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HyperDroste lets you create amazing droste effect images and animations from your photos.

What is the Droste Effect?
The Droste effect refers to an image that appears recursively within itself.
A spiralling form of this effect was popularised back in 1956 by MC Escher, a famous Dutch artist, with his work named "Print Gallery".

HyperDroste Features
- Real-Time Video Preview:
You can change the parameters of the droste effect and instantaneously observe the changes in the real-time animation preview.

- Export Formats
You can export your creations as animated GIFs, high quality videos or still images.

- Support for Cloud Storage:
You can import your photos from Dropbox, iCloud Drive or similar cloud storage services (requires iOS 8 or later).

-Parallax Effect:
The parallax effect dynamically shifts the perspective of the image according to the device orientation, creating an impressive 3D effect.

- Intuitive User Interface:
The FX Gallery lets you directly preview the available Droste Effect options.

- In-app Tutorial:
If you need help, a brief in-app tutorial will guide you through the required steps.

- Examples:
The app includes a number of examples to let you know what kind of images it is possible to create and to inspire your imagination.

- Social Media:
Post your creations to social media directly from within the app.

This is one of the coolest photography apps in the app store!

- The droste effect works best when your photo includes some specific subjects, like a clock, a frame, a door or window, or similar objects. Look at the provided examples to get some inspiration.

- If you want to use an alpha mask, you can draw it inside the app, but you will get better results if your photo already has an alpha mask in the alpha channel. You can edit the alpha channel in any external photo editing app.

OS >= 7.1


Allgemein (14.11.15 - 06:37)
Simple use with great result!
Allgemein (13.11.15 - 19:16)
Very cool
Allgemein (10.07.15 - 14:36)
Very good and well executed
Chris222 GR
Allgemein (26.02.15 - 00:59)
Nice and interesting
Allgemein (18.11.14 - 00:44)
Output = 2048 x 2048 px.
Great app with fun factor! ������
(21.11.14 - 10:58)
Thanks for the info!
(09.12.14 - 14:19)
I finally got it, Gouvy (I had to do the update thing first :).

Now I just have to find one of those shiny black helmets . . .
(09.12.14 - 14:30)
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Version: 1.1
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Version: 1.0

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- Added compatibility with iOS 7.1 (for those who have not yet updated to iOS 8).
- You can now change the outline color.
- Several bug fixes and improvements.

Erscheinungsdatum: 01.01.0001
Entwickler: Pavlos Mavridis
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Rubrik: Fotografie
Version: 1.1
Größe: 12 MB
FSK: 4+
Gesamtbewertung: 4
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Mehr von: Pavlos Mavridis


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