.5.2
Apr 18
Version: 2.5.1
Apr 14
Version: 2.5
Apr 03
Version: 2.1.1
Apr 02
Version: 2.1
Apr 02
32,99€      43,99€
Feb 26
Version: 2.0.3
Okt 04
Version: 2.0.2
Sep 28
Version: 2.0.1
Sep 17
Version: 2.0

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Was ist Neu in dieser Version

OmniFocus 2.22.3 ist ein kleines Update zur Fehlerbehebung.

• Database Format — Once all your devices are running OmniFocus 2.22.3 for iOS or OmniFocus 2.12.2 for Mac (or later), you’ll be prompted to migrate to a new database format. More information on migration can be found here:

• Crash — Fixed a crash selecting several image attachments in quick succession.

Senden Sie uns gerne Ihr Feedback oder Ihre Fragen. The Omni Group bietet kostenlosen technischen Support; Sie erreichen uns per E-Mail unter, per Telefon unter +1 800 3156664 oder +1 206 5234152 oder auf Twitter unter @OmniFocus.

Wenn OmniFocus Ihnen hilft, schreiben Sie im App Store bitte eine Rezension. Ihre Rezension hilft anderen Personen, OmniFocus zu finden und auch produktiver zu werden.

Erscheinungsdatum: 01.01.0001
Entwickler: The Omni Group
Rubrik: Produktivität
Version: 2.22.3
Größe: 59 MB
FSK: 4+
Gesamtbewertung: 4,5
Versionsbewertung: noch keine Bewertung

Mehr von: The Omni Group


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