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Workflow is your personal automation tool, enabling you to drag and drop any combination of actions to create powerful workflows for your iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch.

Workflow includes over 200 actions, including those for Contacts, Calendar, Maps, Music, Photos, Camera, Reminders, Safari, AirDrop, Twitter, Facebook, Dropbox, Evernote, iCloud Drive, and Health, to name a few.

For example, you can use Workflow to:
* Make animated GIFs
* Add a home screen icon that calls a loved one
* Make PDFs from Safari or any app with a share sheet
* Get directions to the nearest coffee shop in one tap
* Tweet the song you're listening to
* Get all of the images on a web page
* Send a message including the last screenshot you took
* And so much more...

Your workflow creations can be launched from inside the Workflow app, from other apps using Workflow's Action Extension, or from our new lightning-fast Today Widget. You can even export a workflow as a standalone app on your home screen.

Workflow opens up infinite possibilities of what you can do with your iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch. But this is just the beginning. Stay tuned.

OS >= 9.0


Allgemein (07.07.17 - 17:45)
Free app alert!
Allgemein (29.03.17 - 23:22)
Finally it's free!
Allgemein (26.03.17 - 14:46)
Эх, если бы в этой программе был скрипт с возможностью записи телефонного разговора с линии, с последующей отправкой его в Дропбокс ,вообще цены бы ей не было.
Allgemein (26.03.17 - 14:15)
Очень долго искал подобие Mac-овского automator-а на телефон , вот - что мне было нужно, да ещё и бесплатно !!!! ))))
(03.09.17 - 22:21)
Можешь поделиться скриптами?
La Vovka
(07.09.17 - 21:50)
тоже напрошусь.
Allgemein (25.03.17 - 16:21)
Don't upgrade, Apple already took out some really good stuff out of this App, so if you have an older one save a copy on iTunes.
Allgemein (24.03.17 - 12:05)
The very best application thank you for every all.
Allgemein (23.03.17 - 20:19)
Not only did Apple take over this app and remove useful functions that work with competitor's products, but also made it impossible to download an older version from the App Store to my devices that still run iOS 7.1. I sense a turn for the worse in this app's future development.
(23.03.17 - 22:49)
Which functions did Apple take away exactly?

Just being curious...
(23.03.17 - 22:52)
What functions have been removed?

Found it -
(23.03.17 - 23:19)
Jeeze. Glad I haven't updated. Thanks for the heads up.

(From your source)
Workflow may eventually get tighter iOS integration, but it already lost some app support. The Workflow 1.7.3 update restricts Maps actions to Apple Maps, and restricts Translate Text to Microsoft Translate. Google Street View Image and Google Chrome aren’t supported any more, and support for Pocket, LINE, Telegram, Uber, and Workflow Gallery submissions are gone, too.
That’s bad news for Workflow users who rely on Google’s products, and it hints that Apple isn’t interested in supporting chat apps that compete with Messages. On the upside, Workflow now supports converting PDF to images.
(24.03.17 - 02:30)
Apparently those functions were removed because of legal reasons so I don't know, there's much going on behind the scenes that it's hard to say which is the real motive for those removals.
Here's a dude who says that it wasn't apple's fault or workflow team's fault.

" Don’t blame Workflow or Apple for removing Google, etc. actions in last night’s Workflow update.

It was lawyers, not strategy.

A few weeks ago, Workflow asked all supported apps to sign a simple 1-page contract confirming permission to call our URL schemes.

People sue Apple over ANYTHING, ALL THE TIME, so it makes sense for their lawyers to be overly cautious like this in an acquisition

I was a bit put off by the need to review and enter into a legal contract for continued Overcast support in Workflow, but I signed it.

Google’s lawyers probably ignored such a “small” request or decided it wasn’t worth the hassle or legal risks, so they didn’t sign.

And that’s why you can’t have nice things: not Apple being a jerk, but two sets of lawyers being overly cautious, which is their job. "
(24.03.17 - 03:59)
Apple is a SOB
(25.03.17 - 00:54)
Good information, everyone. Apple is doing the same thing other major companies do with software they purchase the rights to. No huge surprise. I just think it's a bit much to block users from downloading the older version they originally purchased when the new version won't even run on said device.

It is pretty unfair when major changes are made to an app without letting users know in the What's New section though - that's why Apple themselves put the field in the App Store in the first place. I'm sure I'm preaching to the choir here. ...Wait, is that what they meant by the short vague phrase "includes compatibility requirements"??
Allgemein (23.03.17 - 20:12)
Офигенная штука, платил в своё время .. а вот теперь раздают )))
Apple купили их и теперь free
Allgemein (23.03.17 - 19:07)
Нет Русского языка, что очень плохо!
Agnes Dall
(24.03.17 - 14:06)
Then learn english. Idiot.
(24.03.17 - 17:41)
@Agnes Dall:
This is one of the spinners, who want everything for free and then still exist on a certain localization!?
If an app is not in Russian, he set a Dislike.
He don't think about it, that not every developer has the possibilities to translate an app into all languages, and that it costs so much money and time!
Nobody is forced to buy a specific app, and to use it!

Some people can not see what is in front of their nasal tips!

He should rather send an email to the developer, and ask for localization.
So he would achieve more than other AppZapp users annoy, with his dislikes!
(24.03.17 - 19:12)
Learn polish :)
(24.03.17 - 22:40)
@Agnes Dall:
Bit harsh.
Allgemein (23.03.17 - 15:35)
Не понравилось. ����
Я и сам могу найти то приложение, которое мне нужно ��
(26.03.17 - 13:35)
Это если не знать, для чего это приложение, и как им пользоваться :) Возможностей масса, а если разобраться как делать свои шаблоны - то они вообще безграничны!
(26.03.17 - 19:32)
Я готов установить его снова, соблазнившись вашими намёками на его высокопродуктивность :-)) У меня к вам большая просьба: какое свойство этого замечательного приложения я могу использовать на планшете?
Айфон я использую минимально, т. к. у меня есть девайс для служебного пользования на другой платформе.
(26.03.17 - 19:53)
Все просто:, "шаблоны Workflow". Их сотни, если не тысячи...

Я не могу утверждать, что приложение станет полезным. Я к тому, что это большое упрощенство считать, что оно ограничивается какой-то одной функцией, и на частном примере делать общий вывод. Это все равно что утверждать, что Excel бесполезная программа, так как сложить 18 и 32 можно на обычном калькуляторе. Мы же все знаем, что частности, это всего лишь частности...
(26.03.17 - 20:29)
Мне оно навязчиво предлагало найти местечко, где я бог бы выпить кофе, сделать голосовое сообщение и рассыпать PDF на странички :-)) Обязательно воспользуюсь вашим советом, может быть я что-то упустил. Спасибо за совет.
(26.03.17 - 21:37)
Есть несколько процессов, которые недоступны на iOS. К примеру, нельзя скачать видео с YouTube или mp3 с любого сайта, включая легальные - приложения с подобными функциями Apple в течение последних лет целенаправленно вычищает из AppStore. А приложение Workflow позволяет это сделать в два клика (по крайней мере пока, ибо их недавно купил тот же Apple, в связи с чем и приложение стало бесплатным). И это только 2 функции из многих - просто они очевидны для большинства пользователей яблочных приборов. Но повторюсь, таких функций очень много, точно больше сотни.
(27.03.17 - 14:35)
После ваших отзывов решила разобраться с приложением, потому что с первого взгляда ничего не поняла и думала удалить
Allgemein (23.03.17 - 13:43)
Kurz bevor ich letzte Nacht AppZapp beenden wollte, habe ich die Liste noch einmal geupdatet und dachte ich sehe nicht richtig, denn da stand "vor 1 Minute - Workflow - 0,00€".
Diese App wird ja schon seit dem Release in den Himmel gelobt und steht genauso lange auf meiner Wunschliste.
Doch hatte ich den Kauf von Workflow immer aufgeschoben, weil ich mir nicht sicher war, ob die App nützlich für mich ist und ob ich viel damit arbeiten würde.

Doch ich hätte nie damit gerechnet, dass Workflow einmal gratis zu haben ist.

Hat Apple die Rechte für Workflow oder die ganze Firma gekauft, oder habe ich das falsch verstanden?
Man sollte in dem Fall besser keine neuen Updates ziehen, lieber abwarten und schauen was andere Nutzer berichten.
Was ich bei bestimmten Apps grundsätzlich mache, da ja bei Update Veröffentlichungen oft gravierende Änderungen unerwähnt bleiben.
Zumindest wenn diese nachteilig für den Nutzer sind.
(23.03.17 - 14:15)
Yes, Apple bought the app, and the devs. Probably some things will improve, but already some cool features have been removed, like support for other messengers than iMessage. Some of Google powered stuff have been removed or replaced. Now it is sucky Microsoft Tranlate, no Street View...
So it is not all good news.

I won't be surprised if a company like Google or Amazon will buy IFTTT soon.
(23.03.17 - 19:00)
I hate it! The big ones destroy what they do not like, the good things are bought up and changed to their conditions.
No matter who or how many of them suffer.
What about the users who have purchased Workflow for money?
Should not their money be refunded? But this will never happen!
Instead of letting the users decide what they want to use!▥����
(25.03.17 - 11:01)
The Workflow devs wanted permission to call web services by their URL. Almost every web service that's integrated got back to the Workflow devs about this. But Google, Line, Telegram, Pocket and Uber ignored their request. So they have been removed.
(25.03.17 - 14:47)
I guess because Google is so small and unimportant for Workflow that it didn't matter enough to follow through. ������
Sorry, between Googles "Do no evil" and Apples " don't do too much evil" I don't believe either of them. No matter what, this app is crippled now.
Allgemein (23.03.17 - 10:53)
 hat zugeschlagen!
Allgemein (23.03.17 - 08:05)
I'm so happy that I pay $29.99 a year for a membership that lets me install as many Apps as I wish for free and it's legal and no jail braking !!!
So I've been using this App since it came out without paying but now I'm worried because GREEDY Apple might and probably will add In App Purchases to this App unless Apple bought it just to piss off Google then we might be lucky and Apple might make it even better by connecting it to Apple iCloud which could be good or bad depending on your preference.
My Advice keep on your hard drive A copy of this version before Apple takes total control and who knows what changes they will do to it like no Dropbox as an example, I really hope that they keep it all the way it is and add extras without IAPs.
(23.03.17 - 10:34)
@odedo1 :
This app never went free. So you've been pirating it. There's also no reason why Apple should make an IAP for this. They've got no paid IAPs at all, and they made the one for Garage Band free a long time ago.
(23.03.17 - 10:42)
I said could, but what worries me more is that they might change it to work only with Apple stuff like I've already said that they could make it only work with Apple iCloud and take away the options of other clouds that we can use now which could force people to have to pay for extra iCloud space so that is only one example of an IAP in a way and there could be other changes by Apple, hopefully good ones but you never know.

And I was not pirating I was paying $29.99 a year for a developer account which lets you use any unsigned Apps on your device so in a way it is pirating but with Apple permission.
(23.03.17 - 19:32)
@odedo1 :
I don't think you're thinking about this clearly.

Just because you paid some money doesn't mean you paid for the right to use apps other people developed. You paid for access to facilitate YOU developing apps. App developers don't get any of the $29.99 you paid.

By your reasoning, the App Store price of the app doesn't matter. But what if those apps that you feel your $29.99 a year entitles you to each cost $29.99, or $49.99, or $499.99? What it they're all 99¢ apps but you have 10,000 of them? By your logic you should have access to all of them. But if that were true, everyone would use your method, NO ONE would buy apps the normal way, no developers would make any money, and as a result all app development would stop.

Clearly it is pirating.
(23.03.17 - 23:50)
Ok guys, let's lighten up here.
I get its kinda weird to hear someone complain that a legal loophole may close and they won't get free access to apps, but let's be honest, most of them usually go free at some point, and odedo 1 leaves good reviews, which are worth their weight in gold for developers.
Besides, karma's a bitch, (that I know! ��) so I try to stay the straight and narrow, but you know lots of people here have jail broken devices.

PS...hey Alpaca Lips! LOVE your name! Cracks me up every time I see it ��)
(24.03.17 - 00:47)
Call it what you want, I remember when there was no App Store and we had to jailbreak just to add Apps by googling for iPhone Apps and installing.
Then the App Store came out and it was perfect ( paid or light Apps ) and I paid a lot, then greedy Apple invented IAPs so the thousands of dollars that I paid became worthless because those same Apps became free and now they want me to pay again with IAPs, so explain to me why should I pay to the same developers if I already paid ???
I really loved Apple but ever since Steve died Apples greed is crazy and I say no wonder that more and more are living Apple, I really can't blame them !
And by the way Apple already started destroying the Workflow App so if you are smart keep an old copy on your hard drive.
(25.03.17 - 10:58)
Nothing you write makes any sense.

There's is no $29.99 Apple developer membership. It's $99 a year and it won't give you a flat rate access to paid apps.
Whatever $29.99 membership you got, it's either a lie or you're pirating.

You claim that you invested thousands in apps in the 11 months between iOS 2 (when Apple introduced the App Store) and iOS 3 (when they added IAPs). Back then there were just a few apps, so did you buy every app in the store or what? Then all of those devs moved functionality to IAPs and greedy Apple is to blame. Yeah, right dude, I totally believe you.
Since Steve died Apple has become greedy, but he was still alive during this time and IAPs were added when he was alive.

Apple didn't start to destroy the Workflow app. They removed access to 5 web services because they didn't got written permission to access them from their app. Because the lawyers at those companies (Google, Line, Telegram, Pocket and Uber) saw no need to get back to the inquiry of the Workflow devs. That process started before Apple bought the app. Man while, hundreds of other services still work.
(25.03.17 - 17:22)
I have saw the offer too, but it's many month or some years ago.
29,99$ for a account like this, of which he has told, but I'm from Germany, and the link brings me to a Russia website, this was the reason which is was I thought then the offer is a fake.
Even though some positive reports from private people were found in forums, I remained skeptical.
It was not a fake. Odedo1 write the truth!

Allgemein (23.03.17 - 05:14)
(23.03.17 - 07:02)
(23.03.17 - 08:14)
Allgemein (23.03.17 - 04:03)
It's free now because Apple has acquired workflow.
Hao Luo
Allgemein (23.03.17 - 03:27)
Wait for long to be free

The only reason I don't want to pay is that I don't want to put my credit information there so I can always purchase in-app purchases
(23.03.17 - 10:34)
@Hao Luo:
I used to think the same way so what I did to buy an App is use a pre paid credit card and after I was done I used to delete it from my account which is really simple.
Now I pay once a year $29.99 for unlimited Apps ( paid or free it don't matter ) and it's legal.
(23.03.17 - 14:42)
@Hao Luo:
You worry that someone abuse your credit information? Doesn't make sense.
Should anyone do that, no need to worry about it. Report the problem to the credit card company, you feel relief.
Allgemein (23.03.17 - 03:06)
Hope apple doesn't screw the app or only make it exclusive only for 7 or newer models
(23.03.17 - 09:23)
I'm sure they will, unfortunately. You are the one who's able to take the most out of this app (from those I "know") and i think you'll be the first who will be aware which possibilities will be removed because of apple restrictions. Good for the WF-Team, but imho not so for us.
(23.03.17 - 09:50)
Yeah unfortunately some actions are gone already, like compatibility with google maps or telegram are already gone. My guess it's that this will be the last version available of the app that's why they giving it for free, next time it will be a new apple app with a new price

(23.03.17 - 10:10)
I even don't think apple will continue this as an app under they name, but i may be wrong. My guess is, they take the knowledge (as they did in the past, just with the difference the guys are now payed for that) integrate some few things to iOS and the App will either go away at some point - or if it stays, there will nothing very cool be left in it (like it was in the past).
(23.03.17 - 10:51)
Finally someone with a brain who understands and thinks like I do !
Hi me been a long time.
Allgemein (23.03.17 - 03:01)
Years ago, I said, no need to purchase any apps.
Of course, who wants to purchase, that's his/her choice because all apps can let our life more convenient and better.
However, one great app has gone free today.

This is the consequence.
Allgemein (23.03.17 - 02:50)
Oh yeah baby ������
Allgemein (23.03.17 - 02:43)
It's free, because Apple bought the app and the team behind it. It already was a great app, so getting better integration with iOS will likely make it even better. :)
Allgemein (23.03.17 - 01:29)
Jetzt GRATIS! ������
Wer da nicht zugreift, dem ist nicht zu helfen...
(23.03.17 - 09:34)
Meine Lehre daraus, gute Apps (früh genug) bezahlen, gute Entwickler damit unterstützen und solche Apps in vollen Zügen nutzen solange sie währen. Schade um die App, auch wenn ich's den Entwicklern gönnen mag (sich von Apple kaufen zu lassen, war wahrscheinlich nicht der schlechteste Deal in ihrem Leben).
Allgemein (23.03.17 - 01:11)
Fantastic Freeby Alert!������
The app was never cheaper than 2,99€, and now is the app free. ��✅
Bo Lee
Allgemein (08.01.17 - 02:19)
(08.01.17 - 10:33)
@Bo Lee:
Bo Lee
(08.01.17 - 13:09)
(08.01.17 - 14:57)
@Bo Lee:
(13.01.17 - 05:41)
@Bo Lee:
求VIP 看视频的动作
Bo Lee
(13.01.17 - 11:55)
Allgemein (17.12.16 - 03:50)
Allgemein (16.12.16 - 10:07)
Allgemein (13.09.16 - 10:35)
I love this app!
Hyunjin Shin
Allgemein (06.09.16 - 05:56)
당신의 폰의 지능을 향상시켜줍니다
Allgemein (25.07.16 - 16:32)
Allgemein (22.04.16 - 08:15)
Ich liebe den "open in AppZapp" Workflow :).
Zur Erklärung ... sieht man sich im AppStore eine App an, kann man den Action-Pfeil anwählen / Run Workflow / Open in AppZapp.
Leider nutze ich das Potenzial der App immer noch zu wenig, aber DIESE App möchte ich definitiv nicht mehr missen.
(13.07.16 - 17:03)
Open in AppZapp?
Hast du den Workflow selbst gemacht oder gibt es den zum Laden?
(13.07.16 - 17:15)
Versuch mal ob das klappt mit dem Link. Gefunden habe ich den vorgefertigt, auf einer der Seiten die sich mit Workflow beschäftigen (siehe auch Kommentar vom 20.11.2015). Ich kann aber nicht mehr mit Sicherheit sagen auf welcher das war (offiziell, inoffiziell, Reddit-Diskussion ...)

Link folgt ...
(13.07.16 - 17:17)
Workflow - Open in AppZapp (v2):
(13.07.16 - 17:31)
Hi - Danke für den Link!
Bei meinem alten AppZapp Pro tut sich da nur eine leere Seite auf.
Hast du das neue oder alte AppZapp installiert?
(13.07.16 - 17:41)
Gerne. So wie ich dich verstehe versuchst du den Link aus AppZapp heraus zu nutzen. Richtig? Falls ja kann das nicht klappen. Der ist dafür gedacht ihn, aus der offiziellen AppStore-App heraus zu nutzen (siehe ggf. noch mal meinen ersten Kommentar in diesem Thread).
(13.07.16 - 17:46)
No - ich öffne aus dem AppStore den Workflow. Danach öffnet sich AppZapp aber leider mit einer leeren Seite.

Hast du das neue AppZapp auf dem iPhone. Daran könnte es evtl. liegen!
(13.07.16 - 18:04)
Alles klar. Ich habe eben getestet in welcher geöffnet wird. Du hast recht, funktioniert offensichtlich nur noch mit der neueren AppZapp-App. Unter iOS 8 (wo nur die alte drauf ist) öffnet sich bei mir nicht einmal ein leeres Fenster. ��
(13.07.16 - 18:10)
Eine Lösung wäre ev. beide AppZapp zu nutzen, funktioniert bei mir problemlos. Wirst aber deine Gründe haben.

Hier ein ganz anderer Workflow als Trostpflaster... sag bitte nicht der funktioniert bei dir auch nicht ��

Workflow - Download YouTube (aus Safari heraus, nicht aus der YouTube-App):
(13.07.16 - 18:22)
Danke für deinen Test!
�� ich will aber mein altes AppZapp nicht löschen��
(13.07.16 - 18:50)
Was für ein Mist. Es funktioniert tatsächlich nicht wenn man beide Apps installiert hat - dann präferiert der Workflow nämlich die alte App und da erscheint die leere Seite (iPhone) oder es passiert nix (iPad). ����
(13.07.16 - 19:51)
Tja - muß ich mir es wohl doch noch überlegen.
Aber wenn du so begeistert bist kann es ja nur richtig sein ��
(13.07.16 - 20:29)
Na ja, ich habe echt ziemlich lange gebraucht um mich an die neue zu gewöhnen. Ich will dir nicht dazu geraten haben.
Den Workflow habe ich mit der alten iPad-AppZapp-App eben nochmals versucht und da klappt es nun wieder (iOS 8). Was vorhin los war, kann ich nicht sagen. Mit der alten iPhone-AppZapp-App habe ich leider keinen der geladenen/gefundenen Workflows zum laufen gebracht.
(14.07.16 - 13:47)
Was soll ich sagen: Ich habe es getan ��
Und der Workflow funktioniert!
Der von YouTube ist auch klasse!
Hast du noch n paar?
(14.07.16 - 15:10)
��! Ja, der 2.te ist klasse. Diese zwei Workflows würde ich mal (für uns hier) als universell-interessant betiteln. Alles andere ist so individuell, dass es echt schwierig ist was zu empfehlen. Kommt darauf an was, du wie nutzt und gerne (automatisiert haben) möchtest.

Ich schaue ab und zu bei rein, lade was mich interessiert und schaue ob's bei mir funktioniert. Ggf. versuche ich den Workflow für mich anzupassen (falls ich gerade durchblicke). Ich kann dir die Seite ans Herz legen. Durchscrollen kann manchmal interessant sein - ich glaube so bin ich auch an den AppZapp-Workflow gekommen.
(14.07.16 - 15:30)
Den (s.u) habe ich da vorhin noch entdeckt "Backup selected Photos (v1)" ⇢ zu Dropbox. Er benennt (aber) den Dateinamen in Datum und Zeit um. Dann legt er sie in Dropbox/Photos/usw... ab. (Für mich müsste ich den noch anpassen - falls es mir dann auch gelingt ☺️).

Scheint gerade einer der neuesten Workflows auf zu sein.
(14.07.16 - 18:11)

Hey guys,

I know at first this app was not working with the OLD AppZapp pro on the iPhone (i.e. opening in the old AppZapp from the App Store), but are either one of you getting it to work with the old version now?

You see, I really don't like the newer version of AppZapp ("Notify") because IMHO all of the text is too small and difficult to read, unlike the older AppZapp Pro. So while I'm sure the Workflow app is great for many other things, one of the positives would have been the ability to open the "older" AppZapp Pro after downloading an app from the App Store.

Also with this app, can you actually download YouTube videos? (using one of the workflows/schemes) Or while in Safari using one of the workflows/schemes, can you get it to open the video in one of the banned (from the App Store, for example Amerigo Turbo DL) apps?

Thanks ��
(14.07.16 - 18:49)
Nope, unfortunatley i can't get it work for the old iPhone AppZapp (neither i could in the past) - but it DOES the job with iPad-AppZapp Version. Because of the chat with @Jojo i've researched again, what does and doesn't work. If you search on reddit for Workflow and/or AppZapp you'll find pretty quick some posts of the one who created that one (just in case you are interested in).

The Workflow i've posted for YouTube does work with the Safari extension and YouTube-Videos can be saved to the CamRoll. I didn't tweaked the Workflow any further but i can imagine if adding an "open in" action to the recipe, it may be possible (if it isn't already with the action extension).

So Amerigo is banned by now?! Really?

If somebody knows how to create scripts it helps to make a lot of things possible with Workflow. I don't, but i still get some out of it. Most of the times i take a recipe which does nearly what i would like to have and try to tweak it for my need, sometimes i'm successful, sometimes not. (I can imagine you could get more out of the App then i'm able to).

(14.07.16 - 20:02)
Thanks so much for your input, I really do appreciate it ����

Okay, so it won't work with the older AppZapp Pro. And I'm mostly using the iPhone so unfortunately while it's good to know that it does work with the iPad AppZapp (do you mean the older pro?), it wouldn't be that much benefit for me.

Yeah, Amerigo has been banned/removed from the store now for several months (the last version was maybe from the time before iOS 9 came out, so maybe a little more than a year ago). Of course it's twin brother "Total Downloader" is still in the App Store, but the old (enable YouTube DL) script of course no longer works with that version (as you already know probably it's similar to the Amerigo one), and I "heard" that the dev won't give you a new script for this �� If you have the older version of Total Downloader, let me know and I'll give you (or anyone) the script that the dev gave me a couple of years ago (99.9% chance it's the same dev as Amerigo).

And yes, you're right, Reddit is great for finding various workarounds and hacks for iOS (and many other things). I didn't know AppZapp was represented there, so I'll be sure to check it out.

And with this app, like you said there maybe some workflows that will give you the "open in" option. But it's also good to hear that there is a workflow that will allow you to DL YouTube vids in your camera roll �� I guess if I get it, I should get it like now because it never seems to be free, or even 1.99 USD. This price (2.99 USD) seems to be the lowest it ever goes ��
(14.07.16 - 20:09)
In addition to the partly answered YouTube-Workflow-question; yes, the download can be added to Amerigo. The posted Workflow does contains "Quick Look" as last action, which will open the Video in a preview, with showing the action extension on bottom left, giving you several options where to save it (CamRoll, Dropbox, Amerigo, Leef Stick, iCab, Fusion Player, GoodReader and others). Hope this helps.
(14.07.16 - 20:21)
Ah ok, thanks - don't know why i thought Amerigo is still available, maybe because i could re-download it from my purchases (so it looks the dev. didn't removed it from his developer account, at least back then).

I don't know if AppZapp is represented there. What i've read at reddit, is the thread of the guy who did created this workflow for AppZapp we are (also) talking about. I guess he is just somebody who did use AppZapp and liked to have that workflow - so he created and shared it.

And yes, the price right know is absolutely fair for what you get. I paid more (the full price) and i don't regret it.

I may edit the answer, not sure if i addressed all ��
Edit: You are very welcome! :)
(14.07.16 - 20:22)
Yes, this was very helpful! �� Thank-you so much. Of course iCab Mobile also downloads YouTube (and other) videos, but the file name/title is not kept (although as you know, you can use the ClipConverter module in iCab for that).

Also, are you able to get the newer AppZapp (Notify) to work with this app? I know maybe you're still testing and so forth ��

BTW, a while back I tried to see if there were similar open in AppZapp schemes/workflows for the app IF (by IFTTT) but was unable to find any.

Edit: I just saw your recent post and you make good points and I agree that this is worth the price.
(14.07.16 - 20:33)
Unfortunately the name of the video was saved as "videoplayback" �� when saving to Amerigo. Yes i know about iCab download capabilities (just listed a few options given ;).

Yes i use it all the time with the new AppZapp Notify App. But if you have the old Version installed along with the new one, the older will be triggered with the Workflow, which ends in no result (just like @Jojo experienced - and i retested for him by installing both versions on my device).

And because of IFTTT, i can't imagine there an scheme can be created for that. These two apps are different (like from an other user explained in one of the few discussion here, this is somewhat of a scripting tool for iOS-Actions)
(14.07.16 - 20:54)
If you go to you can have a look what kind of workflows are created (without having the app itself). Some of them have described what they do. You also may tap on "View Workflow Content" where you see what a workflow does contain/how it was put together.
(14.07.16 - 21:06)
Thanks again for all of the awesome testing and research you have done ��

Yeah, that's too bad about videos being saved like that in Amerigo. Maybe other apps (that still DL YouTube and keep the name like Amerigo) may work, although I know nothing is guaranteed.

And if I really have to (or decide to) I guess the option to use AppZapp Notify is of course a positive. Also, I'll try to check out this site you just linked, and thanks for linking that ��

Again thanks for all of the great research and testing! ��
(14.07.16 - 21:43)
No problem :) you're welcome. All the questions pushed me to have another look and quick-test one or two other workflows while looking for the solutions.

Just downloaded one which combined 20 pictures in a Grid with pixel-dimensions (hold you ��) of 13255x10604 or 140.6 MP ����. Combining in a grid will put them into a square - not i think i'll need that a lot but i really, love, coming across such crazy possibilities. ��
(15.07.16 - 05:45)
Wow, that sounds crazy but interesting.

I really hope it doesn't damage the glass on your iDevice. In fact you may want to put it on the floor before trying this workflow to protect your hands - just in case �� ��

But yeah these do sound pretty fun, lol
(15.07.16 - 23:08)
Hahaha ❕���� ��
(16.07.16 - 02:48)
(16.07.16 - 16:40)
Klappt zum Öffnen in AppZapp super.
Wäre schön, wenn ich nicht jedes mal den Workflow in Workflow antippen muss und das automatisch ablaufen würde. Hat das mal jemand hinbekommen?

Und leider lassen sich über diesen Weg angezeigte Apps nicht downloaden (in AppZapp). Der "jetzt installieren"- Button und auch der preisbutton sind hier ohne Funktion. Ist das nur bei mir so?
(16.07.16 - 17:57)
Ja-sind ohne Funktion. Das ist aber auch unnötig. Du kommst ja vom AppStore. Warum sollst du dann installieren drücken?
Drücke "Fertig" und du kommst in den AppStore zurück.
(17.07.16 - 16:47)
So wie es aussieht, klappt das einsparen des gewünschten "Taps" mit einer anderen App (Opener) - siehe link:

Der Entwickler für den AppZapp-Workflow hat damals die selbe Funktion (-1 Klick) anscheinend zu Opener hinzugefügt.
(24.07.16 - 01:03)
@me & jojo:

Ziemlich genial, laden und bei Bedarf gleich in MP3 etc umwandeln. Nicht der Schnellste, aber zuverlässig. ��
(24.07.16 - 11:45)
Moin �� bin zwar noch nicht wach aber ich werde den WF mal testen.
Vielen Dank Nanuk!��
(24.07.16 - 22:50)
Danke Nanuk. ��

Hier einer zurück (und zwei weitere folgen).

Download YouTube From URL Working
⇢ YouTube - öffnet in VLC (mit erneutem Dank an @appcollector für diesen Fund).

Bei Bedarf bei "open in..." den Schalter umlegen - ich lege mir meist eine Kopie des WF an, und spiele dann damit rum).
(24.07.16 - 22:51)
Das "Collagen-Monster" �� ⇢ der zweite Link hier:

oder direkt hier:
(24.07.16 - 22:52)
Und noch einer zum Schluss.

Music 4 a While (v11):
(26.07.16 - 02:31)

Here's an improvement on one of the workflows I had modified in the past (similar to the one me posted):

DL YouTube (and Quick Look)

With this WF (workflow) you can download YouTube videos, and you're able to save the name of the video if you choose to copy it to another app (which works exactly like open in), and you only get 2 different pop-ups. The first pop-up is to select the video quality (of course with some videos there is only a lower quality available), and the last pop-up is the "Quick Look" which lets you preview it before you save it, and by hitting the share button you also have the option to save it to the camera roll, unlike the "Open In" option in other workflows, but you also can choose to copy it (opening it) to another app.

You can give me feedback to let me know how this works if you want.

Unfortunately I've noticed that as with most of the YouTube DL workflows, you are unable to DL all videos, and it seems that while not the only ones, Vevo Music videos seem to pretty much be impossible to DL. Although in general a lot of the WFs just don't necessarily work for whatever reasons, and you have to take the time to experiment a bit.

BTW, me, awesome Photo Grid WF. It's pretty nice for screenshots, although for other photos too IMO �� I couldn't really figure the other music one out, and I think I either need some nighttime caffeine or need to play with it a bit more.

And Nanuk, very cool WF. It works really fantastic except on YTube. I had to rename it Universal YTIT (YT, Tumblr, Instagram, and Twitter) because of all the sites it can DL from, not to confuse it with other WFs, although I had to remove the Y, because again, I'm not able to get it to work with YTube, am I'm seriously not trying to be funny!

Thanks again me for recommending this awesome app! ������

(26.07.16 - 02:42)

Here's one to DL Vine. We should try to add this to the Universal DL one that Nanuk posted earlier.

Download Vine
(26.07.16 - 02:54)

And here's one I kind of tweaked/modified a bit. It's like the earlier YTube DL one, but with this you can you choose video or audio (it's set as MP3 but can be changed to M4A or AIFF):

DL YouTube Video or Audio

Okay I'll stop for now ��

PS - BTW, I haven't been able to find any WFs so far that can DL Vimeo, Liveleak, or Dailymotion, although I've tried many that seem to claim they can (or Vimeo to be precise), and I haven't seen any that claim that they can DL SoundCloud, although I'm sure there may some out there that can download all of these.
(26.07.16 - 03:05)
I wish this darn app would go free - you all have me really curious, after all your comments and ideas! Lol! I don't usually end up using apps like this as much as I initially think I will, though, so I don't want to spend money on it, just to find out I don't use it, you know? But, I am quite curious now! You all have had some really great ideas!!!!
(26.07.16 - 03:43)
I know exactly what you're saying. Me told me about this a while back (maybe a few months ago; I forget) and of course I put this on an alarm but it never was free, $.99 or even $1.99 USD. So I got it recently when it was on sale for $2.99 USD, because according to the history (and I know this can sometimes be a bit inaccurate) this is the lowest it pretty much goes to. And it's still on sale for $2.99 from the usual $3.99.

And I'm telling you that it's really, totally worth it. I was mentioning to me that I'm a bit surprised that Apple had let this into the App Store (and let it stay), because of all the many absolutely awesome WFs (workflows) that are available. And I'm like you, with a lot of apps that are collecting the proverbial dust (including ones I paid for), but my advice to you would be to get it because you will not regret it IMHO. Have you checked out the Workflow Reddit page? You can even get more of an idea about the various WFs (reading some of the comments also by many average people that aren't necessarily coders or experts) to see if you think it's worth it. Here's the Reddit webpage:
(26.07.16 - 03:43)
I have to agree! I am just not sure how much I would use it, as I mainly use iPad for entertainment. But to run a business, this would be very useful, I think.
(26.07.16 - 08:13)
It depends, this app is amazing for automatization for a lot of things but the thing is that you need to really spend quite a lot of time programming or searching the "workflows" on Reddit or around the web. If you purchase this app and only use the default recipes or just the ones that comes inside the app it can be limited to just use it once or twice. For example. I personally use it a lot but none of the workflows I use came with the app, some I created myself and some I've download like the one that open the app from the AppStore in appzapp. If your not into programming I guess it can become obsolete.
Here's some links where you can see the recipes or workflows that you can use with the app
(26.07.16 - 13:26)
have had this for ages but really not used its ability as it takes too much time...
(26.07.16 - 13:28)
may need to rethink using with all this information and WF ready to use...
(26.07.16 - 21:05)
I basically agree with what morsit said (Excellent points morsit)

You might have to spend a bit of time in a sense to kind of separate the wheat from the chaff, depending on what kind of workflow you're looking for. And this might at times include reading some of the comments on Reddit to see what the posters are saying including to see if there have been updates to older WFs, if the WF no longer works for whatever reason, the solutions and fixes, etc.

That said, I wouldn't want to scare you and angidazee away, because it really doesn't take that much time, IMHO.

Also, as morsit said, there are many already formulated WFs available with some of the sites including the ones listed by morsit and other posters where you can just DL each WF from Safari (i.e. send it to the actual WF app), and within the actual app there are many already made/default ones prepared.

And lastly, I would slightly disagree (or maybe put it a bit differently) in terms of what morsit said about if you're not into programming that it can become obsolete. While I would definitely agree that programming or coding experience/abilities would help, it's not really needed IMHO because what you're doing is essentially copying the WFs that have already been made and put out there for the general public to download (many which do include ones made by programmers). Although I would say that if you do have some experience with programming, then indeed you are likely to get a lot more out of the app, including the ability to make somewhat complex WFs (although to make some basic WFs, you wouldn't necessarily require programming skills), and have the ability to be able to trouble shoot or fix WFs that are no longer working, etc.

Again, here are some of the sites to do some more research (most have already been posted): (good, but doesn't always explain in detail what the WF actually does) (official Twitter account of the WF app) (these are older, and some may not work)
(26.07.16 - 22:53)
thanks, I knew much of this but simply set it aside for later but much more has happened since I bought this app it has become quite a followed app. thanks again for the comments . ginny
(27.07.16 - 00:52)
Best, most instructional, (and inspirational!) thread I have read on an app. Nice job, I'm sold, downloading now.
(27.07.16 - 01:38)
No problem! But the other posters (especially me) deserve a lot of credit ��

And while it's a bit frustrating to sometimes come across WFs that don't work, you can just as easily find ones that do work.

(27.07.16 - 01:43)
Okay, I didn't know that you already had the app. Fantastic. Good luck with the various WFs!

And me deserves a lot of credit for helping me a WHOLE LOT! So if I could help you all in any way, I feel good and am only doing what me had done with me (uhh, no pun intended!) ��
(27.07.16 - 01:51)
Great, I really think you will like it ��

And as I said me and the other posters really put the word out there on this.

And I don't mean to sound like a broken record but "me" REALLY helped me a lot. "Me" even did several tests of it on various iDevices (before I bought it) and other kinds of various investigating! So I'm very happy that "me" was able to help me a great deal ��
(27.07.16 - 02:30)
thank you for pointing me back on the road to success with WF... ginny
(27.07.16 - 13:24)
No problem. I'm glad to I was able to help! ������
(27.07.16 - 14:28)
funny I had not looked in ages to the new WF peeps had done so yes you helped a great deal.
hugs... ginny
(28.07.16 - 19:37)
Well, hope it's ok, but I was so impressed with yours and "me" information, I wrote the developer about this thread:
You might be interested in a fabulous thread about your app on the forum AppZapp. Although it is supposed to be a review site, the forum is quite a bit more, with a truly international crowd.
Anyway, a few of the guys got together and started brainstorming things to do with your app. I think you would be interested.
Charlie replied;
Thanks for getting in touch! We appreciate it.

Do you happen to have the link for it so I can check it out and share it with the rest of the team?


Well I have no idea what the link is, as it is an app on my ipad. Anyone??������

(28.07.16 - 20:40)
great let us know if they respond...
(28.07.16 - 20:52)
Wow. Thanks so much for emailing the dev and giving a shout-out to the AppZapp crew���� (Or at least the people that use this app and socialize here ��). I think it's fine. Anybody else want to chime in?

The actual AppZapp web based site can be accessed online (mobile or non-mobile), although the UI, navigation and everything, are very different than the actual AppZapp iOS app. However, I'm sure the dev(s) will undoubtedly figure this out, if they're not already aware of this. But if you want to email him back the link to AppZapp in iTunes I guess you can do that (I'm currently on the iPhone so this is the only link I can see now, and BTW, I use the older, no longer in the App Store, AppZapp Pro):

AppZapp Notify

And here's the link a to the very different "web" version of AppZapp (on Safari iPhone there's not even a pop up that will ask you if you want to DL it from the App Store or open the IOS version; that's how different the "web" version is):

And there is an actual WF for AppZapp (although it doesn't work right on iOS 9 and hasn't since iOS 8, as everybody pretty much mentioned, but hopefully this can be fixed in the future). Here it is:
(29.07.16 - 14:31)
Great! I just copied and pasted your answer, hopefully he can figure it out , I know I wasn't able to from my computer !��.

(30.07.16 - 00:13)
Excellent. That sounds really good. I guess we'll have to wait and see what he does. Hopefully he won't forget about us ��
(30.07.16 - 02:15)
Wow, kaum ist man mal paar Tage Appzappstinent (diese Wortschöpfung muss mir erst mal einer nachmachen! ��) hat sich hier schon eine Workflow Ezyklopädie angesammelt ����... Da habe ich jetzt ordentlich Stoff zum Testen am Wochende. ��
(30.07.16 - 08:46)
Jo - bin begeistert. Das hat mich inspiriert etwas zu tüfteln. Herausgekommen ist:

Nennt sich LatLong -> Navi CB

Im Clipboard muss ein Längengrad und Breitengrad sein mit Komma oder Leertaste getrennt.
Im Format: 47.798414 3.571539 oder
47.798414, 3.571539
Dann WF aufrufen und App aussuchen.
(30.07.16 - 10:33)
Habe gerade festgestellt, dass wenn man eine Adresse im CB hat funktioniert das zumindest bei Auswahl von Maps und GoogleMaps auch.

Gasstraße 4c
22761‎ Hamburg
(30.07.16 - 12:41)
Verstehe ich das jetzt richtig, dass DU diesen WF quasi gebastelt hast? ���� Dann schon mal Chapeau! Funktioniert perfekt und ist super praktisch! ����
(30.07.16 - 12:44)
��Danke. Hat mich auch 2-3 graue Haare gekostet��
(30.07.16 - 12:47)
(10.11.16 - 15:38)
Funktioniert der AppZapp-Workflow bei dir weiterhin mit iOS 9 oder höher? Appcollector meinte (an anderer stelle) er tue es nicht - was mich erstaunen würde, vorallem da es bei mir (mit iOS 9) funktioniert. Die Apps habe ich jedoch eine weile nicht nicht mehr aktualisiert. Danke schon mal!

(10.11.16 - 23:30)
Hallo me. Ja geht noch alles!
(11.11.16 - 09:09)
Super. Vielen Dank Jojo! :)
(22.01.17 - 15:41)
...da gibt es wieder feine WFs:
(22.01.17 - 15:43)
(22.01.17 - 15:44)
(22.01.17 - 15:46)
(22.01.17 - 16:13)
...einen hab ich noch
(22.01.17 - 18:30)
Ui danke Jojo, so lieb! Da hab' ich was zum gucken/testen/nutzen. ��☺️��
payam malaekeh
Allgemein (10.01.16 - 05:25)
زنً جنده ها زبان فارسي رو كه پشتيباني نمي كنند
(07.03.16 - 23:54)
@payam malaekeh:
Madareshooono to gaieeedi az ghole man
Allgemein (11.12.15 - 12:57)
Allgemein (10.12.15 - 06:26)
some good examples of what this app can do?
(10.12.15 - 20:09)
Download songs or videos, convert images or videos into gifs, convert gifs to videos to share them with whatsapp or other messaging app, make PDF from a webpage or image, make a gif with a panorama image, view spruce code of a webpage, log data into the health app, upload note to do lists to Evernote. Pretty much you can do actions in iOS with only one tap instead of opening apps and going back an forth between apps to do a simple task
(10.12.15 - 23:43)
that takes away from the experience of using a phone, It could be useful for the elders though.
Professor Snape
(30.08.16 - 03:02)
Download more gay porn for your collection, SNOWFLAKE.
Allgemein (20.11.15 - 20:33)
Aktuell etwas günstiger zu haben.

Der Link von @Morsit ist im übrigen empfehlenswert ... Zitat: "Heres an unofficial gallery of workflows -"
T͜͡i͜͡f͜͡a͜͡ -͟͟ w͟͟w͟͟w͟͟.͟͟t͟͟i͟͟f͟͟a͟͟s͟͟p͟͟a͟͟g͟͟e͟͟.͟͟n͟͟e͟͟t͟͟
(21.11.15 - 12:14)
Kann die App auch Text aus einem Foto lesen (wie es manche Scanner-Apps können)?
(21.11.15 - 12:53)
@T͜͡i͜͡f͜͡a͜͡ -͟͟ w͟͟w͟͟w͟͟.͟͟t͟͟i͟͟f͟͟a͟͟s͟͟p͟͟a͟͟g͟͟e͟͟.͟͟n͟͟e͟͟t͟͟:
Das weiss ich nicht. Das Tool ist sehr mächtig und kann viel, aber scannen(?). Ob es einen Workflow für Bild zu Text gibt weiss ich nicht.
Allgemein (14.09.15 - 14:24)
Ein wirklich tolles Programm & imho echt jeden Cent wert!
(14.09.15 - 16:39)
Oh !!! Ich verlor es, jetzt zu, geht gut das nächste Mal besser sei Dank !!!! Smiles !!!
Astro-chicken ��

(15.09.15 - 17:48)
@Astrocat ✨✨✨:
�������� ��. You'll get it next time, hopefully even for less money my dear Astro-lucky! ����
payam malaekeh
Allgemein (04.09.15 - 16:46)
Please support language farsi or persian
Allgemein (29.08.15 - 01:12)
I may purchase if the price dropped to 0.99 or gone free. I'll wait for the time even if it requires more than years.
I don't pay so much money for any apps.
(02.09.15 - 16:41)
While you're waiting you lose a lot, both time and money (it may save buying a lot of one trick apps) and the ability to make real use of both your device and the apps you already own.
I will never regret buying this app.
(05.09.15 - 00:50)
Thanks for your comment.

Yup, it's absolutely fool not to purchase useful apps and I may lose a lot unless I buy one.

However, I don't feel inconvenience now even if I don't have this app.
Therefore I find there's no need to have the app anyways.

(20.09.15 - 01:05)
Yep, I am also waiting!!!
(06.10.15 - 21:34)
Two ways to get it for free and I used both,
1: Jailbreak and get any App for free from the Chinese Apple Store or 3 other Free App store.
2: This one I wasn't sure if I should tell because I might lose from it but what the hell, What I do is write to the developer telling him that I'd love to try his App but I can't afford it ( I play like I'm 10 years old ) and I ask nicely if he can give me a free copy which almost always works ( I can't remember exactly the number but I got over 50 Apps for free this way and probably only 10 refused) when I write them I promise that ill advertise the App between my friends and people I meet so it won't be a loose situation. ( I don't really run to advertise but I do show here and there and some people do buy, but the best part is that the developer can't tell who is the one that bought so he starts believing that giving me a free copy was a good thing )
Both way work and you can get away without paying!
(07.10.15 - 00:33)
which app you have had in this mode? so i ask too :)
(07.10.15 - 13:22)
Thank you for your ideas.

1.JB is, not only me but everyone know, definitely risky. So it's not a good idea except for advanced users.

2. is so interesting. Never come up with such a funny(?) way.
Yes, Devs can promote their app if they give us a free copy. So I may try this chip.
(20.10.15 - 21:55)
Which app do you have ask in this mode?please tell me
(14.07.16 - 21:47)
He said that he wrote about 50 devs and it only didn't work about 10 times, so it would take him quite some time to figure out which ones he got that way and then to list them all, as I'm sure he's also gotten a huge array of apps from AppZapp over the years?

For me, it would be near to impossible to say where and how I got every single app I have, as I have thousands of apps, and have gotten them in multiple different ways.
(14.07.16 - 23:28)
Me too! I used to just....PAY��for all my apps (I know, what a thought) but now I have a lot of free ones too, plus giveaways etc.

I'm hoping he gave the developers a review tho. ( good or bad) Seems only fair?
Allgemein (12.07.15 - 14:38)
Hat einiges unter der Haube. Bekommt auch oft Updates.
Allgemein (14.03.15 - 14:34)
This is a great app
Allgemein (02.03.15 - 23:51)
Allgemein (13.02.15 - 17:11)
Походу из тех пиндосов кто купил приложение так до конца и не понимает нахера оно надо. Вот и пишут: wooow, AMAZING. А что оно делает никто не в курсе )) все-таки Задорнов был прав...
(13.04.15 - 20:07)
@Vladimir :
Не думаю что он прав�� В "пиндосском" амазон аппсторе например самые грамотные и адекватные отзывы на приложения, что я встречал.
vitaly sitkilov
(14.04.15 - 07:43)
@Vladimir :Понятно что ты не понимаешь но почему то решил что другие не понимают, определись за себя.....
(02.09.15 - 12:21)
тихо тихо не спугните его))

россия родина слонов!)
(02.06.16 - 11:07)
@Vladimir :
Прежде чем покупать, надо читать. Программа заделана для тех, кто сам свои минипрограммы изготавливать может, для этого нужна логика, немного знания английского языка и немного разбираться в компьютерных программах. Если вы сами раньше в школе программировали, то это не будет так сложно для вас. Если нет, то конечно вы будете на это смотреть, как ишак на букварь. Мне понравилось например, что можно через эту программу видики с ютюба скатать и сохранить на айпэде, или зделать с каждой фотки Пдф, или с каждого видео только музыку сохранить. Вещи, которые просто так не возможно делать на айпэде не купив дорогущие Эппы или просто вообще не возможно.( извиняюсь за мой русский, я не русская)
Krishna Agarwal
Allgemein (08.02.15 - 07:56)
Amazing app. I have been playing with this for a while and absolutely pleased with the results.
Allgemein (28.01.15 - 20:14)
Heres an unofficial gallery of workflows

Victor Frankenstein
(13.02.15 - 14:57)
Great one
Miran Paradiz
(13.02.15 - 19:48)
Thx for the link
(02.09.15 - 21:41)
Thank you. ��
Allgemein (11.01.15 - 09:37)
This is a must download!! Combined with IFTTT you can automize anything on iOS from downloading a song to get notifications from websites. The easiest way to write scripts for iOS
(11.01.15 - 12:54)
Can you automatically download a song on iTunes with this?
(11.01.15 - 18:15)
On iTunes or from iTunes? As far as I explore this app there's certain limitations that  won't make available but if you want to download a song from iTunes Store I think it's possible but only if you import SSH script.
If you are talking about download a song from the any web and put it in the native music player... No you can't the only thing you can do its download s song from any webpage and open it with a file manager app or something like that
Allgemein (24.12.14 - 00:25)
From Macstories and Tuaw:

"Workflow tries to bring the deep system integration of Apple’s OS X utility to the iPhone and iPad, taking advantage of extensions in iOS 8 to make its automation features ubiquitous and compatible with any app.

In spite of the community’s best efforts to bring iOS automation to a broader audience, however, all those apps were ultimately limited to text, URL schemes, or third-party services (like IFTTT) that automated data outside of traditional iOS features.

Workflow takes another approach: instead of relying heavily on a specific functionality (such as text editing) or third-party apps and services (like IFTTT and Dropbox), Workflow is primarily aimed at automating native iOS apps and features.

Each workflow can have a custom name and icon and it can be added to the Home screen as a webclip or to Launch Center Pro.

In the app, you can create a workflow to get your current location and turn it into an image you can share or continue to convert to PDF. You can see the song that’s currently playing and easily fetch its album artwork as an image, but if the receiving action doesn’t support images, use the song’s title (as text) instead. You can parse some text as a valid address and open it in Maps. Or, you can find your upcoming Calendar events, pick one, and turn it into an item shareable with AirDrop.

A workflow can return the name of the current network, launch an app, set the screen brightness, turn on or off the "flashlight", or set the volume of the device. Notifications can be scripted -- showing alerts, notifications, playing sounds or vibrating your device. And it's not just limited to your iOS device, either -- you can run a shell script on a desktop machine over SSH."
Allgemein (21.12.14 - 13:34)
Читаю сплошные хвалебные комментарии. Однако, никто толком не пишет, как именно использует это приложение. Что им делать? Пересылать по твиттеру название песни, которую я сейчас слушаю? Или что?
Freddy Moncada
(01.01.15 - 21:38)
Its an Automator for iOS, you can create scripts that do what you can do but X times, like save your 10000 photos on Dropbox and then delete it!!!
(10.02.16 - 10:45)
(02.06.16 - 11:21)
С этой программой можно свои скрипты делать, можно чужие ужэ готовые скрипты добавлять, можно, если надо что-нибудь своё, прибавлять до чужих скриптах. Смотря на то, что вам нужно с этими скриптами делать, то так надо их составлять. Как бы самим программировать. Хотите зделать с любой фотки одну ПДФ, хотите скачать ютюб видео на айпэд, хотите только музыку сохранить с видика, и так далее - на каждую проблему нужен свой скрипт. Надеюсь я смогла вам объяснить.
Чтобы уметь делать скрипты, на это нужна логика, понимания английского языка и немного знания о программирования.
Allgemein (16.12.14 - 19:57)
Jason Devon
Allgemein (13.12.14 - 19:12)
Awesome start but we need more actions and services
Miran Paradiz
Allgemein (13.12.14 - 06:58)
Buy buy buy.
A must have app.
Krishna Agarwal
Allgemein (13.12.14 - 06:53)
Anyone who owns this app can please explain to me how it is different than Launch Center Pro and IFTTT?
Miran Paradiz
(13.12.14 - 06:58)
@Krishna Agarwal:
It works soon much different.
You can even send music from music app to other devices by airdrop or mail.
Ittf is all together different.
There are some bugs but...
Worth every penny.
Krishna Agarwal
(24.12.14 - 11:04)
@Ƒɾɑղϲҽѕϲɑ∼ pɐs ƃəɥʇ pıɔɥ uıɔɥʇs ɐu!:
I was trying to find out how Workflow is different than Launch Center Pro and IFTTT as I already use both service extensively. I was not saying anything good or bad about Workflow app. You need to read comments carefully before responding.
Freddy Moncada
(01.01.15 - 21:49)
@Krishna Agarwal:
IFTTT it's internet centric and it doesn't integrate well with iOS, workflow automatize iOS Actions, for example I don't know if IFTTT can do this:
From safari export a page as PDF and save it in goodreader or save in the local library all the images contained in a webpage
Sorry for my bad English I speak Spanish
Krishna Agarwal
(02.01.15 - 03:23)
@Freddy Moncada:
Unlike Francy stupid comment, yours is quite helpful. It makes sense now that Workflow utilizes iOS8 sharing extension functionality to fullest and provides a flow which can span to multiple apps.
jorjdefont moon
Allgemein (12.12.14 - 16:07)
Like this app!!
(12.12.14 - 16:14)
@jorjdefont moon:
Thanks for ur helpful post
(12.12.14 - 20:34)
Filippas Stavrou
Allgemein (11.12.14 - 19:23)
Arnab Das
Allgemein (11.12.14 - 17:07)
Awesome app. Buy buy buy!
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