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MIX a powerful yet easy-to-use image editor that can enhance your photos in seconds.


- Offers 130 free, high-quality filters covering a variety of styles including professional film, instant film, selfie, LOMO etc.
- Supports advanced image editing tools like curve, HSL, split toning etc.
- Provides 60+ effect-enhancing texture overlays
- Save and share your own filters, which are backed up to the Cloud and will never be lost
- Publish your best photos and filters to the MIX Community to share with millions of MIX users
- Study image post-processing techniques in MIX Academy
- Smooth and efficient user interaction


MIX is a filter-centric app. It is shipped with around 130 built-in, high quality filters covering a variety of picture styles, which include professional reversal color film, instant film, selfie (with face smoothening effect), monochrome, lomography and many more.

If you are creative and want more image styles, MIX allows you to edit photos using the various editing tools and to save your edits as personalized filters. These user-generated filters can also be easily shared among MIX users via popular social networks or the MIX community. Furthermore, when logged in, user-generated filters will be backed up to the Cloud so they will never be lost.

MIX also allows you to mark favorite filters for quicker access.


MIX provides 15 basic, simple-to-use image adjustment tools that everyone can easily master. In addition, for people that have in-depth knowledge about image editing, MIX also provides some professional color tools, including Curve, HSL, Split Toning and Color Balance. With all the tools and some knowledge, you can achieve as many picture styles as you want.


To further enhance the effect, your photo can be overlaid with one of the 60+ textures. These textures can provide fun effects including raindrop, snowy day, sunlight, lens flare, light leak etc. Appropriate use of these textures can make your photo more attractive.


In addition to the usual image cropping features, MIX provides you the tools to correct perspective distortion, which can be quite useful in cases like architecture photography. With MIX, the tall buildings in your photo will no longer slant.

== Publish Photos & Filters to the MIX Community ==

You can publish your best photos to the MIX community to share with the millions of MIX users all over the world. Besides, you can share your edits as personalized filters at the same time so that other MIX users can download.

== Online Academy ==

A place to learn the tips of MIX and general photo post-processing techniques. New articles are posted regularly.

OS >= 8.0


appcollector (anti-pOS 11)
Allgemein (25.05.16 - 19:55)
This *free* app provides a very large array of very nice filters and effects (not sure why these are necessarily in separate categories), with other separate categories such as adjustment, color, texture, blur and crop. The saved resolution is very decent (and image quality can be set as high or standard).

Other filter mixes with specific settings that other app users have posted can also be downloaded, although this requires creating a MIX account (and I didn't feel like doing this). You can also save a particular filter combination/mix that you used, although again, this requires signing up, something I didn't really feel like doing (however for some, this "may" be a reason worth signing up for an account in the future).

Only negative IMO is that it's not universal.

And there's NO advertising or IAPs. Oh, and did I mention it's free? ��
Allgemein (14.05.16 - 14:15)
Top App
Allgemein (08.05.15 - 23:25)
I deleted the app and reinstalled, and everything seems to be working. As a bonus I found that the maximum output resolution has been increased from 8mp in the last version to the GPU limit of 4096x that yields 12mp.
Allgemein (08.05.15 - 21:23)
Warning! Today's upgrade (5/8/15) is crashing on iPAdAir when loading an image rendering the app unusable. Will try to contact the Dev.
(08.05.15 - 22:44)
Thanks for warning! On iPhone 6+ everything is fine with today's update.
Allgemein (12.10.14 - 17:08)
Seit Update auf #1.1 keine Beschränkung auf quadratisches Format und Ausgabe in Originalgrösse. �� Jetzt lässt diese wirklich gute App kaum noch Wünsche offen.
(12.10.14 - 18:40)
Danke für die Info. ��
Allgemein (14.09.14 - 20:53)

Эта норм прога. Качайте.
Allgemein (14.09.14 - 17:18)
I luv it.
Allgemein (14.09.14 - 00:33)
Today's update fixed the bug that saved images at 75% of the original resolution on the iPadAir. The app now saves at full res, 14mp tested on the iPad Air.
(14.09.14 - 10:59)
Thank you for got in contact with dev. and good news. ��
Allgemein (12.09.14 - 14:15)
Im deutschen Store leider nicht verfügbar.
(12.09.14 - 16:43)
Gestern ging's. Das ist mir aber auch schon aufgefallen, dass das manchmal verschwindet. Aber verstehen kann ich das nicht. ��
(12.09.14 - 18:35)
Im CH-Store ist sie auch nicht zu finden gewesen - ich habe sie aus dem US-Store geladen, da ging es. Mal schauen, wann sie bei uns (wieder) auftaucht.
(13.09.14 - 22:05)
Die App ist jetzt auch im deutschen Store angekommen ��
(13.09.14 - 23:02)
Danke für die Info ��
(14.09.14 - 00:32)
Zurückgekommen! ��
Danke, wolle es nanuk gerade mitteilen. ��
Allgemein (12.09.14 - 13:33)
I actually like this app a lot. It os professionally done, has a functional set of features, nice selection of presets, and a workflow I appreciate. That being said, I am puzzled by the performance on the iPadAir as compared to iPhone5. The app forces a crops to a square workspace, and on the iPhone saves at full resolution of the short side (as long as you don't zoom in during the initial cropping stage). Tested with2848x2848 and 3557x3557, both saved at the original res. However, on the iPadAir, the app saves at 75% of the short side resolution, no matter what it is. 3020x3020 saves at 2136x2136, and. 5093x5093 saved at 3819x3819. And the app processed these large files without difficulty, very stable. I'll try to contact the developer about it. Otherwise, as I said, I like the app. It's free, without ads, and no IAPs.
(12.10.14 - 23:50)
With the latest update it is a good app.
On my iPad 3 it is still not input = output. My 5mp images taken with the iPad are full size, if I try either an iPhone size image or TaruCamera image they are down scaled to 2582x1937. A 4096x4096 came out at 2237x2237. Anything larger then TaruCamera size or 4096 1:1 crashes the app. So I am thinking its save resolution has to be device dependant, ie more processing power the higher the res saved.
I like that you can now import other ratios then 1:1.
Still, even with the not full size res on larger images I like how this app works and I can live with the slightly smaller images.
Allgemein (12.09.14 - 03:13)
Lost me when it is limited to 1:1 ratio and you can't decide which part you want....
May hang onto it for a couple days and see if my thoughts change..
Ghastii 🌇q
(14.09.14 - 23:12)
Check out Mextures. It does not save in 1:1 and I'm really happy with it. ��
(15.09.14 - 00:34)
@Ghastii ��:
I have Mextures as well as a lot of other filtering apps. I do some 1:1 ratio but far more 4:3 so I generally use apps that do all ratios rather then forcing me to 1:1. I still have this app loaded and have played some with it.
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