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**NOTE: Compatible with iPhone 4S and up, and iPad 2 and up - also requires iOS7 and up**

****The whole three-episode season is now available for free on iOS! No in-app purchases necessary. We'll just ask you to indulge us and enjoy some quick commercial breaks instead. ****


"The quality and love that’s clearly been invested in this game is there for all to see, and one that's worth the asking price." 4.5/5 - 148Apps

"The Detail: Episode One - Where The Dead Lie sets things up nicely for the rest of the series. It's sharp, very well written, and you're never quite sure what the cast of characters are going to do next." 8/10 - Pocket Gamer

"From experiencing heinous crimes daily to having to constantly stay on guard to budget issues that directly impede your ability to properly do your job, my time with The Detail was an experience I won’t soon forget."
Great: 4 out of 5 stars - Gamezebo

"No matter how you slice The Detail, it’s just a well crafted experience that will leave a lasting impression." 4.0 / 5.0 - AppleNApps


The Detail, a crime noir adventure in a modern American city.

Controlling the actions of a bitter veteran detective investigating a brutal gangland murder and a reformed criminal trying to protect his family, the player is forced to make tough choices and deal with the resulting consequences of those moral dilemmas. The gameplay focuses on branching narrative mixed with interactive comics, and is completed by a professional audio track.

The Detail combines the emotional impact of Telltale Games' The Walking Dead with the themes of a realistic crime drama like HBO's The Wire, delivered with our own unique visual style inspired heavily by graphic novels. This is city where cases matter, clearance rates matter, and on a good day even justice matters.


- Character-driven experience with multiple playable characters
- Branching storyline influenced by the player's choices
- Mature themes for mature players
- Ethical and moral challenges

Awards & Recognitions

"Game Connection America Selected Project Finalist 2014" San Francisco, 2014
"Strasbourg European Fantastic Film Festival Official Selection" Strasbourg, 2014

OS >= 7.0


Allgemein (18.01.17 - 18:29)
Now free but they added advertisements to the app.
Allgemein (25.07.16 - 16:03)
Pas traduite en français !
Allgemein (14.07.15 - 22:32)
Русского нет, как заявлено.
(14.07.15 - 22:58)
Тоже не обнаружил. Опередил;)
(14.07.15 - 23:05)
Я смотрю его и в версии на РС тоже пока нет...
(13.10.15 - 11:09)
В описании AppZapp указан только English. Какой русский?
(13.10.15 - 12:51)
На момент написания моего комментария был заявлен русский. Поправили уже
Allgemein (14.07.15 - 21:47)
Oyun appstoreda Türkçe diyor ama Türkçe değil insanları kandırmaktan ne anlıyor acaba geliştirici eleman?
Allgemein (14.07.15 - 13:44)
Only one eps free. Grrrrr.
(14.07.15 - 20:04)
I hate when apps do this..
(14.07.15 - 22:06)
Wtf, you think they should give everything free? Do you think making games cost nothing?
(15.07.15 - 04:50)
Wow, you might want to calm down and give a little thought to what might've been meant. That was a very stereotypical response to a comment that could mean something very different.

I agree with him, I don't like the trend of selling a game piecemeal - I'd rather buy it and be done with it. Too many of these types of games get left unfinished, not to mention if they ever go out of business, etc, you won't be able to download the DLCs you paid for.
(15.07.15 - 12:48)
This exactly!
(15.07.15 - 21:54)
Telltale games have same structure. All episodes costs, though they have season pass option. This is just way of giving one episode free and if you like it, pay for the second etc. If you dont, just pass. The original poster made it sound that one free episode aint enough. Ugh.
(16.07.15 - 04:42)
Yes, Telltale do have the same problems on mobile devices and many people have had problems downloading an episode from Telltale's servers. I should make it clear that on mobile the DLCs are IAP purchases, which is not a good way to do things.

On PC services (Steam, GOG, etc) you pay once and get all the episodes, except 400 Days for TWD. Even then the episodes and DLC are downloaded from the service, not Telltale, and if Telltale ever went out of business, you can still download anything you already bought. Much different than the situation on mobile.

Again, there's still the problem that a company will go out of business before they finish all episodes, so I for one won't buy until the game is complete and won't even consider IAP anymore.

Other than that, even if the poster had clearly said all episodes should be free (though they're not even out yet) and you disagreed (as you did), how does posting an angry response that's been seen countless times change anything? I'm not trying to give you a hard time, but doing that usually doesn't change anyone's opinions and often leads to flame wars. I tried to make sure this and my other post to you was polite, while stating another point of view.

Sorry the post got longer than I expected. Peace and take it easy - no sense getting worked up whether you were correct or not.
Allgemein (19.02.15 - 19:04)
Cartoon and telltale games style. Only for mature players, as the game is quite dark in subjects but it also has humor.
Allgemein (09.02.15 - 19:03)
P.S. Fellow APPZAPPERS this game take up almost one whole GIGABYTE of memory not just 225mb like it says!! I hate it when they say it takes a certain amount of memory and it ends up taking 2,3 or even 4 times the amount of memory than what's stated!! Lol!!Let you all know how it is soon!!
(14.07.15 - 11:03)
Unfortunately, the size shown in the AppStore is the file/archive size, not the installed size. I'm guessing that's so you know how large a file you'll be downloading (bandwidth), but it'd be nice if they showed both.

After downloading the file, it has to extract and install which takes even more space - you've got both file/archive and install at the same time until the install is done and the file is deleted. Because of this, I usually assume I need about 3x the space of the file size to be able to install (sometimes it's less).
Allgemein (08.02.15 - 19:43)
Lots of Like and Dislike votes but not a single description of the game? I wonder if people are voting on games just based on the Written descriptions and not actual gameplay? Lol if they are!! Usually by now (double digit votes in both the like and dislike column) someone would have at least written a couple of lines like " Great game" or " This game Sucks". Lol! I'm going to buy it since they put it on sale and I will write something on the game in little while!! Have a good one fellow APPZAPPERS!!!
(12.02.15 - 19:19)
I would bet the dislikes are simply because the developer stated up front that only the first episode is included instead of hiding it at the bottom of the description - which I, for one, like. This game sounds very interesting to me. I look forward to hearing what someone who has actually played it thinks. Thanks for sacrificing a precious GB on it! :-)
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All three episodes of The Detail are now available for free on iOS.

Erscheinungsdatum: 01.01.0001
Entwickler: Rival Games Ltd
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Version: 2.0.2
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FSK: 17+
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