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  • Firo - Music Maker, Instrument, Drums, Chords, Looper, and MIDI Controller

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Firo is the fastest way to get a musical idea out of your head and into audio. Make your own songs, riffs, and compositions with an instrument that's designed from the ground up to bring your musical ideas to life. Fully compatible with MIDI, AudioBus, and IAA.

Firo has over 275,000 users and has been featured on CNET, Discchord, Sonic State, Synthtopia, AppAdvice, Instructables, iFun, PadGadget, and Palm Sounds.

The app's name is short for "Fiddlewax Pro" - the most advanced music sketchpad and MIDI controller in the Fiddlewax family.

Designed from the ground up to help you focus on what you’re creating. Reinvented piano layout extends your expressive potential. Optimized for 10-finger multitouch and seamless use; keep playing even while adjusting parameters.

Choose from 12 instruments, all optimized for high quality playback on the iPad. Select from four drum modes with both analog and electronic samples. Add filter and reverb effects to shape your sound. Realtime visual pitch detection lights up corresponding notes as you sing.

Choose from all 12 keys, 7 diatonic modes, and 8 secondary scales (Pentatonic, Blues, Whole tone, etc.) to facilitate stylistic riffs and melodies. Intuitively learn relationships between notes and chords as you play. See what chord you're playing with realtime indication.

Quickly build complex harmonies with a single touch; push-button chords adjust to include triads, 6, 7, 9, sus2, sus4 and modulation chords while also informing the chorded zither / autoharp. The octave of each chords follows the keyboard range.

Five auto-expanding, synchronized loopers offer layering, contextual sizing, replay, and simple undo/redo via press-and-hold. Tempo control and beat quantization let you easily align looped sequences on the fly. Move samples between loops by dragging its record button left/right.

Record live audio as you play — a stereo M4A file (clean output and vocal/mic input) and multi-channel MIDI file for use in a digital audio workstations (DAW) are both saved — with up to 90 minutes per session. Record with or without microphone input. Save the entire instrument's state at anytime.

Easily upload your recordings directly with SoundCloud or other installed iOS file apps (such as Google Drive or DropBox), share files via email to friends and family, and backup files directly to your computer when you sync your device.

Send realtime audio directly to other iOS apps via Audiobus and Inter-App Audio. Output MIDI to control other iOS synthesizers or to desktop synths and workstations via WiFi / Bluetooth. Use virtual and Core MIDI input to integrate with your workflow.

Import SoundFont files (.sf2) to change all instrument. Import audio files (.m4a, .wav, .mp3, etc.) to override individual instruments with custom audio. Directly record new audio samples on-the-fly to create new instruments.

Extreme tempo range (via +/-) from 1-300bpm. MIDI channel indication. Keyboard note hinting. Analog looping mode. AudioBus state saving. Chord automation recording. Expanded keyboard views for increased sensitivity to note velocity. Expert MIDI mode for per-channel volume control. Advanced quantization mode lets you adjust beat-locking per recording.

Play Firo today and amplify your inner voice.

OS >= 9.0


better UI coding
Allgemein (16.01.17 - 00:59)
Fiddlewax und ihre Apps sind nicht mehr im deutschen AppStore — wieso das?
sand worm
Allgemein (21.07.15 - 14:20)
Für lau ist es super, aber 19,99 würde ich mal ganz sicher nicht dafür ausgeben, da ist die Konkurrenz mit beispielsweise sessionapp doch um einiges intuitiver und schlicht besser.
Allgemein (18.06.15 - 21:00)
Free till end of July! I cant't believe it.... ��

Didn't play with it yet, but the YT videos look promising.
Kevin Frederick Harvey
Allgemein (05.02.15 - 15:42)
Great app.. Had this a few weeks now I admit still a bit pricey still but it is a must have app for music people who find it hard to keep in key ...and the loop side has is good it lets u re dub over top over an over in syn . It's also has audiobus too which I just use to record on a second ...has it got a good balance of drums and instruments.

Allgemein (26.11.14 - 23:40)
After seeing the developers home made keyboard I think this app is kind of a must have one. Why not if it discounts some?
(28.11.14 - 02:43)
Probably that 50% discount was an act of kindness from developer, but it was not in his mind that this kindness should be made public. But now some (or perhaps many) of us are waiting for the same discount before purchasing the app... ��
Allgemein (13.10.14 - 09:05)
Adam, better you give 50% discount to everyone, as an introduction.
I just watched the video. Interesting app!
Allgemein (12.10.14 - 15:14)
Now I am a lucky owner of this gorgeous app!Thank's to Adam the developer!
Allgemein (12.10.14 - 12:18)
I need %50 discount for this app.Please!
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Firo now supports the latest iPad & iOS versions, includes realtime visual pitch detection that lights up notes as you sing, and has an improved overall design for playability and accessibility.

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Erscheinungsdatum: 01.01.0001
Entwickler: Fiddlewax
Entwickler Support:
Rubrik: Musik
Version: 3.2
Größe: 29 MB
FSK: 4+
Gesamtbewertung: 4,5
Versionsbewertung: noch keine Bewertung

Mehr von: Fiddlewax


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