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Du möchtest diese Funktion nutzen? Jetzt anmelden oder registrieren
Du möchtest diese Funktion nutzen? Jetzt anmelden oder registrieren

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Greifen Sie bei Bedarf auf visuelle Unterstützung zu, wenn Sie blind oder sehbehindert sind, oder leihen Sie Blinden oder Sehbehinderten Ihre Augen, wenn Sie sehend sind.

Bei Be My Eyes geht es darum, blinde oder sehbehinderte Menschen mit sehenden Freiwilligen zu verbinden, um blinden oder sehbehinderten Menschen zu helfen, ein unabhängigeres Leben führen zu können. Es ist einfach, der Gemeinschaft zu helfen und einen Beitrag zu leisten.

Blinde oder sehbehinderte Benutzer können Hilfe von einem sehenden Freiwilligen anfordern, der eine Mitteilung erhält. Sobald der erste Sehende die Anfrage annimmt, wird eine Live-Audio-Video-Verbindung zwischen den beiden Teilen hergestellt. Der sehende Helfer kann jetzt dem Blinden oder Sehbehinderten mittels einer Videoverbindung von der nach hinten gerichteten Kamera des Blinden oder Sehbehinderten helfen.

Als sehender Anwender sind Sie ein Teil der großen Freiwilligengemeinschaft von Be My Eyes. Machen Sie sich also keine Sorgen, dass Sie eine blinde Person im Stich lassen könnten, falls Sie eine Anfrage nicht annehmen können. Wir leiten die Anfrage einfach weiter und finden den nächsten verfügbaren Freiwilligen.

Die blinde oder sehbehinderte Nutzer kann Hilfe bei allem Möglichen brauchen, vom Verfallsdatum der Milch angefangen bis hin zu der Frage, ob ihre Kleidung zueinander passt.

• Live-Audio-Video-Verbindung zwischen blinden oder sehbehinderten und sehenden Anwendern
• 90% der Anrufe werden innerhalb von 30 Sekunden entgegengenommen
• Fügen Sie die von Ihnen gesprochenen Sprachen in den Einstellungen hinzu
• Eine einfache Möglichkeit, um für blinde oder sehbehinderte Menschen etwas zu bewirken

OS >= 10.0


Allgemein (27.01.15 - 19:18)
They have a informative site, where is written about the idea, how it works and more. Looking at those sites, was less time consuming, then writing a review for an App.

They activated them selfs to get the money together for creating a possibility to help, also because they see a need from their own experience - and obviously think it is worth to help each-other, also just because it is human to do so.

Nice there are people out there which are giving their time & effort, using the serious technical progress for more life quality for people who need it.
(27.01.15 - 20:32)
Very nice what you've written, there will be for sure the support of Astrocat ����✨��
(27.01.15 - 20:35)
@Astrocat ✨✨✨:
Allgemein (27.01.15 - 04:51)
Datensammler & Werbe-App. ! ! !

Sowas ist echt traurig.
Allgemein (27.01.15 - 02:14)
Nice one; and not complicated at all.

I'm not sure whether the term "blind" is actually clear to everyone:

Most blind people retain a portion of their eye-sight (p.def. 1/50 or less).

In a supermarket, you can very well see the cans on the shelves, and luckily, the photos of the contents are quite large - now compare that pic on a can, to the tiny imprint of the list of ingredients...

That is where YOU, a 'normal'-sighted person, can do a GREAT deal of help by reading that info.

Congrats: You just made someone out there feel way more autonomous, and a lot more self-confident - without even having to rise from your chair...!
(Feeling good for a small good deed is included for free - even without any IAP! ��)

Count me in; d/l recommended!

(27.01.15 - 04:43)
I must apologise:


(to be found in the dev's data policy)

i cannot recommend d/l - ... as much as I'd love to...

I disapprove of any attempt to make money of people's good will.

NOT RECOMMENDED -unfortunately.
(27.01.15 - 19:59)
The organisation is non-profit. They need money to keep the services running and not progamming are volunteers. Later on it might become subscription based. I think that will be even more putting people of to help others. My background is both engineering and marketing, so I also like to think I know what I'm talking about.
(27.01.15 - 20:17)
Thank's for pointing this out. Just wanted to add this information in addition to my comment above.
(27.01.15 - 20:50)
I can also understand the comments distrustful and thank Logi known for his precise, but it's really important to help people weaker, this is not economy but is only the leap that makes us really special and beautiful.
I take inspiration from this app because there are children, elderly or disabled people who need a smile.
Here I would like my friends to give this gift. Astrocat fairy as it has done its part and not for money but only for a smile ��✨.
(27.01.15 - 20:50)
Thanks Logi you're very special ��✨,
You're comment is useful for all !!!
(28.01.15 - 01:24)
Yep, non-profit... Sry, but what do they create by selling your data?

Why do they only inform about their practice in a hidden place - which leaves a bitter after-taste?

No answer needed.

We will close this by stating "let everyone form their own opinion".
(28.01.15 - 02:51)
What do they create? Income to cover costs, not having a main goal to generate profit for the owners. What is wrong with that?

It is not hidden. It is in the terms you can read before you sign up, like other apps that is the usual place to make these statements. I agree it is better to also mention it in the App Store.
Allgemein (26.01.15 - 23:22)
Yes, blind people use smartphones. With Siri and text-to-speech it is in many ways even far superior than simple cell phones with buttons. Opening apps can be done with Siri and there is voiceover for button labels. For input there are things like small wireless (braille) keyboards that let's them use their smartphone like a small laptop and personal assistant.

It this app is not just for people who are 100% blind. There are many people with a visual impairment who can still see partially, or missing central vision to read for instance. Apps like these much more useful than you think.
(27.01.15 - 04:45)
Did you notice they use your data for "relevant marketing" & "pass it on to (their) advertising-partners"?
(27.01.15 - 08:28)
This is very impractical for non-English speakers. And also for people that have other things to do than helping out on that app all day. It's not interesting enough to spend time live on it. While for blind people need direct help and need speed decisions making, they just ask nearby person to help them out.
Even you can't help them out continuously. You just download the app and see couple times maybe help at shopping times. After that it's in the app grave.
This app is noble, but highly impractical for both sides.
(27.01.15 - 16:53)
It seems to me you don't actually have used the app, but just assuming things again. The app is translated in tons of languages than English and both the helper as requesting party can set language(s) they speak.
To set your availability login/logoff. I agree they should have added an easier way to do that, and add sleeping/working/non availiable times, but is it is not meant for emergency situations. Instead of whining why this does not work, you can also use that to give feedback to improve the app and lives of others.
But maybe some apps are just not meant for people who don't want to be be bothered during important tasks like shopping.
(27.01.15 - 16:56)
Yes I did, a lot of free sites and apps do. From AppZapp to Angry Birds. Oh wait, both starts with the letter A. Haha . That's why I don't use Facebook for login, but a dummy mailaddress.
(27.01.15 - 19:48)
Sorry my friend, maybe I didn't make my point clear enough:

You know, I work in advertising.
However, there's a difference between 'creating a need' by making a product/service shine in its best light - and abusing the will of people to actually help (=work for) others without any conctete benefit for themselves (altruism - is that the correct English term?).
The devs use the work of others, to then additionally cash in on their data.

If they make money on selling those data - why don't they just use their profits to hire folks to do the reading?!

Appzapp & angry birds means exchange: info, or a fun time - in exchange for your data... Fine by me!
This app. benefits the blind ok, but ... Who else...???

Just my 0.02$

(27.01.15 - 20:05)
So you only help others if you get something out of ita. In exchange some people feel delighted to actually be helpful for someone. And it might be true altruism, but the hope the someone else will help you, when you need such help. If everyone thing selflishly, only doing things that would directly benefit him/her, there would not be open source software, of people on platforms like AppZapp informing eachother about apps.
(28.01.15 - 01:39)
Thanks for offending me!

You a very quick with your assumptions, and offending people of other opinion, are you?

Narrow-mindedness will not take you far in life, but with your communication-skills, you will make that experience soon enough.

Since you have taken our dialogue to such a low level, I'll refrain from any further comments on this.

In all honesty, I wish you good luck, my friend. Seems you might need it rather sooner than later.

End of feeding the troll.

(28.01.15 - 02:45)
I did not meant to insult you. I may have made a typing error that may led you think I did. The line "So you only help others if you get something out of it?" was meant like a rethorical question, and I know the answer is yes for you too.

I admit I was kinda mean to Zantesuken though, because he/she really pisses me off by claiming all kinds of stuff that isn't true. Thanks for offending me by calling me a troll, my friend.
(28.01.15 - 03:04)
I mean the answer is NO, oops. Ofcourse I think you wil also help other people sometimes in exchanges for nothing directly. Like helping older people with their groceries or cross the street and stuff. I don't think you are a selfish nonsocial person, or otherwise you would't interact here on AppZapp.
Allgemein (26.01.15 - 19:43)
The blind people using smartphone. Let me take a selfie. Wait the camera is on the front. Let's put it in the back. Fuck where are the buttons. Wish the buttons feels real, because I'm tapping the glass, I know because I'm blind. Loading an app is still difficult. Fuck this. This takes too long. I'm going to ask someone next to me. “Hey can you help me out to take a picture of these products? I'm blind”. I think someone stole my phone…
Allgemein (26.01.15 - 15:56)
Бредовая затея. Не проще ли сфотографировать и приблизить фото, чем ждать, что кто-то сделает приближение за тебя? Вроде как с помощью озвучки можно помочь практически слепому, но как ему сфотографировать нужный предмет тогда? В общем, никчемная идея.
(26.01.15 - 20:44)
@Михаил С:
разговор не о плохо видящих людях, а о слепых. Никто не говорит о приближении фото. Слепые люди довольно успешно пользуются айфоном и могут сами сфотографировать нужный предмет. Но не могут прочитать, что на нём написано, тот же срок годности, например. А если предмет сфотографировать сложно — то можно просто пользоваться камерой айфона, будет как видео для помогающего. Читайте внимательно описание.
(26.01.15 - 20:58)
а если ваше заблуждение появилось из-за того, что вы думали, что слепые не пользуются айфоном, то знайте, что это не так) Благодаря таким функциям айфона, как voiceover и сири они могут даже инстаграм вести, вот например, blindfilmcritic. в россии, конечно, таких людей меньше.
Так что идея очень даже хорошая.
Allgemein (25.01.15 - 17:21)
Ich habe es nicht runtergeladen weil mir erschliesst sich nicht, wie 'blinde' ein entsprechendes Foto machen sollen...
(25.01.15 - 19:16)
blinde sind ja durchaus in der Lage Smartphones zu bedienen,sonst würden sämtliche Bedienhilfen wie Voiceover ja wenig Sinn machen.
(25.01.15 - 20:07)
Hmm, ja sicherlich, aber dann z.b. beide Konserven bildlich zu treffen um dann zu fragen ob die linke oder rechte Dose?

Sicher, Leute welche noch einen rest an Seekraft haben, ja, aber ganz blinde? ... Ich bin da einfach skeptisch!

Frage an diejenigen welche die App haben, haben sie unterdessen nun schon Anfragen zur Hilfe erhalten?
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