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This app will allow you to test and troubleshoot your wifi network. It will be very useful when you want to test bandwidth of your wifi, ethernet or mixed network, but your internet connection is too slow (for example 10 Megabits per second), and your router can provide much faster speed between devices in local network.
To use this app as a measurement tool you will need two Apple devices : any iPhone, iPad, iPod, Apple TV 4 or Mac.

This application do several things:
- Test network bandwidth (connect two devices to one wifi network, start the app and test your network bandwidth in one tap). You don't need an internet connection for tests.
- Test network bandwidth not only in one network, if there is ip connectivity between them.
- Scan your network to detect all devices in it. Also you can write down all known devices and after that you can easily track down all new (possibly rogue) devices in your network. As well you can monitor availability of hosts in your network just by tapping on them.
- Ping host in easy way (really handy bookmarks for frequently used addresses).
- Review measurement history with colorful and informative charts.
- Collects your suggestions about improvements and new features that you think will be handy.

If you use 2 wifi devices to measure network bandwidth between them, the result will be less than, if you measure network bandwidth between wifi device and ethernet device(for example MacBook connected to router with wired connection). This will happen because two wifi devices will transfer data to each other and they will share wifi bandwidth.

If you want to know maximum wifi network bandwidth for one wifi client, you need to use MacBook as a second device, and you should connect it to your network using wired connection.

Thank you for any feedback:

OS >= 8.0


Allgemein (25.08.16 - 21:19)
Can only detect WiFi speed with two devices connected?! I have never seen anything like that �� Deleted!
Allgemein (11.09.15 - 20:15)
Измерения скорости не корректны в топку приложение
Mark Jefferson
Allgemein (20.07.15 - 17:03)
This app requires to be started on 2 Apple devices then hit Start button on one of them. The weirdest things is that I got speed results between devices measured by this app different than results measured by the famous high precision speed test by Ookla between one device and the internet.
Have a look at the numbers:
Service/download/upload in Mbits/s:
WiFi SpeedTest/10.32/14.34
Ookla SpeedTest/24.48/11.2
The upload 11.2 here is limited by the isp while the number 24.48 says that my router is allowing this download speed from the net to reach my iPhone where this speed is measured. On the other hand, this app sends files from one device to another, which means the download speed won't be far from the upload speed coz the upload for one is the download for another device. Short and brief, either the numbers measured by this app are wrong or my router needs the upload speed to be tweaked! I support the first opinion.
(12.09.15 - 05:48)
@Mark Jaafar:
Thank you for such a definitive review for us!!!
(29.06.16 - 18:43)
@Mark Jefferson:
@Mark Jefferson:
You got such results because when you use this app on two wifi devices, they share wireless bandwidth and measure bandwidth between them. And when you use Ookla only one device use all available bandwidth
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- Rename application
- Fixed crash on iOS 8
- Fixed some issues with iOS 10

Erscheinungsdatum: 01.01.0001
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Rubrik: Dienstprogramme
Version: 2.1.1
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FSK: 4+
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