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Andrea De Pasquale
Allgemein (19.09.17 - 23:11)
Tell me what you want, but Google Maps is better in my opinion.
(19.09.17 - 23:23)
@Andrea De Pasquale:
I can't say anything bad about Google maps, haven't used them lately in my neighborhood, but Apple Maps app is a total disaster..that is the first thing I get rid off on all my devices.
Professor Snape
Allgemein (17.12.16 - 03:50)
I can think of one blind person that doesn't like this app.
Allgemein (20.06.16 - 09:42)
People! Search google for a Federighi interview about that, but the apps are *not* deleted from the device!
They are simply hidden, and this is the reason why they *won't* get separate updates, but only regular updates with iOS releases
(26.06.16 - 01:36)
first upgrade and test yourself.
second explain why the Apps are in the App Store if its only hide?
third: if you had installed ios 10 Beta 1 you would find out that there is also a section to hide Apple Apps in Settings.
forth: this is only Beta 1 so true you delete like you would delete any App but they stay in the catch and thats because Apple have to still figure up some problems with deleting their Apos because i experimented and deleted the Mail Apo used a 3rd party mail app and what happends is that when i touch a mail adress in Safari or anywere else it dont open my 3rd party mail app it gives me an error so like i said its only Beta 1 and Apple still got work to do.
(26.06.16 - 11:04)
You right, there should be an option to change default apps like mail, browser and etc. also our ���� dude is right, they don't even delete from device, you are able to get them back just with one tap!
Allgemein (18.06.16 - 09:15)
I can tell you one thing guys, you'll love iOS 10, I've been plying with it the last 3 days and it's amazing! Never before Apple changed so much on one iOS, in fact take all iOS's from 1 to 9 ( iOS 10 have more changes that all of them together ) finally Apple is learning from the jail-breakers. Also every day we find new things in iOS 10 Apple told us only like half of the new stuff, the only thing that iOS 10 is missing is dark mod but it's beta 1 so you never know, they might still add it.

And yes you can delete Apple Apps beside the App Store App so you can re install them.

Which is a brilliant move because Apple will now be able to upgrade without a new iOS.
(19.06.16 - 16:49)
@virtuoso ����:
I'm sure Apple will force developers to make their Apps work on iOS 10 ( in fact they mentioned something about that )
Put aside all the changes Apple did something that I never believed they would ever do, they open up pretty much everything to 3rd party developers, example: the Maps App now developers can add to it and make it better like hotels trains share rides and taxis, same with the Mail, Messenger which Apps like Viber and Skype could connect to iMessage, also the metal ring that turn on the finger print sensor, right now double touch bring the screen down so you can use the iPhone with one hand now programmers will be able to do miracles with all kind of gestures by short touch ( home ) double touch multitasking and long touch Siri and all that without pressing a button also you'll have the choice in the 3rd party App what gesture will do what ( we got this one in a jailbreak App )
So really it's up to Apple they opened their System to 3rd party Apps but they can also refuse Apps at the App Store. Which brings me to one thing that really pisses me off, advertising in the App Store and that's for sure a con.

I'm sorry I just woke up so I know what I wrote is a mess there are more cons like if you delete the Apple mail App and use a 3Rd party mail app and then you serf the net and you see a mail address and touch it right now it will open Apple mail but if you deleted it you get a funny error it don't work with 3rd party Apps ( something ) that Apple will have to fix and it's the same with Maps and the phone App but it's only Beta 1 so they better fix it or it's all for nothing.
(19.06.16 - 19:09)
Thanks a lot for your input! Its much appreciated ��

Yeah, I also heard that devs can pay for advertising in the App Store (i.e. for placement) and that really sucks IMHO. That really seems extremely unfair to smaller devs or devs that don't have the $$$$ like many of the big-time devs.

However, and I just heard a little about this, the one thing that really concerns me with iOS 10 (and the new App Store) from a customer and consumer POV is that Apple will now let all app devs have the option to use a "subscription model" for their apps. So instead of buying an app with a one time charge (or not paying anything or it being a freemium type of app) the app devs now have a choice of being able to charge a monthly (or yearly?) subscription for their app (or at least various features of said app). And most people are maybe like me (or hopefully not!), and when you subscribe to something (whether it's a free trial or paid initially) you're so busy with other stuff, you sorta "forget" that you subscribed to so and so service (HBO Now or Hulu as an example), and you only remember when you see the deduction from your account. And of course sometimes you're like, well, "Hulu" (for example) is okay, but I'm so busy with other things that I really don't think the price is really worth it, and I really haven't even been using it anyway, so NOW I need to cancel it before I'm charged again, etc. I mean who really wants MORE monthly subscriptions to have to deal with?! LOL

I wonder how many devs will want to go with this sort of price model? Will many devs just go with the older way, because that's what most customers probably prefer anyway? As many people probably know, the dev for iCab does not like to charge IAPs and was never interested in the "freemium" price model (God bless him!) On the other hand, how many current and future devs will be like the unscrupulous, unethical and greedy app dev(s) behind the once great Mercury Browser app, that did exactly what I just mentioned, going with a monthly price model, just for being able to use their average/so-so Ad Blocker? (Of course this was a feature that already came with the previous full/paid version of the app). And even though everybody and their uncle vehemently protested this, left bad reviews and complained, etc., the dev has over the last couple of years or so stayed with the subscription model, basically saying "to hell" with the customers. And that's with a very unscrupulous and D-Bag dev, so what about the devs that are okay or somewhat more ethical? I STILL wouldn't want to be paying subscriptions! I really am not looking forward to this at all. It's bad enough with all of these apps that use a freemium based price model (especially ones that are put on "sale" with new versions, but then charge for features that formerly came with the "pro" version), although at least you don't mind paying for the IAPs if the app is good. However, at least this was only a ONE TIME IAP, and not a "monthly" or a "yearly" IAP! I hope I'm wrong, but I'm definitely very leery of this new "subscription" price model!

(20.06.16 - 00:12)
poop on all of that you simply buy from a dev who does not want to rob you simple...

we should all use the weeder factor anyway and dump the bad devs...

the devs can do what they want and will, we simply react by not buying...
(20.06.16 - 09:39)
I'm sorry to tell you that these native apps won't get updates separately from the iOS update: the apps are in fact not even deleted from the iPhone, but just hidden (and from the AppStore page you will not download em again, but simply show them)
If you google a bit you will find a Federighi interview about this stuff
(20.06.16 - 15:06)
Yes. Good advice. You're totally, 100% correct and I definitely agree with this sentiment.

I just really don't look forward to having more monthly or yearly bills to have to worry about! ☹️����
(25.06.16 - 15:13)
I didn't need to google I've discovered it my self I deleted an Apple App and was able to get redownload with no internet connection at all but this means nothing it don't mean that Apple can't upgrade those Apps without waiting for a new iOS to come out, remember this is Beta1 everything is still being tested and there will be many changes still to come.
(25.06.16 - 18:58)
In the interview with Federighi he talks exactly about this: he said that apps won't be update separately from the entire iOS (I'll search for a link later)
(25.06.16 - 19:01)
Here it is:

"Schiller and Federighi clarified today, however, that apps can not be updated without a new iOS update. "
(25.06.16 - 19:13)
It makes no sense then why they gave us delete for Apple Apps ( they didn't say hiding Apple Apps ), what does makes sense is that it's only in Beta 1 so the Apps still stay in the catch which will change in later Betas.
Also if they only meant to hide Apps then why Add them to the Apple Store, why not just switch on and off in settings? ( just like they have in Androids )
So either Apple are totally stupid and have no idea what they are doing or the real delete will show up in later Betas.
(25.06.16 - 21:01)
Well, probably these apps are too tied to the system to be simply deleted; the use of term "delete" instead of "hide" I think is just to avoid confusion in the mean user.
I'm quite sure that they're not going to change this in future betas, but we will see
(25.06.16 - 21:10)
Then explain one thing and I'll be convinced:
Why those Apps are in the App Store ( which Apps in the App Store can be upgraded ) instead of having a on/off switch in settings? ( like they do in Android )
(25.06.16 - 21:19)
Man, I'm not an insider, it's just a feeling!
Being in the AppStore could be a good thing to avoid confusion in users (since the apps are deleted by tapping an X on the home screen, the natural way to get em again is from the AppStore)
Plus, in this way Apple can write down a detailed description of features, with screenshots and so on.. Maybe users will find features they didn't know existed

I would be happy -of course- in case of upgradable native apps, but I do believe that they are too deeply connected into iOS to make this possible.. And since 2 viceP confirmed that, I have no hope for it
(25.06.16 - 21:26)

In fact because of this arguing about the delete I totally forgot that Apple did Added hiding for Apple Apps in iOS 10 in Settings and if you are running iOS 10 right now I'll show you where to find it.
Just tried it switched Safari off came back to the home screen from settings and Safari was gone, so I went back moved the switch from on to off on face time, contacts, maps and guess what it just works HIDING not deleting.
(25.06.16 - 21:27)
No tapping X on the shaking Apps!
(25.06.16 - 21:30)
Well, I'm talking from iOS 9, so these were just ideas from the wwdc and the interview I linked before; I'm just enrolled for the public beta, but I have to wait a month
(25.06.16 - 21:35)
Who told you that you have to wait a month I can send you a link right now which will let you upgrade to iOS 10 WiFi no computers.
(25.06.16 - 21:44)
WiFi upgrade no losing Apps 20 minutes and you are running iOS 10 with all your Apps and folders undisturbed.
And then I can teach you how to reverse the process again back to iOS 9.3.2 this time with iTunes but again the Apps and folders stay so you don't have to use restore from backup. Even so I always recommend to create a backup just in case something goes wrong just like we do before jail breaking.
I've already upgraded to iOS 10 and downgraded back twice, this is the 3rd time I'm on iOS 10.
(25.06.16 - 23:45)
no one has to wait you know that but make sure they can get back if they only have one device !
(26.06.16 - 00:58)
Hey Ginny what are you doing here? I had a long talk with this guy about iOS 10 and deleting, he said that Apple thinks that we are stupid and it's not a real delete it's Hide but us the people would not understand Hide and we would be more comfortable with the word delete!
But I've discovered both on iOS 10, the normal delete with the little x on the icon and hide in settings, and for that he had no answer.
I also asked if he is on iOS 10 now so I could prove it to him and his answer is that he put in the request for Beta testing at Apple and he will get it in a month but in a month Apple is opening the iOS 10 Beta X to everybody ( right now it's for developers) so I got a developer account I can send him the link and 2 steps instructions ( install the link by touching it and when asked if he want to install touch yes, and step 2 is go to settings and touch upgrade ( it's that simple ) and to go back to iOS 9.3.2 connect to iTunes and not press the restore but click on the upgrade which makes no sense because we are downgrading but it works ( restore will also work but you'll get a clean phone everything you had on the phone is gone )
So any way when I told him that I can help him right now to upgrade to iOS 10 and it will take no longer then 20 minutes ( depends on the his internet speed ) and also show him how to downgrade I so I can show him that Apple included both delete and hide on iOS 10 I'm guessing he freaked and stopped answering after hours of arguing about it.

(26.06.16 - 13:01)
hi I think you are correct that he got frightened and ran off ...

I will look at the issue on my iPad Air that the guys put 10 on for me at conference. been so busy with my coffee forum I have not had time to play. if you recall I mentioned that most should wait.

have a great day. ginny
(27.06.16 - 04:11)
Don't twist lorenzolad'swords. He never used the word stupid, but wrote it might be confusing for the average user. And according to the article he linked, I can understand why:

"Following WWDC, many noticed that iOS stock apps had been made available in the App Store, prompting them to wonder if those apps would be able to be updated by themselves, without a full iOS update. Schiller and Federighi clarified today, however, that apps can not be updated without a new iOS update. Additionally, Schiller and Federighi noted that you aren’t actually deleting the app when you delete it from your device. Just the user data."

So it does both hiding and deleting at the same time. It hides the app, and it deletes user data. Too much text for a simple button label.
Professor Snape
(09.01.17 - 04:15)
@odedo1 :
I recall the iOS 7 roll-out...
I would compare THAT "train wreck" experience to a brutal prison gang-rape during a cell block riot.

I'm just sayin'
Allgemein (16.06.16 - 20:10)
This is for the iOS 10 beta at the moment right?
(16.06.16 - 21:12)
(17.06.16 - 01:22)
Allgemein (16.06.16 - 03:21)
.... With the lack of functionality that Google Maps has. Face it, this is another time when Apple is late to the ball game, spend tremendous amounts of money trying to catch up and is so distant as number two, that we may as well have a counting system that only goes to 1.
Werner Jens
Allgemein (15.06.16 - 22:00)
Warum lässt sich die App auf iPad Pro 9,7 nicht herunterladen?
(16.06.16 - 21:12)
@Werner Jens:
ab ios10?
Allgemein (15.06.16 - 15:21)
(15.06.16 - 21:49)
Has a shit president ��
Bo Lee
Allgemein (15.06.16 - 10:36)
Allgemein (15.06.16 - 08:16)
Looks like we'll have the ability to delete stock apps – finally! ������
Allgemein (15.06.16 - 08:09)
Allgemein (15.06.16 - 01:02)
Good idea,  !
Separate iOS and apps - if need to fix or update application- there is no need to wail full firmware 10.*.*
Allgemein (14.06.16 - 23:31)
Да, да, да... Напишите все как у вас горит жопа от iOS 10
(15.06.16 - 06:34)
Allgemein (14.06.16 - 21:45)
iOS 10! Fuck you Apple
(14.06.16 - 21:56)
Il solito italiano che fa la figura della minchia.
Ce l'hai già nel telefono, questa serve solo in caso, su iOS 10, decidi di rimuovere l'App di sistema (funzione, per l'appunto, di questa nuova versione).
(14.06.16 - 22:44)
Danke für diesen aussagekräftigen und hilfreichen Kommentar. ��
Andrea De Pasquale
(14.06.16 - 23:55)
Guarda che ce l'hai già, non hai bisogno di riscaricarla!
(15.06.16 - 01:27)
Grow the fuck up.
After that,
Shut the fuck up
(15.06.16 - 18:24)
Go and fuck yourself american asshole
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