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  • JustSign - Sign PDF n Documents, Convert any Document to PDF with Drobox, Google-Driver & Evernote

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Are you tired of endlessly paying for something you need to do everyday ? That is Sign your documents? Does your signature look childish when you draw on screen? JustSign is your one time solution to these and many other problems. It offers state of the art features in an easy yet professional way. Now sign with a new Freedom.


▶ Load Any Document Format via Cloud Drives or Email
◆ .pdf, .doc, .docx, .ppt, .pptx, .xls, .xlsx, .rtf, .txt, .text and Image formats. All converted to flat PDFs for sign and share.
◆ Load via Email, Dropbox, Google Drive, Evernote, Camera Roll, Open In from other apps, or Scan by built-in Smart Scanner.

▶ Comprehensive Smart Scanner:
◆ Scan hard copies, adjust perspective and add into a Multi-Page PDF.
◆ Full Scans history. You never loose a scan and can re-use an adjusted page in as many documents as you want.

▶ Share / Export Options
◆ Share selected pages of a signed PDF as new PDF to above Cloud Drives, Camera Roll & Open-In.
◆ Combine digital Documents with Hard Copy Documents

▶ Hyper-Realistic Signatures:
◆ Draw in 3 Different Drawing Modes (Pen, Pencil & Marker) and export a High Res PNG, all secured by Touch ID.
◆ Our Realistic “Pen" makes your on-screen drawn signatures look even better than the Real Pen.
◆ All, in 16 different shades of Black, Blue, Red and Green.

▶ Most Generic Date Stamp:
◆ Top 9 international date format styles.
◆ 4 Different Date Separator Styles.
◆ All, to Best Match an Official Date Formate for Every Region of the World.

▶ Enter Free Text:
◆ Over 50 standard Fonts with Adjustable Font Sizes.
◆ In 16 different shades of Black, Blue, Red and Green.
◆ All, to Add Name Initials, Descriptions and Fill Forms with Freedom and Flexibility.


Glad you asked !

◎ Unlimited Access:
○ No Blocked Features. No Limitation on Features or on Number of Documents you Import, Scan, Sign and Export.
○ JustSign never saves your signed Documents on device or anywhere else. Yet it keeps all your progress on a document auto-saved. Creates Signed documents temporarily for sharing.

◎ 24/7 Support:
○ Dedicated support messaging system built into app. Just drop us a message n we'll get back to you within 24 hours.

◎ No Account Setup Required:
○ Just Sign doesn’t require any account setup on our servers.
○ It intelligently manages the security of your signatures locally in app.


Every single features in JustSign is *Extremely Customisable* with built-in choices and options.
Our Flexible User Interface makes your hectic work of scanning, signing and sharing documents like 1,2,3 Done.

Please Feel Free to contact for Any Question or Confusion.
We’d be more than happy to assist at:

Or goto our Support Page at:


OS >= 7.0


Mark Jefferson
Allgemein (31.07.16 - 08:03)
It should be 0.99USD and maybe the developer mistyped. If not then he is certainly out if his mind.
Allgemein (31.07.16 - 01:25)
From free to $130 to free again. Why the fuss ��
Allgemein (31.07.16 - 00:42)
App is complete and very user friendly. I'm not sure which is the use of the password the app makes you create when you enter first time, and I wasn't able to find a way to change it.
Finally, it is not possible to import signatures in graphic file, e.g. a .pgn file.
Allgemein (30.07.16 - 14:11)
Allgemein (23.01.15 - 22:26)
I will not download this app, because in 1 year from now the developer will abandon his app and it will show as "unavailable" in my Appzapp collection.

Thomas still thinks that it is an unnecessary not to mark deleted AppStore apps as deleted from Appzapp...
(24.01.15 - 01:03)
What makes you say that? Has this dev done that in the past with other apps? And, if you've already dl'd the app, isn't it on your device permanently, unless you delete it? (I'm fairly new to IOS)
(27.02.15 - 19:38)
Partly doesn't make sense.

I know we can keep apps we downloaded from Store. However, after deleting because of any trouble, what can we do? If one JB his/her device, or downloaded apps on PC, it enables us to re-install apps. On the other hands, if one doesn't have any way?
(30.07.16 - 09:24)
If you download it, it stays forever on your app store account even if removed from store. Go to app store, purchased and search for it. Hit the arrow download button and it will download.
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20,99 €

für iPhone + für iPad


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This update includes behind the scenes improvements to our app stability and stamps out some pesky bugs.

If you have any problems please don't hesitate to contact us via the app (Contact Us at bottom of Side Menu), directly at or you can visit our support page:

Happy Signing!

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